Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Andrew Withers, the Libertarian Party and the Police State

I have previously blogged here about the trials and tribulations of my friend and political colleague Andrew Withers.

Following is a statement issued today by Andrew updating us on his fight with the British police state. It seems that the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition is carrying on oppressing the people of this country in much the same way as the Labour government did.
Since the arrival of the letter from Osborne Clarke Solicitors Bristol claiming to be acting on instructions from the Secretary of State Vince Cable on Friday 12th November 2009 stating his objections in the ‘ public interest’, to myself acting as Leader of the Libertarian Party or indeed any office within the party, and registering his desire that I hold no executive position in foreign companies either, it has been a busy few days.

Counsel’s initial opinion is that Vince Cable has no jurisdiction over political parties, and legal opinion in the United States where I have an ongoing representative agreement is that Vince Cable should wake up and realise that Whitehall has had no legal authority in the USA since 1780.

As has been pointed out in some very supportive emails, if Nick Griffin, Gerry Adams, and Gordon Brown, can be leaders of political parties what has brought Vince Cable to this conclusion considering I am neither racist, advocate violence or display incompetence.

This morning an email has been received from the Electoral Commission confirming that the matter is being dealt with by the Chair of the Commission Ms Jenny Watson.

A further email has been received from the office of Dr Liam Fox MP who has previously had a meeting with Ed Davey the responsible Minister in September.

Despite repeated emails chasing to set up the meeting in the last two months, the emails are now not being responded to by officials in the Department or in Ed Davey’s office.

This is an extraordinary situation, and legal advice has been to allow the Electoral Commission to establish the position under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.
As repeated I see that that the leadership of a properly consituted minor party is not for the government of the day to interfere in.
This situation, a UK government minister attempting to subvert the internal structure of a small independent political party, has no place in a free and democratic country. On November 27 we will be holding our AGM in London, and I have every confidence that Andrew will be supported by the overwhelming majority of party members in his campaign to become leader. What will the Coalition government do then, arrest us all?

For more information please visit the Libertarian Party website.

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