Saturday, January 22, 2022

Remainiac Bedwetters on Twitter

If you want a good giggle it's worth popping onto Twitter, not too often as the sheer lunacy of so many on there could drive you to insanity.

Nearly all the Covid bedwetters on there are also raging Remainiacs whose profiles are covered with EU flags, FBPE hashtags and Rejoiner hashtags. Whatever this government does they attack it they are so full of Brexit fuelled hatred towards it.

But the funniest two this week were the one who railed against the government declaring it morally wrong that they can govern without getting 50%+ of the vote in the 2019 election. Elsewhere he was banging on about how there should be a second EU referedum as Brexit shouldn't have happened with only 51.9% voting to leave.

The second was the Remainiac, lacking any sense of irony, who declared that the referendum should never have been held as people didn't know enough to vote the right way, her way. She then declared that when the result was announced the government should have declared it null and void.

It's clearly the lovers of big government, who love being bossed about by their supposed superiors, who are desperately fighting against freedom from pointless Covid restrictions. What a sorry lot.

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