Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lefties and Islam

Witnessing the politically correct leftie brigade bending over backwards to make excuses for the barbaric actions of thousands of muslim migrants across Europe has been a very bizarre experience.

One of the most ridiculous the excuses I've heard is that all men are capable of rape and using events at New Year to tarnish the reputation of muslims is pure racism. Nope, wrong in three ways. It is the behaviour of thousands of muslims that tarnishes the reputation of muslims, indeed if muslims have ever had a good reputation. Secondly Islam is a religion not a race, therefore criticism of it cannot be regarded as racism. Thirdly I, and millions and millions of other men, are not capable of rape.

There were also claims that one man arrested in Cologne was a citizen of the USA therefore you can't blame it on Islam. No course you can't, one man out of thousands across Europe just makes it another fine example of multiculturalism in action doesn't it?

The mayor of Cologne has decided to go head to head with Frau Merkel in the cow-frau of the year race. Rather than sort out the muslim rapists and gropers she is planning guidance for German women in how to dress and behave in ways that do not provoke the sexual deviants who have recently arrived in the Fatherland. Maybe the burka would do the trick? Maybe that's why so many muslim women are happy to cover themselves from head to foot, they know their men have no self-control.

Now the police chief of Vienna, where gangs of muslims also attacked women at New Year, has added his two schillings to the debate by warning women not to go out alone. Tell you what mate, get your police force prepared to actually protect your women from these vile bastards. If you can't do that then don't suddenly find the resources to take action when your population decides to deal with the problem themselves.

Look at muslim countries all over the world and tell me they are the kind of places you would like to live. Generally speaking women have far fewer rights than men. In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed to drive. Throughout the muslim world execution, often in public, is commonplace, as are public floggings. In many muslim countries women guilty of adultery are stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

Everywhere muslims pitch up they demand minority rights. Wherever muslims are a majority the rights of minorities are trampled on. How then can lefties defend this and accuse those opposed to the increasing numbers of muslims in Europe racist? It is because their loathing and hatred of the country and people that have given them such freedoms and rights is what drives their destructive political beliefs. Like Islam the creed of political correctness hates the west and all we stand for. Why else would lefties excuse the excesses of Islam when they are supposed to support equality for all?

Finally, if you have to warn women how to dress and behave to avoid being groped or raped by immigrants maybe they are the type of immigrants you really shouldn't have in your country.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't Look Back In Anger

New Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn
2015 saw the Tories, very marginally the lesser of two evils, win a majority in the general election leading to disastrous Labour leader Ed Miliband riding off into the sunset. Enter stage left the even bigger disaster, new Labour leader Jeremy "Call Me Comrade" Corbyn.

Corbyn's election was greeted by the delusional left as a "breath of fresh air" and the election of an "anti-politician leader". The reality is that Corbyn has the distinctive stench of the particularly vile brand of left-wing politics that brought this country to its knees in the 1970s. Most people mature over several decades, Corbyn is stuck in the past, preserved in aspic. He is of the deeply patronising class warrior persuasion while coming from a very comfortable middle class background. Ever heard a Bob Dylan song "The Times They are A'Changing" Jezza?

As for him being the anti-politician, man of the people confronting all those career politicians, don't make me laugh. Despite going to a very good grammar school Jezza bypassed higher education and went to work first as a trade union official, then for the Labour Party. He was elected to represent Islington in 1983. Hardly a solid grounding in the real world of work and life. Since then, until being  elected leader, he had never been trusted by his party in any other position than backbench loose cannon. Since 1983 he has voted consistently against his own party, but now demands loyalty from his parliamentary colleagues.

Then we saw Frau Merkel, stern dominatrix of the German volk, inviting the world's poor, oppressed and hate filled jihadis into Europe, no questions asked. This open door policy has seen over 1,000,000 people invading Europe, clearly the most irresponsible move by a senior European politician this century. I wrote about our experiences travelling with illegal immigrants from Austria to Germany before so, rather than bore you, just clink on this link if you care to read it.

Since then we have seen migrants fighting each other, radicalising migrants already here and seen a rise in far right parties across Europe as populations become ever angrier at being consistently ignored by the establishment of country after country. I will not go on about this as I wrote about my views on the subject in this post.

Underpinning the constant undermining of our way of life is political correctness, a form of intellectual imprisonment that suppresses freedom by accusing those opposing certain policies of being 'offensive' or guilty of an 'ism'. A couple of big examples in recent weeks have brought the nonsense of political correctness into sharp focus.

Donald Trump is running for the Republican Party nomination in the US presidential election. Unlike career politicians Trump sees muslims slaughtering people all over the world and does not pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam, it clearly does. When one of the San Bernardino murderers was found to have gone through the US vetting system, without her easily traceable radicalisation in Pakistan being flagged up, he called for a temporary halt to muslims entering the US until the system was reviewed and reformed to prevent this happening again. The politically correct immediately screamed racism (despite Islam being a religion) and 500,000 of the emotionally incontinent in the UK signed a petition condemning his call to ban anybody entering any country by calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK. But that's lefties for you, hypocrites to a man.

Meanwhile Oxford University's Oriel College is under siege from the terminally offended for having a statue to nineteenth century imperialist and entrepreneur Sir Cecil Rhodes. They claim the statue could somehow offend black students because of Rhodes' work in southern Africa. This is supposed to be one of the world's finest universities but the students, and some academics, are behaving like tyrannical Stalinist madmen who think that removing statues removes history. Well it doesn't and why would rational, thinking human beings want to? It shows how inadequate and second rate our education system is now.

Tell you what, a real way to attack Rhodes would be for all those people now attacking, from all ethnic backgrounds, who have gained degrees supported financially by Rhodes Scholarships to hand back their degrees and repay the Rhodes money they were happy to take. But don't hold your breath.

So best wishes to all and I hope you have a happy and prosperous 2016. Attack political correctness wherever rears its ugly head and stay rational.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's A Mad, Mad World

As we hurtle towards the end of another year most of us start looking back on the last twelve months, and start to really recognise how the madness has continued unabated.

Let's look at the Labour Party first, a bunch of loonies at the best of times but now they are flying at the speed of sound towards total insanity. It started with Miliband changing their leadership election rules so that, for a mere £3, you could register as a supporter and vote in their leadership election. All you had to agree to was a belief in equality and stuff like that, all the stuff that's a bit airy fairy and hypothetical. So, many thousands of us signed up and got one of politics biggest losers elected as party leader. I've never laughed so much for a mere £3, much cheaper than a night at the Comedy Store.

Corbyn is the loser who has been on the backbenches since being elected in 1983. In fact I think he has been a cryogenic experiment and was actually deep frozen in 1983 his views have changed so little. A real throwback who is doing everything we hoped he would do. Keep up the good work Agent Corbyn but ease off a little, we don't want your leadership challenged in 2016, you have more work to do to really wreck the Labour Party.

Then we've Angela Merkel, the barking mad dominatrix of the German people. She who had the genius idea of opening up Germany to migrants and nutjobs from all over the muslim world. Problem being that once said nutjobs enter Germany and register they are free to move throughout Europe. Frau Merkel is apparently so stupid she didn't realise that this would produce a crisis.

I thought at the time that Merkel/the EU created the crisis to eventually offer the EU as the only solution to the problem. Lo and behold, this week the EU has announced the creation of a land and naval border security force (army and navy) under control of the EU with the power to close a country's borders whether that country wants its borders closed or not. If you trust the EU you are clearly in need of help!

So this year we have had thousands and thousands of muslim migrants from all over the world flooding unchecked into Europe. ISIS announced a long time ago its intention to infiltrate psychopaths into Europe disguised as refugees. But dare raise these issues and the politically correct nutjobs accuse YOU of extremism and claim that the overwhelming majority of muslims are lovely and cuddly. Oh aye, well name one muslim country you would be happy to live in.

Across the pond, one of the San Bernadino butchers had entered the USA legally but checks hadn't found her extremist background. Donald Trump suggested that closing the US borders to muslims until the mess was sorted out might be a good idea. The politically correct nutjobs went so hysterical they started foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. "You can't stop people coming into your country like that!" they screamed. Then started an online petition to stop Donald Trump entering the UK. Of course the BBC made great play of 500,000 people signing said petition. They forgot to mention that a petition to stop (muslim) immigration into the UK immediately had also garnered 500,000. signatures.

It really is a mad, mad world.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

I'm not a supporter of capital punishment, but there are times when certain events make me, like anybody else, wonder if it's the only option.

Earlier today Frasier Glenn Miller, a 74 year old white supremacist, was sentenced to death by a court in Kansas for the murder of three people, for no other reason than that they were Jewish. As the sentence was announced he shouted 'Heil Hitler'.

To a certain element anti-Semitism, which is frighteningly on the rise in Europe reflecting the rise of militant Islam, seems to be the last socially acceptable form of racism. It's good to see that in the USA at least one judge in one court is taking a serious stand against this sickness.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

FC United of Manchester-Bloody Hell!

Tomorrow I will be visiting my parents then taking my dad for a curry in north Manchester before watching FC United of Manchester play Chesterfield, an English league club, in the FA Cup. The game has been moved from Saturday for the sake of television, this time BT Sport. FC United came about because of the Glazer takeover of Manchester United and the general commercialisation of football. Laudable sentiments with which I concur completely.

The game was moved to suit the Football Association and BT Sport. But we are a democratic club and voted, some years ago, to compete in the FA Cup knowing that games could be moved for TV. So it seems reasonable to me that we accept, albeit begrudgingly and while making our views known, the game being moved. But no, the Football Taliban have gone into overdrive and want to boycott the first half and abuse anybody who disagrees. Well tough!

In 2010 we played Rochdale in the FA Cup. The game was moved to a Friday night (Nov 5th) but there was no boycott. When this is raised with the boycotters it seems that the goalposts move and the argument is not that kick off should be 3 00 on a Saturday but that Friday is less inconvenient than Monday night. That is moving the argument away from one of principle to a group of spoilt brats spitting their dummies out. Pathetic.

Certain elements of FC United's support have decided to boycott the first half of the game and regard those of us who disagree as not real supporters. They are the leftie element who scream intolerance at anybody they disagree with but are generally the most intolerant and bigoted people you are likely to come across, if you dare to disagree with them.

We'll enjoy our pre-match curry and be in there in good time for kick off, whatever anybody else says or does.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bread and Circuses-UK 2015

There comes a time when great civilisations come to an end, and I doubt it's ever pretty for those involved. It feels ever more like our civilisation is crumbling, maybe it deserves to and certainly the politically correct left are hellbent on hastening our demise as has always been their aim.

For me the rot set in during the 1960s. That decade bred an attitude of self, self, self. An attitude of I want so I will have and sod the consequences for society. That blighted decade led directly to abortion on demand. It led to the breakdown of the traditional family. It led to the kind of welfare system that pays people to claim rather than work, and for women to breed with or without a husband knowing that the state (the rest of us) will pick up the bill.

We now live in a society where a man can decide he's a woman and have the operation, estimated cost £30,000 and the rest of us pay the bill. The NHS in crisis? Well stop spending money on that kind of thing and other vanity treatments. If they really want to mutilate their bodies in that way then let them pay to have it done privately. I have no problem if that's what they want to do with their bodies but don't expect me to regard them as women any more than I would regard a man on all fours trolling around barking to have suddenly become a dog.

These people on the fringe plead tolerance and acceptance of their lifestyle choices, but God help anybody who dissents then you find that their belief in freedom and tolerance suddenly evaporates. Witness Germaine Greer last week facing the wrath of the politically correct Stasi for daring to question aspects of transsexuality. Cardiff University appears to harbour groups of students dedicated to killing free speech and policing thought, which is no surprise to many people who have long believed our education system to be nothing more than a brainwashing factory controlled by the politically correct to promote their own agenda and crush anybody daring to think differently.

Then you look at the TV schedules and it is quite shocking. In centuries gone by people who were different from the norm were paraded around the streets for the entertainment of the general populace, John Merrick, the Elephant Man being one. On April 1st the mentally ill were released from Bedlam for the day to be goaded and ridiculed by the general populace. This kind of thing was ended years ago, or so I thought.

But no, our TV schedules are full of it. There are programmes about the ugliest people dating each other. The fattest people looking for friendship and love. The tiniest most deformed people trying to find partners. These programmes are not informative or educational, they are modern day freak shows. Animals are no longer allowed to perform in most circuses but we can parade humans on TV for the general populace to gawp at and get some strange kind of pleasure from.

I began this post blaming the me, me, me decade of the '60s with it's so called liberation challenging of the norms of society. What it actually did was lead to people wanting to do whatever they wanted while abrogating personal responsibility. Screw up? Somebody else will pick up the pieces and pay for it. Help your neighbour and your wider community? No, let the local council or the state do that, but as long as I vote for a party that will promise to help the poor and needy I can get a nice warm glow without getting my hands dirty.

Most of my working life I worked for medical charities. From the mid 1980s the level of volunteer involvement became ever smaller. Volunteer recruitment became ever more difficult. We are now seeing the results of the attitude that defined the 1960s. Peoples' answer to any problem today, ironically most prevalent amongst the politically correct in my experience, is not to roll up their sleeves and help but to call for the state to deal with it. That means the government, the politicians those same people they claim to loathe and ultimately the poor old tax payer. Because what they don't seem to understand is that government doesn't have a big money tree, we pay for them to swan around splashing the cash to get a few extra votes and to make the politically feel a warm, smug glow of self satisfaction.m

The bread and circuses have anaesthetised the populace to reality and they can't or won't see the wider picture. Pretty soon it will be too late and they'll ask how it was allowed to happen. Maybe if they wake up now and look around they will actually see for themselves before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Refugees? What Refugees?

We are now back in Blighty after a seventeen day jaunt by train through France, Italy, Austria and Germany and quite a break it's been. Where to start?

Train travel is fantastic, especially the decadence of a splendid meal in the dining car then going back to your cabin to find the beds have been made up with lovely fresh linen sheets. Incredibly it doesn't break the bank and you don't have the completely over the top security crap to suffer that they put you through at airports. So we took Eurostar to Paris then an overnighter to Venice. A day in Venice then the pleasant train ride to Rome where we had an apartment for nine nights.

We attended a General Audience with Pope Francis in Rome, visited as many historic sites as we could fit in and managed a day trip to Naples to visit Pompeii. Wonderful country and Rome is a very special city.

From Rome we took the sleeper to Vienna, this was last Thursday (8th October). There was a crisis at Terminii station in Rome but we finally got the train. The fun started when we got to Vienna on the Friday morning.

We'd been warned about travelling by train to Munich (our next destination) and Vienna by friends before we left. We had kept abreast with the news but our friends had reliable contacts, especially in Munich and warned us that the situation was worse than suggested by the British media. We decided to take our chances as there was still nearly three weeks until we got to Vienna and Munich. The three weeks had passed and there we were.

We arrived last Friday in Vienna to find the Hauptbahnof teeming with migrants, over 95% of whom were young men in their twenties, some maybe early thirties. The atmosphere was quite threatening and outside the station, as at the Westbahnof in Vienna, there were police vans and ambulances. We are not inexperienced or particularly nervous travellers, in 1990/91 we travelled overland through Central and South America including Bogota, Colombia at the height of the drug cartels. But this was a new experience, and it was in Europe.

On Sunday we checked our tickets to Munich for the following day and found that we didn't have reserved seats, so we went to Westbahnof tickets in hand. Passing by police, ambulances and gangs of young migrants we went straight to the information stand to be told that our train to Munich the next day had been cancelled. That train hadn't run for three weeks as the border at Salzburg had been closed because of the migrant crisis.

When we got over the shock we were told that we could swap our tickets for tickets to a small town in Bavaria called Plattling and then would take a local train to Munich. It meant that we only got into Munich around 8 00pm and we would sacrifice our afternoon in Munich but at least we would be able to get back on track for our early departure on the Monday to Paris.

So on Monday we turned up at the station and boarded the train. There were still hundreds of migrants, police and so on around the station but we got into our seats and suddenly the carriage filled, just before departure with migrants. At a guess our carriage, with around 120 seats, had around 100 migrants in it. The train departed heading to Germany where we would cross the border at Passau.

We arrived at Passau to hear a voice coming down the train asking for passports. We got ours out ready for inspection. We then heard people being ordered off the train. When we looked back down the carriage the polizei were ejecting migrants without passports or ID cards from the train. Of those in our carriage the only people with Syrian passports were a family of four. All the others that we heard claimed to be Syrian but when challenged had no papers and admitted not being Syrian when pressed, they came from a whole range of countries except Syria.

The train eventually left Passau and a full train was virtually empty. Looking out of the window we saw hundreds of illegal immigrants being herded onto buses outside the station. As in Vienna over 90% of them were young males.

We've never really been beach holiday/sun worshipping people, each to his own, but this was a new experience we really didn't expect. Yes we knew there had been trouble at many stations in central and eastern Europe which is where we feared there may have been problems. But it seems the problems with migrants at Munich have been pretty well sorted after the border closure. We can only think that our route (Hamburg the ultimate destination) is now being used to funnel the migrants to Passau, presumably to be given asylum or to be repatriated.

The Hungarian government claims that up to 30,000 migrants were repelled on its southern border this last weekend. This not a refugee crisis, this is a migrant crisis brought about by the megalomaniac German Chancellor. She precipitated this crisis by opening German borders to all Syrians and dropping the necessary checks and regulations to speed up the process. That is why potentially millions are flooding into Europe overland, without any identification but claiming to be Syrian. As we saw for ourselves the overwhelming majority are neither Syrian nor refugees.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rome, Pope and Curry

Tomorrow we attend our General Audience in St Peter's Square with Pope Francis. Well it it wouldn't be a be a Papal Audience without Pope Francis would it?

We got our tickets about 4 45 this afternoon and it was the usual Italian style debacle. Last week we checked and were told exactly where we had to go to collect our tickets, between 3 00 and 5 00 today. On our way to the Vatican the buses went awry, so we jumped in a taxi, which are an absolute life saver in Rome. He got us there in good time.

But when we went to where we had been told to collect them we were told no, we had to go to the exact opposite point in St Peter's Square. Cue fight through thousands across the square and a search for our queue. Ask numerous people, in uniform, where you need to be and you get numerous answers. That's Rome/Italy. We finally found our queue and have our tickets. Another early start for a 7 00am bus to get us there for 8 00am, the Papal Audience is at 10 00am.

One thing we have learned this time in Rome is to take nothing for granted. If somebody says your bus leaves from point A check, because the next person might inform you that it leaves from point B.

All the guides claim you can buy bus/underground day tickets from newsagents and tobacconists. We tried the newsagent and was told to try the tobacconist, who told us try the local metro station, a ten minute walk away.

We tried to watch Lazio football club on Sunday night. You couldn't buy tickets at the 75,000 seat Olympic Stadium, we had to go to a corner shop in a back street that passed as the Lazio club shop. To describe the system as chaotic would be generous. Hundreds of people left after waiting for nearly an hour realising that we would probably only get in to buy tickets well into the second half of the game. An utter shambles.

Don't waste your time visiting the tourist information offices in Rome. We have visited three. They have no information, treat you with absolute disdain and, in one case we stood there for five minutes while she had a chat with her pal and just ignored us.

The service in the bars and restaurants is excellent, which is most important. Live in Rome? I would end up slaughtering people, but it's still a first class place to visit. But only if you possess copious amounts of patience.

Tonight we had a fantastic curry at the New Delhi Indian near Termini station. Fantastic, a week of pizza and pasta does have you craving something with spice.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Football In Rome-SS Lazio

What an utter, pathetic, imbecilic shambles trying to get to watch Lazio was today. Yes, I don't like them, they play in the same colours as Manchester's less successful and less well supported club but eh, it's Rome so let's try it.

En route to the stadium a couple of lads told us how they had serious trouble in Rome getting tickets. Seems .....

Do you know, I'm now losing the will to live recounting this tedious tale, so suffice to say that Lazio are shite at selling tickets, and let's face it bums on seats is what it should be about, so we pissed off and had a nice meal and a few drinks instead.

Our only worse experience is Rome's tourist information offices. They are staffed by sullen miserabilists who treat you like a piece of dross wafting in from the street and immediately you ask a question refer you elsewhere.

Apart from that it's great.

We're off to Naples for the day tomorrow.