Saturday, August 15, 2015

Margaret Thatcher and the Daily Mail

Since the general election it's been great fun watching the leftards blaming everybody for Labour's defeat other than the Labour Party. They claim it was the evil right-wing media claiming that a Labour/Scottish Nazionalist coalition would turn us into the new North Korea, and that scared people into voting Tory.

By 'right-wing' they usually mean the Daily Mail. When a leftard loses the argument he invariably blames the Daily Mail or Daily Mail readers. It's lazy in the extreme and extremely patronising towards a huge swathe of the population. When they are really desperate they hark back to the Mail's owner in the thirties who was sympathetic to Hitler's National Socialists. I wonder how these people react when they meet an actual German?

Then there is their pathological, obsessive hatred of Margaret Thatcher. I'm amazed the leftards haven't blamed Mrs Thatcher for the flash floods down south this week. Bear in mind Mrs Thatcher left office in 1990, 25 years ago. Now I was a young lad in 1970, 25 years after the end of World War II. I don't remember there being irrational hatred towards Germany in 1970 for bombing the shit out of us and slaughtering millions in the Holocaust. No, the Germans were forgiven pretty sharpish.

I can only repeat, yet again, that socialism is a form of mental illness.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Final Nail in the Labour Party's Coffin?

I don't understand why the loony left are getting so giddy, it seems to me that electing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader will be the final nail in Labour's coffin. Maybe that's what they want, the final demise of socialism as lemming like they dive off the political cliff claiming martyrdom in the name of the workers. That's one of the reasons thousands of political activists have registered as Labour supporters to vote Corbyn in and keep Labour out.

Over 150 000 have registered/infiltrated since the general election and many thousands of those are political opponents wanting to vote for Corbyn. We don't know exactly how many but I'd guess more than enough to ensure Corbyn wins in the first round with over 50%. Should it come to counting second or third preference votes Corbyn is highly unlikely to win so that 50% plus is vital on the first count.

It's interesting that the left are already blaming the Daily Mail, that new bete noir for them to vent their spleens against when  they tire of blaming Maggie Thatcher for their failings. They never look at their ludicrous socialist policies being enacted in other countries and use reason and logic to conclude that socialism is a spent force. No, it's easier to scapegoat a politician who left office a quarter of a century ago and has since died, or to blame a newspaper. To use a sporting analogy they are like poor losers after a football game who blame the referee rather than their own team's failings.

On the question of socialist basket cases take a look at North Korea. Take a look at Venezuela, sat on one of the world's biggest oil fields but an economic basket case thanks to socialism. Take a look at Cuba, doctors could earn more driving battered old taxis than caring for people.

The ballot papers start going out today for the Labour leadership, the final nail in the Labour party's coffin. I can't wait. Farewell Labour,  you won't be missed.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Fuck The Swedes!

No, I'm not talking about the vegetable, I'm talking about the immigration minister of Sweden, who does sound like a vegetable actually, just not an edible one. No, this particular veg has waded in to the debacle that is Calais by blaming us and the French. Cheeky bastard!

One of the main problems with the European Union is that jumped up little tinpot shitholes like Sweden get ideas above their station. Well where was Sweden from 1939 to 1945? Nowhere to be seen. Apart from porn and Abba what has Sweden contributed to the world? Nope, I can't think of anything either.

The problem is quite obvious and it's the EU. The border of the EU is effectively the Mediterranean, Turkey, Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia. To say those borders are porous is to state the blatantly obvious. Once inside the EU migrants can move freely from one EU state to another. We have nobody to blame for that than successive British governments.

The fact that migrants don't claim asylum in the first EU state they find themselves in but choose to travel to Calais says two things. Firstly the United Kingdom is clearly an attractive proposition, which is why our population has been growing at the rate of 250,000 per year for several years. Secondly the EU's rule that people should claim asylum in the first country they reach is clearly unenforceable. None of the migrants, if actually asylum seekers, should have reached France let alone Calais. Unless they swam from Africa and up the Channel!

So the immigration minister of Sweden can fuck right off.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn-Killing Labour

Since the election it's been such fun watching lefties foaming at the mouth and ranting, totally irrationally, about everything from imaginary NHS privatisation to even accusing the Tories of planning to gas the poor. No, I didn't make that last bit up. The real downside of t'interweb is that it gives loons and nutjobs a platform, and the majority seem to be lefties.

Then up pops caricature Islington leftie Jeremy Corbyn to take us time travelling back to the glory days of the 80s when Maggie was in her pomp and glory and Labour was cannibalising itself. If nothing else Corbyn has given us the joy of making Blair and Mandelson crap their pants, that in itself makes Corbyn a hero. But what makes Corbyn a true hero is that if elected he will make Labour unelectable for decades. For that he will be instantly promoted to superhero.

A campaign group has evolved and Labour opponents all over the country are signing up to the Labour Party (for only £3) to vote for Corbyn and consign Labour to the dustbin. Personally I can't bring myself to register support for Labour even for this noble cause. But if you can bring yourself to hold your nose and hammer another nail into the socialist coffin then you have until early August to do your bit.

Here's the link to follow: Register As A Labour Supporter

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greece, The European Union and Democracy

We all know the EU ignores referenda that don't go their way. But what about Greece, supposedly the birthplace of democracy?

Six months or so ago Syriza were elected in the Greek general election on an anti-austerity platform.

Less than a fortnight ago Syriza, strangely considering their election victory, called a referendum on the proposed EU bail out plan which would impose more severe austerity on Greece.

The Greek people voted No (or oxi) as the government wanted.

So the Syriza government went back to talk to the EU and accepted an even more severe bailout deal, ramping up the level of austerity with tax hikes, pension cuts and privatisation.

Can anybody explain how any of that can be described as 'democratic' please?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scottish Nazionalists Show Their True Colours

So, despite stating clearly on their website in recent months that they will abstain on matters that are only applicable to England, especially mentioning foxhunting, the Scottish Nazionalists showed how little they care for democracy this week.

Their thin fig leaf of decency and democracy fell right off when they announced their intention to vote down the governments bill to ease the hunting ban, not because they care about foxes, they stated quite clearly that it was purely to spite the government. A yes vote would have merely put hunting in England on a par with Scotland. The Scottish Nazionalists are just totalitarian freaks who are driven by a hatred of England that is stronger than their love for Scotland.

The government has now abandoned the vote, due for tomorrow, and now it may be time that we abandoned Scotland.

Independence for England!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Madness Must End

I'd just poured the full fat on my Frosties this morning when a news article popped up from Oxford that had me almost choking on my first mouthful. There is a campaign led by fruitcakes and nutjobs to have a statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from a college wall. Despite the Rhodes Scholarship over many decades funding a great number of academics the politically correct hate mob regard the statue as offensive, nothing new there. Rhodesia the wealthy, prosperous precursor of Mugabe's economic basket case now called Zimbabwe was founded by Rhodes. Rhodes is therefore evil and must be expunged from history. He never existed, Rhodesia never existed.

After the American Civil War Abraham Lincoln wrote a thank you letter to the working men of Manchester for boycotting cotton imports from the southern states. Manchester City Council in the 1980s erected a statue of Lincoln in the city centre including a copy of the letter. Well it was almost a copy of the letter. Nearly a copy because they had changed Lincoln's wording from 'working men' to 'working people'. The politically correct nutjobs clearly think Lincoln was a dirty old mysogynistc, sexist, male chauvinist pig. So why put up the statue?

In the USA the same dark forces are at work with campaigns to have Confederate flags got rid of, statues of Confederate generals removed and their remains dug up from public spaces. Comedians in both the US and the UK hounded from university campuses because the politically correct thought police disapprove of their words. Academia, once the driving force of freedom of thought and expression is now the political commissar of one of the most oppressive yet subtle organs of totalitarianism ever seen on earth, political correctness.

Last week a couple were left dying in the Soviet Republic of Scotland in a crashed car for three days. The accident had been reported to the police who it seems just left them. The best way to get the attention of the Scottish police is to call a Scotsman a 'Jock' or a 'Sweaty Sock' on Twitter and at 4 00am you'll find your door kicked down by PC MacTavish and charged with thought crime. Or is it hate crime? I'm not sure.

On the question of hate crime what the fuck is it? It seems to me that if any crime, from murder to mugging, is perpetrated against a gay person, a person of another race or a disabled person it is a hate crime to the politically correct. It's as if crime from murder to mugging against the rest of us is a love crime and therefore less serious. More politically correct bollocks designed to divide and rule.

Political correctness is all about creating a sense of self-loathing. Ridicule our moral values, despise our history, label us all racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist or any other 'ism' you can imagine. The destruction of our way of life is the aim of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, the driving force behind political correctness and it seems to be working.

This is done by expanding the state. Make a large group dependent on welfare and they have been neutered politically and morally. At the other end of the spectrum more and more people are employed by the state making them as dependent on the state as the welfare dependents, Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Academia has increasingly oppressed freedom of thought and expression, remember Professor Tim Hunt?

Whether a university, a charity or any other body applying for public funding or support you have to prove your politically correct credentials. Applying for contracts or employment with state or other public bodies and you will have to prove your politically correct credentials. You or your staff haven't been on a LGBT awareness course? Forget it. Haven't been on a gender awareness training course? Forget it. Haven't been on a racial equality and diversity training course? Forget it.

Dare to say the wrong thing and you will be sent to the intellectual gulag for the politically incorrect, maybe onto welfare or to university for retraining and rehabilitation. Brainwashing to you and me.

This madness must end.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stella Rimington v Prof Tim Hunt

Unless you've been on Mars or in a coma this last fortnight you will be aware that Nobel prize winning scientist Dr Tim Hunt has been forced out of his honorary positions at University College London. Among his many works he made a scientific breakthrough that has opened up new cancer treatments. But he lost his positions because, in a speech at a conference, he jokingly said that the problem with women in labs is that they fall in love with men and men with them and that if you tell a woman off she cries.

Former spy chief Stella Rimington said this week that women make better spies than men because they are better listeners, are less intense and more relaxed. Not sure but eh, that's what she thinks.

Mrs Rimington's comments barely caused a ripple on the calm waters of public life, why should they? She is entitled to her opinion. However, Professor Hunt's comments caused a positive tsunami of vindictiveness, bile and hysterical foaming at the mouth from members of the emotionally incontinent sisterhood. One barely coherent psycho-feminist on BBC Question Time actually claimed that wimmin everywhere had been 'mortally offended' by his comments.

My only thought is that rationality must be a quality very high up on your CV if you want to be a spy. I know who I would choose if I were recruiting spooks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breaking Up and the Referendum

The media coverage given to the Scottish Nazionalists has helped to turn masses of the population against their narrow minded bigotry. The culmination of the tidal turn came yesterday when the historian David Starkey likened them to Hitler's Nazis. The gist of his comments were that, like the Nazis, the SNP have a narrow and extremist nationalism, with socialism thrown in. The Nazis hated the Jews, the SNP are motivated by a hatred of the English. Both have twisted versions of the cross as their symbols, the Nazis the swastika, the SNP the saltire. And you can't escape the fact that men in both groups enjoy bare legs, the Nazis stomping around in lederhosen, the Scots mincing around in kilts. Wonderful comparisons from one of the country's most honest and outspoken historians.

One of the ironies of the Scottish Nazionalists position is that while screaming about independence they want to remain within the European Union. The reason for this is largely because the Scots are one of the world's great subsidy junkies and, while losing their direct cash handouts from us when they leave the UK, they will still be sucking at the tax teat of the EU, including English taxpayers money sent via Brussels.

There is an obnoxiousness around politics generally at the moment that drives decent people out of politics. Attack politicians when they transgress, especially when they break the law, but general attacking in a nasty, vindictive manner only alienates people. The Scottish Nazionalists are adept at this. Some of their members were sending vile messages to Charles Kennedy before he died, including a party official who has since resigned. There are daily reports of people leaving Scotland fearing physical violence if English or Unionist and fearing for the effects of the SNP's Stalinist policies on their businesses. Scotland is seemingly on a daily basis becoming ever more like some tinpot, third world one party state.

The promised EU referendum gives us the chance to shake off the shackles of Brussels. The SNP are claiming that Scotland should only leave the EU if a majority of Scots in Scotland vote for freedom, which they are firmly against. A vote to leave the EU is therefore likely to lead to Scotland finally breaking away from the UK. In some ways that would be a double victory for England, with one referendum we will be free from two bullying, tax sponging entities, Scotland and the EU.

Sadly I doubt this will happen. I have never been confident that Britain would vote to leave the EU in a referendum. We are still waiting to find out the terms of the referendum but I suspect that the whole thing is likely to be weighted against the independence cause. Already the pro-EU camp are lying about millions of job losses if we leave. The government is planning to scrap the 'purdah', the 28 day period before a referendum when the government stays silent on the issue.

Finally we don't know yet how the independence campaign will be structured. Despite getting 4,000,000 votes in the general election UKIP could only scrape in one MP, and he is former Tory MP Douglas Carswell, an extremely popular MP in his constituency. Carswell was on BBC Question Time recently and he was most impressive, indeed he made Nigel Farage look like a music hall act rather than a serious politician. UKIP's lack of credibility makes them a serious liability to the independence cause. Add to the mix the high level of cranks within their ranks and the possibility for serious embarrassment to the cause gives rise to odds that even a non-betting man like me would consider having a flutter on a vote to stay in.

So after all the bluster and hot air I am convinced that after the referendum we will still be in the EU. The Scottish Nazionalists peaked too soon and many of the fifty six loonies elected last month will lose their seats at the next election. Things will bumble along pretty much as they are.