Wednesday, April 22, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale, Amina Lone, Labour Party

On April 10th I blogged about our declared candidates here in Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency and remarked how our Labour Party candidate lived around 70 miles away in Gorton, Manchester. It seems she has goofed by attacking the 'Tory' candidate for living outside the constituency, 50 yards outside.

This hypocrisy was picked up this week by the Daily Mail. What they didn't pick up on was the fact that Ms Lone represents Hulme ward on Manchester City Council. Hulme is around 5 miles from Gorton, so she doesn't even live in the ward she represents.

I wonder how many candidates claim to live locally when they mean within a few miles of their constituency/ward rather than in either?

Local champions they claim. I'd check if I were you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

General Election 2015-Green Party

I've honestly tried to take the Green Party seriously, but come on, their manifesto reads like a twelve year olds first effort at drawing up a manifesto for the school mock election. There must be a hell of a lot of people suffering Nutterly Bennett style 'brain fades' to have come up with that drivel.

Looking on the bright side Caroline Lucas is likely to hold on in Brighton, or 'Brain Fade Central', but elsewhere they are unlikely to win a seat. This is good because they are probably second only to the Scottish National Party in terms of hard core authoritarianism. Tie this with Nutterly Bennett offering to work with SNP MPs and there is potential for an alliance that would rival those cuddly chaps in North Korea. But thankfully the prospect of some kind of coalition involving the Greens and the SNP is about as likely as the Green Party manifesto being taken seriously.

So, if you fancy ending up living in a cave, trying to light a fire of twigs for some heat and light then vote Green.

Friday, April 10, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale

Well the full list of runners and riders is now in for the Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency for May 7th. I have to say, for a marginal constituency that could have a serious bearing on who forms the next government it isn't exactly inspiring.

There is David Morris for the Conservative Party, likely to be signing on come May 8th after wasting the last five years on the Tory benches in the House of Commons. You may remember him as the MP who in one year claimed nearly £76,000 in expenses. That's around £1,460 per week!

The Labour Party have a councillor from Hulme in Manchester called Amina Lone. She's spent 20 years fighting poverty apparently, so nearly 15 of those years were fighting poverty caused by her Labour Party government.

The Greens and the Lib Dems have candidates too, but we've had no leaflets from either since the last election and I can't remember their names. To be honest if they can't be arsed popping a leaflet out until the election address is delivered by Royal Mail I can't be arsed looking their names up.

There is a UKIP candidate, Steve Ogden who has a bike shop in Morecambe.

There is also a candidate who has no party name and doesn't even have 'Independent' in the box for party name on the Notice of Election. A quick internet search suggests Michael Dawson, if it's the same one, could be the founder of the Northern Party. To be honest, if he can't be arsed popping 'Independent' in the box, or omitted his party name by mistake, I can't be arsed voting for him.

So there we have it. Please wake me up on May 8th.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

General Election 2015-Liberal Democrats

I know we shouldn't speak ill of the dying but come on, the Liberal Democrats? I think the last five years have shown what many involved in politics have known and stated for decades, that the Liberal Democrats are unprincipled political whores who would sell their souls for short term political gain. Oh, sorry, they did sell their souls for short term political gain. Remember them scurrying like rats through a sewer after the last election from Cameron to Brown begging to join their gangs? Not one of British politics sunnier episodes and look at the last five years, no wonder they are set for meltdown.

The next time you hear a Lib Dem taking the holier than thou moral high ground remember David Laws being suspended from parliament in the expenses scandal. Forgotten about that? Follow this link for the full story .

Remember Mike Hancock, Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South? Well he got himself into trouble for 'making inappropriate advances to a vulnerable constituent'. Follow this link for the full story .

Dodgy donations? They're aren't as pure and innocent as they claim about donations either. Remember Lord Strasburger? If you don't follow this link for the full story .

Ibrahim Taguri, prospective Lib Dem candidate for Brent Central stood down last month in another donations scandal. Follow this link for the full story .

I'm not sure I've ever quoted from the Daily Express before but there is a cracking article from that newspaper about the sordid sex scandals of the Liberals/Liberal Democrats over the decades. From Gladstone 'saving' prostitutes to recent Lib Dems hiding their sexuality and so on. Follow this link for the full story .

I could go on but there are only so many hours in the day. But next time one of those pious, holier than thou Lib Dems claims that they are not like the other parties just remember , they are actually like the other parties, but with even fewer principles.

The highlight of the last general election night was seeing misfit Lib Dem Lembit Opik lose his seat. The highlight this year will surely be seeing misfit Lib Dem Nick Clegg losing his seat. Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

General Election-Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

Nominations for the general election close on Thursday, if you are wondering who has declared already then click on this link to find the details of candidates in Morecambe and Lunesdale. If you live in another constituency follow the link and then search for your own.

There are many reasons why this election is so mind numbingly tedious, two of the main reasons are closely related, which comes first is debateable. In my view the first reason is that so many people think it's fine to merely abuse politicians and those working for political parties, be they paid or voluntary. The lazy assumption is that they are all in it for the money, or for sheer power and status. This leads to reasonable people increasingly withdrawing from political activity thus leaving politics in the hands of the few, often people who fall into the categories in my first point. It's been almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This means that we now have a breed of political activist, especially parliamentary candidates, who are incapable of serious political thought and blindly follow the leader or the party line. Anybody who slightly deviates from 'the message' is likely to be dumped pretty rapidly. This means that there is little serious debate on policy within the main political parties, policy development is done by specialist units of professional politicos behind closed doors in consultation with only the most senior people in the party.

I attended several Tory Party conferences in the 1980s and there were some really impressive policy debates, especially on the conference fringe and ordinary people, rightly or wrongly, felt that they had a voice and influence within the party, but couldn't initiate or change policy.

During the 1980s Labour Party members actually had the power to change policy at their party conferences. It was Neil Kinnock who started the castration of the Labour Party membership when fighting the threat from the militants/trade unions in the 1980s. Labour members now have as much  influence over policy as Conservative members, they can no longer change or initiate policy at their conference.

The main parties now look to the media and the professional think tanks to formulate policy, the wishes of the electorate come way, way down their list of priorities. The EU, capital punishment and immigration are three main areas that highlight how the electorate has been ignored. Poll after poll suggests that over many years the populace has been ignored on these issues. The establishment has taken the view that it knows best.

We now have, thanks to political correctness, the tyranny of the minorities which has been extremely divisive and has fractured social cohesion. This is almost exclusively down to the left and the Labour Party. From 1997 to 2010 Labour had an open door immigration policy which has led to huge social problems, especially in our major cities. Labour/socialists then tell numerous ethnic groups that they are under threat from evil fascists but they will defend them. Guess who said ethnic minorities then support and vote for?

The Labour/socialists have done the same with gays, women, the disabled and any number of other  groups which has led to women only shortlists for parliament and quotas/targets in the workplace and education for assorted minorities. There has been a black lad on the TV news this morning claiming that he wouldn't be voting in the election because there weren't enough black and/or working class candidates. That always makes me wonder what black MPs would do that a white MP wouldn't? What would a working class MP do that a middle class MP wouldn't? Personally I just want the best MP for the job, if that's a black working class woman fine by me. If it's a white, working class gay bloke then fine, I don't care as long as they can do the job.

So to Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency and we hardly have an inspiring group of candidates up to now for the election. We have a sitting MP who seems to have alienated just about every person of a conservative persuasion that I know, more a lap dog for Cameron than a free thinking, get up and at 'em politician.

The Labour candidate is a councillor in Hulme, Manchester but bizarrely described as a 'local champion' on her election material. She also claims to have been running an anti-poverty campaign for twenty years, so for fifteen years she was fighting poverty under a Labour government, rather bizarre too. She also describes herself as a 'Common Purpose graduate'. I find Common Purpose an unpleasant  and worryingly influential organisation but don't subscribe to the wackier conspiracy theories about it that abound on the internet. I'll leave it for you to find out for yourself, there is lots about them on the internet.

So there we have it. Oh yes, sorry I forgot, we also have a Green Party candidate but suspect the people of this constituency are too sane to waste many votes on him, and we have a typically bland Liberal Democrat, neither of them have bothered with  a leaflet yet. We also have a UKIP candidate and I've heard there is a Northern Party candidate, a party of which I know little other than they sound like the bastard offspring of the Greens and Labour with an odd Tory cobbed in for good measure.

It's not an inspiring election, and our choice of candidates at the moment is even less inspiring. Still, two days yet to close of nominations and who knows who might pop up by Thursday.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weirdos, Freaks and Nutjobs

You can tell there's a general election coming soon, the bullshit is getting worse and worse.

The Labour Party is claiming the Tories are going to privatise the NHS. I'm 55 now and remember the Labour Party coming out with the same lie since 1974, at least. It's a lie, if they did promise to privatise the NHS I would be definitely voting for them. It won't happen.

The Labour Party are also claiming they will  control immigration. Bullshit. As long as we are in the EU they cannot control immigration. From 1997 to 2010 they let as many migrants into the country annually as the Tory/Lib Dim coalition has since 2010. It won't happen.

My MP is David Morris, who calls himself a 'Conservative' but is definitely not, in my opinion, conservative. He's  a fantastic politician, bullshit flows from him freely and frequently. I fear the consequences of a Labour government, especially if backed up by the Scottish Nazionalists, but while David Morris is my Tory candidate I will not be voting Tory.

On Friday I received a letter from Morris on House of Commons stationery. He was telling me how he voted against same sex marriage and was responding to my enquiry about his voting intention on that issue. The vote on same sex marriage was, as I remember, in June 2013. My enquiry was prior to that. So why respond now, nearly two years later? There's a general election coming up and you can't use House of Commons stationery for party political literature. I wouldn't dream of accusing him of breaking or even bending the rules. But it makes you wonder.

Now then, Jeremy Clarkson. I've worked as a TV extra and know that the days can be very long, tedious and often freezing cold and wet if filming outdoors, it's as bad for the actors as it is for the lowly extras. Jeremy Clarkson had spent a very long day, sixteen hours I think, outdoors, in shocking weather, filming a piece for Top Gear. When he got back to hotel, very late, very cold and very wet, there was no hot food. He found the producer responsible for the cock up and bollocked him severely then allegedly smacked him. Quite right too, I would have done likewise. The incompetent producer should have been sacked, not Clarkson. As a consequence the BBC will now lose millions in revenue from Top Gear. That's public service for you, fuck the taxpayer!

Finally, never believe the apologists for Islam. The father of one of the three young slappers who went off to have sex with ISIS has claimed the government, the police, MI5, old uncle Tom Cobbly and all were responsible for her vile belief in a murderous, barbaric religion. Of course him being a vile, barbaric, Islamist nutjob, as exposed in yesterday's newspapers, had nothing to do with it.Oh no, course it didn't.

May 7th is election day. One thing I do know is that nothing will change. We will wake up on 8th May still ruled by weirdos and freaks who oppress us but protect the 'human rights' of nutjobs, especially Islamic nutjobs.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The UN Says: "Be Happy You Miserable Bastards!"

If ever we needed a reminder of what a fatuous waste of time and money the United Nations is today is it. Today is the UN's International Day of Happiness so smile you git, including you lot over there in North Korea. Come on ISIS, put that cutlass down and instead of beheading that Christian, get him guffawing with a good, old fashioned Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian joke. Come on West Africa, stop worrying about Ebola for a day and get each other giggling. Vanuatu? Lighten up, you'll soon be looking back on the last fortnight and the only thing you'll remember is the UN making you happy today.

Then a few days back we had that grand old queen of England Elton John throwing yet another temper tantrum and calling for an international boycott of Dolce and Whatsit. Why was he in such an emotional state? Dolce and Whatsit, or Dolce or Whatsit maybe, had said that IVF was synthetic and that adoption should be restricted to traditional families, a man and a woman. Of course dare question the self-obsessed godmother of lifestyle and you cross the world's great and good, well, Posh Beckham and bloated, coke snorting, retired Argentinian football cheat Maradonna. (Think you'll find that's Madonna. Ed.) Yes the usual suspects who think it's cool to have a little mascot like Elton John to fawn and grovel over jumped on the bandwagon. Surprised they didn't get the Ouija board out for a quick quote from Liz Taylor.

Quite clearly IVF, by definition, is synthetic. Fact Elton, get over it you sad little git. As for adoption. Well I'm with Dolce and Whatsit on that one too. To be perfectly honest having seen and read so much about Elton John I can't imagine anybody less suitable to be a parent. But he typifies modern Britain, dare to disagree about something, especially regarding the current politically correct orthodoxy, and you fall head first into a shit storm of epic proportions, especially if it's concerning race or sexuality.

Yesterday I fell into my very own shit storm. It wasn't epic, it was a bit limp wristed coming from a Green Party tree hugger who I suspect hadn't eaten his lentils. I had the temerity on an internet forum to suggest that David Coburn, UKIP's MEP for Scotland, was guilty of nothing worse than stupidity when he said that he called Scottish politician Humza Yousaf, jokingly, Abu Hamza. It seems that because both are of similar ethnicity but one is a convicted terrorist this is racist. As I was defending Coburn, while calling him stupid (yes I know) said tree hugger then told me that I too am clearly a 'racist'. I told said Green Party weirdo that he was clearly a twat and promptly blocked him.

Two examples of how oppressive and anti free speech political correctness really is. Disagree with the politically correct and they hunt you down and, in the case of Elton John, will try to damage your business. In my case it was a dickhead using 'racist' as a term of abuse. In fact 'racist' is a word that is so misused today it is effectively meaningless.

As for the UN International Day of Happiness. About as interesting as the eclipse which seems to have only served to give saddoes in the media some sort of weird pseudo-sexual stimulation. The moon's crossing between us and the sun, big deal. I can stand on the station car park and when a truck goes up Warton Road it blocks my view of the Co-Op. Same thing surely?

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015-What's Happening?

I haven't blogged much this year, largely because I can't be arsed. Despite having an unhealthy interest in politics since my teens, if not earlier, I think I'm of a reasonably sunny disposition. I enjoy nothing more than a night troughing and slurping with good friends and generally having a laugh. But there seems to be an increasing number of killjoys and party poopers who take life and, more tellingly themselves, far too seriously. Here's a short list to give you an idea:



Religious nutjobs generally

Militant atheists


The State

Self-righteous campaigning groups (anti-smokers, anti-drinkers, anti-speeders etc)

Socialists really are arseholes, plain and simple. They have no grasp of basic economics and don't seem to realise that government doesn't have any money. The money government has is either ours, that it takes with threats and menace (HMRC) or it borrows. Simple really but they just don't get it,or don't want to get it.

This week saw the fortieth anniversary of Mrs Thatcher being elected leader of the Tories. Some batty socialist dick has designed a poster claiming that today's foodbanks are Mrs T's legacy. Fuck me, Mrs T left office in 1990 you knobs, since then we've had John Major, a wet fart if ever I saw one, and Labour in power from 1997 to 2010. It seems to me that socialism is actually a mental illness and that an unhealthy obsession with Mrs T is one of its most common manifestations.

As I've said it what about foodbanks? Another manifestation of the mental illness that is socialism. A great way for middle class do-gooders to get a warm healthy glow, while making a very visible point for socialists to claim the system is evil and people are starving. I'm sorry, our welfare state is very generous and if people can't afford food it's because they are blowing their dole on drink, fags and drugs or massive great tellies that they seem to spend all day watching Jeremy Kyle on while filling their faces with McDonald's in between slurping from cans of cheap lager and drags on fags. Need some pot? Pop out and flog some of that gear they got from those mugs at the foodbank.

I don't think I need to go into much depth about the muslims. A couple of thousand demonstrated in London at weekend. It wasn't against the murders in Paris, it wasn't against ISIS, it wasn't against female genital mutilation and it certainly wasn't in support of the Saudi blogger sentenced  to 15 years in chokey and 1,000 (one thousand) lashes. Oh dearie me no. It was against cartoons of their 'prophet'. In the process they climbed and sneered all over statues of British heroes in Whitehall. Tell you what, if you want respect try giving your host country a little respect first, then you may actually earn some respect.

And if you are one of those who wails: "These extremists don't represent Islam" I suggest you do a little research.

I'm not going to draw any parallels between Islam and Christianity because there is no comparison. But there are plenty of pious, self-righteous nutjob Christians who piss me off. Thankfully they don't tend to slaughter people who they disagree with. But they don't seem to realise that being preachy and constantly trying to convert people just makes them look desperate and slightly unhinged.

Jesus turned water into wine. So why do religious freaks think alcohol is evil? Would a Jehovah's Witness rather see their child die than have a blood transfusion?

Militant atheists. Well it's just as much an act of faith to believe in God as to not, I can't prove that he does exist any more than an atheist can prove he doesn't. So why can't atheists just get on with their lives without obsessing about something they claim not to believe in? Is it some weird psychological thing and deep down they are suppressing serious religious belief? Maybe that's the case with Dawkins although I suspect he saw a niche in the market and went for a nice little earner and the fame/notoriety he's probably craved since infancy.

Jobsworths. What a pain in the arse they are. I recently went to collect something from my wife's car. I pulled up next to it in the car park hopped out, leaving my door open, grabbed whatever it was from her car and got back in mine. Before I could even shut my door a twat in a cap and a high vis jacket had a dig at my parking threatening to ticket me. The car park was virtually empty. We had a frank exchange and I left. That is a typical jobsworth, thick and incapable of independent thought, in other words commonsense. They're everywhere and seem to be proliferating. We need a cull!

I am not going to bang on about the state. Read this blog and you will see the contempt in which I hold the state.

Likewise those self-righteous, nanny state campaigning groups who are probably funded by you and I from our taxes and are making a fucking good living lecturing and patronising us. I have also banged on about them frequently elsewhere on this blog.

We send millions of quid in aid to India to see them launching a space rocket this week. The only way that could be justified is if they put the staff of groups such as PETA, ASH, Alcohol Concern and any number of other mithering bastards aboard said rocket and never allowed it back to earth. Not forgetting a fair few of the above too. A bit like a reverse Noah's Ark.

There. That feels better.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je Suis Charlie, But....

Today's Front Cover
So today the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo goes on sale  and according to reports they 'lampoon' the Roman Catholic church, the Jewish faith and yet again have a cover featuring the prophet Mohammed. I wonder what that says about Charlie Hebdo?

Not being a fluent French speaker I can only get the gist of  the cartoons I've seen from the magazine and they strike me as being designed to shock and offend, not just the cartoons attacking Islam but those attacking other religions in the magazine too. If cartoons are pithy and make a searing point then that is satire. If they are designed to simply offend then that is not satire but abuse and provocation. Whatever an individual's take on the reasoning for cartoons, the written or spoken word, or film, free speech should be sacrosanct and nobody should be afraid of consequences, especially the evil consequences inflicted on Charlie Hebdo last week.

But let's step back in time a few years. Leading people behind Charlie Hebdo, including 'Charb' Charbonnier who was murdered last week, organised a petition that garnered over 170 000 signatures to have the French National Front banned. This seems at odds with the philosophy that free speech is an inalienable right. You might despise what a party like the National Front stand for, but freedom of speech doesn't include the rider 'as long as I approve'.

Having said that we all know too well how political correctness is undermining free speech. Yesterday in the supermarket I read the front page of The Sun, not my newspaper of choice. It carried the story of former Coronation Street actor  Ken Morley being thrown off Celebrity Big Brother for passing on a corny old anecdote that included the word 'negro'. Now forgive me but I'm not sure when the word 'negro' was designated racist, a bit old fashioned maybe, but racist? I'm not comparing being thrown off a dodgy TV show with being murdered in your office but both actions were taken because of the modern day crime of 'causing offence'.

It's interesting that the two British newspapers to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo yesterday by showing cartoons from the magazine were The Guardian and Independent, not newspapers renowned for supporting free speech but for slavishly following the line of 'free speech, as long as I agree and don't think it offends'. Freedom of speech should be unequivocal, tempered by respect rather than law. Unfortunately the liberal left in Europe demand free speech for themselves, no matter how offensive they want to be, but woebetide anybody who practices free speech that doesn't adhere to their liberal/left agenda.

The left are tediously regular in justifying the curtailment of free speech with the corny old phrase 'free speech doesn't mean you can shout fire in a packed theatre'. Well if you see smoke you should actually.

Maybe putting deliberately offensive and provocative cartoons in a magazine is the liberal left equivalent of shouting fire in a packed theatre. Just a thought.