Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sacred Cows

Lucky old India has the sacred cow.

Poor old Britain has two scared cows: The NHS and Islam. Dare talk rationally about either of them and you will be treated like a heretic or a phobic.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Today's Big Question

Who said the following?

"The burka is an archaic tribal piece of cloth that is eagerly used by fundamentalist zealots to promote a toxic brand of extremist non-Koranic theology"

A) The Pope

B) Boris Johnson

C) Dr Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre, Oxford

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Great Betrayal?

Until fairly recently I was extremely active in politics standing in three parliamentary elections, numerous council elections, actually managing to get elected to my local council in 1999, and even worked for a few years in politics before disillusionment set in. It seems the higher up the ladder many politicos climb the more their core beliefs and principles are jettisoned in the interests of personal promotion. It's very sad but seriously principled politicians are few and far between.

I must have been seriously active for nearly 40 years, starting during my school days, but can honestly say I have never known the political class held in such low esteem as they are today. Every day they seem to actively go against the wishes of the electorate. People are concerned at the huge level of immigration into our country. The establishment let more and more people in. Sick of seeing aid money go to countries that have enough wealth to develop space and nuclear weapons programmes? The government will ring fence or increase the aid budget. Sick of seeing the Blue Badge for disabled motorists being abused? The government are planning to hand out 600 000 more to people who are more than capable of walking a few miles but have some 'unseen disability'. The list is endless.

In 2016 the biggest exercise in democracy ever to take place in this country was the Brexit referendum. Against all the odds and with the state propaganda machine working tirelessly for the Remain campaign we took on the establishment and won. Many of us came out of political hibernation to campaign for Brexit and we won by a clear margin. Although too young to vote in the 1975 in/out referendum I remember clearly after that referendum, which we lost, that once the result was announced it was accepted and life went on. There were no calls for in a bit but not quite in, no demands to be in in name only and there were certainly no demands for a second referendum. Those of us who saw what was developing continued to campaign against what became the EU and as it evolved into an ever more anti-democratic, authoritarian superstate, which we were assured it would never become during the campaign of 1975, so more and more people turned against the EU culminating in the 2016 result.

The anti-democratic forces of the EU and our political establishment are now working their hardest to subvert that referendum and once again trample on the wishes of the electorate. Theresa May, a Remain campaigner, stupidly called a general election in 2017 and threw away the Tories' slim majority. During that campaign both parties pledged to honour the wishes of the people and committed themselves to Brexit. Now they've had our votes they are once again reneging on their promises and doing everything to make Brexit less and less likely. The EU negotiators are working hard to put obstacles in our way and are proving every day to be only interested in punishing us and the citizens of the EU for us having the audacity to say enough is enough.

Now there are increasing calls for a second referendum. Interestingly the Remainers didn't mention wanting a second referendum during the campaign, largely because they arrogantly expected an easy win and never expected the peasants to revolt. Now the usual suspects are being pushed out in their bathchairs to demand a second referendum and are calling themselves 'The Peoples' Vote'. Funny that the people voted in 2016 but they don't accept that as 'the  peoples' vote'.

When the establishment really want to piss off the people they trundle out that ridiculous caricature of a self-important, pompous, up his own arse twat Peter Mandelson. This week he's been calling those of us who voted for Brexit racists, white nationalists, xenophobes and Trump supporting far-right extremists. How to piss off nearly 18,000,000 voters with one fat, narrow minded, greedy, grasping gobshite. If the Leave campaign had made such ridiculous, totally unfounded remarks about the other side there would have been calls for a investigation, probably by the police for hate speech.

There is anger and resentment at large but my fear is that so few people will be angry enough to get off their bums and actually scare the establishment that we are heading for Brexit in name only. The French would now be ripping up paving slabs in Paris and burning tyres on their motorways. Maybe the great betrayal is not only the establishment betraying the people, but the people betraying our proud history and acting like lambs to the slaughter.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Perv Operas

I'm not a prude, not by a long chalk, nor am I one of the new puritans, but I've finally given up on the last couple of soap operas I've been watching. Yes I admit to enjoying watching soaps, TV isn't there for intellectual challenge or stimulation it's for entertainment but the soaps are no longer entertaining.

I'm not sure which started pissing me off first, Radio 4's The Archers or the BBC's EastEnders. The Archers is now a ludicrous parody of what it used to be with more social problems and misfits than the most depressed inner city suburb in the worst modern city. The Archers has been hijacked by victim obsessed social justice warriors who are now the only people who listen. Likewise EastEnders, very BBC.

Now then, on to Coronation Street. Here's a quick idea of the characters now inhabiting one small street known as Corrie:

A gay vicar who is now a heroin addict.
A gay bloke who works for a dodgy legal firm.
A gay bloke who is as camp as a row of tents.
A gay mechanic who is about to date rape a heterosexual character.
A gay woman who cleans windows.
A gay woman who is the daughter of a factory owner.
A gay Muslim woman who is married to a Muslim bloke.
There was a transgendered 'woman', now shuffled off the mortal coil, who was obviously a woman playing the role quite unconvincingly, far too much like a real woman.

Then there are any number of unfaithful, multi-married/divorced heterosexuals, not to mention numerous murderers over the years and several disasters such as gas explosions and trams crashing off the viaduct onto the street. Recently there was the most convoluted attempt at a racist murder that turned out to have nothing whatsoever to do with race, as we all knew, but the writers had to clamber on a very rickety bandwagon that was verging on farcical.

So if that urban nightmare isn't for you you decide to forget about the numerous disasters to befall the place, such as planes and helicopters crashing onto the residents, and you move to the Yorkshire Dales and the picturesque village of Emmerdale. Big mistake, here is, from memory, a list of characters living in Emmers:

A gay lad who owns a scrapyard and has found his younger sister who has recently snogged another young female character.
A gay bloke who married the above then got a female character pregnant, left his 'husband' but is now back playing happy families with him and the poor little offspring.
A gay doctor popped into the village for a few months while the 'husband' and 'husband' were split up.
A gay vet who seduced her previously heterosexual boss.
A pub owner who has slept with most of the men in the village, as well as Leeds and Bradford, but is now having a passionate lesbian fling with above vet.

The heterosexual people in the village are mostly unfaithful and several times divorced. Watch out for tedious times in this one because it usually means a cull of characters by mass murder or a whopping great disaster. If urban and rural life really was like this, rather than booming, our population would be shrinking as millions of us fled for more peaceful lives in somewhere like Syria or Afghanistan.

No wonder they warn you at the beginning of these soaps that you might find them disturbing and offer helpline numbers at the end for anybody disturbed by the content.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Theresa May-A Polite Request

Theresa May was probably the worst Home Secretary in living memory, certainly in my living memory. And she is fast gaining that epithet as Prime Minister.

She lacks any vision, belief or principle and seems more interested in soothing and placating our enemies in Brussels than honouring the 17,400,000 of us who voted for Brexit.

The latest reports suggest that she is being swayed by civil servants and Remainiacs close to her to go for a soft Brexit, including remaining within the Customs Union. As usual she is invisible and silent displaying an utter lack of leadership.

Talk of a two year transitional period from March next year is bad enough, the word now is that this could be extended. May must go.

Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee has now received forty letters from backbench MPs calling for a leadership election. Please God give eight more the courage to join the decent forty, sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Nation of Wimps

Political correctness has inevitably dragged us down to a level where our forebears would regard us as a nation of mincing softies lacking any kind of courage or backbone. We can't be far off the end game now. We have the sorry situation where the British Army is targeting gays and ethnic minorities because the army should be 'representative of the current demographic'. Bullshit. I don't care about the army representing the current populace, I just want the best army possible to defend our country be that 100% white, black, gay or heterosexual. We should be recruiting the very best not targeting those we misguidedly believe to be under represented.

Meanwhile the peasants on social media are targeting Ann Widdecombe with pitchforks at the ready and no doubt a pyre prepared ready to burn the heretic. Her sin? She declared her belief that Prince Harry's bride to be would be trouble for the royal family with her background. Fair enough if that's what you believe. But the peasant uprising was triggered by cries of racism. Yes, our old friend racism has reared its head yet again for no apparent reason other than the racial obsession of the politically correct. Markle describes herself as being mixed race as her mother has a shot of African in her ancestry somewhere. So in these strange times in which we live criticising somebody who describes themselves as mixed race is racism. But all intelligent, rational people know it isn't.

What started me on this post was actually a radio programme I heard last week when driving from Lancashire to Sussex. It was the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2. Yes, I know, I should have swapped channels but it was my equivalent of rubber necking as I pass a terrible accident, it was so bad I had to carry on and couldn't bear the idea of switching channels. When I was studying for my degree there was an option to study TV and film history which I resisted for a long time thinking it was the History (my degree) equivalent of media studies. In the end I gave in and really enjoyed studying films such as The Battleship Potemkin and TV series such as Play For Today. TV and film really are excellent pointers to the times in which they were made and the prevailing cultural and political environment. Last week's radio experience says everything about our new status as a nation of wimps, in years to come people will be shocked at how we let this happen to us.

First up was a woman called Clare Pooley, aka 'Sober Mummy'. If I told you she thought that shortening her pseudonym to 'SM' was a little racy you may get an idea where this is going. Apparently she is an internet phenomenon after giving up booze and blogging about it prior to finally leaving her alias behind and writing a book under her real name. I was immediately drawn in as I work in the 'hospitality industry' and quite enjoy a tipple myself.

So as I hit the M6 toll road I tuned in and heard how her life had been running out of control and she was knocking back booze every night after she had put her offspring to bed just to unwind. But the problem got worse and worse and began to take control of her. The tension mounted and I was having visions of her hiding bottles of whisky, rum and assorted other spirits around the house and eventually necking a bottle of White Lightening for breakfast.  Like me Jeremy Vine must have been desperate to know how bad her addiction was. When pressed she owned up. She was necking a bottle of wine a day, sometimes two at weekends. What a fucking let down, one bottle of wine a day and sometimes two at weekends does not an alcoholic make.

When I was growing up I knew blokes who'd have six pints of beer on their way home from work, guzzle a bottle wine with their evening meal then go out for a few pints after that. The father of a friend of mine, who actually was an alcoholic, used to insist on putting the milk bottles out at night as the rest of the family went to bed. He had a bottle of whisky stashed in the garden and would have a slug or three as he put the bottles out. That's a drink problem.

Clare Pooley is just  another whining, middle class mum claiming victim status and doing a great disservice to people who have been in the absolute gutter of life due to alcoholism and turned their lives around. They're the people I admire and respect. I'm afraid she'll have to kick a habit that involves imbibing a lot more than a bottle of wine a day to get my admiration and respect.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Refugees? What Refugees? #2

Mobile CRS troops in Calais

On Wednesday I was in Calais. We went over primarily to pick up some wine, the famous 'booze cruise', but also to have a pleasant day out and a good meal. When we got there we had quite a surprise.

One of our favourite booze shops is Pidou, so we headed for the Marck branch of Pidou which is no more than three or four miles from the tunnel. Once we left the security of the tunnel area, which now resembles a high security penitentiary in a Hollywood blockbuster, we began to witness the new phase of the 'refugee crisis' or alien invasion as it actually is.

First we saw illegals just over the barrier at the side of the motorway then a handful trudging down the hard shoulder itself. None looked over thirty and I'd say most were in their very early twenties or late teens. Most had their hoods up and we didn't see a single woman.

As we left the motorway, after about ten minutes, their numbers increased dramatically and for the first time ever I saw gangs of them all around the commercial area where Pidou is situated. Many were sidling towards parked trucks and vans others were just standing around in large groups. I have  have never witnessed such numbers and the overhead signs on the motorway were warning motorists to be careful as there were pedestrians on the motorway.

Undeterred we pulled into the Pidou car park and were quite relieved to to spot our first troop of CRS officers in their transport actually parked in the car park waiting for the trouble to start, as we witnessed a couple of years ago in Vienna. Click on here to read about our experience in Austria and Germany. As we left we saw CRS units all over the area including at petrol stations and motorway service areas as well as the corner of most roads within a few miles of the tunnel.

Anybody who thinks the problem of illegal migration, begun by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is over is sadly misguided and anybody who thinks these people are poor refugees on their way to safety from persecution is clearly stupid. I've been travelling regularly around Calais and Boulogne for around thirty years and have never before witnessed such numbers of illegals, especially in that part of Calais, even when Lily Allen was rebooting her career by vising Sangatte and committing hard core virtue signalling. We have a problem and it's not going to go away.

In the end we evacuated, ironically via Dunkirk, and spent the rest of the day in the lovely Flemish towns of Ieper and Diksmuide.

As we headed back for our return on le Shuttle I received a text warning of delays at the tunnel because of security problems. Hardly surprising and we were only delayed by twenty minutes although the queues were so horrific that we had to wait to eat until we were back in Blighty and picked up a curry takeaway.

If you are unaware the CRS (Compagnies Republicaines de Securite) are the general reserve of the French National Police and are involved in general security but are especially trained to deal with crowds and riots. They are heavily armed and resemble Robocop when they go into action, which we witnessed first hand when we were caught up in serious disorder in Paris in 2000 and after a football game in Lyon a few years later when tear gas was fired by the CRS. They are not to be messed with and the fact that they have been deployed in such numbers in the Calais area is an indication of the severity of the problem.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reason and Logic

We are human beings and often make decisions based on, or strongly influenced by, emotion and feelings. But there seems to be an increasing lack of reason and logic in public debate and in public life generally. Increasingly there seems to be a frightening move towards feelings and emotion actually trumping reason and logic.

Yesterday we went to toast our local hunt as they set off on their day's sport. Since 2005 hunting foxes with hounds has been illegal so yesterday the hunt consisted of riders on horses with hounds spending the day following a scent trail across private land where the landowners had given their permission for the hunt to ride. The irony is that since the hunting ban in 2005 more foxes have been killed each year as farmers use more efficient ways of protecting their stock from the fox. The anti-hunt brigade are more driven by hatred of the type of people they think hunt than any welfare concerns for foxes. It is a victory of emotion and feeling, or prejudice and bigotry, over logic and reason.

Somebody on social media attacked me yesterday, in the most irrational and hate filled way, for attending the hunt. When I explained what I have explained above her response was to claim that may be the case but what if the dogs picked up the scent of a fox? Well the hunt pledge to take all measures to avoid that scenario which, to be honest, is a bit like telling me I'm wicked for driving a car because I might have an accident. She then made it perfectly clear that she was actually driven by an irrational hatred of the type of people she thinks ride horses and hunt. She then decided to seek out my wife and started to harass her on social media proving herself to be nothing but a bitter and twisted hate filled bigot.

To book end this example of irrational behaviour we've had an announcement this week that the state is having to take measures to protect free speech in British universities. Cultural Marxism, or political correctness, has pervaded our national life for decades now, it is just as vile as any form of socialism just a little more subtle and slow burning but equally destructive. Our education system and churches are some of the worst offenders, eagerly trying to prove their PC credentials by doing the dirty work of the far left PC brigade for them. Virtue signalling social justice warriors (aka snowflakes) are the absolute curse of the twenty-first century.

For a few years now campaigners, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have been trying to get books banned from British universities, indeed even The Guardian, that bastion of irrational liberalism and fake news, has felt it necessary to fight this attack on freedom in several issues. After all, when the mob starts banning books and anything else they deem to be 'offensive' who says somebody won't decide it's you and your opinions next?

That British universities have to be forced to stop banning people who they disapprove of from speaking and from banning books they disapprove of is highly concerning and should worry everybody who believes in freedom, rationality and logic. If these snowflakes are so upset and scared of people with alternative philosophies and ideologies then why are they at university at all? Isn't university supposed to be about having your ideals and beliefs challenged? Isn't it about learning how to face people you disagree with or disapprove of and dismantling their arguments using logic and reason.

It seems that today's students lack the confidence and intellect to face the real world and need to run and hide in a safe space. Hardly good preparation for the rigours of the real world.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Leftie Hysteria

Yesterday I spent a few hours bobbing around in my van listening to the radio. Listening to the radio was not the purpose of bobbing around in my van, I could have stayed at home and listened, I was playing Santa. I was listening to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 and one of the topics up for discussion was the sale of 21st Century Fox by Rupert Murdoch. Cue leftie hysteria and their usual emotional and political incontinence as they phoned the show to talk shite.

First up was a clown from the Valleys who pops up on the Vine Show whenever they want a seriously demented leftard to come on and sound like a complete fucking nutjob. I can't remember his name, maybe Dai or Ifor I'm not sure. But oh my he didn't disappoint. According to this goon Murdoch has appointed every Prime Minister since 1979. I used to read the Times but have very rarely read The Sun and never read the News of the World so I for one didn't vote the way Murdoch directed. The problem with lefties is that they are seriously brainwashed zombies who love to follow the leader, be it Stalin, Guevara, Chavez or Grandad Corbyn. I'm amazed at the Cult of Corbyn as he has the charisma of a beached cod, I can only think it's a weird beardy thing.

When reminded that Murdoch's businesses have given gainful employment Taffy almost exploded with misguided righteous indignation spluttering that he built his businesses to make money not as a social service for the populace. Fuck me you couldn't make this shit up could you? I imagine Taffy sitting down to write a business plan that read: 'I can employ 200 people but don't want to make any money because that would be greedy and capitalist'. He would then go into a rage about the greedy banks for not funding his pipe dream, oops sorry, socialist business plan.

Next up was another caller from Wales, this time North Wales. You could tell that even the host could barely suppress his giggles at this loony leftie. He claimed that Murdoch was responsible for millions of deaths around the world through hunger but also from wars because Murdoch had got leaders like George Bush elected who went around the world bombing people.

But the funniest thing was when said leftard went on to claim that Murdoch sold to Disney because Disney is a fascist organisation. I kid you not. When asked to justify this ludicrous statement the caller claimed that it was fascist because Snow White isn't black and doesn't have any black characters in it. I think even Jeremy Vine giggled at that then came back with the suggestion that Snow White was actually a liberal progressive as she employed dwarves so was clearly an equal opportunites employer. Quite witty for the BBC I thought.

The hysteria of the lefties knows no bounds. Reason and logic are alien to them, their political doctrine is driven by emotion and a weird need to get a warm inner glow by seeing injustice and oppression everywhere whether it is a reality or not. That is why the left are so dangerous and why, whenever they have achieved power, they have left in their wake economic ruin and destruction not forgetting death on a huge scale.

I haven't laughed so much in ages.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Twat of the Year 2017

Frontrunner 12th year in a row,
There seem to be more contenders for the award this year than ever and there seem to be more than ever from the world of politics. Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical, but I don't think so.

There's a PM who called a general election then seemed to do her best to blow it. But she couldn't even do that properly and ended up selling her soul to the DUP so she could form a minority government after inheriting a majority from the 2015 election that Cameron won. She is now trying to throw money at the hated EU when we should just walk away.

There's Vince Cable, always trying to win this award, along with Diane Abbott and virtually every other leftist politician. Comedy Corbyn is a very strong contender, despite May being virtually useless he's still behind her in the polls when the question: "Who would make the best PM?" is asked. His party can barely scrape a 3% lead in the polls, the two main parties often being neck and neck yet in the years before the 1997 election, when Conservative John Major was PM, Labour were regularly well over 30 points higher in the polls. As the old saying goes, Labour under Corbyn are all pee and wind. A strong contender.

There are any number of people who seem intent on competing for this year's title. Here's a list, by no means exhaustive, of the ones that spring readily to mind:

Owen Jones (Dodgy journalist at a dodgy newspaper and known for throwing tantrums).
Paloma Faith (Warbler who is bringing her child up 'gender neutral').
Gary Linekar (List of twattery too long to list briefly)
Bono (See above).
Bob Geldoff (See above).
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (See above).

So there's a rough idea where this post is heading. Feel free to nominate your own candidate(s) through the comments section.

But I'm seriously considering breaking with tradition this year and awarding a collective Twat of the Year Award. I was driving to Kendal this morning and got stuck behind a twat doing 35 to 40mph in the 50mph limit. Beautiful sunny, crisp morning and very little traffic so absolutely no need to be driving so slowly. As an overtaking opportunity arose I indicated and put my foot down. Immediately he braked and dropped to just over 30mph. As I passed I saw transfers in big letters on his back window, one said 'DRIVE CLOSER AND I'LL SLOW DOWN', the other said 'SMILE YOU'RE ON MY CCTV'. What an utter, unadulterated fuckwit. He may be beyond this award, I may have to consider a one off for that twat.

Then there was a house this week in Langcliffe in the Yorkshire Dales whose owner had put a 'NO PARKING' sign on their garden gate to stop people parking on the public road where there were no yellow lines or parking restrictons and no driveway onto their property. The block capitals were used to make the sign appear shouty and aggressive I suppose.

Then there are twats on motorbikes who wear these abominations (left). High visibility gear I fully understand  but when you drive along as I did and suddenly see a bike ahead parked at the roadside with this on the back of the rider I instinctively slammed on my brakes to slow down.

I did actually turn back to check that this actually wasn't a police motorcyclist but no, it was just a smug, self-righteous bastard who thinks he's the only person in the world who has any idea of road safety.

I could go on but I'm sure you get my point. My collective award could go to those arseholes who use these dodgy, near impersonations of official signs and notices to garner a little advantage for them selves or to try and boss or mither the rest of us with them. There is enough mithering and interference from numerous organs of the state without these bastards adding to it.

But there's plenty of time until the final decision and a complete and utter twat often pops up late in December. Let's see.