Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Warsi, Gaza and Israel

I'll be perfectly honest I've never understood why Baroness Warsi was ever in the House of Lords let alone in the government. I always thought it was purely because of her sex and religion and I think her resignation proves that to be the case. Problem being for Cameron now, yet again, he looks weak and tokenistic.

In the current battle in the Middle East my support is fully and unequivocally behind Israel. They have been far more tolerant of Hamas, who have been indiscriminately firing shells into Israel for years, than I would want my government to be if we were under attack. Yet when Israel defends her citizens the media bias is such that people would think Israel just woke up one morning with nothing to do so started attacking Gaza. Warsi didn't resign when Hamas were shelling Israel and our government did nothing to stop them.

It's very telling that around 1,500,000 Arabs live in Israel. There are no Jewish people in Gaza. Indeed Hamas, the elected authority in Gaza, have vowed to wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the earth. Then what? What is now the only parliamentary democracy in the region would become just like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq etc etc.  Would you want to live in a muslim country?

While the pro-Israel demonstrations around the world have been peaceful the pro-Palestine demonstrations have invariably ended in violence. Even in Manchester there have been car loads of muslim men driving through Jewish areas shouting that Hitler was right and hurling missiles at Jewish people. In Paris muslim mobs have attacked Jewish businesses.

I'm glad Warsi has gone and I do wonder whether muslims can actually put this country first or whether their faith always comes first. I certainly know that my Catholocism wouldn't have stopped me fighting Catholic Italy in 1939 had I been alive. But then most of us can see that people with whom we share a common faith or philosophy aren't always right, nor are  we.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Support Israel

Netanyahu at his best

Even those who aren't particularly sympathetic to Israel's Benjamin
Netanyahu, could get a good measure of satisfaction from this interview with
British Television during the retaliation against Hamas' shelling of Israel.

The interviewer asked him: "How come so many more Palestinians have been
killed in this conflict than Israelis?" (A nasty question if there ever was

Netanyahu: "Are you sure that you want to start asking in that direction?"

Interviewer: (Falling into the trap) "Why not?"

Netanyahu: "Because in World War II more Germans were killed than British
and Americans combined, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the war
was caused by Germany 's aggression. And in response to the German blitz on
London , the British wiped out the entire city of Dresden , burning to death
more German civilians than the number of people killed in Hiroshima ...
Moreover, I could remind you that in 1944, when the R.A.F. tried to bomb the
Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen , some of the bombs missed their target
and fell on a Danish children's hospital, killing 83 little children.
Perhaps you have another question?"

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FC United of Manchester and Red Fascists

We've been away this past fortnight but Facebook, Twitter and t'interweb generally help to keep you in touch, so I wasn't surprised when a rumpus kicked off around FC United again. Socialists really are tedious and dreary.

This one kicked off when a board member listed a range of political parties that they have decided are incompatible with supporting FC United. One of them was the UK Independence Party. Bear in mind that this is a club that constantly bangs on about equality, equal rights and standing up for the whole community. This is a decidedly Stalinist approach to people whose political views you happen to disagree with. What has my politics got to do with watching and supporting a football club?

It seems that if you want to leave the European Union, and believe in controlling immigration, then you are a raving racist/fascist/Nazi in the eyes of the commissars at FC United and they don't want you polluting the atmosphere at their games. I don't support UKIP but believe in a sensible immigration policy and independence from the EU. I am not a racist or a fascist and certainly no Nazi, neither is UKIP. That is the schoolboy level of political debate your average socialist is capable of in 2014, name calling and hurling abuse.

This juvenile labelling, especially the word 'racist' adds nothing to serious debate and has now led to the word 'racist' meaning absolutely nothing. It is nothing more than a word of abuse used to smear people and close debate. The left in this country seem to have an unhealthy obsession with race which makes me wonder what is really in their minds, deep, deep down. On a political level it is a vicious and cynical ploy to divide and rule. But deeper I fear their obsession with race has some deep rooted psychological reason that a psychiatrist could probably study quite extensively.

Ultimately there is no place for politics in sport. What I do know is that many people have walked away from FC United because of the increasing level of political extremism among senior members. I for one am not prepared to support the sporting section of an intolerant, bigoted, fascist/socialist organisation. It's sad because the club was set up for admirable reasons but I can no longer support the club any more than I could support the Glazer owned Manchester United.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nigel Farage and the Newark By-Election-The Truth

I heard Nigel Farage on the radio last night announcing that he would announce his decision about standing or not in the Newark by-election this morning. I knew he would bottle it, I could tell.

This morning there he was on the TV news pontificating about how he wasn't going to stand because it would be a distraction from the Euro elections and he had no links to Newark and would look like an opportunist. Well I can verify that he's an opportunist but no links? Come on, he had no links to Eastleigh or Buckingham when he stood in both those constituencies in parliamentary elections.

He claimed it would be a distraction from the EU elections. A distraction from the EU elections? I don't see garnering masses of extra publicity in a by-election, and the writ has not even been moved yet, as a distraction. He also claimed that he had only had twelve hours to make his decision. Bullshit! Patrick Mercer has made it clear that if found guilty and suspended for any reasonable length of time from the House of Commons that he would resign, causing a by-election. it has been pretty clear for months that there would be a by-election in Newark and that it would likely be this spring or summer.

Farage is a hypocrite and a con man. He was instrumental in changing UKIP's policy of not taking seats in the EU parliament if elected, and was promptly elected to the gravy train in 1999. It is obvious to even the biggest political buffoon that even if all UK MEPs elected next month were UKIP it would have no impact on our membership. Only our Westminster Parliament can do that. But UKIP doesn't take its policies, other than on the EU and immigration seriously, therefore we can only conclude that they don't take our parliamentary elections seriously.

No, I knew he wouldn't stand in Newark because he would be in danger of actually winning the seat and he can't afford that to happen. You see you can't be an MEP and an MP at the same time anymore. He would have to resign his seat on the EU gravy train, which is worth far more financially to gravy train passengers than Westminster is.

 Maybe Farage could have won the by-election, UKIP still might win without Farage as the candidate. But winning with a massive protest vote, on the back of a so-called 'victory' in a meaningless EU election on a tiny turnout is one thing, defending the seat less than a year later in a general election is another. If UKIP did manage to win, and it's not a foregone conclusion, they would almost certainly lose it next year.

Farage enjoys a lavish lifestyle on his massive salary and allowances. He wouldn't throw that away for less than a year as a Member of Parliament in Westminster.

Don't forget, Mrs Farage would lose her salary too!

Friday, April 04, 2014

With Nick Clegg We're Up Shit Creek!

I saw Wednesday's debate between UKIP's Nigel Farage and Lib Dem Nick Clegg and it really scared me. That Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister terrifies me. I don't rate David Cameron but pray to God that he is never debilitated enough as Prime Minister to leave Clegg in charge. The man is an idiot, and by that I mean thick, unintelligent and plain stupid as well as a smarmy liar.

In the EU debate he offered not a single reasoned argument for staying in but persistently lied that those of us who want to leave want to recreate a Britain of decades ago and want to live in isolation. No we don't you prick, the world is ever smaller in terms of travel and communication and we want to trade with the world not remain locked into a stagnant and ever more authoritarian European superstate. We are not Little Englanders, you are a Little European.

He claims that the EU gave us a market place of 450m people. No it didn't. That market place existed before the EU imposed it's clumsy and costly bureaucracy on us. As did the market place that is billions of people around the world that the EU now imposes tariffs upon. Yes, including the developing world. While we give it billions in aid the developing world is being held back by punitive EU trade charges.

Like Farage I don't believe that we should intervene in Crimea, as we shouldn't in Syria and as we shouldn't have done in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. According to Clegg that makes us Putin lovers. No it doesn't you idiotic prick, it means we are just not bloodthirsty warmongering mongs like you. Since Blair came to power I have been ashamed of  my country's readiness to bomb the crap out of foreigners and Cameron and Clegg are as bad as Blair in that.

Our governments slaughter each year millions of people in the name of democracy and we constantly re-elect them. Murder one person and you get slammed in chokey. I'm much more scared of my government than I am of my fellow citizens, especially now I've properly seen how thick our Deputy Prime Minister is.

The only thing that disturbs me as much is that Vince Cable claims that Clegg won the debates. Our Business Secretary is clearly as deluded as Hitler in the bunker in April 1945.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The EU and Russia

The last few weeks have left me aghast with the hypocrisy of the west over Russia and the Ukraine. At times I've been angry at some absolutely fuming. If I was Putin I'd be sticking a middle finger up at the west and telling us to keep out and shut up.

Strange but when the USSR fell the Russian Federation, the heir to the USSR, got on with life while numerous former USSR states became independent, including the Ukraine. That's it put simply and yes there are countless arguments to be had about oligarchs, corruption and so on. But the fact remains that countries such as Ukraine became sovereign independent states. Former serf states of the USSR, such as Romania, Poland and so on were also freed and became truly independent sovereign states again, free of the shackles of soviet socialist domination.

What happened next was that the European Union, as it does, went on an orgy of expansionism. After expanding north, west and south it went towards the East, a process known in pre-WWII Germany as the 'drang nach osten' or 'push to the east'. The EU empire gobbled up the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the other former USSR satellite states. Then it turned its power grab to the Ukraine. Understandably this made Russia twitchy. Of course the EU doesn't expand its empire in the traditional way, with armies or votes, it buys off governments with our tax money.

As EU cash was thrown at the Ukraine, and the promise of ever more dangled in temptation the Ukrainian government decided to look to Russia as an ally rather than being gobbled up, or bought by the EU empire. Cue western backed riots that led to a coup that overthrew the democratically elected government. How would we feel if a few thousand people rioted in London and it brought down the government? Again the Ukrainian government wasn't whiter than white, but at least it was elected and could have been voted out, the current government has no mandate from the people whatsoever.

Understandably the autonomous region of the Crimea, with an overwhelming ethnic Russian population, held a referendum and the overwhelming majority voted for the Crimea to become part of the Russian Federation. Of course the European Union went into a rage, when the EU has a referendum and the people don't vote the way it wants it just re-runs the referendum until it gets the result it wants, that's the EU's idea of democracy. So the EU doesn't recognise the result of the referendum and the west accuses Russia of expansionism.

It seems to me that Russia has been very patient as the EU has expanded eastwards, with the support of the USA, and it has every right to protect its interests against this western imperialism. My only worry, if I were a Russian citizen, would be what the west may do when you look at its recent record of bombing the crap out of states it decides it's no longer too keen on.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bob Crow and Tony Benn

Tony Benn has shuffled off the mortal coil at 88. Sad that an old man has died but his philosophy was one of hate and division, summed up neatly by his giving up his title of  2nd Viscount Stansgate, but not giving up his wealth, a very post-war socialist.

Of course the BBC, the home of the champagne socialist, has gone into overdrive drooling about the 'socialist preacher' who had such incredible passion and principle. Of course they ignore the fact that the Labour governments he was part of wrecked the country (sound familiar) and left us such a basket case that even the IMF refused to bail us out because we were so dodgy.

I will shed no tears for Tony Benn.

This week we also saw the earthly liberation of Bob Crow. Even Nigel Farage of UKIP had kind words to say on his departure because of his anti-EU stance. Yes Nigel, jump on the grief bandwagon if you must, but what kind of North Korean hell hole would Crow have imposed on us if he had achieved his dream?

I'm fortunate to spend a goodly amount of time with real railwaymen, none have a good word for Crow. Yes train drivers earn a fortune but, assuming that was what Crow actually achieved for his members, at what cost to thousands or millions of other people? That's the problem with socialism, it is the ultimate 'up yours I'm alright Jack' philosophy.

I will shed no tears for Bob Crow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Police State-Tax Is Punishment!

Like a smoke? The fuckers will hammer you with tax, naughty boy.

Like a drink? The fuckers will hammer you with tax, naughty boy.

Like to pop out in the car? The fuckers will hammer you with tax, naughty boy.

Like to earn a living? The fuckers will hammer you with tax, naughty boy.

Like to run your own business and employ people? The fuckers will hammer you with tax, naughty boy.

Like a bit of sugar in your brew? The fuckers are limbering up to tax you, naughty boy. (Call for Sugar Tax)

What does the government do with all your money? Gives millions to the EU, spends millions trying to buy your votes, while passing ever more oppressive legislation, and invades foreign countries.

We have a moral duty to pay as little tax as we possibly can.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Blair's Legacy

We will gradually get to the whole truth about Blair and his gang of immoral misfits, aka the Labour Party. Anybody who had half a brain had a bloody good idea that he was a complete wanker, unfit to be on a town council let alone in Downing Street, but enough misfits kept voting Labour to keep him in power for far too long. Democracy eh?

The sight of Peter Hain on the morning news today grovelling and sliming about Labour's surrender to the IRA was a sight to behold. I'm sorry but constantly repeating that people knew that IRA men had been given get out of prison cards doesn't mean a thing. Who knew? The two terrorists now in government, McGuinness and Adams? The rest of the world didn't know.

This week we heard that Blair lied to keep the so called 'peace process' on track. Surprise, surprise, it was always easy to tell when Blair was lying, his lips moved.

His botched efforts at devolution have led to the potential break up of the UK. I doubt he ever expected the Scots Nazis to take control north of the border with Herr Salmond goose stepping around Edinburgh. He was probably just creating more layers of bureaucracy so he could install his sycophants in even more cushy jobs as MSPs and bosses of another tier of quangos.

Blair became some kind of Middle East peace envoy. Well some kind of peace he's bestowed on the Middle East. The man is a complete and utter shyster who should be on trial in The Hague then left dangling from a lamp post.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Busby Babes

One cold and bitter Thursday
in Munich, Germany
Eight great football stalwarts
conceded victory
Eight men will never play again
who met destruction there
The flowers of English football
the flowers of Manchester
Matt Busby's boys were flying
returning from Belgrade
This great United family
all masters of their trade
The pilot of the aircraft
the skipper Captain Thain
Three times they tried to take off
and twice turned back again
The third time down the runaway
disaster followed close
There was slush upon that runaway
and the aircraft never rose
It ploughed into the marshy ground
it broke, it overturned
And eight of the team were killed
as the blazing wreckage burned
Roger Byrne and Tommy Taylor
who were capped for England's side
And Ireland's Billy Whelan
and England's Geoff Bent died
Mark Jones and Eddie Colman
and David Pegg also
They all lost their lives
as it ploughed on through the snow
Big Duncan he went too
with an injury to his brain
And Ireland's brave Jack Blanchflower
will never play again
The great Matt Busby lay there
the father of his team
Three long months passed by
before he saw his team again
The trainer, coach and secretary
and a member of the crew
Also eight sporting journalists
who with United flew
and one of them Big Swifty
who we will ne'er forget
the finest English 'keeper
that ever graced the net
Oh, England's finest football team
its record truly great
its proud successes mocked
by a cruel turn of fate
Eight men will never play again
who met destruction there
The flowers of English football
the flowers of Manchester