Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stella Rimington v Prof Tim Hunt

Unless you've been on Mars or in a coma this last fortnight you will be aware that Nobel prize winning scientist Dr Tim Hunt has been forced out of his honorary positions at University College London. Among his many works he made a scientific breakthrough that has opened up new cancer treatments. But he lost his positions because, in a speech at a conference, he jokingly said that the problem with women in labs is that they fall in love with men and men with them and that if you tell a woman off she cries.

Former spy chief Stella Rimington said this week that women make better spies than men because they are better listeners, are less intense and more relaxed. Not sure but eh, that's what she thinks.

Mrs Rimington's comments barely caused a ripple on the calm waters of public life, why should they? She is entitled to her opinion. However, Professor Hunt's comments caused a positive tsunami of vindictiveness, bile and hysterical foaming at the mouth from members of the emotionally incontinent sisterhood. One barely coherent psycho-feminist on BBC Question Time actually claimed that wimmin everywhere had been 'mortally offended' by his comments.

My only thought is that rationality must be a quality very high up on your CV if you want to be a spy. I know who I would choose if I were recruiting spooks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breaking Up and the Referendum

The media coverage given to the Scottish Nazionalists has helped to turn masses of the population against their narrow minded bigotry. The culmination of the tidal turn came yesterday when the historian David Starkey likened them to Hitler's Nazis. The gist of his comments were that, like the Nazis, the SNP have a narrow and extremist nationalism, with socialism thrown in. The Nazis hated the Jews, the SNP are motivated by a hatred of the English. Both have twisted versions of the cross as their symbols, the Nazis the swastika, the SNP the saltire. And you can't escape the fact that men in both groups enjoy bare legs, the Nazis stomping around in lederhosen, the Scots mincing around in kilts. Wonderful comparisons from one of the country's most honest and outspoken historians.

One of the ironies of the Scottish Nazionalists position is that while screaming about independence they want to remain within the European Union. The reason for this is largely because the Scots are one of the world's great subsidy junkies and, while losing their direct cash handouts from us when they leave the UK, they will still be sucking at the tax teat of the EU, including English taxpayers money sent via Brussels.

There is an obnoxiousness around politics generally at the moment that drives decent people out of politics. Attack politicians when they transgress, especially when they break the law, but general attacking in a nasty, vindictive manner only alienates people. The Scottish Nazionalists are adept at this. Some of their members were sending vile messages to Charles Kennedy before he died, including a party official who has since resigned. There are daily reports of people leaving Scotland fearing physical violence if English or Unionist and fearing for the effects of the SNP's Stalinist policies on their businesses. Scotland is seemingly on a daily basis becoming ever more like some tinpot, third world one party state.

The promised EU referendum gives us the chance to shake off the shackles of Brussels. The SNP are claiming that Scotland should only leave the EU if a majority of Scots in Scotland vote for freedom, which they are firmly against. A vote to leave the EU is therefore likely to lead to Scotland finally breaking away from the UK. In some ways that would be a double victory for England, with one referendum we will be free from two bullying, tax sponging entities, Scotland and the EU.

Sadly I doubt this will happen. I have never been confident that Britain would vote to leave the EU in a referendum. We are still waiting to find out the terms of the referendum but I suspect that the whole thing is likely to be weighted against the independence cause. Already the pro-EU camp are lying about millions of job losses if we leave. The government is planning to scrap the 'purdah', the 28 day period before a referendum when the government stays silent on the issue.

Finally we don't know yet how the independence campaign will be structured. Despite getting 4,000,000 votes in the general election UKIP could only scrape in one MP, and he is former Tory MP Douglas Carswell, an extremely popular MP in his constituency. Carswell was on BBC Question Time recently and he was most impressive, indeed he made Nigel Farage look like a music hall act rather than a serious politician. UKIP's lack of credibility makes them a serious liability to the independence cause. Add to the mix the high level of cranks within their ranks and the possibility for serious embarrassment to the cause gives rise to odds that even a non-betting man like me would consider having a flutter on a vote to stay in.

So after all the bluster and hot air I am convinced that after the referendum we will still be in the EU. The Scottish Nazionalists peaked too soon and many of the fifty six loonies elected last month will lose their seats at the next election. Things will bumble along pretty much as they are.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Liberal Democrats RIP

The death of the Liberal Democrats RIP was brought into sharp focus on Sky News this morning. Representatives of the three main parties were introduced, but the woman in yellow was not a Liberal Democrat RIP but a Scottish Nazionalist.

As the Liberal Democrats RIP have never been either liberal or democrats why don't they just do us all a favour, pack up their rucksacks and fold up this sorry excuse for a political party. I'm sure Labour in England and the Scottish Nazionalists up there would welcome you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Death of the Labour Party?

I've had a fantastic weekend hearing journalist after journalist announcing the imminent demise of the Labour Party, if only. The fate of the Liberal Democrats RIP was obvious from 2010, only as big an idiot as Vince Cable could have thought they wouldn't depart this world at the general election. But the end of the Labour Party? I fear not.

Judging by the wailing and gnashing of pinko liberal teeth the lefties are still arrogant enough to think that they are right and the gullible rest of us were duped by the wicked right-wing media. Yes, patronising bastards all. Of course the BBC, The Guardian, the Independent all slavishly following a right-wing agenda and brainwashing the populace. Don't make me laugh.

The left think they have a monopoly on humanitarianism and that much abused and overused word 'caring'. Well they don't. What they do have a monopoly on is infantilising the population. Cradle to grave socialism takes away peoples' right to choose, to make their own decisions, to think for themselves. It is neither caring nor compassionate to blindly steal peoples' money through taxation then sit back and let the state do what it wants. Because this statist philosophy has predominated since 1945, to varying degrees under Labour and most Conservative governments, we have a sizeable proportion of the population who are welfare dependent and don't expect to go to work. Why should they with an all embracing welfare state, the most generous in the world that will mollycoddle them from cradle to grave?

What lost Labour the general election was that people have had enough. They see the homeless protesters dossing in tents in Manchester and know they are conning people. Most are homeless because they are 'substance abusers' and/or chronic alcoholics. I do not go with the current orthodoxy that drink and drug abuse are illnesses, just like any other. They are a result of weakness. Let people form charitable groups to help people in these circumstances, don't expect the government to do it because that means we pay. If I want to support a homeless charity I would much rather choose to do it than be forced to do it.

Labour seemed to speak too for the immigrant population, especially the muslim population. In fact Labour are increasingly seen as fighting the corner of every minority group in the country, whether they need help or not while the working population is bled dry through ever increasing taxation for ever more government spending money. Most people rumbled that Labour plays divide and rule, creating an image of 'caring' and defending for vulnerable groups who aren't actually vulnerable at all. Labour creates the myth and feeds off it as it does with the constant lies about Tory privatisation of the NHS.

Labour claim to be no longer in bed with the trade unions but Miliband was elected by the unions and, even with one man one vote, the current candidates for the Labour leadership are grovelling to an unreconstructed political dinosaur like Len McCluskey of the Unite trade union who has also just seen off Jim Murphy, leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

When you see the anti government demonstrations, which are inevitable with the left sulking like spoilt brats since May 7th, just look at the participants. Very few are the poor, the disaffected, the homeless, the supposedly oppressed minorities of one sort or another. They are students and assorted members of the chattering classes. You know the ones I mean, the muesli chomping do gooders, usually comfortably off whites who take offence at the word blackboard on behalf of people far too sensible to be actually offended by innocent use of language. They probably organise foodbanks so the unemployed can squander their benefits on drink and drugs instead of food but are too na├»ve and gullible to realise the damage they are doing. As long as they get a warm, self satisfied inner glow they don't care about the impact of their stupidity.

As long as there are so many gullible fools around, and millions of sheep rushing into what they see as the safety of a gang calling itself a trade union, there will be a Labour Party. But the power and influence of Labour and the unions will continue to fade because they've been rumbled. The idiots on anti-austerity/anti-government marches/mini-riots are the political flotsam and jetsom pathetically going through the motions of empty protest without actually realising that nobody takes them seriously any more than they do Labour or the trade unions.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#GE2015-Playground Politics

We were in a pub in Lancaster on Thursday night around 10 15 when we witnessed the first couple of lefties with faces like slapped arses. Oh how we laughed, they had just heard the news that the exit polls had predicted a Tory majority. You'd think the crusty old bearded sandal wearers had just been told that they would have to take cyanide with their next pint.

This election has shown the childishness of the left, and by that I mean Labour, Greens, Lib Dems RIP, Scottish Nazionalists and Plaid Cymru. Constantly repeating the mantras "end austerity" and "we need progressive policies" are trite and meaningless, they all did it.

Constantly banging on about ending austerity begs the question how? And none of them, especially Labour, bothered to answer that. There are only two ways to end austerity their way, tax and borrow, and both would plunge is into crisis and leave billions of debt for future generations.

Those are two ways to end austerity that would not lead to prosperity. The only way to get us out of the economic mess is now austerity plus. Cut, cut and cut again. We can't slag off the feckless for squandering their money then running up massive debts going to Wonga for a payday loan then elect a Wonga government. The only way forward is to keep taxes down and axe spending which will stimulate economic and business growth which will then create wealth and jobs. Put simply if you keep borrowing against your home you have to cut your outgoings or risk losing your home. Similarly with government because, contrary to the apparent belief of the economically illiterate lefties, government money doesn't grow on trees.

Nicola Sturgeon has been treated like some kind of political sage in this election. In reality she is a nasty, simplistic, soundbite specialist who, if she was English and talked as she does about the Scots as does about us would be attacked for racism and xenophobia. All we heard was the mindless chant of "progressive, progressive, progressive". This word can mean any number of things depending what you want people to believe. It can mean slow and gradual, as in "a progressive decline in the number of people active in politics". It can mean favouring change or innovation as in "the Bauhaus was a progressive school of art". It means all things to all men. The ultimate soundbite.

The Scots over the last two years have bored the arse off the rest of us with their bloody referendum and their incessant whining and obsessing about England and Westminster. Their claim to have been ignored and left out at Westminster doesn't bear the lightest scrutiny. They are liars. These politicians were Scottish:

Tony Blair
John Smith
Robin Cooke
Gordon Brown
Donald Dewar
Douglas Alexander
Lord Irvine
Alistair Darling
George Robertson

They are the ones I can remember as being cabinet members under Blair/Brown. I am sure a little research would uncover even more Scottish ministers.

The Scottish Nazionalists are like the rest of the left, they lose then throw an almighty tantrum as if they have been the subject of some underhand conspiracy. Look at the filth in London yesterday, attacking the police and daubing graffiti on war memorials. The left has been infantilised by political correctness. You lost the election, accept it as we had to accept Blair/Brown bombing the crap out of Iraq and bankrupting the country when you won elections.

Throughout the election campaign the left proved how vacuous and juvenile their arguments are. I lost count of the number of times I saw totally baseless accusations of racism and homophobia directed at Nigel Farage, a man I detest but he is definitely neither of those things.

The left think they have a monopoly on wanting to help others. On numerous occasions during the campaign I heard patronising lefties declaring how they supported Labour because they cared about the NHS, cared about the unemployed, cared about the mentally ill, cared about the unemployed. They never got round to telling us what the reality of voting Labour would be for these groups they care so deeply about. Two of the worst offenders were Steve Coogan and Eddie Izzard. At least Coogan admitted he was minted and came from a nice, cosy middle class background.

As for the lefties' constant lies about the Conservatives and the NHS let's put that one to rest once and for all. I would love to see the NHS privatised but it's not going to happen. I was aware of Labour lying about the Tories and the NHS in 1974, they've lied about it ever since and enough gullible people fall for it every time to make the lie worth repeating. Blair/Brown were the biggest ever privatisers of the NHS with billions of pounds stacking up as debt for future generations through PFI in the health servce and the university sector. But I suppose it's easier fro the untellectually challenged to ignore reality, they probably blame Thatcher!

I voted Conservative as the best of a bad bunch and to keep Labour/SNP out. I hope Cameron now holds true to his word on a referendum on EU membership, although I think we could lose and end up staying in. But that might be good for UKIP if you look at the SNP after losing their referendum.

We had to endure 5 years of the Lib Dems RIP in coalition with 58 MPs. The Tories now have a clear majority with the SNP having 56 seats, 2 fewer than the Lib Dems RIP had in 2010. UKIP got 3.8m votes and 1 MP the SNP got 1.5m and 56 votes. The SNP took part, as a regional party, in free and fair national elections to a body they want to leave. They should now be shunned and sidelined in Westminster as UKIP should be in Brussels for the same reasons.

Cameron is offering a referendum on the EU and the abolition of the Human Rights Act. That's a good start. Slash the waste in the NHS and elsewhere in the public sector, cut taxes and you may be en route to convincing us that the true Conservative Party is on its way back. If the infantile left continue rioting and generally behaving like political misfits we will know that the government is doing a good job.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Madness of the European Union

Judges at something called the General Court of the European Union has declared that the name of video chat company Skype is so similar to the name of the broadcaster Sky that the public is likely to be confused.

Now tell me the EU doesn't think we're stupid and treat us like idiots who need spoon feeding. The sooner we're out the better.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Why I Could Never Vote Labour

There has been an effort in the media to talk up the Labour candidate in my constituency which I find quite disturbing. I don't think I've ever linked to The Grauniad before but this article is  a must.

The constituency is Morecambe and Lunesdale, the candidate is Amina Lone. I have written before how she chooses to stay in Manchester where she lives and commutes each day to the constituency, about 3 hours driving a day. That doesn't imply commitment to the area or confidence in her victory. Will she still live in Manchester if elected?

She left home in Birmingham aged to go to London and was soon a single mother on benefits. She went on to have three more children by different fathers. She appears in the interview to blame the Tories for her predicament. By my reckoning she left home in 1989, in 1997 Blair was elected and she then had until 2010 under Labour. She made her own decisions, nobody forced her or anybody else onto benefits.

The article also claims that she spoke to a girl in Lancaster who had to give up work because she spent all her salary on bus fares. What?! You can get a bus from Lancaster to London for about £20.

She has also accepted £10 000 from Lord Oakeshott, a dodgy ex-Lib Dem peer involved in a donations scandal when a Lib Dem peer. She has also had a £1 000 donation from Blair.

Here is her profile on the constituency website. She claims to have run a campaign against poverty for twenty years, funded by taxpayers no doubt. Interesting then that she began her campaigning around 1995, so from 1997 to 2010 she was campaigning against poverty under a labour government.

She is proud to inform us that she is a graduate of Common Purpose (CP). CP is an organisation that provokes huge controversy. Conspiracy theorists claim it trains future leaders of the New World Order. I tend to think it is a highly politicised, internationalist organisation that trains public sector bureaucrats, civil servants (including senior police officers) and others in toeing the line and bleeding the taxpayers dry. I suggest you Google 'Common Purpose', have a nosey at their website and some of their opponents websites and make your own mind up.

Finally she has a tattoo on her arm of the anarchist logo, an 'A' in a circle, which seems to go down well in certain Labour circles who seem to think it gives her some street cred. The sad thing is she didn't realise what it was when had the tattoo, she just liked the design.

Amina Lone typifies the Labour/socialist mentality of abdicating personal responsibility. Blame everybody but yourself and expect hard working people to support your benefits lifestyle by thieving ever more from us in taxes. That's why I will never vote Labour.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

In some ways this has been a highly tedious election campaign but in other ways I've quite enjoyed it.

It's the first election in decades that I haven't been involved, either as a candidate or campaign director/election agent. It felt strange at first but being a spectator gradually became very enjoyable, it has given me a chance to really see how much waffle candidates come out with. But, for all the waffle and playing it safe from the politicians, we have more access to information than ever via the internet so people have no excuse for not finding out who to vote for or not to vote for. Get off your bums, even now, and look on t'interweb you lazy gits!

Now then, I think I've decided who to vote for although over the length of this campaign I have 'floated' a few times, and there are still four days left. But here is my rationale on why I am voting as I am unless there is a major political earthquake between now and Thursday.

Green Party-No, I'm a grown up. Maybe if you like Russell Brand (aka 'Massive Twat') but want to ignore his advice to not vote then the Green Party will do for you.

Northern Party-No. Regionalisation/devolution will merely give us another costly layer of politicos and bureaucrats increasing our taxes and squandering our cash. For God's sake there arre states in the USA that are bigger than us and Westminster is only 4  hours or so from virtually anywhere in the UK, less by plane.

Liberal Democrats-No. I did British Government and Politics 'A'-Level and by my reckoning they are neither liberal nor democratic, they are social  democrat/authoritarians. Then there is Nick Clegg, Vince Cable et al. I needn't go on.

Labour-No. I did Economics 'O'-Level and while I'm not claiming to be an expert on the strength of that a quick look at the economic mess left behind by every previous Labour government does a job,  you don't have to be Keynes or Friedman. Then there is the Labour candidate who lives in Gorton, Manchester around 70 miles away.

UKIP. No. They used to be libertarian but are now one of the most authoritarian parties around. Yes I want out of Europe but voting UKIP in my constituency will not bring that about, it is probably going to let Labour in. Furthermore in previous elections we had at least one leaflet from UKIP, this time we have had none. If they can't be bothered then neither can I.

Conservative-Our local candidate, elected in 2010, is an idiot and widely ridiculed throughout the constituency by conservative minded people and opponents alike. But this is a marginal constituency and changed hands in 1997 and again in 2010. The prospect of Labour winning here fills me with horror so, reluctantly, I will hold my nose and vote Tory. If I help keep Miliband and the Scottish Nazionalists out then it will have been worth it. With our First Past the Post electoral system tactical voting is sometimes unavoidable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale, Amina Lone, Labour Party

On April 10th I blogged about our declared candidates here in Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency and remarked how our Labour Party candidate lived around 70 miles away in Gorton, Manchester. It seems she has goofed by attacking the 'Tory' candidate for living outside the constituency, 50 yards outside.

This hypocrisy was picked up this week by the Daily Mail. What they didn't pick up on was the fact that Ms Lone represents Hulme ward on Manchester City Council. Hulme is around 5 miles from Gorton, so she doesn't even live in the ward she represents.

I wonder how many candidates claim to live locally when they mean within a few miles of their constituency/ward rather than in either?

Local champions they claim. I'd check if I were you.