Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Libertarian Quote

“Libertarianism holds that the only proper role of violence is to defend person and property against violence, that any use of violence that goes beyond such just defense is itself aggressive, unjust, and criminal”  

Murray N. Rothbard

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

The Brexit vote has made 2016 one of my happiest years ever, my pleasure only heightened at the sight of the Remainiacs and snowflakes yarling and stamping their feet and generally behaving like the spoilt brat losers they are and always will be.

2017 should see the process of extricating ourselves from the authoritarian, economic basket case that is the European Union formally begin, but we need to remain vigilant. The EU has history when it comes to overturning democratic decisions they dislike and, as each day passes, I lose a little more faith in Theresa May's sincerity and ability. We shall see.

So I wish you all a peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year. One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog much more regularly in 2017, for good or ill, so that's it for 2016.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Brexit-A Couple of Questions

Question 1: What is the significance of the following figures?

A) 39.5

B) 51.9

Answer: A is the average percentage vote garnered by the winning parties at UK general elections from 1987 to 2015. The highest being 43.2% in 1997, the lowest 35.2% in 2005.

While B (51.9%) is the percentage who voted for Brexit on 23 June 2016.

Question 2: Which result led to a legal challenge?

Answer: B

And they think that's democratic.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Orgreave and the Miners' Strike

You can tell the lunatics have taken over the Labour asylum, they're banging on about the bloody miners' strike again. You might remember that, back in 1984 when the miners, led by a bastard called Scargill, tried to bring down the democratically elected government. Yes, give or take a year or two it was over 30 years ago.

Contrary to the opinion of Comedy Corbyn and his ilk the miners were gullible fools being used by Scargill for his own megalomaniac purposes. A high proportion of those on strike or supporting the strikers were nothing but violent thugs who travelled miles as 'flying pickets' to terrify and intimidate other workers into supporting their strike. In Manchester at the time even those of us working in local government suffered threats and intimidation from those supporting the strikers.

Just recently the comedy comrades of the Labour Party have been whining about the events at Orgreave during the miners' strike. I won't bore you with the details but in a nutshell thousands of pickets turned up to close down the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. Having been overrun elsewhere by massed mobs of pickets the police were there in enough numbers to repel the mob during a long, hot day of serious violence.

The current Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, last week refused a public enquiry into the actions of the police at Orgreave, and quite right she was too. Labour MP Andy Burnham is milking the situation for his own ends, probably sucking up to the left before he runs for the post of mayor for Greater Manchester. He is stamping his feet and crying about the injustice of Amber Rudd's decision.

From 2007 until they were defeated in 2010 Burnham held various offices in the Labour government. He was elected as an MP in 2001. In 1997 Labour won the general election and were in government until we were liberated in 2010. It's odd that throughout those years successive Labour governments failed to hold a public enquiry into the events at Orgreave.

Why are they suddenly demanding a ludicrously expensive public enquiry into an event that has been well researched and documented over the last thirty years? The pickets were violent thugs and the police acted very robustly. Let it rest. But the Labour Party is now in the hands of vile lefties who are trying to recreate the hatred that fuelled their anti-democratic actions throughout the 1970s and 1980s, especially during the miners' strike. They didn't win then and they won't win now.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Remainiacs and Tantrums

Last year 36% of people elected a government in the UK and there were no calls for a second election. On Thursday 52% voted to leave the European Union and there were cries from a proportion of the losers for a second referendum. The Remainiacs are stamping their feet and throwing tantrums up and down the country. They have organised demos against the decision of the people that will no doubt end in attacks on the police and property.

The most disgusting of the Remainiac cry babies is David Lammy MP for Tottenham. He is urging parliament to ignore the referendum and carry on as usual, which is to ignore the electorate and treat us with utter contempt. He is now whining that there should never again be a referendum on any issue. No, we can't have the people having a say can we? Our masters know what's best, or so the likes of Lammy think.

Remainiacs have even been conned into supporting a petition calling for a second referendum set up by a group known for pulling stunts like this. The petition has been referred to parliament for investigation after it was alleged that hundreds of thousands of signatures have been faked and hundreds of thousands of the signatories were outside the UK but had been given UK postcodes. The stupidity of the government's petition system is that all that is needed to authenticate a signature is a UK postcode. To be honest anybody who saw the number of signatures growing by the hundreds of thousands by the hour should have smelt a rat. But the Remainiacs prove themselves time and again to be gullible and foolish.

Then there is the immorality of the Remain camp from day one in claiming that Remain was the only way to vote if you care for your children, grandchildren and young people generally. They organised a vile exercise that you would have expected in the USSR and told kids to see their grandparents and other older people and convince them to vote for Remain as it was the kids' future not the oldies' future that would be affected. There was an arrogant assumption that leaving would be bad, no convincing arguments, just moral blackmail. The sad thing is I know at least one 46 year old who fell for this con trick and voted Remain because that's how is kids said they would have voted if they were old enough. Interesting that only around 36% of under 25s got off their lazy arses to actually vote whereas 75% of over 55s did. Which group cares more about the future?

I was too young to vote in the 1975 referendum on the EEC but was studying for 'O' Levels in Government Economics and Commerce and Economic Principles amongst others. I argued at the time and tried to convince older friends and relatives to vote Out. At no point did I, or as I remember at the time the Out campaign, try to use moral blackmail by claiming that they should vote my way because it was my future not theirs. That would have been ugly and plain wrong not to say offensive. After the result to stay there were no cries for another referendum or tantrums and foot stamping from the Out campaign. We got on with it, carried on campaigning and on Thursday we had our day.

Throughout this campaign and in the aftermath the Remainiacs have been pretty nasty and unpleasant. Brexiteers have been accused of being xenophobic, racist, Little Englanders, idiots, semi-educated morons and worse. I was abused on the streets twice while campaigning but having fascist shouted at me doesn't tend to persuade me to change my position believe me. But I know of other people who have left, or are considering leaving social media, because of the abuse they've faced from Remainiacs, people who they thought were friends.

If the likes of Lammy and the Remainiacs even think they can ignore or overthrow the will of 17m people they really do not understand the anger and frustration behind our loathing of not just the EU but the political class and the establishment in the UK. They should be very careful as should the Conservative government if they try and water down Brexit in any way.

We have had our chance to speak and you ignore us at your peril.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Remain Campaign-Lies And Half Truths At Best

I had an amusing exchange on t'interweb with a not very bright Remainer yesterday who claimed that voting Leave would be 'a leap into the unknown'. She clearly has no idea of the world that exists outside the European Union and the fact that the EU is one of the most economically stagnant regions of the world. She then came back to claim that it was FACT that it would be a leap into the unknown. Clearly she is incapable of telling opinion from fact, take a good look at Greece's recent history and tell me whether they leapt into the unknown when they joined the Euro.

She then went on to say that she would rather be in the EU than stuck in the crappy little old UK. I wondered if by that she meant she would be emigrating and going to live in an other EU country that isn't so crappy. Maybe she should position herself and a gang of Remainers at airports and seaports and tell the 300,000 people a year coming here to go back, this is a crappy little old country not worth the trouble of entering. I think the fact that so many people are desperate to come to live here says that we are one of the most desirable countries in the world in which to live and we should stop running our country down.

During the same discussion another contributor claimed that the EU would protect us from far-right nationalists. The danger is actually from the growth of far-right nationalists within the EU, a development which has pretty much passed the UK by over the decades. Off the top of my head I could list:

Golden Dawn (Greece)
Freedom Party (Austria)
Alternative for Deutschland (Germany)
National Front (France)
Vlaams Belang (Belgium)
Sweden Democrats
Northern League (Italy)

The problem is that the Remainers make things up, then move onto another porkie when it is pointed out to them.

Workers' rights is another one. To say that workers' rights would go is a lie. The EU legislates a minimum of 20 days paid annual leave. UK legislation is for 5 weeks and 3 days which was in legislation 35 years before we joined the EU. The EU legislated for 14 weeks statutory maternity leave. In UK law it is 52 weeks and so it goes on. In a nutshell upon #Brexit the UK government would have the choice on what legislation to adopt, most of our workers' rights are already more generous than those the EU dictates so why should we be worse off? It doesn't make sense.

Our trade would suffer if we left the EU. Why? We have a massive trade deficit with the EU which reached a record £8.1bn last October. Thanks to our remaining outside the Eurozone we have much lower unemployment levels, especially youth unemployment, than all the other countries apart from Czech Republic and Germany. Our level is 5%, Czech Republic is 4.5% with Germany on 4.3%. Greece and Spain are both on over 20% and the EU average is 8.9%. Would these countries suddenly refuse to trade with us? Refuse to sell us cars, wine, cheese, fruit and vegetables and all manner of other goods? As we buy far more from them than they do from us who would be hurt most? Where would the further increase in unemployment bite?

The Remainers are circulating lists of huge financial organisations that support their cause. I hardly think that banking organisations and international financial bodies strike the average voter as being a reliable source of advice on voting in the referendum on Thursday. Take the IMF that has admitted getting the negative impact of the Euro on the EU completely wrong and whose chief is currently on trial for fraud and embezzlement. HM Treasury has proclaimed disaster if we #Brexit. Is this the same HM Treaasury and cried disaster if we left the ERM and then likewise if we didn't join the Euro? The same HM Treasury that failed to spot the looming banking crisis of 2007/08?

Don't get me onto the purely selfish "I've got a house in Spain/France/Portugal etc"  brigade. I know people who have property in other countries, the USA and Belize to name but two, last time I checked neither was a member of the EU. That's almost as puerile as wanting to adopt the Euro so you don't have to change money when you go abroad. I've even heard somebody declare for Remain because he studied for 6 months in Holland when a student and that would end. No it wouldn't. Students study all over the world not just within the European Union and that needn't end when we leave. I 've worked in Greece, before it was a member of the EU and Mexico, which is obviously not in the EU. Remainers increasingly sound like Little Europeaners wanting to build a wall around their little project to block out the big wide world. And they accuse Leavers of xenophobia/racism and being isolationist.

The truly idiotic in the Remain camp have claimed that the EU is more democratic. The European Parliament cannot initiate legislation. It can only debate and vote on proposals that come from the unelected European Commission. If they reject it then it goes back to the EC. If they then vote against a second time it goes through anyway. The European Parliament is a sham. You cannot vote out the European Commissioners, we voted out Labour in 2010, the Lib Dems in 2015 and could vote out the Tories in 2020 or earlier.

I have yet to hear a single convincing and truthful argument for Remain.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

EU Referendum Campaign or National Lying Competition?

My position is clear, and has been since before we joined what is now the EU in 1973, I want out. I remember as a young teenager in 1975 listening to the lies of Ted Heath and others as millions of voters were blatantly conned into voting to stay in the EEC. But credit to Ted Heath, he was a little bit clever and many people didn't believe he was lying, which has since been proven beyond doubt.

Fast forward to 2016 and David Cameron and the Remain campaign. I can't  help but imagine Cameron and Co gathered in a sumptuous lounge in 10 Downing Street, claret in hand, giggling and smoking big fat cigars as they try to outdo each other in making outrageous claims of what will happen if we vote Leave on June 23rd. Unlike Ted Heath they are not trying to hide their lies and think we are so stupid we won't see them for the lies they are.

Off the top of my head here are some the insane claims of the Remainers:

Brexit would lead to World War III and genocide.
Brexit would lead to the loss of 1m jobs.
Brexit would lead to mass immigration.
Brexit would lead to poorer care for pregnant women.
Brexit would mean British workers losing employment rights.
Brexit would lead to an increase in terrorism in the UK.
Brexit is supported by the leaders of ISIS.

During the London mayoral election David Cameron stood up in the House of Commons and condemned Sadiq Khan as an extremist sympathiser who has shared a platform on numerous occasions with Islamic radicals and extremists. Last week he shared a platform with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as they launched the London Remain campaign. Cameron is a full blown hypocrite as well as an unapologetic liar.

If you are happy to be led, zombie like, by a group of cheats and liars then vote Remain because  our politicians in Westminster are novices compared to the politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels when it comes to lying and cheating. I saw it first hand myself when I worked for a UKIP MEP.

The EU is a stagnant economy with lower economic growth than any other continent. The EU has tariffs that block trade with developing countries and Commonwealth countries. The Eurozone is a disaster waiting to explode and when it does it will bring down the whole of the European Union. That is what will lead to the claims made above about Brexit by the Remainers.

June 23rd is a once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from the shackles of a corrupt, authoritarian bureaucracy and to take a leap of freedom into the greater world of opportunity  that exists outside the EU.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Infantilisation of a Nation

If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious. I've been mulling over this post for days and days and every time I think I'll start it another example of infantilisation pops up. Every day there seems to be another group popping up crying and angered by somebody criticising them and wanting their critics banned or hung drawn and quartered.

Unless you've just come out of a very long coma you'll be aware that David Cameron invested in his deceased father's offshore company, sold his shares and paid tax to HMRC on the profit. Perfectly legal but the emotionally incontinent leftards went into meltdown and cried and wailed, as they do, for him to resign. What he did was perfectly legal so why resign? Not very bright are they?

So, for the leftards who love to cry 'rich bastard' at anybody with a few bob more than them, often because they're a little brighter, here it is in simple language. A company is set up in Panama, could be Jersey, Isle of Man or any other low tax state. Said company then invests in businesses all over the world. When it invests in the USA for example it pays relevant taxes and duty in the USA on that part of the business. When the profits are back in Panama the Panamanian government decides what taxes etc, if any, are due. If they decide zero tax is due then it's their business, not a bunch of screaming economically challenged leftards frothing at the mouth and waving juvenile placards in Whitehall. When profits from said investment are sent to the investor in the UK then that money becomes liable to HMRC taxes and duty. David Cameron paid all his tax. There, it really is that simple. If you are still struggling ignore the term 'tax haven' and instead think of these places as low tax economies because that's what they are really, just states that have lower taxes than others, in some cases none. A bit like ISAs but on a bigger scale.

Of course that simple explanation won't do for the envious bigots who just shout 'rich bastard' at anybody with more money than them because they are basically imbeciles who have been infantilised by socialism. So let's move onto the other things that have been proving how infantilised the populace has become.

Germaine Greer is in the shit again, this time in Australia. She had the audacity to question transgenderism last year saying "just because you lop off your penis...it doesn't make you a woman". A pretty reasonable thing to say I would have thought. But this week she tried to retreat because of the shitstorm fired at her for being honest and said that transgendered people couldn't know they were a woman in a man's body because "you don't know what the other sex is". Cue another shitstorm  heading her way.

I don't care if somebody has a sex change, it's up to them what they do to their body. But I must have the right to believe and say that in my view it is the ultimate act of self harm and that if you are born a man you die a man, just with a bit less if you get my meaning. But in the current climate going against the politically correct orthodoxy will have the infantilised leftards wanting to have you imprisoned or hung, drawn and quartered alongside the tax efficient investors.

Then there is the European Union in/out referendum. I saw a debate on TV where several under eighteens were arguing that they should have a vote in the referendum on June 23rd. The consensus view appeared to be that politicians and political parties don't do enough to engage young people. What do they want? A free lolly if they join a party? Get off your lazy little arses, get off your keyboards and get involved. Don't wait for it to happen you infantile little turds, make it happen. Most political parties are so small in numbers these days that a few young people, with a few brain cells and a bit of effort, could probably take over the local branch of their party without much trouble. To be honest if they can't get off their fat arses and get involved why should they have the vote? Actually, that applies to millions of people, not just the under eighteens. Which brings me onto another aspect of the EU referendum.

It's 2016. There is the internet which means you can research virtually anything, within reason or not if you take a chance, from the comfort of your own living room. There is 24 hour news on the TV and radio. You can lie in bed in the morning and have as many newspapers and magazines delivered to your kindle as you want and not have to crawl out of your pit to go to the paper shop. Over the next few weeks you will have any number of leaflets pushed through your door by the Remain/Leave campaigns. The government has just spent £9m of our taxes on a propaganda sheet that is full of crap. All this yet I have lost count of the number of infantilised zombies who have complained that they don't understand the issues or just don't know enough to vote. As above, get off your lazy arses and find out for yourselves.

I've even heard one bloke, who I regard as pretty intelligent, complaining that there was too much information from both sides and that an independent body should be set up to look at all the information and then decide whether we stay in or leave. Honestly, that is the truth.

The Soviet Union infantilised its population making its citzens totally dependent on the state, to such a degree that the suicide rate soared after the fall of communism and people had to make decisions for themselves. I think we could be well on that slippery slope now.

Time to end on a lighter note:

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St Patrick's Day

Just to say that we will celebrate St Patrick's Day when there are St George's Day parades in Dublin.

Until then, God save the Queen and Rule Britannia!