Monday, October 20, 2014

Contrasting Deaths

The death of Lynda Bellingham was a real shock even though, through her dignified publicising of her cancer, we all knew that she was terminally ill. I am just so sad that she didn't get what she so desperately wanted, a last Christmas with her family. We can only pray that she is now at peace.

Like millions I grew up with Lynda Bellingham making the world's best gravy. I love my mum and wouldn't swap her for the world, but when I was a kid if I had to choose another mum it would have been Lynda Bellingham. Even away from the Oxo adverts she came over as a thoroughly good, decent human being. The world needs more of them, not less.

In 1970 I lost my grandad. He took his own life within weeks of my gran dying. For a long time I had extremely negative feelings for what he had put us all through so soon after overcoming the grief of my gran dying. A pain felt even more by my mum and her sister and brother.

After time I came to love and respect my granddad even more than I had when he was alive. As I matured I understood that pain and loss had driven him to do what he had done. He had the guts to do it and not expect anybody else to help him or to give their permission. He took the ultimate responsibility, that of choosing when to die.

By contrast I read today of 86 year old Jean Davies who took four weeks to starve herself to death. Even after giving up water as well as food it took her two weeks to die. It sounded slightly odd to me.

Lo and behold for many years Jean Davies had been a campaigner for 'assisted suicide'. So what terrible illness led to Jean Davies's suicide? She had a lot of ailments, was on a lot of tablets and had started to faint sometimes. In other words she was 'knocking on a bit'.

It seems that she was terrified of fainting in her garden, dying and putting her family through the trauma of finding her dead. So instead she chose to have her family witness her lingering, one month indignity of starving to death.

Well she certainly made me even more convinced that euthanasia is wrong and if legalised, would be every bit as abused as the abortion laws are. We now have abortion on demand. Legalise euthanasia and oldies will soon be put down to free up the spare room or the granny flat. Well I want neither abortion nor euthanasia in my name and will continue to campaign against both. It seems the liberal left only oppose the death of the guilty by campaigning constantly against capital punishment. But they are happy to slaughter the innocent be they young or old.

I think the world became slightly the poorer for losing Lynda Bellingham and Johnny Hardy. I hope I don't sound uncharitable, but I can't say the same about the death of Jean Davies.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The World's Gone Mad

It seems we are undergoing biblical scale epidemics of pestilence, famine, disease and sheer fuckwittery. I don't think it's me getting old and coming over all apocalyptic, as older people are wont to do, but things are looking decidedly iffy.

Ebola. Now then, my reaction would be to ban people from west Africa travelling to the UK, including recent visitors to west Africa from elsewhere. Don't tell me with all the Orwellian state surveillance we have in 2014 this is not feasible. We can surely check on UK databases, Europol and Interpol databases and any other number of national and international databases. But I suspect politicians are scared of being accused of racism or of threatening a multi-million pound trade deal with some African despot. Meanwhile the ever suffering populace are warned to brace ourselves, ebola is coming to a town near you!

Meanwhile in Iraq and Syria, maybe Turkey too soon, we have barbarians from IS/ISIS/ISIL (their name changes more often than UKIP's policies) rampaging around slaughtering innocents and beheading taxi drivers from Salford. Quite why any sane human would leave the UK to go and help in Syria, Iraq or anywhere else in that part of the world, unless armed to the teeth and backed by the SAS, is beyond me, but the poor deluded westerners who have been hacked to death over there certainly did not deserve it, nor do the Kurds and others being slaughtered in much bigger numbers.

On the other hand we have Islamic nutjobs who were born and raised in the UK, I refuse to call them 'British', popping over to Syria to behead infidels. The latest estimate is that over 2000 of these young people have left to slaughter innocents. Again we must know who these people are as we must know who their sympathisers and helpers in the UK are. We should gather those in the UK together with any returning jihadist nutjobs, give them a quick training course then send them out to west Africa to work as closely as possible with ebola victims. They could regard it as martyrdom and look forward to their 72 virgins when their work was done.

What current events really highlight is the total contempt in which we, the populace are held by the political class. The first duty of the state is to protect its citizens. Our government, and previous governments, have clearly not given a damn about the British people.

While all this is going on there is a pathetic debate which started in Scotland, about increasing the grip of politicos and bureaucrats on our lives by devolution. In my part of the world we already have town councillors, city councillors, county councillors, MPs and MEPs. How many more of these parasites would be inflicted on us with devolution? Maybe MNWPs (Member of the North West Parliament)? Either way you can bet it will involve more elected politicians and layers of civil servants.

Increasingly it seems clear that the end of the UK is nigh. We should just bite the bullet and campaign for English independence. To be perfectly honest too much time, effort, money and in many instances lives have been wasted trying to please the Welsh, Scots and Irish. Set them free, which would be a great relief for vast numbers of patriotic English people. But free them on our terms, no generous financial settlements that aren't deserved and strict border and immigration controls. We can't do that while members of the European Union? Well they can expel us, numerous birds with one stone and no need for a costly referendum.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

General Election 2015

Nigel 'Mine's A Pint' Farage
British politics is a shambolic mess. I am sick of receiving surveys on social media from Cameron asking my views on immigration, welfare and so on. What do you actually believe Cameron? I suspect the answer is nothing, so he is trying to merely mirror back to us what we believe. That is cheap and shallow and is another reason I won't be voting Conservative next year. The main reason I am not is because I happen to have, in David Morris, probably the most lightweight, shallow, sycophantic little turd to have been elected a Conservative MP. A poor mans' David Cameron I suppose.

I don't have the time to chronicle all the reasons why I, like anybody with half a brain, can't vote Labour. If I just mention bankrupting the country whenever they are in government, limitless immigration and multiculturalism then I think that will suffice for now. Oh yes, and taxing us hard working people 'til the pips squeak' to buy the votes of idle, feckless welfare scroungers who choose not to work.

Why I can't vote Liberal Democrat. Because they're a gang of unprincipled, snivelling opportunists who couldn't run a bath let alone a council or government. I'd rather shoot myself in the temple.

So who does that leave? Well some people seem to be falling for the UKIP illusion. Problem is UKIP are like a rather attractive shop window display, but when you walk into the shop it is completely empty, bereft of any goods let alone decent quality goods.

This weekend they made a cheap play for Labour votes by promising to raise VAT on luxury goods so that the rich are squeezed. They don't seem to understand that VAT at 20%  means that if you pay £50,000 for a car you already pay more in tax than if you buy a £10,000 car. A cheap shot by Comrade Farage and co if ever I saw one, prostituting themselves for the votes of a few class warriors.

Like the other parties UKIP is prepared to swap policies when it suits if it buys them a little short-term gain. In fact, looking at their 'ban the burka no we won't' policy change they are looking ever more like the Lib Dems, the biggest whores on the political block.

It seems that UKIP, despite claiming to be a libertarian party, stand for big state and high taxes. Having said that they have yet to come out with cogent policies that can be funded without tax hikes, they never have and I suspect they never will. Even this weekend they were unable to come up with a united response to airstrikes on IS/ISIS/ISIL with some senior figures saying they did support airstrikes others claiming they didn't.

To confirm the claims of the Tories that a vote for UKIP would put Miliband in No 10 UKIP have announced that, assuming they win seats at the general election, they would be prepared to go into coalition with Labour if Miliband promises and EU referendum.

Then you have Nigel Farage, probably slimier than Cameron and Clegg put together. But I've said enough about Farage elsewhere so that's it.

The Green Party? I'm not even going to waste space on that bunch of eco muppets.

The English Democrats? At first sight, and I've only looked at them briefly, they appear to have a strong authoritarian streak. But I intend to take a closer look just in case.

My conclusion is that it's looking increasingly like I'll be spoiling my ballot paper next year. I'm no longer prepared to vote the best of a bad bunch. If there's nobody worth voting for my conscious dictates that I won't vote

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bomb, bomb, bomb!

All over the world we have been encouraging Islamic madmen in the deluded belief that they will replace authoritarian dictators with liberal democracy. Remember the Arab Spring? What a nightmare that has unleashed on so many countries.

We encouraged the previously proscribed terrorist organisation, the muslim KLA, to take control of Kosovo and declare it independent of Serbia. We helped Iraq get rid of Sadam and what a nightmare that place is now. We encouraged rebels in Syria in opposition to President Assad, what a nightmare Syria is.

All over the  world muslim extremists are causing death and chaos and it seems that the West has learnt nothing. We support and arm rebel 'moderates' time and again who take control and inflict even more pain and  devastation on their people than those they replaced.

I have no respect for Islam or muslim states, even the so-called moderate muslim states, but that is life and they, in their own ways, have made their choices. Rather than spending millions, and potentially losing even more men in armed conflict, we should be encouraging those so-called moderate muslim states to take action against IS/ISIS/ or whatever the barbarians are calling themselves today.

The duty of our government is to protect UK citizens from foreign or internal threats. As horrifically barbaric as IS/ISIS is they do not threaten the UK yet, to spin bombing them today is to distort the idea of defence. What we really need to be doing is looking at the enemy within and dealing with it. That is how government should be defending us.

All over the world, wherever muslims are living, their is strife and hatred. Islam is diametrically opposed to what the liberal western democracies hold dear. We are constantly hearing of extremists being arrested for encouraging terrorism and membership of illegal organisations. But apologists cry, again and again that these people do not represent Islam. I don't accept that.

Israel defends herself against the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and thousands of left-wing liberals and muslims march through our cities in protest. IS/ISIS butcher thousands of innocents in the most barbaric way and there are no protests by left-wing liberals and muslims.

I think that says it all.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotland, Queen Elizabeth and I

Sadly it looks like the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is falling apart, no matter what the result of the Scottish referendum is. As with most negative things to happen to our country we have the Labour Party to blame. It was Labour who handed Sinn Fein/IRA a share of power in Northern Ireland and it was Labour that set Scotland on the road to independence.

I've been following the referendum campaign quite closely and have to admit that the No campaign has been lacklustre to say the least. If the most charismatic frontman you can dig up is Alistair Darling then you're bound to struggle. Having said that the Yes campaign seems to consist of fantasy and downright lies. I suppose that's inevitable when you have a frontman like Alex Salmond.

To give just one small example of the Yes campaign's lies I was watching the BBC news yesterday. Up popped a Yes campaigner claiming, amongst other things, that English businesses had stopped accepting Scottish banknotes years ago. A clear lie and it went unchecked by the BBC.  I tweeted this incident and received a flood of replies from Yes Twitter users claiming it to be true. Of course when I stood my ground they became abusive and more than one ordered me to 'butt out' as it was none of my business. Their attitude verified the reports of widespread vandalism of No campaign posters and hoardings coming out of Scotland.

Ultimately the Scottish referendum is the ultimate act of political correctness. A sizeable proportion of the Scottish population, are playing the victim card. The Scots portraying themselves as the victims of a the reckless Westminster driver. Up pops a beaming Alex Salmond telling them that where there's blame there's a referendum.

The reality is that we English are the ones who have suffered at the hands of the Scots when Westminster is in the spotlight. With ten times the population of Scotland we have had numerous labour governments inflicted on us because of Scots voting in Labour MPs. Only once, in 1997, did England elect a majority of Labour MPs. Bang, another Scots Nat argument blown out of the water.

The EU says that an independent Scotland will have to negotiate membership. Salmond cries: "Oh no we won't". The Bank of England says that an independent Scotland will have to forego the Pound for their own currency. Salmond cries: "Oh no we won't". It's more like a pantomime than a serious constitutional debate.

As the campaign has unfolded I have been saddened by the level of anti-English bile spewing from the Scots Nats. I'm not entirely surprised as I was warned on a visit to Scotland a few years ago that I was taking a risk bearing a Cross of St George sticker on the back of my car. I also heard on that visit of Englishmen living in Scotland being attacked.

The whole debate has been shallow and superficial. But where is HM Queen Elizabeth II? Well she's decided it's not her job to comment. Yes, I know she's a constitutional monarch but for God's sake at what point does she put country first as millions of soldiers have done over the years? She sits in Buckingham Palace while a campaign to carve off a chunk of her kingdom is going on and says nowt. I can't help wondering, more and more, what the point of the monarchy, other than clinging to their wealth and privilege, actually is. As for attracting American tourists I think we have more than enough tourist attractions without royalty.

My conclusion is that most of the players in this sordid campaign have been acting from self-interest of the worst kind. The Queen and the politicians, from Cameron to Salmond, acting in the interests of their careers, none acting in the interests of the UK or Scotland. And that goes for Miliband and the wretched Clegg. And before the Scots whine that they didn't vote for Clegg/Cameron neither did I or anybody else in the country.

Before this campaign there was a huge well of goodwill among the English towards Scotland despite it never being reciprocated. I sense that goodwill diminishing on a daily basis as the Scots Nats increasingly appear to observers as small minded, insular Anglophobes bearing a nastiness that is barely hidden beneath the surface.

Regardless of the result I feel that divorce is inevitable, whether next week or in the next few years. From being a vehement Unionist I am increasingly weary of the Celtic Fringe blaming all their failings, insecurities and weaknesses on England and the English. The Scots, Welsh and Irish increasingly claim that their business is none of our business so maybe it's time we English said fine, paddle your own canoes and don't come crying for help from us if you start capsizing.

I'm not hopeful, but I think I'll now go and have a look at the English Democrats. You never know.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Muticulturalism? They Say Jihad, We Say Crusade

Is it possible for people from different cultures to live peacefully side by side? With varying degrees of assimilation there can be peaceful coexistence, but I am ever more convinced that what the liberal left in the West call 'multiculturalism' cannot and never will exist. No, I'm not an evil racist but I think I am a realist.

Muticulturalism is a myth. What we have in many countries throughout the world is a dominant culture that is happy to live with other cultures alongside in peaceful cohabitation. Obviously the richer and more successful the country the more people it will attract from other countries and cultures. Europe, predominantly the UK, has attracted millions, the USA has, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have all attracted migrants from across the spectrum. There are more but I don't want to labour the point.

Over many decades these countries have attracted groups as diverse as Jews, Hindus, atheists, Buddhists and many, many more often escaping persecution, more often seeking a better life. While there have been problems, on the whole these groups have lived peacefully and integrated into their new countries while maintaining their own identity. Few of them have demanded special treatment or wanted to dominant the other groups, especially the majority group.

Like the West, India is a country where various cultures live alongside a dominant culture. Israel is a Jewish state that has a sizeable Arab Muslim and Christian population.  What these tolerant liberal democracies throughout the world have in common is that they are at risk from Islam. Israel being shelled by Hamas for years, we have had the London Bombings and the murder of Lee Rigby, the USA suffered 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, India has to deal with frequent attacks by Islamists. The Madrid train system was bombed with huge loss of life. The Brussels Jewish Museum has been bombed. As the Muslim population of Europe has grown so has the level of anti-Semitism, to a degree not seen since the 1930s.

Look at any country in the world where there is a muslim minority and they are demanding tolerance and minority rights. Look at any muslim country in the world and minorities have no rights. Islam needs to dominate and we have allowed into our country, and other western style liberal democracies have, a huge fifth column. Our government and others are right to look at what is happening in various parts of the world with muslim terror groups rampaging through Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere. But all that will be for nothing if we do not deal with the threat within our own borders, if we can still call them 'borders'.

Centuries ago the tide of violent Islam sweeping across Europe towards Rome was stemmed by the Crusades. Islam clearly thrives on jihad, maybe it's time we defended ourselves again with a crusade. And I'm afraid that the old argument that most muslims are peaceful people doesn't wash. That was true of Germans in the 1930s but we had to deal with Naziism before it dealt with us.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Warsi, Gaza and Israel

I'll be perfectly honest I've never understood why Baroness Warsi was ever in the House of Lords let alone in the government. I always thought it was purely because of her sex and religion and I think her resignation proves that to be the case. Problem being for Cameron now, yet again, he looks weak and tokenistic.

In the current battle in the Middle East my support is fully and unequivocally behind Israel. They have been far more tolerant of Hamas, who have been indiscriminately firing shells into Israel for years, than I would want my government to be if we were under attack. Yet when Israel defends her citizens the media bias is such that people would think Israel just woke up one morning with nothing to do so started attacking Gaza. Warsi didn't resign when Hamas were shelling Israel and our government did nothing to stop them.

It's very telling that around 1,500,000 Arabs live in Israel. There are no Jewish people in Gaza. Indeed Hamas, the elected authority in Gaza, have vowed to wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the earth. Then what? What is now the only parliamentary democracy in the region would become just like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq etc etc.  Would you want to live in a muslim country?

While the pro-Israel demonstrations around the world have been peaceful the pro-Palestine demonstrations have invariably ended in violence. Even in Manchester there have been car loads of muslim men driving through Jewish areas shouting that Hitler was right and hurling missiles at Jewish people. In Paris muslim mobs have attacked Jewish businesses.

I'm glad Warsi has gone and I do wonder whether muslims can actually put this country first or whether their faith always comes first. I certainly know that my Catholocism wouldn't have stopped me fighting Catholic Italy in 1939 had I been alive. But then most of us can see that people with whom we share a common faith or philosophy aren't always right, nor are  we.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Support Israel

Netanyahu at his best

Even those who aren't particularly sympathetic to Israel's Benjamin
Netanyahu, could get a good measure of satisfaction from this interview with
British Television during the retaliation against Hamas' shelling of Israel.

The interviewer asked him: "How come so many more Palestinians have been
killed in this conflict than Israelis?" (A nasty question if there ever was

Netanyahu: "Are you sure that you want to start asking in that direction?"

Interviewer: (Falling into the trap) "Why not?"

Netanyahu: "Because in World War II more Germans were killed than British
and Americans combined, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the war
was caused by Germany 's aggression. And in response to the German blitz on
London , the British wiped out the entire city of Dresden , burning to death
more German civilians than the number of people killed in Hiroshima ...
Moreover, I could remind you that in 1944, when the R.A.F. tried to bomb the
Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen , some of the bombs missed their target
and fell on a Danish children's hospital, killing 83 little children.
Perhaps you have another question?"

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FC United of Manchester and Red Fascists

We've been away this past fortnight but Facebook, Twitter and t'interweb generally help to keep you in touch, so I wasn't surprised when a rumpus kicked off around FC United again. Socialists really are tedious and dreary.

This one kicked off when a board member listed a range of political parties that they have decided are incompatible with supporting FC United. One of them was the UK Independence Party. Bear in mind that this is a club that constantly bangs on about equality, equal rights and standing up for the whole community. This is a decidedly Stalinist approach to people whose political views you happen to disagree with. What has my politics got to do with watching and supporting a football club?

It seems that if you want to leave the European Union, and believe in controlling immigration, then you are a raving racist/fascist/Nazi in the eyes of the commissars at FC United and they don't want you polluting the atmosphere at their games. I don't support UKIP but believe in a sensible immigration policy and independence from the EU. I am not a racist or a fascist and certainly no Nazi, neither is UKIP. That is the schoolboy level of political debate your average socialist is capable of in 2014, name calling and hurling abuse.

This juvenile labelling, especially the word 'racist' adds nothing to serious debate and has now led to the word 'racist' meaning absolutely nothing. It is nothing more than a word of abuse used to smear people and close debate. The left in this country seem to have an unhealthy obsession with race which makes me wonder what is really in their minds, deep, deep down. On a political level it is a vicious and cynical ploy to divide and rule. But deeper I fear their obsession with race has some deep rooted psychological reason that a psychiatrist could probably study quite extensively.

Ultimately there is no place for politics in sport. What I do know is that many people have walked away from FC United because of the increasing level of political extremism among senior members. I for one am not prepared to support the sporting section of an intolerant, bigoted, fascist/socialist organisation. It's sad because the club was set up for admirable reasons but I can no longer support the club any more than I could support the Glazer owned Manchester United.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nigel Farage and the Newark By-Election-The Truth

I heard Nigel Farage on the radio last night announcing that he would announce his decision about standing or not in the Newark by-election this morning. I knew he would bottle it, I could tell.

This morning there he was on the TV news pontificating about how he wasn't going to stand because it would be a distraction from the Euro elections and he had no links to Newark and would look like an opportunist. Well I can verify that he's an opportunist but no links? Come on, he had no links to Eastleigh or Buckingham when he stood in both those constituencies in parliamentary elections.

He claimed it would be a distraction from the EU elections. A distraction from the EU elections? I don't see garnering masses of extra publicity in a by-election, and the writ has not even been moved yet, as a distraction. He also claimed that he had only had twelve hours to make his decision. Bullshit! Patrick Mercer has made it clear that if found guilty and suspended for any reasonable length of time from the House of Commons that he would resign, causing a by-election. it has been pretty clear for months that there would be a by-election in Newark and that it would likely be this spring or summer.

Farage is a hypocrite and a con man. He was instrumental in changing UKIP's policy of not taking seats in the EU parliament if elected, and was promptly elected to the gravy train in 1999. It is obvious to even the biggest political buffoon that even if all UK MEPs elected next month were UKIP it would have no impact on our membership. Only our Westminster Parliament can do that. But UKIP doesn't take its policies, other than on the EU and immigration seriously, therefore we can only conclude that they don't take our parliamentary elections seriously.

No, I knew he wouldn't stand in Newark because he would be in danger of actually winning the seat and he can't afford that to happen. You see you can't be an MEP and an MP at the same time anymore. He would have to resign his seat on the EU gravy train, which is worth far more financially to gravy train passengers than Westminster is.

 Maybe Farage could have won the by-election, UKIP still might win without Farage as the candidate. But winning with a massive protest vote, on the back of a so-called 'victory' in a meaningless EU election on a tiny turnout is one thing, defending the seat less than a year later in a general election is another. If UKIP did manage to win, and it's not a foregone conclusion, they would almost certainly lose it next year.

Farage enjoys a lavish lifestyle on his massive salary and allowances. He wouldn't throw that away for less than a year as a Member of Parliament in Westminster.

Don't forget, Mrs Farage would lose her salary too!