Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Infantilisation of a Nation

If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious. I've been mulling over this post for days and days and every time I think I'll start it another example of infantilisation pops up. Every day there seems to be another group popping up crying and angered by somebody criticising them and wanting their critics banned or hung drawn and quartered.

Unless you've just come out of a very long coma you'll be aware that David Cameron invested in his deceased father's offshore company, sold his shares and paid tax to HMRC on the profit. Perfectly legal but the emotionally incontinent leftards went into meltdown and cried and wailed, as they do, for him to resign. What he did was perfectly legal so why resign? Not very bright are they?

So, for the leftards who love to cry 'rich bastard' at anybody with a few bob more than them, often because they're a little brighter, here it is in simple language. A company is set up in Panama, could be Jersey, Isle of Man or any other low tax state. Said company then invests in businesses all over the world. When it invests in the USA for example it pays relevant taxes and duty in the USA on that part of the business. When the profits are back in Panama the Panamanian government decides what taxes etc, if any, are due. If they decide zero tax is due then it's their business, not a bunch of screaming economically challenged leftards frothing at the mouth and waving juvenile placards in Whitehall. When profits from said investment are sent to the investor in the UK then that money becomes liable to HMRC taxes and duty. David Cameron paid all his tax. There, it really is that simple. If you are still struggling ignore the term 'tax haven' and instead think of these places as low tax economies because that's what they are really, just states that have lower taxes than others, in some cases none. A bit like ISAs but on a bigger scale.

Of course that simple explanation won't do for the envious bigots who just shout 'rich bastard' at anybody with more money than them because they are basically imbeciles who have been infantilised by socialism. So let's move onto the other things that have been proving how infantilised the populace has become.

Germaine Greer is in the shit again, this time in Australia. She had the audacity to question transgenderism last year saying "just because you lop off your penis...it doesn't make you a woman". A pretty reasonable thing to say I would have thought. But this week she tried to retreat because of the shitstorm fired at her for being honest and said that transgendered people couldn't know they were a woman in a man's body because "you don't know what the other sex is". Cue another shitstorm  heading her way.

I don't care if somebody has a sex change, it's up to them what they do to their body. But I must have the right to believe and say that in my view it is the ultimate act of self harm and that if you are born a man you die a man, just with a bit less if you get my meaning. But in the current climate going against the politically correct orthodoxy will have the infantilised leftards wanting to have you imprisoned or hung, drawn and quartered alongside the tax efficient investors.

Then there is the European Union in/out referendum. I saw a debate on TV where several under eighteens were arguing that they should have a vote in the referendum on June 23rd. The consensus view appeared to be that politicians and political parties don't do enough to engage young people. What do they want? A free lolly if they join a party? Get off your lazy little arses, get off your keyboards and get involved. Don't wait for it to happen you infantile little turds, make it happen. Most political parties are so small in numbers these days that a few young people, with a few brain cells and a bit of effort, could probably take over the local branch of their party without much trouble. To be honest if they can't get off their fat arses and get involved why should they have the vote? Actually, that applies to millions of people, not just the under eighteens. Which brings me onto another aspect of the EU referendum.

It's 2016. There is the internet which means you can research virtually anything, within reason or not if you take a chance, from the comfort of your own living room. There is 24 hour news on the TV and radio. You can lie in bed in the morning and have as many newspapers and magazines delivered to your kindle as you want and not have to crawl out of your pit to go to the paper shop. Over the next few weeks you will have any number of leaflets pushed through your door by the Remain/Leave campaigns. The government has just spent £9m of our taxes on a propaganda sheet that is full of crap. All this yet I have lost count of the number of infantilised zombies who have complained that they don't understand the issues or just don't know enough to vote. As above, get off your lazy arses and find out for yourselves.

I've even heard one bloke, who I regard as pretty intelligent, complaining that there was too much information from both sides and that an independent body should be set up to look at all the information and then decide whether we stay in or leave. Honestly, that is the truth.

The Soviet Union infantilised its population making its citzens totally dependent on the state, to such a degree that the suicide rate soared after the fall of communism and people had to make decisions for themselves. I think we could be well on that slippery slope now.

Time to end on a lighter note: