Friday, February 29, 2008


Here is a link to the story of the government's latest deception. Their much trumpted points system for immigrants is outlined and then, towards the end, there is a "by the way it doesn't apply to migrants from the EU".

The truth is the government has kicked in the teeth, yet again, people from the Commonwealth and elsewhere, in favour of Europeans. Oh, but is only Europeans from countries within the European Union.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Home Office Data Cock-Up

A disc containing confidential data has been found, hidden between the keyboard and circuit board, of a Home Office computer left for repair at a shop in Bolton. Will they ever learn?

Read about it here.

Harriet Harman

Here you will find the whole question and answer session from the The Independent with Harriet Harman, the one where she describes Castro as "a hero of the left". It is worth reading the whole thing just to see how juvenile and petty the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party actually is.

To balance the often drooling sycophancy of leftie morons, such as George Galloway and Harman, towards Castro here are links to some anti-Castro/anti-communist blogs.

Direct Action

I think that Greenpeace and Plane Stupid are just that, plain stupid. Most environmentalists are barking mad egocentrics covering their utter self-absorption with 'love for the planet' and peeing off the rest of us in the process.

Having said that I do admire their tactics. As politicians ever increasingly ignore we mere mortals, the more direct action becomes our only course of action. We used to do riots really well in England. When did we go soft?

Lisbon Treaty-Mass Lobby of Parliament

Here is the BBC report of yesterday's mass lobby of Parliament. I, along with several thousand others, went to London to demand a referendum, denied us by the Labour government despite it being in their 2005 election manifesto. And they wonder why we despise politicians when they claim this treaty is different to the constitution.

Yesterday I met some fantastic people while waiting to enter the lobby. But I have to say that those decent people who are still in the Tory Party are sadly deluded if they think a Tory government would do any better, history says it wouldn't.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New York Philharmonic

Interesting to read here about the New York Philharmonic escorting Condolezza Rice to North Korea. Much more constructive than sending the bombers over there.

I've heard that that the UK offered to send opera singer Paul Potts, but George Bush vetoed that thinking we were offering to send numerous bloodthirsty dictators from Cambodia.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fair Trade?

It seems the Adam Smith Institute has produced another report on Fairtrade, and thank God.

I have always been amazed how gullible those liberal do gooders are to fall for this hogwash. There is even a town in Lancashire, Garstang, that proclaims itself to be "The World's First Fair Trade Town".

Fairtrade receives £2m from the taxpayers and is backed by numerous dodgy celebs., themselves worth millions but with very long pockets, but always quick to squander tax money. That says all you need to know about it.

Fairtrade is yet another marketting ploy that shafts farmers and farm workers in developing countries. But as long as pinko/green liberals, and loaded celeberities, get a warm glow they will turn a blind eye to the reality and grandstand, despite the real results of their actions.

The developing world needs free trade not fair trade.

Nigel Farage MEP and Sunday Times

I enjoy the Sunday Times, largely because of the entertainment provided by Rod Liddle and Jeremy Clarkson. Shame it also prints the bile of a 'journalist' called Daniel Foggo.

Here is a statement from the UKIP website.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Police Riot

Here is a report on Bolton Wanderers fans being attacked by Spanish police in Madrid last night.

Here is a link to the Eurogendarmerie website.
Eurogend is the EU's paramilitary police force but at present only consists of police units from five members states.
The following is Eurogends explanation of its emblem, taken from the official website:
"On a background of blue sky, the cruciform sword symbolizes the force, the laurel crown the victory, and the flaming grenade the common military roots of the police forces".

And the following is the explanation of its motto:

" EGF motto is “Lex paciferat”, whose meaning (the law will bring the peace) stresses the principle of the strict connection between the enforcement of the rule of law and the restoring of a safe and secure environmment, cornestone for EGF commitment".

Now I know that British football supporters have been a bit naughty in the past, and no doubt will be again, but believe me the European police can be pretty nasty. What should concern us all is the fact that the British police are becoming increasingly authoritarian, and football grounds seem to be the training ground for the militarisation of the British Bobby, followed by ever more 'robust' policing of demonstrations of which the state disapproves.
Eurogend points to the future direction of policing throughout the EU, and everybody should be worried. What happened in Madrid last night was not a one-off and scenes such as those have occurred here in the UK, and will become more common as the state becomes ever more domineering, powerful and authoritarian.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diana Inquest

It isn't often I agree with Labour MPs, but in this article about the inquest into Princess Diana's death, I have to salute George Foulkes, Dari Tayor (who he? Ed.) and even the former Europe Minister Denis McShane for talking sense. Three Labour MPs talking sense, indeed three MPs talking sense, is a rarity indeed. They agree what a sham and a waste of public funding this inquest really is, and urge Mohammed el-Fayed to accept that it was an accident.

What a shame a few more MPs didn't object to the waste of over £150m on the equally ludicrous Saville Inquiry. That inquiry, set up by Blair, looked into the events in Londonderry in 1972 that became known as "Bloody Sunday" and was a peace process sop to the IRA.

PS Dari Taylor is a she and has been an anonymous Labour MP in the North East of England since 1997.

Is It April 1st?

Here is a link to the Travelodge website. Here you will find an article about the above. Yes, Travelodge have developed 'space age' pyjamas. It really isn't April 1st but I can't help wondering if somebody is playing games with us. Surely these are just photos of people from a third rate 1970s TV sci-fi series.
And does Travelodge really term itself "a retailer of sleep"? If so can I have 5 hours worth please? And does it really have a "Director of Sleep"? If so can he authorise the staff to let me takeaway my 5 hours of sleep rather than sleeping in?
One thing is for sure, if I had to wear pajjies like that I would feel far too big a prat to sleep a wink, even in a room on my own! What if there was a fire and you had to evacuate the place?

Chickens in the EU

Here is an article by Elaib Harvey, of the blog "England Expects", writing in The Brussels Journal.

There is an entertaining photograph of UKIP staffers over there dressed as chickens. They are making the point that the EU is chicken for not giving the population a say on the Reform Treaty by holding referenda.

That is entertaining, but what is very sinister is the following exchange between a freelance journalist, there to cover 'the debate' in the EU parliament, and the EU's Head of the Audio Visual Unit when the journo tried to cover the demo:

"You should not broadcast that interview".
"Why?" said the shocked hack.
"Because the film crew are employees of the Parliament and they should not be used to film dissent".

This exchange was overheard by a BBC journalist and her interjection actually saved the day. A fuller eyewitness account appears from the two links at the top of this post.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Database State?

It seems this government is totally incapable of dealing with data according to this BBC report, even data sent to us by the Dutch police about very serious criminals. All the more reason that those of a libertarian persuasion, of whichever hue, should support NO2ID.

It seems that on this occasion the disc, containing the data, didn't actually disappear, oh no, it just went into a civil servant's desk drawer prior to him/her going off on a lengthy stint of sick leave. That's alright then.

As a sign of how serious the Home Office are taking this latest cock up staff are "believed to be discussing whether to make a statement". Well, don't bother if you really can't be arsed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are the non-Domiciled Rich and the City Good for England?

Are the non-Domiciled Rich and the City Good for England? This article was written by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, on his train journey to work this morning. Dr Gabb never ceases to amaze.

There is an interesting reference to Mohammed al-Fayed towards the end of the article, paticularly relevant as he is heavily featured, for other reasons, in the news today.

Kosovo Again

The Kosovo situation is increasingly worrying, as are the pronouncements of our sixth form Foreign Minister Milliband Senior, who is now claiming that the Kosovan declaration of independence "does not set a precedent". True it doesn't set a precedent as such, it follows precedents set previously by numerous countries following the collapse of Yugoslavia and the USSR. It also follows a precedent, set by the UK government, whereby terrorists are allowed to join the government, remember Northern Ireland? Well the new leader of independent Kosovo has a very dubious Marxist-Leninist past.

He also claims that the move does not encourage independence organisations elsewhere in Europe, such as the Basques in Spain or Macedonians in Greece. Well of course it does Milliband you nitwit! You can just imagine a Basque seperatist sat nursing his Kalashnikov, in his Ernie Guevara style beret in the Pyrenees thinking Kosovo today, the Basque country tomorrow.

The whole aim of the European Union is to divide and rule. It wants nations to be split asunder, so that they can be lured into its sphere of influence and control as they are supposedly powerless and vulnerable left all alone , witness the ongoing break up of the UK.

Another equally worrying aspect of the Kosovo situation is the religious element, as posted yesterday, which is being ignored by the media. How long before Muslim seperatists declare independence elsewhere in Europe? Wonder if Mr Milliband would then regard Kosovo as a precedent?

And on the wider European level have Miliband and the others recognised the danger of a belligerant Serbian reaction, especially a Serbia backed by the Russian government?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spot the Difference

Here is a report on Kosovo from 1999.

Here is a report on the weekend's declaration of independence by Kosovo.

If you can't tell the difference try looking for the word "Muslim" in the current article.

Many thanks to Edward Enlivener for his comment. As I couldn't use his link from the comments page I have also put it here. It is from

Friday, February 15, 2008

Prince Charles or Asbahadur Gurung

Here is a link to the Telegraph report on how Purbeck District Council refused Mr Gurung permission to fly the Gurkhas' regimental flag outside his Nepalese restaurant. However, he was told he didn't need planning permission to fly the EU flag. Mr Gurung spent 28 years in the Queen's Ghurka Signals.

Here is a link to the BBC report of Prince Charles grovelling to the EU in a speech to British MEPs in Brussels. Perhaps it's time we sacked the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas and invited somebody like Mr Gurung to become our head of state. It seemed that during Charles's long friendship with Spike Milligan Charles didn't understand that Milligan was a comedian and not a royal advisor.

Of course we all know what the media can be like, so below are the contact details for Mr Davies, Purbeck Council's principal planning officer, just in case you would like to confirm any of the reports in today's press:

Alan Davies (Principal Planning Officer) : 01929 557261

If you would also like to let HRH Prince Charles know that you disagree with his comments, or check if they have been reported accurately, he would love to hear from you I am sure, via the link below:
Prince of Wales-Contact

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mosquito

Barbera Woodhouse-Minister for Children
Ed Balls-Dog Trainer

Here is an interesting article about something called a Mosquito. I find this quite disturbing but for different reasons than Shami Chakrabati of Liberty does. Mosquito is a device, of which over 3,000 are currently in use in the UK, that emits a high pitched tone that can be picked up only by those under 20. It is called a 'dispersal device'.

Now as far as I know it isn't yet April 1st, but I did have to check my diary when I heard about this on the radio this morning. I don't have the huge downer on young people that too many people in Britain seem to have. By and large I find them pleasant, polite and very civilised. Yes some push their luck a bit but didn't we all when growing up? Yes some are mad, sad or downright bad, but that applies to people in every generation.

Where there are problems with unruly youths we need to get the police working properly and, further than that, we need to get to the root of problems with antisocial behaviour, not use indiscriminate 'dispersal devices' that just move the problem to another area. And I would be pretty upset if I was under 20 and received a blast of high pitched screaming in my ears aimed at unruly youths around the corner.

The last time I heard of anything like this the devices were used for dog training by Barbera Woodhouse. Seems that in New Labour's Britain dogs and kids are equal, or worse the same.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some of Life's Mysteries (Part II)

Every now and then things change, which is fine, that's life. But some of the changes I do find very difficult to understand.

Booking fees. These are an abomination and legalised theft in my opinion. Now fair enough if you happen to buy tickets from a ticket agency I suppose, they have to make their wedge. But why oh why do you get charged a booking fee when buying direct from the theatre box office? Especially when you buy on the internet and even pick up the tickets when you arrive for the show thus saving them postage.

On Feb 23 we are off to Manchester for the Versus Cancer night at the MEN Arena to hear Inspiral Carpets, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Happy Mondays and more. We booked the tickets, with a booking fee, then were prompted to request delivery method. I went for Fastrack, which was an extra £2-50 on top of the booking fee. I paid the money and lo, I had paid for the privelege of printing off the tickets using my own ink and paper. Bastards!

The other thing that really bugs me now is the way men have started towing little suitcases behind them like trolley dollies. Pick 'em up you feeble gits and if you're too weak don't go out until you've had a few good feeds and found a bit of strength.

Which reminds me that those poncy knots in scarves that men wear also drive me mad. Even when they are wearing t-shirts they have scarves on with that poncy knot. Wear it properly or leave it at home you plonkers.

Divide and Rule

By and large if people are left to get on with their lives they pretty much get on with each other. But this doesn't suit the Labour Party who were initially set up to pitch worker against boss. They desperately need to make various groups feel threatened so that they can play the role of great protector and defender of their rights.

So it came as no surprise to read today that Harriet Harman is considering tearing up their own race relations legislation to encourage black only, or BMEs as they patronisingly refer to them, shortlists for successive parliamentary elections so that their numbers are increased at Westminster.

They did that for women and look at the results: Harman, Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint etc., God help us all. I can imagine the harpies and prats like Gordon Brown sat around discussing why they are all hated so much. Then one of them has the bright idea that 'BMEs' are under represented in the current crop of MPs so decide to make sure more of them get elected so they can be hated too. And there is a bonus, that way they can stick them in front of the cameras and accuse any critics of being nasty racists. Or is that me being cynical?

Either way welcome to modern Britain, but don't expect too much if you happen to be white, male and middle class. And if you happen to be black prepare to be used, patronised and abused by those who would claim to be 'looking after your interests'.

When they have finally destroyed any semblance of national identity and social cohesion, they can start building the society they really want.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Liberating the Motorist

Here is an article I have written that is featured on the UK Independence Party website. It was prompted by some discussion and comments on an earlier post on this blog.

Thanks to those who contributed and prompted me to delve a little deeper, especially Mark Wadsworth who has some posts on his blog along similar lines well worth looking at.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lunatics and Asylums

The government's university secretary John Denham has admitted that over the last 10 years, which is since his party came to power, over £500,000 has been paid out in grants, and non-repayable loans (what's the difference?) to inmates in clink. So the answer if you have children of university age is for them to commit an offence, for which they are likely to receive 3 years, then come out with a degree but no student debt.

Except that a report by Sir Ronnie Flanagan, for the Home Office, claims that the police are so under-resourced they are virtually useless, which we know anyway. So your kids will probably commit the crime but get away with it. You can't win can you?

And in true New Labour style they have now decided to 'plug the loophole'.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Munich 6 February 1958

Here is the official Manchester United Football Club website's tribute to all those who died 50 years ago in that terrible tragedy.

Both sides of my family are Manchester United supporters going back to my great grandparents, and probably earlier to when they were Newton Heath. The first time my father saw Old Trafford was when my grandfather, who was a docker on the ship canal, took him to see what was left of the ground after it had been bombed during the war. My father was there in Manchester, as were the rest of my family, when the news of the tragedy broke. I attended my first United game at Old Trafford in short pants in 1965, a mere 7 years after the tragedy which was the year before I was born.

The greatest tribute to the Busby Babes I heard was from a former colleague in London who told me how, before Munich, he had been to White Hart Lane supporting Tottenham against United, but the crowd ended up cheering every move of the United team they were so entranced by their quality of football.

Who knows what that team may have achieved.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

UKIP North West Spring Conference

Sean Gabb has confirmed that he will be speaking at the UKIP North West Spring Conference in Morecambe, Lancashire on Saturday 29 March. Also speaking will be Tim Aker, of The Taxpayers' Alliance, on local government waste, and Phil Booth of NO2ID , giving us an update on their splendid work so far in fighting ID cards and the database state. Other stimulating speakers have been invited but yet to confirm, updates will appear here and on the UKIP website.

On the Sunday speakers will include UK Independence Party Leader, Nigel Farage, his Deputy David Campbell Bannerman and Party Chairman Dr John Whittaker. There will also be speakers on the range of UKIP policies.

All this for £10 per day (inc lunch and refreshments) and £10 for the Saturday night buffet and social. To book, or for more info email:

Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's Have A Giggle

Hope the following brightens up a dreary, wet Monday afternoon. Well it is in Lancaster.

The Pope, a schoolboy and an unnamed American President are in a plane. Suddenly the pilot suffers a heart attack and the craft takes a nosedive. As the engines sputter, the three passengers try to stay calm.'Well,' says the Pope, 'we have established that none of us can land this baby, so we're going to have to jump for it.''But there are only two parachutes,' says the boy, pointing to a pile of bundles by the exit.Without hesitating, the American President rushes over to them, takes one and shouts: 'I am the President of the United States of America. I am the world's most powerful leader. And apart from that, I am the most intelligent President in the history of my country. I have a responsibility to my people not to die.' With that, he leaps out of the plane. Now the Pope turns calmly to the schoolboy and says: 'I am already old. I have already lived my life as a good person and a priest. There is a place for me in heaven. I insist you take the last parachute.''No need,' says the boy, 'America's most intelligent President has taken my schoolbag...'

Kensington High Street

On the radio this morning I heard that Councillor Daniel Moylan is to receive another award tomorrow for his work on de-cluttering Kensington High Street , this link is to a full case study of the project.

In summary the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea removed much of the 'street furniture' that was misguidedly regarded as being essential for the safety of pedestrians, and bizarrely for motorists. We all know the masses of fencing, lines in the road and street signs, so the council got to work and, for once, it has worked.

It works along the lines of a project piloted in Drachten in Holland. It worked there by liberating motorists and pedestrians from constant badgering instructions and directions by, amongst other things, removing conventional street signs. It made people actually pay attention themselves and make decisions, rather than acting like robots. As a result in Drachten waiting for a bus went down from 55 to 9 seconds, because it speeded up traffic flow, and accidents dropped by over 40%.

Similar results have been achieved in Kensington and it is good to highlight, for a change, good work by a local authority. It is also more aesthetically pleasing, and what a way to prove greeny/environmentalists wrong.

Now, let's start using the same principle on every area of human activity and move towards a truly free and liberated life.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Government ID Card Plans Dealt A Blow

Here is a link to a leaked document annotated by NO2ID. It highlights the growing fiasco that is the government's ID card policy.

It's not terminal, yet, but we can hope.


Those naughty Liberal Demoprats are at it again. One of those naughty boys used the word arsehole in a debate in Westminster Hall.

The arsehole is Ivan Lewis, a government minister, probably for pomposity. He must have had a really sheltered upbringing because his comment afterwards was that "the use of such language is not only inappropriate but sends out a terrible message to young people".

I agree it does send out a terrible message to young people, that the MPs are so poncey they find the word arsehole really shocking. I grew up in Gorton, an old Labour part of Manchester, and kids then would have thought you were a right poof for using a word as mild as arsehole. Times have changed, perhaps we should send young people to Iraq or Afghanistan away from such incivility!