Monday, June 30, 2008

David Davis

The main reason for David Davis's resignation, it seems, was to keep the debate about 42 days in the news. So here I am doing my bit, thanks to T Bishop Finger initially who led me to this article via his post about Standpoint magazine.

Following is the part of the article that I particularly liked. Even though I still oppose 42 days, I did enjoy the article:

"Talk about Magna Carta in the situation we find ourselves in in 2008 is pure codswallop: if King John and his Barons were threatened by terrorist attacks in England from the Saracens, these attackers would unquestionably have been hanged, drawn, and quartered more quickly than the King could chew on a groatsworth of venison. The very idea that the British government should not have such far reaching powers in a genuine emergency is an absurdity normally associated with the far left and its allies, not with right-wing Tory Front Benchers".

What Is Racism?

Rod Liddle had a stunning article in yesterday's Sunday Times. He questioned why the ever more politically correct Boris Johnson sacked James McGrath. You may remember Mr McGrath's only crime was to suggest that people from the Carribean who were not happy with a London run by Johnson could always leave. This was in reference to comments made by professional race victim and slavery obsessed Darcus Howe, a man who many of us wish would leave these shores permanently.

The only criticism I would make is of the comments by Trevor Phillips, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. He broadly agrees that the current obsession with race is bad but goes on to say: "You should be okay to say anything you like so long as it’s not calculated to offend". Now forgive me but whether a person causes offence to another, about anything, should be regulated by good manners and basic decency not by legislation and threats of punishment by the state.

Practising what he preaches poor old James McGrath has returned to Australia. Who can blame him?

Pampered Brats

One of the sad things about our creeping Europeanisation is the cult of the child. Years ago people had children but didn't have their commonsense extracted at the same time. What happened to great old sayings that served us so well for centuries, such as 'children should be seen and not heard'? The cult of the child is as European as 'cafe culture', and about as welcome.

You go shopping in the supermarket and you are almost mown down by some spoilt brat using his mum's shopping trolley as a dodgem while she watches with a sickly indulgent smile. It seems that it is now essential for mum, dad and three kids to hit the supermarket, often using other customers as very short term conscripted childminders, while mum and dad ignore Tarquin, Toby and Jemima to debate the merits of sun-dried tomatoes as opposed to garlic marinated in basil and olive oil. Problem is Mr and Mrs Farquahar-Smythe, I'm tired of being badgered by brats in Tesco.

So you go to the pub to get over the terrible shopping experience. And, thanks to the blessed smoking ban and the need to attract new punters, the first thing that hits you, after the sign saying "children welcome in this pub until 6-00pm", is a spinach and ricotta ravioli hurled by young Jeremy while dad, ignoring the little darling, points out to mum an interesting article in the Guardian about how evil Britain is to kids and how much more child friendly the French are. So you are forced to binge a quick pint and head off to the safety of home, where the neighbours have gone away for the weekend leaving their teenage daughters to 'invite a few friends around for a bit of a party' which means thumping bass until 4-00am accompanied by the sound of cider induced adolescent vomiting.

Eventually weekend is over and it's back to work. But at the local school, the double yellow lines before the zigzags are mistakenly seen by proud mothers as invitations to park up their people carriers to disgorge their beloved little brats, causing us, and half of Lancaster, to be late for work thanks to the ensuing traffic jam. Then, as you slowly pass the 4x4 you hear one mother, leaning out of her window to address another, almost sobbing with righteous indignation that: "He was doing 35 in a 30 zone, and there was a school less than a mile away. They should ban him for life for speeding like that the swine!"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nanny State

Got up early this morning, enjoying a full brekkie when wallop, I come across another example of the nanny state being a complete and utter twonk.

The British Standards Institute are proposing that those of us with trees in our gardens have them inspected every three years. They are worried about "branch shedding" and "whole tree failure" which kill six people a year in the UK. I've got two trees in my garden so must be in mortal danger every minute I'm in the Schloss Beaman, or out roaming the grounds!

What will the environmental lobby say when we all cut down our trees to avoid the snoopers?

Friday, June 27, 2008

World's Smallest Political Quiz

I may have posted about this some time ago, if so it's worth repeating.

Try this quiz from the Advocates for Self-Government website and find out how libertarian you really are.

Illegal Marriage

Now this is what I call a good drink!

The Morning After The Night Before

The Henley by-election result in full is here.

I usually don't post about by-elections, witness my lack of blathering about Crewe and Nantwich where I was campaign manager for Mike Nattrass, but last night was a worrying result.

All the smaller parties, from the Liberal Democrats down, got disappointing results. The electorate seems to despise New Labour now with such an intensity that their intentions have gone beyond giving them a bloody nose, by protest voting for a smaller party, to absolutely kicking them to death by voting Conservative. Yes in Henley the Tories were always going to win, but not so obviously in Crewe and Nantwich.

As in 1997, when Blair trounced Major, and 1979 when Thatcher trounced Callaghan, there seems to be a fundamental change of mood in the country with the Conservatives benefitting. Are we destined to be stuck in a two party rotating dictatorship for good? A very worrying prospect but you must wonder after the last two by-elections.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is it about Mandela?

What is about Nelson Mandela that gets the pinko liberal PC types dribbling and wetting themselves with excitement. Even Gordon Ramsey was at it last night, cooking a birthday dinner for a load of has beens to celebrate St Nelson's nintieth birthday. Then, tonight, there is a concert by a load of has beens and wannabes somewhere in London. The great man will no doubt be in attendance with his never ending cheesy smile, in a tasteless Hawaiian shirt that even an overweight shoe salesman from Florida wouldn't be seen dead in.

And to top it all off he comes out with a pointless, meaningless and absurd comment about Zimbabwe that makes all the press drool and announce that he had, at last, broken his silence on Zimbabwe. All he did, for God's sake, was to refer to it as a 'tragic failure of leadership'. It's a bit more than that Mr Mandela. What a prat!

But at least we know now why Naomi Campbell went ballistic and got banned from British Airways. She's been dropped as a presenter at the Mandela concert, cute way of getting out of it I think. After all, if she'd pulled out of it herself she would probably have been punished much more severely.

Is It A Mad World Or A Sad World?

A mother tries to have a photo of her child, when a baby, put on a birthday cake but is told it is pornographic because it shows a bare bottom. Something is very wrong in Britain 2008.
Full story.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jon Gaunt-Biggest Prat On Radio

A Gaunt looking Mussolini (Right)
Listening to Jon Gaunt on TalkSport is a bit like watching telly when they show a surgeon carrying out an operation. I can't bear to watch but have the odd morbid desire to peep through my fingers at the screen. That's how it is listening to the biggest prat, with the biggest mouth and the smallest brain in broadcasting. Every now and then I have to put his show on but immediately wince and turn over again. Yes it always is as bad as I remember.

This morning I heard him blasting Patrick Kielty for joking about not getting a driving ban. Kielty had been caught doing 101 mph in a 60 zone in the wilds of the Scottish borders. Cue self righteous indignation from the prat who has the supreme arrogance and egomania to refer to himself in the third person as 'Gaunty'. No doubt, being the self proclaimed best father in the world he came over all "he could have killed a child, and I feel things like that more than anybody because I'm a Dad". He proclaims his fatherhood as often as Walliams and Lucas declare themselves to be ladies in Little Britain's transvestite sketches. Makes you wonder. Personally, as Kielty injured nobody nor damaged anything, I think he should never have been taken to court. Of course, the authoritarian Gaunt thinks he should have been banned, nothing like a sense of proportion eh 'Gaunty'.

The rumour is that Gaunt could well be standing in the Euro elections next year. God help any political party so lacking in judgement, or just downright stupid enough, to have him on their list.
By the way, Kielty's joke on receiving a fine rather than a ban, was that he had been looking forward to a ban with the price of petrol at the moment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Great European Events

Not long now until the start of Le Tour 2008, in fact it starts on July 5th. So a couple of weeks of late nights watching the superb highlights on Channel 4 with a glass of vino and some smelly cheese. Heaven!

Then from 6 to 14 July it's San Fermin in Pamplona otherwise known as "The Bull Run". You can stay up all night drinking and partying then first thing in the morning get the adrenaline rush of running with the bulls. A not to miss experience, but I admit to watching it from a shaded seat in the bullring witnessing numerous, mostly foreign, bullrunners being gored and trampled by angry bulls. An interesting diversion is counting the number of British football shirts the runners are wearing!
If you are fortunate to be in Europe and can get to either, or both, they really are a must.

Bandwagon Jumping

In my post about jumping on the racial bandwagon I didn't mention the best of the lot, Mr Linford Christie. He is now stating that Britain is "institutionally racist" because he has not been knighted. Course it had nothing to do with him being banned for testing positive for illegal substances did it?

Here's the full version of the article about Linford "Mr Modesty" Christie. What a prat!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm not the only one tired of the politically correct obsession with racism, but it still really angers me when it rears its ugly head.

This week we have had Naomi Campbell behaving like a moronic hooligan and ending up barred for life from British Airways. Is that actually a punishment? Anyway, in the Sunday papers she claims she behaved so badly because somebody at BA called her a "gollywog". Oh, that makes it OK then.

Also this week we have had former footballer Paul Elliot, who now campaigns against "racism in football" claiming that Premiership clubs discriminate against black managers. As there are no black managers in the Premiership it is obviously because of "racism". Then despite this evil segregation up pops Paul Ince, who has taken charge of Blackburn Rovers. Yes, Paul Ince is black. But, according to the PC do-gooders this is due to the bravery and courage of the men in charge at Blackburn in helping Ince "break the glass ceiling". You see, it has nothing to do with Ince's unquestionable ability but all to do with his colour in the eyes of the PC brigade. Wonder if the lack of English managers, and the disproportionate number of non-English players in the Premiership, is down to anti-English discrimination?

On top of that Michel Platini, president of UEFA, wants the captains of the semi-final teams in Euro 2008 to make a statement against racism on the pitch as the teams line up before the game. This in addition to the players wearing "Unite Against Racism" logos on their kit. The big panic is how to stop the TV companies going to commercials when this PC "ismfest" takes place.

I still maintain that, if left to get on with things, most people would. Racism and anti-racism are two sides of the same coin it seems to me. But we all know it's really just part of the socialist inspired "divide and rule" technique. But worst of all this sickening use of "racism" as a PC weapon is surely demeaning to genuine victims of real racism.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Serious Question

Can anybody tell me what David Davis hopes to gain by resigning and precipitating this by-election? I absolutely agree with his position and would go further, I would like the detention limit returned to 14 days, and even that might be too long. But I am unable to fathom, and nobody else I have spoken be they left, right or centre have been able to, exactly what he hopes to gain by his resignation. Surely he would have more impact remaining on the opposition front bench then, quite probably, becoming the first Tory Home Secretary since 1997 in the next couple of years.

None of the serious parties are fighting this by-election and he really should have realised, in his contemplations before making the decision, that New Labour would simply side-step the fight thus denying him his main opponent. So he is left with fighting a fruit and veg man who supports the 42 day limit, making him his 'serious opponent', Miss Great Britain, adding glamour but nothing serious to the battle, and an anti-smoking ban campaigner also fighting against state suppression of freedom and liberty. What a strange by-election it will be.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Manchester Congestion Charge

The powers that be are moving into extremely sinister propaganda territory here in the wild North West. On TV and radio they are regaling us with ads to try and sell the inevitable congestion charge in Greater Manchester. Theoretically it needs 7 out of 10 of the Greater Manchester authorities to agree before it can be intoduced in 2013. However, I suspect they will use 'EU rules', which means they will introduce it anyway even if only one agreed.

The ads on TV, I have yet to hear the radio ads, show a former Coronation Street actor wandering through a mock traffic jam. He is promising a massive improvement in public transport to ease those awful traffic jams we all hate so much. There will be, by 2013, more trams, more tramways, more buses (and no doubt more bus lanes) and more trains with more carriages. All this just for you and, to show how really nice Big Brother really is, you can assist in this wonderful investment by contributing to it via a congestion charge. Oh, but only during the week and in the morning and evening rush hours. So it's nothing really is it?

The ads are truly totalitarian in nature, Dr Goebbels himself would have been proud of them, but what really worries me is how many muppets will fall for the propaganda. Or am I being cynical again?

Why not visit Manchester Against Toll Tax here?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foxhayes Petrol Station

Here is the story of Ron James, the manager of Foxhayes petrol station, Exwick, Devon. He is the profiteering bastard who put his petrol up to £1.99 a litre, his explanation being that he wanted to ration it so it lasted. Well tell you what, make sure you never, ever buy from this petrol station and then he won't have to worry about running out of fuel.

By the way the link is to the awful Daily Mirror website because it actually has a photo of Ron James for us all to see. If you are down that neck of the woods, because you live there or perhaps will be passing on holiday, here is a map and full details so that you can make sure you don't fill up there.

Libertarian Party

Citzen Stuart left a comment on my last post about UKIP and the UK Libertarian Party, which I was happy to respond to. In my response I mentioned an essay that won the Libertarian Alliance's Chris R Tame Memorial Prize in 2007. I promised to look for the essay and here it is.

I don't feel strongly as to whether there could/should be a libertarian party or not, but it's an interesting debate to have.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Price Freedom?

An interesting week in La Belle France is drawing to a close, well it can`t be bad when you can still get a five course lunch for two with a litre of vin rouge for 22 Euro things. We are now in Normandy before floating back to Blighty tomorrow, due back in good time for a Sunday roast.

Yesterday we visited the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, where I had to buy what looks a promising book on England`s five year resistance to the Norman occupation. We then visited Omaha and Juno Beaches, where the heroes of D Day landed to restore freedom to Europe with incredible bravery and sacrifice. Many thanks to Phil and Edwin for letting us know the result of the Irish referendum, just as we were looking at the remains of a Mulberry Harbour on Juno Beach, quite apt really. Thank you to the voters of Ireland, but prepare for the introduction of the major elements of the Lisbon Treaty anyway, by some devious mechanism or other.

I must also salute the bravery of David Davies for resigning his seat in protest at the erosion of our liberties, it`s a shame a few more politicians don`t have as much principle. What is annoying about the current erosion of our freedoms is the number of self-declared 'libertarians' who consistently vote for erosion of freedom. To hide behind 'voting the way my constituents wanted', as many of them do, demonstrates a serious lack of backbone and moral fibre. So if your constituents wanted the slaughtering of the first born in every household, would you vote for it? Thought not!

One thing to learn from this is that it is now quite trendy to label yourself 'libertarian', so we must be getting the message across. The other lesson is that it is quite easy to spot a charlatan masqerading as a libertarian, when it suits him.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Police State-German Style

Mrs B and I will be lounging around in France for the next week, so there may be a more European flavour to my blogging. I thought I might start with this.

Turning up, all stormtrooper-like shouting "handie hoch" and "raus, raus", the German paramilitary police were more Keystone than Polizei when they raided a house where a group of rappas (rappers to the untrendy) were making a video. Bless the poor chaps.

Perhaps a foretaste of the EuroGendarmerie?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Denied Drugs-Sort Of!

I'm not a one to pop pills at the drop of a hat, but I had to visit a physiotherapist this morning and was told that, in order to do the exercises needed to clear up what I found out is a frozen shoulder, I should take 8 paracetomol a day.

I duly popped to the chemist to stock up, needing plenty as I am off to France tomorrow for a break. I know I can buy them there but thought I would buy in bulk here. But oh no, I have just had to do a chemist crawl because I could buy no more than two packs in one shop!

Now forgive me but when was a suicide ever averted because the suicidee didn't think to visit more than one shop to buy the necessary dose? And to be perfectly honest if I want to end it all with paracetomol that's my decision. Personally I think I'd try a bottle of whisky and a pipe from the exhaust into my car.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Bob Barr

As the Clinton Obama fight trundles along, becoming ever more tedious and tiresome, here is the Libertarian Party candidate's website. With 10 to 20% of Americans polled calling themselves "libertarians" Barr may not win the race to the White House but he could seriously damage the Republican McCain's chances.

Climate Change Deniers!

Many thanks to Mark Wadsworth for bringing this to our attention.

Every time an Anglican clergyman opens his mouth I thank God I'm a Roman Catholic. Now please don't start sending me ludicrous quotes from RC priests, especially you Mr Wadsworth!

Post Office Closures

Now then, I know the post office closures are down to the EU, and that does anger me, but am I the only one who doesn't go purple in the face with rage when mention is made of post office closures? What really angers me is that our own government didn't withdraw the subsidy years ago and let them take their chances in the market like other businesses have to.

I'll bet £50 worth of premium bonds that if you ask a random 10 people when they last used their local post office at least 9 will answer that they can't remember, or that it was in 1978 to buy a dog licence. Here are my 10 reasons why post offices are a throwback that should be left to die or survive on the open market:

1-No more dog licences
2-No more British Visitors' Passports
3-No more Post Office savings accounts
4-Car tax bought on the internet as are TV licences.
5-Bills paid on the internet and/or direct debit as are TV licences
6-Pensions paid straight into the bank
7-Who buys premium bonds any more?
9-Stamps can be bought in virtually any shop
10-Anything that Crozier and Leighton run dies anyway-look at the English FA and Leeds United!

For God's sake it's 2008, times have changed (see above list) and if you really want a social hub in your village/suburb then try saving something useful like the local pub.