Thursday, September 24, 2015

Now It's Personal Merkel!

I've said it before and I will now repeat it. Europe is being invaded by muslims. They are not refugees they are migrants. Refugees flee terror and danger and take refuge in a safe place. Once they decide to leave that sanctuary they become migrants. That's just so you know when I refer to 'migrants' who I am referring to.

Now then, I love Germany and I like the German people. But Angela Merkel I loathe. She is a political chameleon driven by a lust for power. She was a uniformed apparatchik in the old, hated German Democrat Republic and is now bullying the smaller countries in the equally hated European Union. The woman is a monster and even her coalition allies in Germany are starting to see her for what she is.

Germany, understandably I believe, still has a huge guilt complex about the last century and their grovelling to migrants is an outward sign of this complex. What precipitated the current migrant crisis was the German government deciding to relax asylum rules for Syrians. Then they announced they would accept 500,000 per year. Then they panicked and started backtracking, but it was too late, the invasion had begun. What Germany has done is to screw over Europe as they did, although in a different way, in the last century. They have financially bullied countries in the Eurozone and have now enabled the swamping of Europe by countless migrants that the populations of Europe don't want.

Thanks to the high handedness of Germany the EU's statistical office claim that only one in five of the current migrants flooding Europe are Syrians. That accounts for the thousands of dumped passports and other identity documents from non-Syrians found in Serbia, Greece and elsewhere. The papers are from Nigerians, Kenyans, Iraqis and  people from a host of other nations. They are clearly not refugees despite what the politically correct might claim.

So why is it personal now with Frau Merkel? Because in a couple of weeks time we are due to arrive in Vienna then Munich by train. Vienna has seen migrants rioting, fighting each other and the local police as has Munich. The authorities are claiming that the numbers of migrants in the coming weeks will increase. Is it really likely that the civil disorder will decrease?

This week two reliable sources, totally unconnected to each other, have warned us not to travel to Munich, especially by train. It is too dangerous. We are currently trying to check the situation in Vienna.

One of my sources has also seen reports from the authorities in Germany stating that attacks on migrants and mosques are not being carried out solely by right wing extremists but migrants of different ethnicities or different sects of Islam. There have been videos on the internet of Turks and Kurds fighting each other on the streets of Hamburg.

What Europe is doing is importing the conflicts of the muslim world, especially the middle east. Brace yourself for a rocky few years. It's no wonder that Arab/muslim countries aren't welcoming these migrants with open arms.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Migrants, Refugees and Racists

Let's clear up one lie about the current influx of immigrants to Europe and specifically Britain. When other countries, and soppy left wing do gooders here, accuse us of not taking our share of refugees remember that no other country in Europe has had up to 330,000 migrants added to their population as we did last year and over 250,000 in each of the last five years or so.

Another lie. Lefties claim the influx of immigrants in recent years has had no impact on our infrastructure and public services. Migrants live in houses, their children need education, they need jobs, they need healthcare. If an influx on the scale we have seen in recent years hasn't had an impact then services like the NHS and education have been massively overfunded with huge spare capacity in recent years. Which means that those lefties claiming that this and the last government have cut services to a dangerous level are lying.

Now to the current invasion of Europe from muslim countries. European Union rules demand that asylum seekers seek refuge in the first country they land in. Hungary quite correctly tried to stop 'refugees' moving north so their applications could be processed, but was pilloried and accused of racism and oppression. They eventually had to let the 'refugees' move north into Austria and Germany. Merkel claims to be happy to accept 500,000 of these migrants into Germany each year. The problem is once they have been validated they can move to any other country in the European Union. Germany is merely offering to act as a clearing house for immigrants. Another reason to leave the EU.

Reports from Hungary suggest that a high proportion of people claiming to be Syrian refugees are lying. Passports and other documents from  Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and other nationals have been found in significant numbers at the border with Serbia. There have been several photographs in the mainstream media of jihadists brandishing guns in Syria and photographs of the same men now climbing off boats on a Greek island claiming to be refugees. How many potential terrorists are amongst the thousands crossing to Europe?

The Syrian civil war has been ongoing for five years, why are so many people suddenly fleeing now. Why did the man whose wife and children died in Turkey return to Kobane to bury them if he fled Kobane fearing for the safety of his family? Why did the authorities and the media collude in staging the filming and photographing of the dead little boy on the beach? Turkey is a safe country, the little boys family had been given housing and welfare there for three years, so how can they claim to be refugees when they pitch up in Greece? They are clearly not fleeing any danger in Turkey.

Europe is being invaded. That is not a racist statement, it is fact. When the media thrust a sobbing woman and a child on their front page or news headlines look behind them and you will see the overwhelming majority are young, able bodied men. Take a look at film of Greeks on Lesbos having to witness rioting 'refugees' trashing the place. Take a look at film of 'refugees' rioting outside Budapest's Keleti station. Pretty violent scenes for people supposedly fleeing violence.

The gullible in this country are riding a wave of emotional hysteria, even offering immigrants their spare bedrooms. Open your eyes, look at the facts and stop calling realists racists. I always smell a rat (pun intended) when Bob Geldof jumps on the bandwagon.