Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soldier Boy by Pete Reidy

I was doing some TV extra work this week and it's amazing the people you meet when you do that. This week it was musical people, Billy who plays drums in a band and Mel who was a professional singer before retiring a few years back. You really do meet some interesting and entertaining people doing that kind of work.

On Thursday I heard Billy talking to a fella who'd just written a song and put it on YouTube, so I checked his name and it was Pete Reidy, and the song was called Soldier Boy.

I was working on Friday too so stayed over in Manchester on Thursday night. Today I cranked up the old laptop and had to have a butchers. What a fantastic song, it really sums up the public mood of the time, God bless our troops they make us so proud but bring them home, we don't want the war. For me it is the best protest song I've heard in years, part protest song part tribute to the British forces.

I hope Pete doesn't mind me bunging it on here, I think it deserves as wide an airing as possible:

If you liked it here is Pete Reidy's website

John Prescott and David Laws-Stinking Hypocrites

Let's start with the fat Yorkshire pudding acoss the Pennines in Hull. The slob made himself out to be the archetypal working class hero, a semi-articulate one but so be it. Then Blair, the arch-hypocrite and most patronising scumbag on the planet, made him Deputy Prime Minister.

You don't have to be a genius to see that Labour became the enemy of the so-called 'working classes' many years ago, in fact the day it was founded. But those 'working class heroes' deluded enough to think Labour were worth a vote were also stupid enough to think that Prescott represented Labour's gallant working class conscience. Blair appointed him because he knew how gulible the idiots in the Labour Party are, he thought it gave his authoritarian control freakery a veneer of old fashioned socialist paternalism. Patronising shit!

So Prescott got fatter and fatter on the perks of office, financed by our ever soaring taxes and became the typical decadent slob bureaucrat by shagging his secretary and building up a nice collection of Jags. He then even managed to get caught on camera playing Croquet. Sodding Croquet for God's sake!

But now he's really shown himself up for the hypocritical twat he is by moving up to the House of Lords. It was probably what he had to agree to to be forgiven by Mrs Prescott for playing away.

Then you get the shiny new men of principle in government the Lib Dems and whoops, they're not as clean as they pretend to be, which we all knew anyway, and David Laws complains to the Standards Commissioner about himself. What a pillock, outed as a homosexual because of fiddling his expenses. Who ever expected that to be a consequence of the snouts in the trough expenses scandal?

But what really got me was the fact that Laws is claiming that he only did it so that his sexuality wouldn't be revealed. Now that very admission proves he knew his claims were false and he should resign immediately from the government and be investigated by plod.

But the other big issue around Laws situation is that in 2010 a Lib Dem was scared of admitting his sexuality. If he is such a moral coward he should not be in government. If he thinks most of the public care about his sex life he is deluded and should not be in government. If he was scared of the reaction from within his own party at being outed then the Lib Dems are unfit to be in government. Actually the Lib Dems aren't fit to be in government but I'm sure you take my point.

So these two examples prove one thing about our coalition government. It's business as usual.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Babies For Sale in Lancashire!

We'll have a boy and a girl please. About 3 months old, twins preferably.

Actually I think they should word their advertising board for a sale of baby clothes and stuff a bit more clearly. Wording it like that they are likely to get dragged off by social services never to be seen again, even with our new enlightened coalition replacing the Stalinist New Labour project.

Or is there something sinister happening a few miles down the road in Morecambe and Lancaster?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caroline Flint-Another Deluded Politician

This morning I heard Caroline Flint MP, former Europe Minister, whining about the new government and claiming that DNA databases and CCTV surveillance were actually there to preserve our freedom, not to destroy it. She still doesn't realise that turning Britain into prison island was a large part of the reason Labour lost on May 6th.

I've just found yet another superb article about this on Big Brother Watch.

Well worth a look.

Snow Frolic from Love Story-Francis Lai

It's well worth a listen in my humble opinion.

British Airways: Let's Do The Timewarp

It seems that senior Unite figures, Unite being one of the last dinosaurs roaming the Earth, are accepting that British Airways are about to defeat the union and hopefully wreck it once and for all in the process.

The last few months have shown the lemming like quality of certain neanderthals in what remains of the Trade Union movement, it's like being in a 1970s timewarp. The country is in the shit, British Airways are in the shit so the cabin crew, extremely well paid compared to many in other airlines, go on strike. How very 1970s.

At weekend it came to light that Derek Simpson, one of the head neanderthals in Unite, when in vital talks with BA management, was Tweeting updates to the outside world under the table like a naughty schoolboy, which shows how much he really wants to resolve the dispute. It led to scruffy urchins from the Socialist Workers Party, what a contradiction in terms that name is for a political party, raiding the building where the talks were taking place.

Maybe about 1000 years ago there was a need for Trade Unions, but since 1945 they have done nothing but shaft the working class and hold them down. I look forward to the day when people in this country wake up, resign their memberships of Trade Unions and consign the whole lot of them to the waste bin of history.

Up the workers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

News of the World Stings

The Duchess of York is a rough old slapper and like so many people in public life today, has no morals or integrity. So she does a lot for charity, big deal. Her charitable work involves high profile fundraising events in some of the world's best hotels with some of the world's 'most beautiful people'. Useful but not the grinding, emotionally draining charity work that millions of British people do day in, day out.

Having said that am I the only one a bit pissed off with the News of the World trapping people in sting operations? Let's face it if I was offered £500,000 to introduce you to a member of my family I wouldn't think twice.

In fact £50 would probably do the trick!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lance Armstrong and Le Tour de France

I confess that Lance Armstrong is my all time sporting hero. Anybody who can win Le Tour de France seven times is a sporting genius, to do it after beating testicular cancer puts him up there with the Gods. On top of that he must be the most drug tested sportsman on the planet, but every test he has had has been negative.

But now drug cheat Floyd Landis, who won Le Tour in 2006 but became the first winner to be stripped of the title after testing positive, is pointing the finger, yet again, at Lance. This after it took Landis four years of wasting millions of dollars trying to clear his name before finally admitting that he actually is a drug cheat. The story appeared in today's Sunday Times.

I'm not a great one for conspiracy theories but Le Tour kicks off in a few weeks and there are high hopes that Britain's impact on this year's Tour could be groundbreaking. Bradley Wiggins is riding for the newly formed British outfit Team Sky with millions of pounds and some of cyclings finest coaches, riders and technicians we all hope that they will provide a British winner, if not this year then pretty soon.

Lance was on the podium last year when he came back, pretty under-prepared, from retirement. Surely Sky/Sunday Times wouldn't be involved in a dirty tricks campaign against Lance Armstrong. Would they?

The following is taken from a statement released by Lance's team, Team RadioShack:

"When no one in cycling capitulated to his numerous but persistent false threats, demands and rants, Floyd Landis publicly aired the false and incredible concoctions he has been privately making for years.

"In levelling these false and baseless accusations, Landis provided selected emails to multiple journalists in connection with his public statements on Wednesday evening. What was not conveyed were descriptions of the threatening text messages from Landis to others, including Lance Armstrong, that began more than two years ago.

"Most recently, and it was no coincidence that shortly after Landis was informed he and his team were unable to enter and compete in the 2010 Tour of California, Landis and his team owner sent emails to a variety of parties, including Amgen, the race sponsor, and to the president of Trek Bicycle, an Armstrong and RadioShack corporate sponsor.

"Landis later communicated directly with Armstrong and threatened to ‘say directly that I’m going to accuse you and our former team mates of using blood doping and performance enhancing drugs to help you to win the three Tours de France in which we raced together’. Armstrong’s response to Landis was identical to the responses to the same type of threatening text messages received from Landis two years ago — there would be no consideration, money, team positions or anything else given in exchange for not airing false accusations.

"The public has taken them for what they are worth — absolutely nothing."

Why not visit Lance Amstrong's charitable foundation Livestrong

For what it's worth I would love to see Lance Armstrong and Bradley Wiggins as joint winners this year!! OK, we can all dream.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Margarita Pracatan sings New York, New York on the Clive James Show

This is fantastic and is from 1996, which is frightening, it seems like yesterday. I bet she does a mean version of Yesterday too actually!

Diane Abbott!

When Diane Abbott throws her hat in the ring for the Labour leadership you know you're having your leg pulled.

Would any sane person vote for that misfit after seeing her cringe inducing performances with Portillo sucking up to prat of the year Andrew Neil on This Week?

Go on Labour members, I dare you, really finish your party off and vote for her.


In the 1990s we spent a few happy weeks in Paraguay. It was then in the last throws of military dictatorship, with General Rodriguez about to hand over to democratic government following the overthrow of Alfredo Stroessner. One Asuncion hotel in our South American Handbook carried a warning not to take an east facing room, as these looked onto the presidential palace and were liable to be hit by ricocheting bullets during attempted coups. Happy days.

Last month Alberto Cantero died. In the 1970s he was Stroessner's political chief in the Paraguayan national police. I'm sure you know what that involved. It was hoped that before he died he would inform the authorities where the graves of political prisoners from the Stroessner regime were located. Sadly he didn't, but another link to Paraguay's dictatorial past has now gone.

To balance that below is a song from popular Paraguayan singer Silvia Mariella. And good luck to Paraguay in South Africa, even though their training camp in France has just been robbed. Bloody French!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Libertarian v Fabian

The following has appeared on several other blogs so I'm not claiming it as my own. I'm reproducing it because it's good for a giggle, and quite accurate.

Libertarian / Fabian Explained

If a Libertarian doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
If a Fabian doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Libertarian is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.
If a Fabian is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a Libertarian sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy.
A Fabian wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a Libertarian is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Fabian is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a black person is Libertarian, they see themselves as independently successful.
Their Fabian counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.

If a Libertarian is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A Fabian demands someone take care of him.

If a Libertarian doesn’t like a TV programme, he changes channels.
Fabians demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

If a Libertarian is an athiest, he doesn’t go to church.
A Fabian non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course!)

If a Libertarian decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
A Fabian demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a Libertarian slips and falls over, he gets up, laughs and is embarrassed.
If a Fabian slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he’s in labour and then sues.

If a Libertarian reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
A Fabian will delete it because he’s “offended”.

Thank you to whoever originated it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harriet Harman's A Bitch!

At lunchtimeI heard Harriet the Harridan being interviewed on the radio. She was whining about how Labour have around 80 wimmin MPs but the Tories only have about 40. Well yippidee you stupid old harpy, perhaps that's why you just got well and truly walloped in a general election. But I doubt it.

Interestingly there doesn't look like being any wimmin in Labour's leadership election. But she reassured us that she would remain Deputy Leader, good enough reason not to vote Labour next time too then.

She then whined on about the reasons for Labour losing the election, claiming it was Lord Ashcroft's cash and the newspapers 'wot did for us'. Nothing to do with bombing the shit out of countries throughout the world, turning Britain into a police state and bankrupting us then? And of course coverage of Gordon the Cyclops calling a little old lady a bigot was pure media hostility.

Talk about being in denial.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Too Few Wimmin in the Cabinet-Who Cares?

A few rancid feminists have been whining about too few wimmin in the cabinet. Do you really want the likes of Hazel Blears, Harriet Harperson etc. ruling over you? Thought not.

Personally I don't give a shit how many wimmin, blacks, homosexuals or invalids are in the cabinet as long as they are good at the job. For once I think Libby Purves thinks similarly according to this article.

Oh no, Ant and Dec Miliband! Or the Boys from Brazil.

Somebody is taking the mickey now. Look at these two going for the Labour Party leadership:

After these two became Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister:

Who look just like Ant and Dec below:

Or are the top two the PM and Deputy and the...........? Oh stuff it.

The big question is whether or not our taxes pay for the laboratory that produces these clones!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Respecting Each Other

There has been a story in the news this week about a school in Ellesmere Port and a visit to a local mosque. The mosque sent the school a guide to dress and behaviour on their visit as the pupils were not muslim but Roman Catholic. I don't see a problem there, fair enough. I've visited Jewish sites in Europe and been asked to wear a skull cap, I was happy to do that, it's about respect.

But one mother in Ellesmere Port refused to dress her daughter 'modestly' to visit the mosque. Consequently the girl wasn't allowed on the trip and was marked as truant as her mother effectively refused to let her attend.

The mother declared that she refused to dress her daughter as requested as she is Catholic not muslim. Well I'm also a Catholic and believe that respect for other peoples' customs and religious beliefs come higher up the christian agenda than dress code.

There is a thin line between protecting your own beliefs and values and downright bigotry.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coalition Government

Nick Clegg-Political Prostitute!

If you were dim enough to think the Lib Dems were any different I hope you've learnt otherwise over the last few days. They are the worst sort of political tarts, opportunists and and miscreants in British politics. Their leader has shown himself to be a self-seeking political prostitute.

Clegg's behaviour over the last few days makes even Jacqui Smith and David Chaytor look principled. Remember those two?

I was dreading the prospect of a second election this year but hope it now happens and the Lib-Dims get an even bigger kick up the arse than they got on May 6th, the patronising hypocrites.

More Labour Party Bollocks!

Senior, maybe senile Labour members, seem to have completely lost the plot judging by this article from Roy Hattersley.

Just two quotes from it sum it up:

"I am a great admirer of Peter Mandelson".

I've never been a believer in euthanasia but sometimes....

Then there's this utter bollocks:

"Making Labour a genuine libertarian party again...."

I thought that you once had to actually be something to become it again. Or maybe Hattersley just doesn't know what libertarianism is. Either way he's only fit for the knacker's yard now obviously.

Nick Clegg-The Breakup of the UK?

The more I see of Nick Clegg the more I dislike him. It's ironic that a TV journalist referred to him as Nick Cameron this morning, the only argument is which of the two is most vacuous. Cameron and Clegg become ever more like Ant and Dec, except Ant and Dec have some talent.

One of the arguments used by critics of PR is that it leads to coalition/weak government and months of backroom dealing after elections to agree on the weak government. Do they mean like this we are suffering at the moment? The sight of a loser like Clegg, leading a party that lost seats at the election, sanctimoniously lecturing us, the electors, on what he intends to do for our good makes me extremely pissed off and angry.

This the party that says, in rural constituencies that they oppose the hunting ban, and in urbans that they support it. The party that was desperate to join the Euro on day one, until the shit hit the fan. Now they claim to only want to join 'if the circumstances are right'. The party that wants to give an amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. The party whose leader, before the election, declared himself and his party not to be kingmakers, we were the kingmakers he said. Then get talking to the Tories and nobody else you bloody hypocrite. Whatever the outcome I suspect we will be in just as much shit as we were under Brown. Except the scummy Lib Dems will be strutting about like political peaccocks.

But if the Lib Dems were megalomaniac enough to form some kind of alliance with Labour and the Celtic Fringe we could kiss the UK goodbye. We English have tolerated and overindulged the Welsh, Scots and Irish for too long. For the English, who have overwhelmingly voted Conservative yet again, to have a ragtag army of losers like that lording it over us would surely be the final straw. Blair's devolution began the process of break up, that would surely light the blue touchpaper of English nationalism and see the English finally say enough is enough, let's go it alone.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Government Announced-Shoplifters!

Whatever the occasion Morrissey seems to have said something pithy and to the point. At least shoplifters weren't planning a future war last night on Channel 4!

As long as they are bickering about the keys to No 10 they're not passing even more oppressive legislation against us. It might be nice if they don't agree on a course of action until May 2015, a bit of peace for us.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hazel Blears MP

I have often attacked the verminous little turd with a carrot top known as Hazel Blears. She's a minging, unprincipled little gravy train sponger who really should be shot. However there seems to be 16,655 dickheads in Salford who are stupid enough to vote Labour and re-elect the little parasite.

Up yours Salford, never again will I spend a penny in Salford whether that be in a public lavvie or watching Salford RLFC (now known as Salford City Reds), or even visiting the Lowry. If you're stupid enough to vote for her then wallow in your own filth.

Labour Party Fascists

At the local election count in Manchester yesterday I was approached by John Flanagan, the victorious Labour candidate. He informed me that he would be making his victory speech then everybody would be walking out in protest at the presence of the BNP candidate and his agent. He assumed that we would be following him, they're like that in Manchester Labour fascists, they assume that they say jump and you ask how high. I notice they didn't boycott the whole election though!

However, I politely informed him that the Libertarian Party believe in democracy and free speech, even for those we disagree with, and that neither I, the candidate nor our other supporter present would do any such thing.

We stayed behind after the others left and had a good chat to the Lib Dems, who didn't walk out either to their credit. One of the Lib Dems was also an ex-UKIP member who saw sense. I don't think the BNP even realised there had been a walkout.

We didn't get 'Citizen Stuart' elected but we did have a small victory over the forces of Labour fascism.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson in Chester

In the middle of the general election we took a night off and I had a break in Chester with Mrs B. Ed Alleyne-Johnson absolutely blew us away, what a talent. It is worth a visit to Chester just to spend some time listening to this fella busking.

Geraldine Smith MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale

Sorry about the title, she is now 'Geraldine Smith of Morecambe'. You see she lost her seat yesterday to the Conservatives.

Good riddance you vindictive, ill educated old bag.

For more on her click on the 'Geraldine Smith' label below, I've blogged a few times about her.

Lord Pearson Was Right About UKIP!

Lord Pearson, UKIP's leader, was absolutely right in urging people to vote for anybody but UKIP candidates. I apologise for doubting his sanity.

About 5-30 yesterday morning the result was declared in the Meriden constituency and the UKIP candidate couldn't be bothered turning up. You may remember him, pictured above in his now famous masturbation t-shirt. Although I think he'll find masturbating on a 53 bus trundling down Cheetham Hill Road may lead to him being interviewed by plod.

What was bizarre at the declaration in Meriden was that John Ison, UKIP's Solihull candidate, tried to impersonate his pal Barry by lining up with the Meriden candidiates for the announcement, he should have worn Barry's t-shirt, it would have suited him and made him less conspicuous. I can only assume he'd imbibed too much Red Bull or Pro Plus because he then turned to me, sweating and eyes bulging and hissed, from the corner of his mouth: "Beaten by a wanker, beaten by a wanker, beaten by a wanker". I can only assume that he was, as Barry Alcock's right hand, pleased with the result.

It then got more bizarre, drawing quizzical looks from other candidates and agents, when he started hissing at me: "I know you're Junius, I know you're Junius" repeating it several times in the style of the school playground. An even more bizarre individual than Barry Alcock it seems.

If you are unaware Junius writes the blog Junius on UKIP. He does it anonymously, I have no idea who he/she is, but he obviously sends UKIP members into a wild frenzy of anger leading them to see Junius in everybody they see as an opponent. A sure sign of madness.

Maybe Junius posted yesterday from a hospital bed in Oxford. Then again maybe not.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Statement by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

The following statement was read out at Mass today by priests throughout England and Wales:

Child abuse in the Catholic Church has been such a focus of public attention recently, that we, the Bishops of England and Wales, wish to address this issue directly and unambiguously.

Catholics are members of a single universal body. These terrible crimes, and the inadequate response by some church leaders, grieve us all.

Our first thoughts are for all who have suffered from the horror of these crimes, which inflict such severe and lasting wounds. They are uppermost in our prayer. The distress we feel at what has happened is nothing in comparison with the suffering of those who have been abused.

The criminal offences committed by some priests and religious are a profound scandal. They bring deep shame to the whole church. But shame is not enough. The abuse of children is a grievous sin against God. Therefore we focus not on shame but on our sorrow for these sins. They are the personal sins of only a very few. But we are bound together in the Body of Christ and, therefore, their sins touch us all.

We express our heartfelt apology and deep sorrow to those who have suffered abuse, those who have felt ignored, disbelieved or betrayed. We ask their pardon, and the pardon of God for these terrible deeds done in our midst. There can be no excuses.

Furthermore, we recognise the failings of some Bishops and Religious leaders in handling these matters. These, too, are aspects of this tragedy which we deeply regret and for which we apologise. The procedures now in place in our countries highlight what should have been done straightaway in the past. Full co-operation with statutory bodies is essential.

Now, we believe, is a time for deep prayer of reparation and atonement. We invite Catholics in England and Wales to make the four Fridays in May 2010 special days of prayer. Even when we are lost for words, we can place ourselves in silent prayer. We invite Catholics on these days to come before the Blessed Sacrament in our parishes to pray to God for healing, forgiveness and a renewed dedication. We pray for all who have suffered abuse; for those who mishandled these matters and added to the suffering of those affected. From this prayer we do not exclude those who have committed these sins of abuse. They have a journey of repentance and atonement to make.

We pray also for Pope Benedict, whose wise and courageous leadership is so important for the Church at this time.

In our dioceses we will continue to make every effort, working with our safeguarding commissions, to identify any further steps we can take, especially concerning the care of those who have suffered abuse, including anyone yet to come forward with their account of their painful and wounded past. We are committed to continuing the work of safeguarding, and are determined to maintain openness and transparency, in close co-operation with the statutory authorities in our countries. We thank the thousands who give generously of their time and effort to the Church’s safeguarding work in our parishes and dioceses.

We commit ourselves afresh to the service of children, young people and the vulnerable in our communities. We have faith and hope in the future. The Catholic Church abounds in people, both laity, religious and clergy, of great dedication, energy and generosity who serve in parishes, schools, youth ventures and the care of elderly people. We also thank them. The Holy Spirit guides us to sorrow and repentance, to a firm determination to better ways, and to a renewal of love and generosity towards all in need.

This statement appears on the webite of the Catholic Church.

Prayers for Reparation and Atonement.

Postal Voting

I've had it with postal voting. Normally you give voting some thought, get into the polling booth and stick a coss on the ballot paper. The deed is over and done with in seconds. With a postal ballot the envelope sits there, unopened for days while you think about it.

Conservative? Vacuous Dave and the chance of silly George, the one Dave has hidden in this campaign, becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer? Scary.

Labour? Enough said.

Green Party? Leather patches and dandruffy beards? If I want to vote far left I will thank you.

Liberal Democrat? An in/out referendum on the EU sounds good. But up to now Nick has promised to join the Euro, not join the Euro and to join if circumstances are right. Then he wants to grant illegal immigrants an amnesty. Then he calls his kids things like Jose Maria Clegg, Juan Antonio Clegg and Francisco Santa Maria Clegg, making them sound like an an Anglo-Spanish version of 'Last of the Summer Wine'. Why didn't he just take his Spanish wife's name or call them Compo and other Yorkshire names?

Then I had UKIP on the ballot paper. But my old friend Nigel was on the election address and somebody I've never heard of was on the ballot paper. On top of that their party leader has told everybody to vote Tory or Labour.

So, until the state dicates that I have to do it by post, I will be cancelling my postal vote for future UK elections. Doesn't matter in EU elections because I don't intend voting in them.