Monday, August 31, 2009

Career Politicians

The Daily Telegraph has an interesting article today on work done by the New Local Goverment Network thinktank.

Worryingly it looks like at least 1 in 4 MPs after the next election will be career politicians, people who have gone from college/university to research jobs to parliament. Over 25% of our legislators will have had virtually no life experience as people like to put it. If you look at the background of many MEPs you will probably find similar figures.

What a sad state of affairs. No wonder our politicians appear grey, talentless clones with nothing original to say. Because that is exactly what they are.

The Salford Matador

So John Cooper Clark is quite rightly known as 'The Salford Bard' , and now 'The Salford Matador' is back.

At 67, after retiring on doctor's advice 5 years ago, Frank 'El Ingles' Evans made a triumphant return to the bullring this weekend on the Costa del Sol.

Frank Evans, I salute you. Full story here.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Edward Kennedy

Hype is a terrible thing and the hype around the recently deceased Edward "Teddy" Kennedy was pretty gross. The man was a parasite who lived off the family name and let's face it, the Kennedy family are only rivalled by the Saxe Coburg Gothas for dysfunctionality. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the Kennedys.

They were anti-British, supported the IRA, made their money from gun running and smuggling hooch during prohibition, were probably involved in the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa and the hero Teddy left Mary Jo Kopechne dead or dying in the car at Chappaquiddick, to save his own reputation.

There is also a story that JFK's election victory was down to successful rigging in Chicago. The accusations, never proven, about George W. and the chads in Florida, were supposedly made by a member of the Democrat campaign team who had been involved with JFK's election, so knew how it could be done.

Shed no tears for the Kennedys.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michael Howard and Jeremy Paxman

I always think it's worth remembering how slimy politicians are, and Michael Howard is/was one of the slimier. Remember the following interview with Jeremy Paxman?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

Young Seth is celebrating his first birthday today, hope he is having a great time.

If you wake up with a hangover young man, try an Underberg!

A Sign Of The Times-String The Bitch Up!

Very, very occasionally a news story crops up that shows how bad things have become.

This story is one. Her comments about deserving her cash make me want to puke. Personally I'd string the pathetic bitch up from the nearest lamp post.

Remembrance Day-Ieper

A couple of years ago Remembrance Day fell on the Sunday and we had tickets for the ceremonies in and around Ieper in Flanders. Unfortunately it coincided with the mother-in-law being maltreated in the NHS system and we had to cancel.

This year I will actually be in Flanders for the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month but will be on Eurostar on Remembrance Sunday. The Last Post is always incredibly moving under the Menin Gate, I suspect a lump in the throat may become a bit more on the 11th day of the 11th month.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuck It!

There are some strange things on t'internet, and this Fuck It website, in its own way, is one of the strangest.

Each to his own.

Talking Heads

What did you do in the war? Or what did you do to prevent the war? Oh well!

One To Avoid

The Tories are out to show how trendy and hip they are at their conference this year, by having a gay disco. They are even turning the party logo into a gay rainbow thing.

I suppose they'll all turn up in rainbow coloured cravats and pink satin pants.

It's sad but the Tories always make themselves look ridiculous when they try to be cool and trendy. In my experience you are either cool and trendy or not, you can't just become either.

And how can they organise a 'gay disco' when attacking the National Black Police Association. Surely one is racist the other sexist?

Wonder where they'll be holding the hetero disco?

NHS Truth

It's interesting to see some mild criticism of the NHS starting to appear, at long last too.

Here is the Telegraph's coverage of the recent report criticising standards of care.

I am instinctively opposed to state control because that means politicians being in control. I equally abhor the way there has been a metaphorical defensive wall erected around the NHS. Dare criticise, let alone advocate private healthcare, and in many quarters you are tantamount to a Holocaust denier or paedophile. Let's have the debate, but don't expect the Tories to be robust, they are just as bad as Labour or the Lib Dems in being scared to do what they really believe.

Take these three examples from my limited experience of the NHS. I have detailed elsewhere on this blog how my mother-in-law was so badly 'cared for' in hospital that she broke her hip while in there and they left it untreated for a week. She is now housebound.

A friend of mine was concerned at the treatment an elderly relative was receiving. Amongst other things she couldn't feed herself, so the staff just left plates of food, removed them untouched and entered 'Refusing Food' on her notes. She died in hospital. When he wanted to instigate a formal complaint her notes disappeared.

My father-in-law, on a hospital visit, lost his cap. Several days later he dropped something, bent down to pick it up and there was his cap, under the bed which obviously hadn't been cleaned for days. That was only two years ago when efforts had supposedly been made to sort out hospital infections.

I'm not saying that under a private sytem everything would be perfect, although I do believe it would be a huge improvement, what I do say is let's stop the Soviet style propoganda about the NHS and start being realistic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Football Violence

Following on from yesterday's 'lumber' in east London I awoke wondering if football violence should be encouraged. It does tend to be those who want to fight against others who also want to fight. In football parlance those who do not wish to join in are referred to as 'civilians', and are left alone. To harm a 'civilian' is a serious offence.

It seems that the feminisation of society has led to certain male traits, such as aggression, being sneered at and discouraged, an outlet is not only inevitable but desirable, perhaps football is the obvious outlet.

If you read any of the numerous books written by reformed (or unreformed) football hooligans you will find that their gangs have highly developed structures and ethics. The books do actually make very interesting reading.

Just a thought.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

West Ham United v Millwall

Those warriors, I salute you.

What's wrong with a good fight occasionally?

I've had scary times at both grounds, from about '79 onwards, big deal.

If you don't want shit, don't go.

Attacking Freedom

Here is an excellent article by Gerald Warner in today's Telegraph Online.

He savages the hypocrisy of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in starting action against the BNP, for seemingly barring non-whites from membership, while saying nothing about the National Black Police Association who, it seems, now claim that the 'black' in their title is not ethnic or racial. Yes, I know.

Personally I prefer to know exactly what an organisation stands for so that, as with the BNP, I can avoid them like the plague. But I do believe that they should have the right to expess their views, no matter how odious.

What Warner says isn't necessarily hugely controversial to those of us who believe in free speech, but the momentous thing is that it has been published in the Telegraph. Perhaps, just maybe, possibly the tide is very slowly starting to turn, who knows?

While we're at it, I look forward to the day when the 400 employees of the EHRC are all made redundant, now that would be progress.

Ballot To Be Re-Run.

In case you've been away, and were unaware, there is to be a second poll. You may be thinking in Afghanistan, where there was widespread intimidation of voters to such an extent that in some districts nobody voted. If so you would be wrong.

It is in Ireland where there was a perfectly run referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. As ever, when a referendum goes against the wishes of the European Union bureaucrats they just hold it again until they get the desired result.

I've just had Irish Referendum drawn to my attention.

The attempt to thwart democracy, aka second referendum, will be held on October 2nd.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Winning Back The Ashes-Fantastic

How good to see England's cricketers triumph and win back the Ashes. Well done lads.

I must say that Ricky Ponting was a true gent in his genorosity in defeat. His attitude was only rivalled by Gordon Brown and the Queen in singing the praises of the England cricket team. So unexpectedly magnanimous of a Scot and a German!

More Swine Flu Paranoia

This report from Manchester Online tells how a senior Manchester Bobby ended up in a ramshackle Cuban hospital when the authorities thought hid daughter looked a bit peaky. Strange that because apologists for Castro claim Cubans have the best healthcare in the world, hey ho.

Actually, it was probably good in some ways for a British tourist to see the real Cuba. If you pays your money you takes a your chances visiting a totalitarian hellhole like that.

But with flaky nutjobs in this country getting giddy and bringing in their own ridiculous 'anti-Swine Flu' measures, it's good to see they are in the kind of company they deserve, sharing over-reaction with a paranoid, senile, communist despot on his last legs.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inspiral Carpets-Manchester Music

England thrashing the Aussies so time for a bit of fun. Please put your hands together for Inspiral Carpets:

Afghanistan Election-EU Approves

The EU observers have noted that the election in Afghanistan was mostly OK, although in some areas there was intimidation, in some areas people were unable to vote etc., etc. However the result will stand.

It seems that the EU only demands that polls be re-run where there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever, such as Ireland.

More on Swine Flu

Henry North London commented on my earlier post about Swine Flu, so I visited his blog.

This post is very worrying and I recommend that you take a look.

Swine Flu Bull

The paranoia about swine flu is becoming a really sick joke. The government, to be seen to be 'caring', has whacked out so much Tamiflu that this strain could mutate and become a more deadly strain before the antidote to this one is found. But look at some of the hysteria created in the workplace. This week I have heard of employers that have:

Banned staff using blow dryers in the loos in favour of paper towels.

Banned staff from using tea towels after a brew, yes in favour of paper towels.

Despite that they still have a sign on the stairs saying 'All Staff Must Use The Handrail'.

I think there are far too many people in jobs with no real work to do, or perhaps we are now a nation of big soft tarts whio need to rediscover a bit of backbone. Of course, we must remember the part people like WHO have played in building this hysteria.

And finally, I even saw a nobhead in a surgical mask trotting down the street this week.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Meaning of Life

The Lockerbie bomber returned to Libya and addressed the happy crowd that turned out to cheer his triumphant return. Addressing them he said: " In Scotland I had time to contemplate and I discovered the meaning of life; imprisonment until you feel a bit peaky!".

At least if you are a mass murderer and the SNP are in power.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

PPC For Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

I'm looking forward to fighting the next General Election for the Libertarian Party, back on my own turf in Morecambe and Lunesdale which I fought in the 2001 election.

Announcement on the LPUK Blog here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patronising The Peasants

I was right, and my beloved was less than impressed. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess because she married a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, flounced into Wythenshawe and made herself look a right pillock to anybody who didn't grow up in an ivory tower with a silver spoon up their jacksy! How's that for mixing metaphors?

She and her PR lackeys no doubt, decided to make her look like the next drooling 'queen of hearts' by heading to a big council estate to open a community centre. That it was it really but she kept whining on about biting off more than she could chew. Get a life you sad old bag. In the midst of this social and economic desert she finds a bastion of morality to appoint as her right hand woman, enter fat ugly bird who can't get a CRB check because, on behalf of her spoilt little brats, she smacked another mother about after pulling half her hair out.

But the saintly Fergie forgave her and made her head honcho. Just hope Fergie pisses her off in the next episode and receives a good slap herself. No wonder the people of Wythenshawe are pissed off with it all.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wythenshawe and the Duchess

My beloved grew up in Wythenshawe and her parents still live there. She maintains it's a tough but solid part of Manchester, I claim it's soft and is really in leafy Cheshire rather than real Manchester. I maintain that Gorton Manchester, where I grew up, is much tougher. We both agree that both places have problems but they are basically sound.

Looks like Duchess Fergie is off to patronise the peasants of Wythenshawe on telly tonight though, so others can decide how grim it is, or isn't. Having seen the trailers it looks sadly like it will be condescending, stereotypical bullshit in the extreme.

As it's next to Manchester Airport why not visit for your next holiday. I know a lovely little council house with a spare bedroom in Woodhouse Park, then you can make your own mind up.

Bet the snooty cow won't be venturing into Gorton for Part II!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hypocrites (Part 3)

Hypocrisy [hi-pok-ruh-see]
A pretence of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

The pinko liberals find one of these images highly witty, the other evil and racist. Stinking hypocrites!

Friday, August 14, 2009

NHS v Private Healthcare

The Club for Growth is one of the main American groups fighting the 'socialisation of medicine', and I wish them well in their campaign, even if some of the campaign statements about the NHS have been somewhat inaccurate. For example, claiming that Stephen Hawking would have been dead if he had to be treated solely by the NHS, not true.

Most politicos, even in the mainstream, accept that nationalisation is not really a good idea, so why leave something as vital as our healthcare to a gargantuan, inefficient, nationalised bureaucracy? It is not free, we pay through our taxes, so why not let us choose how we spend our money on healthcare? Because the NHS is a sacred cow, and they are all too scared to tell the truth about it, or being seen to even criticise it.

Most of us despise politicians, so why trust them to run our health services?

Following is one of the Club of Growth's US TV commercials:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lou Reed-Waves Of Fear

Lou Reed is something special, even if I did disagree with him, as it were, at the Hammersmith Odeon, as was, which is fast becoming my 'Penge Bungalow Murders' event but sadder. I like this:

Inglourious Basterds-Quentin Tarantino

The master is back:

Unpaid, unashamed plug. The man is a genius.

Coming soon, to a cinema near you.

American Healthcare

With all the fuss about US critics of the NHS I thought the following might be interesting viewing:

Then Dick Morris goes on to savage Obama on healthcare and much more:

Jim Fitzpatrick, Hero Or Hypocrite?

Labour minister Jim Fitzpatrick walked out of a Muslim wedding refusing to join in the segregation of men and women. Read all about it.

Is he right to say that enough is enough, when in Rome they should do as the Romans do? Or is he a two faced hypocrite who should practice what he preaches?

He's a stinking two faced hypocrite in my opinion. His party has preached multi-culturalism for years, anybody questioning it falling foul of the state's thought police. Now it has affected him he opposes that aspect of which he personally disapproves.

Try demonstrating your disapproval of Islamic extremism if you live on a sink estate, PC Plod will feel your collar faster than you can say allah akbar.

Reap what you've sown Jim!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hazel Blears-Nice One Salford!

I'm a Mancunian but have always had a real soft spot for Salford, and it's just gone right up in my estimation. Hazel Blears, aka 'The Runt', has had her car vandalised. Brilliant!

She whines about it being 'mindless anti-social behaviour'. So, what do you call bombing the shit out of Iraq and Afghanistan? What do you call fiddling your expenses you ugly little runt?

If there are problems with 'anti-social behaviour' it's thanks to the pinko liberal political consensus and it's poisonous social policies.

Shut it Blears and take your medicine.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stupid Tory Gimmicks

Cameron is proving himself to be a bigger prat by the day or, to coin his phrase, a bigger twat.

Open up your candidate selection process to primary elections and see your voluntary activists, those that are left, bugger off el rapido. Selecting the candidate is one of the few benefits of belonging to a political party for many people, and now Dave is on his way to removing that benefit. So why should anybody bother?

I would prefer to have a candidate that actually believed in the party's principles and truly represents the idealogy of that party. What the people of Totnes will have as a Tory candidate is a bland figure who pleased 8,000 punters, many of whom may not even be Tories.

So what's the point of now having an election? Maybe to see who can out-bland all the other parties.

On the other hand, a primary in Mr Cameron's constituency? Now you're talking!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Harriet Harman v Edwina Currie

No, God forbid, I am not suggesting a naked mud wrestling competition between them, but am enjoying their little spat this week. Well, it was more Edwina Currie having a pop in The Times at the brainless bitch currently queening it as Deputy Prime Minister, Harriet the Harridan.

Harriet thinks men couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and need to have a woman alongside in any responsible position. Utter bollocks obviously but it does suggest that if, as Harridan believes, men and women are so fundamentally different then equality is crap, there must be some jobs men are good at, some women are good at, so let's 'discriminate' surely. Of course she is talking bollocks, I don't care if the cabinet is all men or all women as long as they can do the job, which this lot evidently can't.

So for the first time I can remember I agree wholeheartedly with Edwina Currie and commend to you her article from The Times below:

The woman is mad, that is now clear. On a different planet. Leave aside that this is hardly a ringing endorsement of Gordon Brown or that, every time she speaks, another Labour seat falls to the Tories, who are clapping her gleefully from the sidelines.

What she is spouting is rabid nonsense, and morally repugnant. Firstly, we need the best people to run the country, irrespective of gender. I’d have thought that was a statement of the obvious, but it has passed Ms Harman by. In addition, women who have experienced discrimination should be wary of applying it to others, on principle.

All-women shortlists have brought more females into the Commons, but not improved its performance. Of course, it should be illegal to promote only on the basis of colour, religion, or gender — and it is. Certainly much better than 40 years ago, when I needed a man’s signature to open a bank account. But we long since got to that point, and beyond. What’s upsetting is the gap between Harriet’s priorities and the nation’s real needs. Here we are, struggling with the mother and father of all recessions, with the worst government deficit and national debt in recorded history, in which everyone is desperately trying to hang on to their jobs and pay the mortgage. Then there’s the war in Afghanistan and the terrible toll of young soldiers sent to fight it.

So Harriet is not only barking up the wrong tree, she is making the Government look even more irrelevant than it is. Her obsessions are those of an over-educated, well-off, middle-class woman who has no worries about where her money is coming from: our pockets, of course. She should go and talk to real working women, or a mother whose school-age children carry knives for protection, or elderly women scared of contracting MRSA in hospital, or the mother of a young rifleman going to Helmand. Then tell them that she, Harriet, should be running the country.

The quicker she faces them all at the ballot box, the better.

Absolutely spot on I say!

Monday, August 03, 2009

No More Martyrs!

Even Roman Catholic bishops seem to have been brainwashed by the health and safety fascists. Yesterday the priest refused to put the host on my tongue, I was brought up the old fashioned way that touching it once consecrated was a sin. I know many will find this quaint, in fact find the whole religion thing bizarre, but that's one of the things that makes us all so different, and interesting.

The main point is that the priest kindly explained after mass that the bishop had ordered priests not to place the host on peoples' tongues for fear of swine flu. No communion wine either.

So future risk assessments will ensure no more martys. "Sorry Joan, go home, that kind of stuff could lead to you being burnt alive!"

Anyway, it was not the Bishop of Lancaster, we are currently in a cold, wet Cornwall where there is little access to the internet. So if you want the odd rant I will be Tweeting, see the sidebar.