Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persecution of Christians

Throughout the world Christians are being persecuted and very little is reported in the mainstream media, unless it is where there is a current newsworthy situation, such as Iraq. The persecution of Christians in many countries is supported and actually enacted by the state, it is not just different groups acting under their own initiative and taking the law into their own hands.

Of course there are groups such as the Tibetan Buddhists being oppressed too, and they deserve support in their fight against Chinese oppression. But you might see a 'Free Tibet' car sticker in the UK, you will never see one denouncing the oppression and torture of Christians anywhere in the world. Sadly, many Christians seem unaware of what is happening or if they are, seem to regard it as somebody else's problem.

What got me on this train of thought was this story yesterday about a British boy being bullied at school by Muslim pupils for posting a favourable message about British troops on Facebook.  The production of slaughtering of animals to produce Halal meat has also been in the news recently. Halal butchers are exempt from our animal cruelty laws. It must be noted that Kosher meat is accorded similar exemption and is equally cruel.

Then on Remembrance Day there were protests by Muslim extremists when sick abuse was hurled at participants in parades. Admittedly the extremists seem to be a minority, but all majorities begin as minorities. The big question for us in the UK is when does tolerance of others become a danger to ourselves?

Then we recently witnessed extreme atheism around the time of the Papal visit. It seemed pretty clear to most of us that the likes of Richard Dawkins, and other humanists, were using the Papal visit to rant against all religion, but Catholicism is the easy target and the other religions don't seem to understand that they are also included in Dawkins' obsessive attacks. After all, if Dawkins, Tatchell and company ranted and demonstrated against Islam in a similar way, they may not find things as comfortable for themselves as they do attacking Christians.

Now as a consequence of the threat of terrorism from Islamic extremism, again a tiny minority, or at least we hope it is, we find ourselves living under increasingly oppressive anti-terror legislation, so oppressive that even an obvious joke or throwaway remark on Twitter can find you facing the full force of the law.

There is actually no conclusion to this ramble. It is a sign of a civilised society to be tolerant of others, after all we are all unique and therefore different. But I can't help thinking that tolerance has a limit, and that limit is when tolerance actually puts you in danger. Put another way it is about our survival instinct, and I can't help wondering sometimes if our obsession with being open and liberal may not put us in danger. In the meantime I await a copy of the Koran that a Muslim friend has bought me so I can find out more for myself about the real Islam.

Below are links to a few reports about Christian oppression in other parts of the world.

Saudi Arabia


Sharon said...

We are about to lose our British identity through political correctness, tolerance and being 'multi-cultural'.

The United Kingdom has had a strong identity (including as a christian nation) and we should be standing up for our culture not allowing it to be subsumed by people who think they are doing right. I am all for other cultures living here and I feel we have a lot we can teach each other but the UK is the UK and our ideals should be above all others.

Tolerance should have its limits.

Gregg said...

I agree completely. I've never bellieved in the 'multi-cultural society'. We are mono-cultural and extremely tolerant of other cultures.

Those coming here should adapt to our culture, not the other way round. I'm a firm believer in 'when in Rome'. By the same token I have no time for British people abroad who flout the host nation's laws then bleat if they get flogged.

Anonymous said...

I am a Muslim. It is always easier to see things from one's own perspective--its human nature. But understanding only grows when we make the effort to see things from another's point of view as well.

Western people are concerned about terrorism enacted by Muslims---But Muslims are concerned about the terrorism enacted by the West---particularly the Americans. Did you know that the Americans are using Drones (remote controlled airplanes) to decimate innocent villagers---men women and children in Pakistan and Afgahnistan?---Did you know they are terroizing innocent civilians in Yemen (along with the Saudi's) to get to the oil thats lying between the Saudi Yemeni border? Did you know that the ammunitions used by the U.S. in Falluja (Iraq) and elsehwere were radioactive and its causing birth defects and cancers in the civilian population?---Your Media does not report the atrocities and war crimes committed by the West---only the response to it---the terrorism by those who have suffered at the hands of the West.
We are all human beings---we all have the same desires---If Britain were attacked by foreign occupiers---no matter what reason they gave for it----would you be greeting them with roses?

Gregg said...

Your comments prove why many of us see Islam as a threat. You answer none of the concerns raised in my post about the behaviour of Muslims in the UK.

You do not address the persecution of Christians in virtually every Muslim country.

Instead you come out with the usual brainwashed rant against the West and the USA that I was aware of, because Muslim demonstrators come out with it virtually word for word wherever they appear.

Many people resent Muslims in the West because you use the freedom that Muslim countries deny people to attack our values and hard won freedoms.

You are a hysterical simpleton and you make me sick.