Friday, November 30, 2007

Political Whores

The politicians of the three old parties are nothing more than political whores which, I suppose, makes the three old parties political brothels. I apologise if these camparisons offend any working girls, no offence is meant.

Saj Karim is the latest to prove this point. He is an MEP for the North West of England. A few weeks ago he was happily tarting around for the Lib-Dems slagging off David Cameron. Then, this week, he miraculously saw something in the Tories, God knows what, and jumped ship. A bit like a political chameleon really, except that he attacked David Cameron for being one of those a couple of weeks ago! So why did Saj jump ship?

Well, he only came second in the Lib-Dems poll for their Euro list for the 2009 elections. Not bad most might think. But the UK, what's left of the UK, will lose MEPs next time around so that Eastern Europe can elect representatives. One might ask why we don't elect more MEPs in the UK to represent all the Eastern Europeans over here but let's not be petty. As a result the North West goes down to 8 MEPs next time making it virtually impossible for 2 Lib-Dems to be elected. And sitting MEPs get preferential treatment in the Tory selection process.

Saj Karim, man of principle or political whore? You decide.

By the way, the word is he sacked his Lib-Dem staff by text message. Nice fella.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sean Gabb's Book Reviewed

Sean Gabb. Cultural Revolution and Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back. (Hampden Press, London, 2007)

Sean Gabb is Director of the Libertarian Alliance and an economist who advocates the closure of economics departments in our universities. He has over 1,000,000 words published and is a broadcaster as well as a writer.

His new book is not the run of the mill attack on political correctness that many writers indulge in; he does not merely recycle tabloid headlines but goes deep into the heart of the political revolution, known as ‘political correctness’, that is destroying our country. He then outlines his manifesto for counter-revolution.

The ground is covered in 105 pages with not a word wasted and in a style that is extremely readable as well as enlightening, a rare quality in an academic. His words hit the target as effectively as an English bowman on St Crispin’s Day. Be warned, Dr Gabb pulls no punches and to many his medicine will seem extreme, and although he has expressed his support for us in the past, he does make a couple of negative passing comments about UKIP. Having said that there is also a quote from Nigel Farage early on in the book.

Even the charity world comes under Dr Gabb’s microscope. Many charities are vehicles for political correct revolutionaries but too many commentators shy away from criticising these ‘worthy’ organisations. Not Sean Gabb: “…we should reform the charity laws, so that the only organisations able to claim charitable status would be those unambiguously devoted to feeding soup to tramps and looking after foundlings.” (p15). Reading this book en route to a UKIP Elections Committee meeting in London I laughed out loud on the train more than once, not because it is a comedy, but at the sheer courage and honesty of Dr Gabb’s observations. He truly does say what many people only think.

The book exposes the terrible manipulation of popular culture and the media to further enhance the politically correct revolution. He cites the TV soap opera Eastenders and the Radio 4 soap The Archers where any similarity to real life has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The hope is expressed that once the frontiers of the state have been rolled back, newspapers such as The Guardian will close down as there will no longer be revenue from the thousands of public sector/politically correct jobs currently advertised in it that keep it afloat.

He admits that his stance on the legalisation of recreational drugs may not have the support of all, even all libertarians, but when there is an acceptance that a problem exists, and that current policies are clearly not working, then more radical solutions need to be considered. However he states quite clearly that: “It is not the business of the authorities to tell adults how to live-and especially how to behave in private”. (p66). And finally, he advocates the abolition of all new criminal offences created since around 1960!

Whether you agree wholeheartedly with Sean Gabb, or agree with some of his philosophy, this book will certainly stimulate thought and discussion. It’s that time of year when it will make an excellent present for libertarian friends, or for politically correct friends who you may wish to thoroughly enrage. Either way at £9.99 it is extremely good value.

This, and other books by Sean Gabb, are available from:
The Hampden Press
Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row
London, W1J 6HL

Or via:

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Annual Police Terror

The late, great writer and humourist Aubron Waugh used to call Christmas the 'annual police terror'. Traffic police hunting in packs to try and track down evil motorists who have had a mince pie with a splash of brandy in it. Setting up road blocks in the morning trying to trap some poor hungover motorist driving to work but still carrying too much alcohol in his system from the night before. Well, just like the shops our wonderful constabulary have started Christmas earlier than ever this year.

Last night my wife was driving us through the centre of Lancaster when, some way ahead, we spotted a police Range Rover, all its lights flashing, pulling away after mithering a taxi driver. We carried on and after about half a mile the self same Range Rover appeared behind us, headlights and blue lights flashing away. My wife slowed down and pulled over but he stayed behind her so she turned a corner, out of the way, and stopped.

There then appeared what can only be described as an obnoxious pillock in a blue uniform who proceeded to patronise her and treat her like a piece of dirt. First he accused her of 'driving erratically'. When a spontaneous "are you joking?" came back to him he replied: " I can assure you I don't often make jokes". Now that I can believe as he did prove himself to be a humourless, self important egomaniac. He then changed the 'driving erratically' to 'veering towards the white line at one point'.

He was very angry that she quite obviously had been nowhere near alcohol that day, his little game was over and he wasn't happy. We eventually continued our journey after a further patronising lecture from our Keystone Cop. No doubt he took his anger out on the next poor motorist he decided to treat like dirt.

Shame how the real police usually appear so pleasant and helpful, although there are bad ones as in any walk of life, but I have yet to encounter a traffic cop who I would put out if he was on fire. An old pal, an ex bobby, once told me that the traffic police, at his station, had to have a seperate table in the canteen because the other police wouldn't sit with them. I can see why!

Friday, November 09, 2007

What is it about Blairs?

Sir Ian shows what he thinks of us!
Why is it that Blairs never seem to know when we have had enough of them. First Tony now Ian. I bet they would be the bores at the party who stand in the kitchen, boring the host to death at 4-30am, when the poor old host wanted to bugger off to bed, like the rest of the guests had, at 3-00am.

Now in the case of Tony he was elected, so the general public, some of them, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. But in the case of Ian, who by the way should be stripped of his 'K' too, he has no such mandate.

The problem is that the prosecution of the Met for health 'n' safety breaches has muddied the waters. Most thinking people in Britain automatically side with those being terrorised by the health 'n' safety Gestapo, and in the case of the Met, justifiably so. However, the Met has been found guilty of crass incompetence by the IPCC and, for 24 hours after the shooting of the Brazilian, Ian Blair had no idea what, if anything, was going on. In most organisations such a criminally incompetent CEO would have been down the road, months if not years ago.

The problem here is that Ian's boss is Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary. Now, we can't have politicians sacking incompetents can we? Or having a quiet word suggesting that the honorable thing would be to walk? No that wouldn't do. After all we may then expect politicians to behave with honour and dignity! Mind you, remembering poor David Kelly perhaps Ian should think twice before going for any strolls in the woods.