Friday, November 23, 2012

Kick Out Racism

It was good to hear that the politically correct thought police have dropped their persecution of football referee Mark Clattenburg. Girls in Rochdale who were being sexually abused by gangs of Asian men were ignored when they complained to the authorities. But dare make an accusation of racism and the full force of the law cranks into operation. Racism is the new witchcraft.

Chelsea FC seem to be going out of their way lately to prove themselves the chavviest football club in the world. Their refusal now to apologise for making up claims of racism to attack Clattenburg show them to be a  club with no values, morality or honesty. Quite apt that in the sordid world of professional football they should be current European Champions.

The overwhelming majority of people are decent and have no interest in race whatsoever. It seems to me that a tiny minority are racially obsessed. The BNP, as we know, but also the left who see racism in everything. Let's face it, the left use race to divide and rule, throw racism at somebody then call the ethnic minorities into your arms for protection. The left and the BNP, two sides of the same coin.

But who are the real racists? The case against Clattenburg came about because of a complaint from the Society of Black Lawyers. Obviously the allegations weren't investigated by the National Black Police Association, otherwise he would probably have been found guilty instantly.

Change the words 'black' in the organisations above to 'white' and the paragraph immediately sounds like something from 1950s Alabama or apartheid South Africa. This virulent type of racism really should be kicked out.


Daz Pearce said...

That's a particularly funny image it should be said.

What irks me more than anything is when the lack of black MPs/football managers/whatever is used as 'evidence' that some sort of 'institutional racism' is taking place. I heard John Barnes banging on about 'subconscious racism' a while back and immediately lost a lot of respsect for the guy.

There are of course all sorts of reasons why minorities are not represented in influential positions in a way that reflects the make-up of society. The most obvious is that new immigrants are more likely to be taking jobs at the lower end and social mobility takes time.

Absolutely no reason to get hysterical about racism, pretend it exists when it doesn't, or discriminate against white people.

Gregg said...

I'd say there is a disproportionately high percentage of black footballers in the Premier League. Anti-white racism? It's a dangerous road we're on.