Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reason and Logic

We are human beings and often make decisions based on, or strongly influenced by, emotion and feelings. But there seems to be an increasing lack of reason and logic in public debate and in public life generally. Increasingly there seems to be a frightening move towards feelings and emotion actually trumping reason and logic.

Yesterday we went to toast our local hunt as they set off on their day's sport. Since 2005 hunting foxes with hounds has been illegal so yesterday the hunt consisted of riders on horses with hounds spending the day following a scent trail across private land where the landowners had given their permission for the hunt to ride. The irony is that since the hunting ban in 2005 more foxes have been killed each year as farmers use more efficient ways of protecting their stock from the fox. The anti-hunt brigade are more driven by hatred of the type of people they think hunt than any welfare concerns for foxes. It is a victory of emotion and feeling, or prejudice and bigotry, over logic and reason.

Somebody on social media attacked me yesterday, in the most irrational and hate filled way, for attending the hunt. When I explained what I have explained above her response was to claim that may be the case but what if the dogs picked up the scent of a fox? Well the hunt pledge to take all measures to avoid that scenario which, to be honest, is a bit like telling me I'm wicked for driving a car because I might have an accident. She then made it perfectly clear that she was actually driven by an irrational hatred of the type of people she thinks ride horses and hunt. She then decided to seek out my wife and started to harass her on social media proving herself to be nothing but a bitter and twisted hate filled bigot.

To book end this example of irrational behaviour we've had an announcement this week that the state is having to take measures to protect free speech in British universities. Cultural Marxism, or political correctness, has pervaded our national life for decades now, it is just as vile as any form of socialism just a little more subtle and slow burning but equally destructive. Our education system and churches are some of the worst offenders, eagerly trying to prove their PC credentials by doing the dirty work of the far left PC brigade for them. Virtue signalling social justice warriors (aka snowflakes) are the absolute curse of the twenty-first century.

For a few years now campaigners, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have been trying to get books banned from British universities, indeed even The Guardian, that bastion of irrational liberalism and fake news, has felt it necessary to fight this attack on freedom in several issues. After all, when the mob starts banning books and anything else they deem to be 'offensive' who says somebody won't decide it's you and your opinions next?

That British universities have to be forced to stop banning people who they disapprove of from speaking and from banning books they disapprove of is highly concerning and should worry everybody who believes in freedom, rationality and logic. If these snowflakes are so upset and scared of people with alternative philosophies and ideologies then why are they at university at all? Isn't university supposed to be about having your ideals and beliefs challenged? Isn't it about learning how to face people you disagree with or disapprove of and dismantling their arguments using logic and reason.

It seems that today's students lack the confidence and intellect to face the real world and need to run and hide in a safe space. Hardly good preparation for the rigours of the real world.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Leftie Hysteria

Yesterday I spent a few hours bobbing around in my van listening to the radio. Listening to the radio was not the purpose of bobbing around in my van, I could have stayed at home and listened, I was playing Santa. I was listening to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 and one of the topics up for discussion was the sale of 21st Century Fox by Rupert Murdoch. Cue leftie hysteria and their usual emotional and political incontinence as they phoned the show to talk shite.

First up was a clown from the Valleys who pops up on the Vine Show whenever they want a seriously demented leftard to come on and sound like a complete fucking nutjob. I can't remember his name, maybe Dai or Ifor I'm not sure. But oh my he didn't disappoint. According to this goon Murdoch has appointed every Prime Minister since 1979. I used to read the Times but have very rarely read The Sun and never read the News of the World so I for one didn't vote the way Murdoch directed. The problem with lefties is that they are seriously brainwashed zombies who love to follow the leader, be it Stalin, Guevara, Chavez or Grandad Corbyn. I'm amazed at the Cult of Corbyn as he has the charisma of a beached cod, I can only think it's a weird beardy thing.

When reminded that Murdoch's businesses have given gainful employment Taffy almost exploded with misguided righteous indignation spluttering that he built his businesses to make money not as a social service for the populace. Fuck me you couldn't make this shit up could you? I imagine Taffy sitting down to write a business plan that read: 'I can employ 200 people but don't want to make any money because that would be greedy and capitalist'. He would then go into a rage about the greedy banks for not funding his pipe dream, oops sorry, socialist business plan.

Next up was another caller from Wales, this time North Wales. You could tell that even the host could barely suppress his giggles at this loony leftie. He claimed that Murdoch was responsible for millions of deaths around the world through hunger but also from wars because Murdoch had got leaders like George Bush elected who went around the world bombing people.

But the funniest thing was when said leftard went on to claim that Murdoch sold to Disney because Disney is a fascist organisation. I kid you not. When asked to justify this ludicrous statement the caller claimed that it was fascist because Snow White isn't black and doesn't have any black characters in it. I think even Jeremy Vine giggled at that then came back with the suggestion that Snow White was actually a liberal progressive as she employed dwarves so was clearly an equal opportunites employer. Quite witty for the BBC I thought.

The hysteria of the lefties knows no bounds. Reason and logic are alien to them, their political doctrine is driven by emotion and a weird need to get a warm inner glow by seeing injustice and oppression everywhere whether it is a reality or not. That is why the left are so dangerous and why, whenever they have achieved power, they have left in their wake economic ruin and destruction not forgetting death on a huge scale.

I haven't laughed so much in ages.