Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Warsi, Gaza and Israel

I'll be perfectly honest I've never understood why Baroness Warsi was ever in the House of Lords let alone in the government. I always thought it was purely because of her sex and religion and I think her resignation proves that to be the case. Problem being for Cameron now, yet again, he looks weak and tokenistic.

In the current battle in the Middle East my support is fully and unequivocally behind Israel. They have been far more tolerant of Hamas, who have been indiscriminately firing shells into Israel for years, than I would want my government to be if we were under attack. Yet when Israel defends her citizens the media bias is such that people would think Israel just woke up one morning with nothing to do so started attacking Gaza. Warsi didn't resign when Hamas were shelling Israel and our government did nothing to stop them.

It's very telling that around 1,500,000 Arabs live in Israel. There are no Jewish people in Gaza. Indeed Hamas, the elected authority in Gaza, have vowed to wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the earth. Then what? What is now the only parliamentary democracy in the region would become just like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq etc etc.  Would you want to live in a muslim country?

While the pro-Israel demonstrations around the world have been peaceful the pro-Palestine demonstrations have invariably ended in violence. Even in Manchester there have been car loads of muslim men driving through Jewish areas shouting that Hitler was right and hurling missiles at Jewish people. In Paris muslim mobs have attacked Jewish businesses.

I'm glad Warsi has gone and I do wonder whether muslims can actually put this country first or whether their faith always comes first. I certainly know that my Catholocism wouldn't have stopped me fighting Catholic Italy in 1939 had I been alive. But then most of us can see that people with whom we share a common faith or philosophy aren't always right, nor are  we.