Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nice Mr Obama

As people question Barack Obama's recent 'I'm the Leader of the Free World Tour 2008' more shenanigans from the great one's camp have emerged. This is a report from Israel National News.

It seems there has been a spat in the Israeli media about who leaked the contents of a private religious message left by Obama in the Kotel when he visited. It made Obama look like an all round decent chap, buffing his Christian credentials and showing his "humility". Problem is he leaked it himself. Not very modest that.

Police State

I am currently helping arrange a few speakers for the UKIP national conference in
September, it's always refreshing to have speakers from organisations outside UKIP. While doing this pleasant task I Googled Guy Herbert, Gen. Sec. of No2ID and came across this splendid, albeit chilling article from the Times in 2006.

Language of Politics

Miliband is widely reported as calling for a "summer of introspection". It's interesting at times like this how the language of politics becomes barely recognisable as English.

What "summer of introspection" actually means is "don't look within Gordon, look behind to check what's hovering between your shoulder blades, knife crime on the way".

"New Labour won three elections by offering real change, not just in policy but in the way we do politics. We must do so again. So let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves, enjoy a break, and then find the confidence to make our case afresh." This nice phrase, translated into real English means: "Remember those heady days under Tony when we couldn't lose? Well it's time for another real change, another change of leader, time to put a fresh faced young chap like me in charge".

Paraguay at the Crossroads

This was one of my earliest posts.

Having spent some time in Latin America, and particularly Paraguay, I am sad to see the problems that lie ahead there due to a 'turbulent priest'. The piece below is taken from The Lighthouse.

President-elect Fernando Lugo will face huge obstacles to fostering a prosperous democracy when he takes power in Paraguay in August. As Carlos Alberto Montaner, advisor to the Independent Institute's Center on Global Prosperity notes, the former Catholic bishop can hardly look to positive role models among his immediate neighbors. Argentina under the Kirchners is experiencing a new form of Peronism. Brazil? Lugo will likely be butting heads with it. Bolivia? Morales is Chavez "light."

An alternative way to frame the choice for Lugo is to consider not Paraguay's geographically closest neighbors, but rather two countries that exemplify widely divergent visions of economic development: Venezuela and Ireland. Which of the two approaches is he more likely to emulate?

"If he is guided by the rancorous nonsense of Liberation Theology, his country will undoubtedly follow the Venezuelan road and plunge into a deep political and economic crisis," writes Montaner. "If he chooses to look to Ireland (or Chile, close to home), he'll be able to serve his neediest compatriots, which is what he apparently desires. I haven't the slightest notion of what he'll do, but, with the passing of years, I've learned that optimism is usually followed by frustration. Lamentably."

"Paraguay: Ireland or Venezuela?" by Carlos Alberto Montaner (7/16/08)

Center on Global Prosperity (Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Director)

Purchase Lessons from the Poor: The Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit, edited by Alvaro Vargas Llosa.

Purchase Liberty for Latin America: How to Undo Five Hundred Years of State Oppression, by Alvaro Vargas Llosa.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lawn Mower Murder

I've seen this story in a couple of publications in the last few days. Not being one for gardening, my excuse for ours is that 'I've planned it like a real meadow', I sympathise with anyone who shoots the life out of a lawnmower. Having said that I think up to six years in jail for doing it is a bit excessive.

Beyond gardens my DIY phobia probably manifests itself most extremely in IKEA. I wonder what I would get for nuking an IKEA store?

Friday, July 25, 2008

On Yer Bike Dave! Or Perhaps Not.

Poor Dave Cameron, he's had his bike nicked. What I've never worked out is whether his bike is a genuine mode of transport or a prop. Either way having it nicked should make him think twice about stocking up on salad at the supermarket. Get a grip man, you're not a rabbit.

If it is a genuine mode of transport can I suggest he replaces the nicked one with a proper bike, hand made by English craftsmen next to his constituency? Go on Dave, buy a Pashley. That's a real bike.

Life's Grim

When you think life's a bummer, and you think you've got problems. Just think on, you could be Gordon Brown!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

By Gum It's Hot Down South

Currently in Central London on a writing for radio course. Today has been extremely good, but I've got 'homework' tonight so posting the rest of this week will be sporadic, at best. A blessed relief some may say!

It's amazing how humid London gets as soon as it warms up and today is extremely humid. Mind you, I get home on Friday and am off to speak at the UKIP North East rally in Stockton on Saturday, so that will cool me down, it's probably still frosty in the mornings up there!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yankophobia and Pinko Liberals!

David Aaronovitch is a writer who often enrages me, but in this article from the Times today I have to say he is absolutely spot on.

It always strikes me that pinko liberals go berserk if you criticise a whole group, let alone a whole nation or, God forbid, a whole race. But when it comes to the USA it's open season, the whole nation is fat, greedy, drives cars that do 2 miles to the gallon and have no culture whatsoever. They are loud, rude and all wear outrageous Hawaiian shirts and baseball caps back-to-front. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Pinko liberals have this sickly habit of referring to what we used to call 'Red Indians' as 'native Americans', when in reality they were originally immigrants themselves, they just got there slightly earlier than the Dutch, English etc. Now this to me implies that they, 'native Americans', have more of a claim than whites who have only been there a couple of hundred years. But you try using that argument about 'native Britons' and the whole PC armoury is pointed directly at your head.

Another example of left-liberal hypocrisy is their criticism of British migrants. You know the ones I mean, they go to Spain or France and turn villages into little England with shops that sell HP sauce and Fray Bentos pies, they don't mingle and integrate with the locals like they should and never bother to learn the lingo. Then you point out that it's a bit like Cheetham Hill in Manchester, or Brick Lane in London where migrants to this country have done the same thing and they go apoplectic with rage, scream that it is a totally different thing and call you a racist.

Personally I think life is too short. If a Briton abroad wants to eat pie and chips let him, and nobody loves Brick Lane more than I do. It's the hypocrisy that gets to me. I can't be doing with all this splitting the population into racial groups and long for the day the far-left and far-right drop racial politics and see us all as human beings, period, as the Americans say.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Here is a worrying development from the Telegraph.

Declan Ganley is to fund 400 candidates in countries that have had no referendum on the Constitutional/Lisbon Treaty. The difficulty as I see it is that Ganley, who is pro-EU but anti-Lisbon Treaty, will be asking people to use the EU elections next June as the referendum they never had, and that a vote for his Libertas movement would be a 'no' to Lisbon.

Yet again the pitch could easily be queered for real Eurosceptic groups, especially withdrawalists such as UKIP. With the money and influence Ganley has his campaign could easily eclipse others, including the Lib-Lab-Con, and draw in votes from real opponents of the European Union seduced by the message.

Another Data Cock-up

This time it's the MOD.

An employee of the MOD left a laptop on the floor beside him while checking out of the Adelphi in Liverpool. Next thing whoosh, it was gone. I'm sure the fact that it was in Liverpool was pure coincidence.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Breaking News

It seems that Gordon Brown has just landed in Iraq, Barack Obama in Afghanistan. Some opportunity there for changing the course of world history!

Treason and the British Constitution

I am currently being bombarded by a bunch of eccentrics because I have questioned the wisdom of trying to bring treason charges against politicians who have taken us into the European Union. Treason is a very difficult one to interpret, people like the late Norris McWhirter and Rodney Atkinson have tried that route and failed. I have the utmost respect for both and met them on a couple of occasions. With their talents and resources to have failed leads me to believe that continuing down that road is a waste of time and effort.

This latest group, the ones I have upset, are basing their efforts on the fact that successive British governments, in relation to the EU, are in breach of the British 'written' constitution.

When I pointed out that we do not have a written constitution , and forwarded a link to an internet site to prove the point, I was told that it was part of a CIA conspiracy.

In fact, thinking about it, they are not eccentric, they are actually mad.

Mark Cavendish-Le Tour

Mark Cavendish has now won four stages of this year's Tour de France. A true sporting great at 23 years old!

Bring on the Olympics.

Enfants Terribles?

For years there has been a pinko tinged group in Britain who worship all things French, indeed all things foreign, while despising British culture.

One of the main symptoms of this is their view of the French attitude to kids, especially their presence in bars and restaurants. There are the constant comparisons between French and British kids when it comes to alcohol, how the French kids don't get drunk because they are given a glass of wine at birth and all that nonsense.

Admittedly you don't tend to fall over drunken, puking teenagers on your way home in Paris or Bordeaux, but I haven't in Lancaster or London either. Indeed I often wonder if the media stage those secenes of semi-clad teenage girls puking in a gutter to spice up their reports on binge drinking.

So if there isn't a problem in France why is the French Health Minister planning to ban under-18s from buying alcohol in bars, restaurants and supermarkets? Is it yet another attempt at EU harmonisation, or do the French actually have a problem with young drinkers too?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Faggot, Pikey, Chav

There you are, in one heading I have used three words that the Fabian Society believe are no longer acceptable and should be banned. Those sanctimonious, humourless PC tits (whoops, that might be another one) at the Fabian Society are at it again. Here is a review of an article in the Fabian Review telling those dear old lefties how evil it is to use the word 'chav'.

They are absolutely appalled that there are websites dedicated to ridiculing 'chavs'. They would be even more appalled to see a shop window in Lancaster proudly displaying their latest t-shirt design bearing the logo 'Vale of Lune Annual Chav Shoot 2008'. They would probably have the shop shut down and the owner on the dole to save the blushes of a nasty little chav.

If you are worried the Fabian Society might be trying to protect you then try The Chav Test. . And if it is you then perhaps you should NOT visit this website. Personally I like chavs, if the football gets boring they give you something to laugh at and take the mickey out of.

In reality the important thing with language is the context, as any reasonably intelligent, mature adult is aware. Sadly the Fabians, like most socialists, are humourless control freaks who love nothing more than taking offence on behalf of a third party, who is probably not in the least bit offended anyway. In fact they are a bit like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Offending Muslims

So the Archbishop of Canterbury finds christianity offensive, which is effectively what he is saying here. I wonder what form his christianity actually takes? I'll bet very few muslims agree with him.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Max Mosley

I'm afraid I can't be bothered reading a great deal about the Max Mosley trial but he does have my sympathy.

What consenting adults do in private is exactly that, private. Why should it be anybody else's business and what right has anybody, especially a newspaper, to hide cameras then publish the private activities of consenting adults merely to cause embarassment?

The invasion of privacy is surely far worse than the bizarre sexual shenanigins of a grown man and grown, consenting women.

After all it's just a little harmless English s&m!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Scilly!

At first I thought this report was a joke.

But it's true. A job ad. for an air traffic controller in the Scillies states that the application pack can be requested in Braille or audio for the blind. By gum it's political correctness gone mad!

The spokesman for the RNIB should be shot.

Mark Cavendish-Le Tour II

What another superb ride from Mark Cavendish yesterday. Even the laid back Mrs B was up from her chair roaring on the young Manxman yesterday afternoon.

Imagine the shattering disappointment today when Andrew Longmore, in the Sunday Times, referred to Mark's Manx accent as 'broad Scouse'! As a Mancunian I would sack Mr Longmore for that.

Anyway, what are the odds now on Mark Cavendish winning a third stage?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mark Cavendish-Le Tour

Congratulations to Manxman Mark Cavendish (Team Columbia) who won yesterday's stage of Le Tour from Cholet to Chateauroux, he even managed a sprint finish after riding 232km!

Report here and video of him crossing the line.

In the overall standings David Millar of Scotland is in 3rd position and Christian Vandevelde in 6th, both of Team Garmin-Chipotle.

'Brave New Britain'

New Labour, and Cameron's Blue Labour, are really uniting a diverse group of freedom fighters in the battle to save what freedoms and liberty we have left,and hopefully, to restore many that have recently been eroded.

A couple of days ago I was singing the praises of Peter Tatchell and the Green Party position in today's Haltemprice and Howden by-election, today it is the turn of Bob Geldoff to stand and take a bow.

Bob Geldoff's article in today's Telegraph.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Police State

Yet another case of mistaken identity in this report.

Yet another innocent man arrested by a mob of harmed plod. Still 'if you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear'. Oh, unless you happen to be an innocent Brazilian at Stockwell tube station. At least plod at Bournemouth didn't shoot this lucky bugger.

Just think, one day it could be you!

Three Good Ones In Westminster

When Bob Spink came to UKIP I was pleased, especially because of his principled stand on abortion. I was disappointed, to say the least, when he voted for 42 day internment but he has redeemed himself with this piece in the Telegraph condemning the proposed further liberalisation of the abortion laws.

Also to be commended for her stand is Nadine Dorries. It's good to know there are still one or two people in Westminster with principle.

And for the hat-trick, hats off to Baroness Manningham Buller. The former MI5 chief blew the lid off the government's pretence that the 'intelligence community' supported 42 day internment. Hats off to her and you can read all about it, and see a video of her speech here.

I don't think I've ever praised three politicos, well two MPs and a Baroness, in one post before.

EU Elections

Next June the 'citizens of the EU' (that's us) go to the polls, well probably around 20% will bother going to the polls. Working for an MEP who like me wants Britain out of the whole sorry mess, it does make me ponder, quite frequently, on these strange circumstances.

I think back regularly to about 20 years ago in London. Along with Mrs B I attended a meeting with Enoch Powell. During the meeting he was asked how he recommended people vote in the next European elections. Mr Powell thought for a second or two before responding that he wouldn't soil his hands on a European ballot paper. His argument was that voting only gave it a veneer of credibility, even a modicum of legitimacy.

In 2004 I was second on the UKIP list of candidates for the North West in the last Euro elections. On the day of the count, but before it began, I appeared on the BBC's Politics Show. Towards the end of the show Arlene McCarthy, a particularly unpleasant Labour MEP, accused us (UKIP) of lacking the principle of Sinn Fein, who refused to take their seats in the Westminster Parliament that they opposed. My thoughts at this comment were that their 'principles' hadn't stopped them taking part in the process or taking the taxpayers' money that came with having MPs. Having said that they are now power sharing in Ulster.

Since 1999 UKIP have had MEPs in Brussels/Strasbourg, 3 originally 10 now. While there have been very real benefits from this representation how near are we to a breakthrough in Westminster, other than defectors from another party? We must remember that even if all 75 or so MEPs elected next year for the UK were UKIP, they would not be able to get us out. In the meantime the building of the EU superstate continues apace.

If we look at a few parliamentary by-election results it is quite a depressing picture. In 2000 I stood in the Preston by-election and got 2.1%. In Crewe and Nantwich this May, nine years after our first MEPs were elected, we got 2.2%. In Henley last month, in the aftermath of the Irish referendum, we got 2.4%. To be honest there have been very occasional flashes of hope such as the Hartlepool by-election (10.2%) but, being slightly harsh and a little cliched, so soon after our success in the 2004 Euros a monkey could have achieved that result, and did actually top it in the following Hartlepool mayoral election when H'Angus was elected. In neighbouring Sedgefield last year we got 1.9%

Is it also inevitable that if a party's highest profile people are over in Brusssels/Strasbourg for a high proportion of their time, that the party's centre of gravity will inevitably move with them? If so focus on Westminster, let alone local elections, becomes virtually impossible.

Politics is an ever changing landscape and we have to constantly observe and question. Blindly following the same route is more than likely to lead you down a blind alley. I'm just wondering if there is another way.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm Scared!

Perhaps I'm in some weird kind of temporary parallel universe, but here is an article by Pater Tatchell on the Green Party website. What worries me is that I agree with so much of it.

There are parts with which I diasagree, such as opposing the abolition of the Human Rights Act, but overall, if I compare the Green position and that of David Davis, I would seriously have to think if I were a voter in Haltemprice and Howden, about desserting Mr Davis.

Davis called the by-election for the sole reason of using it as a referendum on the erosion of our freedoms and liberties. On reading the Green Party position I would have to say, in the rarified atmosphere of this bizarre by-election, I would quite probably vote Green on Thursday given the chance.

However, when you start to think about Peter Tatchell as a libertarian you don't have to dig deep to find that he is yet another 'when it suits me' libertarian. So just to balance the argument here is an article from the Liberarian Alliance website questioning Tatchell's libertarianism.

I do feel a bit better for that but would probably still vote Green on Thursday in Haltemprice and Howden, even if only to piss off lots of Yorkshiremen!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pamplona-San Fermin

I was drawn, perhaps a little ghoulishly, to a BBC headline declaring a man killed on the first day of the San Fermin fiesta in Pamplona. On reading the article I discovered that he was a drunken Irishman who fell off a wall. Sadly, it looks like the poor fella didn't get the chance to run with the bulls before he died.

There have also been demonstrations by green veggie types in their underwear against the bull run and subsequent bullfights. Let the bulls loose on the veggie types I say.

The fiesta has taken place since 1591 and incredibly only 13 deaths have been recorded since they started keeping count in 1924. If you can't get there this page has a superb video which really gives you a flavour of the real excitement of the bull run. Must try to get there again next year.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pray to Allah?

It seems that two boys have been punished in Alsager, Cheshire for refusing to kneel and pray to Allah in an RE lesson. Additionally several parents have complained to the school, and quite rightly too.

It's one thing learning about other religions in school, but play-acting worshipping is deeply insulting to the religion concerned, as well as the unfortunate participants. It shows a frightening level of ignorance and plain stupidity on the part of the school and the teacher involved, who should be the ones being punished.

I can't help wondering how many flags would have been burnt and British embassies attacked, or even worse, if it had been Muslims being forced to pretend to be Christian.

Le Grand Depart

Members of Team Garmin-Chipotle, the team to watch in this year's Le Tour, with Scotsman David Millar third from left. Not long to wait now, Le Grand Depart is today on ITV4. Let's see how a clean dope-free team compete. Their strategy is to treat each stage as a race in its own right, probably guaranteeing they won't hold the Yellow Jersey in Paris in three weeks time, but they will definitely entertain. Let's hope they at least get to wear yellow once or twice over the next three weeks.

On Yer Bike

A youngster (left) takes delivery of the first New Labour bike.

The nutty Fabian Society is now recommending that big nanny state buys every 10 year old a nice, shiny new bike. What with Alan Johnson wishing the NHS a 'happy birthday' on the Labour Party website, I think the Comrades really have finally and utterly lost the plot.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Supping With The Devil

A wise old friend of mine often uses the phrase: "If you sup with the devil you need a long spoon". She usually uses it in relation to Eurosceptic involvement with the processes and institutions of the EU, meaning the 'parliament' really, but that's another matter. However, Dave Cameron and cuddly Boris could have done worse than bear that saying in mind some time ago.

It has been obvious to reasonably sensible, and objective people, for some time that the Tory Party is beyond help. Dave has gone out of his way to turn it into some pale imitation of Tony's New Labour project but it was, quite frankly, finished way before then. It reminds me of churches that modernise and the pews begin to empty. So the clerics think the answer is to modernise a bit more, and the pews continue to empty. So they get even more carried away with modernity, even when they are closing down churches and can't find enough people to ordain as priests. In a similar way the Tories have embraced political correctness.

The last few days have really shown this with nutty old Boris Johnson (who else?) slap in the middle of the controversy. Admittedly The Grauniad has played a central role in the recent shenanigins, but the Tories are big enough to know the key players in the nation's political life. The problem is that Boris has tried to play the really modern, trendy vicar and he must now be surely emptying his church even quicker than it has been emptying in recent years.

There are two problems. Namely, Ray Lewis and James McGrath. The first is black and is being investigated by an independent inquiry, set up by Boris, after allegations about him surfaced in The Grauniad. The second was an advisor of Johnson's sacked for 'non-racist racist' remarks in an effort to appease the politically correct constituency of London, none of whom probably did, nor ever would, vote for Boris. That is, in a single paragraph, a precis of the situation.

The problem is that once people who do not believe in something, try to be seen to believe in it, they pretty soon come a cropper. So Boris has played racial politics and burnt his fingers pretty badly. Here is why I think that to be the case, and it focuses on Ray Lewis, rather than James McGrath, about whom I have posted previously.

Thanks to political correctness there is now a view that when a Tory politician, such as Johnson, appoints somebody like Lewis to the post of deputy mayor for young people, it might just be a stunt to show how 'right-on' he is. I'm not saying that is true, merely that many people believe that some people cynically appoint a token ethnic minority or two to try and fend off future accusations of racism by the politically correct, an unforeseen consequence of political correctness sadly.

Then, when one of your advisors replies something like: "Well they can leave can't they", to a question about Afro-Caribbean people not wanting to live in a London run by Johnson, you cock it up because you are on territory you didn't want to inhabit in the first place, so you over-react and sack him, just in case not doing so upsets the politically correct.

Now then, The Grauniad. I don't believe that Ray Lewis merely popped up after the mayoral election to be given a job by Boris. It seems to me that they held their knowledge of the allegations back until they could do most damage to Boris, just when things were calming down after the sacking of McGrath. Furthermore, it could get rid of one of the mayor's black advisors leaving him open to future accusations of racism, either way it has made Johnson and the Tories look like buffoons. Also, were the Tories in such a desperate rush to have Lewis on their team that they failed to check his past out properly?

If all that sounds cynical then I make no apologies. The politically correct, or the left-wing, are much more cynical and immoral when it comes to politics and race than the gullible old Tories, as shown this last fortnight by Dave and Boris. The best advice is to be true to your beliefs and principles, at least then you will survive or fall with your conscience intact.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Perils of Curry

An innocent curry (left) or the basic ingredient for a WMD?

This story made me titter.

It seems that passengers on a flight thought they were under an attack of poison gas by terrorists. The pilot landed in Belgrade and the plane was evacuated and searched. It transpires that the fumes were from a container of curry powder in the hold.

Imagine what kind of gas attack could be carried out if an Islamic fanatic were to eat the contents of the container then go on the rampage! Or for that matter a gang of fat lads after 18 pints followed by an Indian and a couple of pints of Cobra.

Ponglish and Piccadilly Palare

It seems that Poles in the UK have started speaking a mixture of Polish and English known as Ponglish. Read all about it here. It's nothing new though, immigrants have developed strange hybrid languages over the centuries and have influenced the native language too.

Even schoolboys have been at it. When I was at school in the 70s kids spoke their own language called 'backslang'. I often wonder if that influenced Manchester music legend Morrissey who wrote the brilliant 'Piccadilly Palare':

The piccadilly palare
Was just silly slang
Between me and the boys in my gang
Exchanging palare
You wouldnt understand
Good sons like you
Never do.

In this it was a means of communicating without parents and 'good sons' finding out what they were up to. In the past gays had their own lingo, adapted by Kenneth Williams for comedy purposes, and cockney rhyming slang came about so that criminals could communicate without the police understanding them.

So now you know!

A Referendum At Last

It's amazing how 8,000 signatures on a petition in Bury can trigger a referendum on whether to have an elected mayor or not, but no amount of signatures can force one on the Lisbon Treaty.

If the government are saying that the mayor of a borough council plays a more important role in our lives than the EU, thereby requiring a referendum on whether to elect one or not, why waste millions on something as trivial as the EU, let's just leave it!

If the people of Bury do vote for an elected mayor let's hope they vote in the Black Pudding as the people of Hartlepool voted in H'Angus the Monkey.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Team Clean

With "Le Tour" now less than a week away, the Sunday Times had an interesting article this week which included an interview with ex-cyclist Jonathan Vaughters.

Vaughters has got the backing to set up a dope free team in this year's Tour de France, known as Team Clean but actual name Team Garmin-Chipotle. They test their riders more stringently than any cycle racing authorities and deserve to do well this year for that reason alone.

Think I'll be keeping a close eye on them. Interestingly Vaughters first professional team in Europe was a Spanish team run by Opus Dei.