Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't Look Back In Anger

New Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn
2015 saw the Tories, very marginally the lesser of two evils, win a majority in the general election leading to disastrous Labour leader Ed Miliband riding off into the sunset. Enter stage left the even bigger disaster, new Labour leader Jeremy "Call Me Comrade" Corbyn.

Corbyn's election was greeted by the delusional left as a "breath of fresh air" and the election of an "anti-politician leader". The reality is that Corbyn has the distinctive stench of the particularly vile brand of left-wing politics that brought this country to its knees in the 1970s. Most people mature over several decades, Corbyn is stuck in the past, preserved in aspic. He is of the deeply patronising class warrior persuasion while coming from a very comfortable middle class background. Ever heard a Bob Dylan song "The Times They are A'Changing" Jezza?

As for him being the anti-politician, man of the people confronting all those career politicians, don't make me laugh. Despite going to a very good grammar school Jezza bypassed higher education and went to work first as a trade union official, then for the Labour Party. He was elected to represent Islington in 1983. Hardly a solid grounding in the real world of work and life. Since then, until being  elected leader, he had never been trusted by his party in any other position than backbench loose cannon. Since 1983 he has voted consistently against his own party, but now demands loyalty from his parliamentary colleagues.

Then we saw Frau Merkel, stern dominatrix of the German volk, inviting the world's poor, oppressed and hate filled jihadis into Europe, no questions asked. This open door policy has seen over 1,000,000 people invading Europe, clearly the most irresponsible move by a senior European politician this century. I wrote about our experiences travelling with illegal immigrants from Austria to Germany before so, rather than bore you, just clink on this link if you care to read it.

Since then we have seen migrants fighting each other, radicalising migrants already here and seen a rise in far right parties across Europe as populations become ever angrier at being consistently ignored by the establishment of country after country. I will not go on about this as I wrote about my views on the subject in this post.

Underpinning the constant undermining of our way of life is political correctness, a form of intellectual imprisonment that suppresses freedom by accusing those opposing certain policies of being 'offensive' or guilty of an 'ism'. A couple of big examples in recent weeks have brought the nonsense of political correctness into sharp focus.

Donald Trump is running for the Republican Party nomination in the US presidential election. Unlike career politicians Trump sees muslims slaughtering people all over the world and does not pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam, it clearly does. When one of the San Bernardino murderers was found to have gone through the US vetting system, without her easily traceable radicalisation in Pakistan being flagged up, he called for a temporary halt to muslims entering the US until the system was reviewed and reformed to prevent this happening again. The politically correct immediately screamed racism (despite Islam being a religion) and 500,000 of the emotionally incontinent in the UK signed a petition condemning his call to ban anybody entering any country by calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK. But that's lefties for you, hypocrites to a man.

Meanwhile Oxford University's Oriel College is under siege from the terminally offended for having a statue to nineteenth century imperialist and entrepreneur Sir Cecil Rhodes. They claim the statue could somehow offend black students because of Rhodes' work in southern Africa. This is supposed to be one of the world's finest universities but the students, and some academics, are behaving like tyrannical Stalinist madmen who think that removing statues removes history. Well it doesn't and why would rational, thinking human beings want to? It shows how inadequate and second rate our education system is now.

Tell you what, a real way to attack Rhodes would be for all those people now attacking, from all ethnic backgrounds, who have gained degrees supported financially by Rhodes Scholarships to hand back their degrees and repay the Rhodes money they were happy to take. But don't hold your breath.

So best wishes to all and I hope you have a happy and prosperous 2016. Attack political correctness wherever rears its ugly head and stay rational.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's A Mad, Mad World

As we hurtle towards the end of another year most of us start looking back on the last twelve months, and start to really recognise how the madness has continued unabated.

Let's look at the Labour Party first, a bunch of loonies at the best of times but now they are flying at the speed of sound towards total insanity. It started with Miliband changing their leadership election rules so that, for a mere £3, you could register as a supporter and vote in their leadership election. All you had to agree to was a belief in equality and stuff like that, all the stuff that's a bit airy fairy and hypothetical. So, many thousands of us signed up and got one of politics biggest losers elected as party leader. I've never laughed so much for a mere £3, much cheaper than a night at the Comedy Store.

Corbyn is the loser who has been on the backbenches since being elected in 1983. In fact I think he has been a cryogenic experiment and was actually deep frozen in 1983 his views have changed so little. A real throwback who is doing everything we hoped he would do. Keep up the good work Agent Corbyn but ease off a little, we don't want your leadership challenged in 2016, you have more work to do to really wreck the Labour Party.

Then we've Angela Merkel, the barking mad dominatrix of the German people. She who had the genius idea of opening up Germany to migrants and nutjobs from all over the muslim world. Problem being that once said nutjobs enter Germany and register they are free to move throughout Europe. Frau Merkel is apparently so stupid she didn't realise that this would produce a crisis.

I thought at the time that Merkel/the EU created the crisis to eventually offer the EU as the only solution to the problem. Lo and behold, this week the EU has announced the creation of a land and naval border security force (army and navy) under control of the EU with the power to close a country's borders whether that country wants its borders closed or not. If you trust the EU you are clearly in need of help!

So this year we have had thousands and thousands of muslim migrants from all over the world flooding unchecked into Europe. ISIS announced a long time ago its intention to infiltrate psychopaths into Europe disguised as refugees. But dare raise these issues and the politically correct nutjobs accuse YOU of extremism and claim that the overwhelming majority of muslims are lovely and cuddly. Oh aye, well name one muslim country you would be happy to live in.

Across the pond, one of the San Bernadino butchers had entered the USA legally but checks hadn't found her extremist background. Donald Trump suggested that closing the US borders to muslims until the mess was sorted out might be a good idea. The politically correct nutjobs went so hysterical they started foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. "You can't stop people coming into your country like that!" they screamed. Then started an online petition to stop Donald Trump entering the UK. Of course the BBC made great play of 500,000 people signing said petition. They forgot to mention that a petition to stop (muslim) immigration into the UK immediately had also garnered 500,000. signatures.

It really is a mad, mad world.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

I'm not a supporter of capital punishment, but there are times when certain events make me, like anybody else, wonder if it's the only option.

Earlier today Frasier Glenn Miller, a 74 year old white supremacist, was sentenced to death by a court in Kansas for the murder of three people, for no other reason than that they were Jewish. As the sentence was announced he shouted 'Heil Hitler'.

To a certain element anti-Semitism, which is frighteningly on the rise in Europe reflecting the rise of militant Islam, seems to be the last socially acceptable form of racism. It's good to see that in the USA at least one judge in one court is taking a serious stand against this sickness.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

FC United of Manchester-Bloody Hell!

Tomorrow I will be visiting my parents then taking my dad for a curry in north Manchester before watching FC United of Manchester play Chesterfield, an English league club, in the FA Cup. The game has been moved from Saturday for the sake of television, this time BT Sport. FC United came about because of the Glazer takeover of Manchester United and the general commercialisation of football. Laudable sentiments with which I concur completely.

The game was moved to suit the Football Association and BT Sport. But we are a democratic club and voted, some years ago, to compete in the FA Cup knowing that games could be moved for TV. So it seems reasonable to me that we accept, albeit begrudgingly and while making our views known, the game being moved. But no, the Football Taliban have gone into overdrive and want to boycott the first half and abuse anybody who disagrees. Well tough!

In 2010 we played Rochdale in the FA Cup. The game was moved to a Friday night (Nov 5th) but there was no boycott. When this is raised with the boycotters it seems that the goalposts move and the argument is not that kick off should be 3 00 on a Saturday but that Friday is less inconvenient than Monday night. That is moving the argument away from one of principle to a group of spoilt brats spitting their dummies out. Pathetic.

Certain elements of FC United's support have decided to boycott the first half of the game and regard those of us who disagree as not real supporters. They are the leftie element who scream intolerance at anybody they disagree with but are generally the most intolerant and bigoted people you are likely to come across, if you dare to disagree with them.

We'll enjoy our pre-match curry and be in there in good time for kick off, whatever anybody else says or does.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bread and Circuses-UK 2015

There comes a time when great civilisations come to an end, and I doubt it's ever pretty for those involved. It feels ever more like our civilisation is crumbling, maybe it deserves to and certainly the politically correct left are hellbent on hastening our demise as has always been their aim.

For me the rot set in during the 1960s. That decade bred an attitude of self, self, self. An attitude of I want so I will have and sod the consequences for society. That blighted decade led directly to abortion on demand. It led to the breakdown of the traditional family. It led to the kind of welfare system that pays people to claim rather than work, and for women to breed with or without a husband knowing that the state (the rest of us) will pick up the bill.

We now live in a society where a man can decide he's a woman and have the operation, estimated cost £30,000 and the rest of us pay the bill. The NHS in crisis? Well stop spending money on that kind of thing and other vanity treatments. If they really want to mutilate their bodies in that way then let them pay to have it done privately. I have no problem if that's what they want to do with their bodies but don't expect me to regard them as women any more than I would regard a man on all fours trolling around barking to have suddenly become a dog.

These people on the fringe plead tolerance and acceptance of their lifestyle choices, but God help anybody who dissents then you find that their belief in freedom and tolerance suddenly evaporates. Witness Germaine Greer last week facing the wrath of the politically correct Stasi for daring to question aspects of transsexuality. Cardiff University appears to harbour groups of students dedicated to killing free speech and policing thought, which is no surprise to many people who have long believed our education system to be nothing more than a brainwashing factory controlled by the politically correct to promote their own agenda and crush anybody daring to think differently.

Then you look at the TV schedules and it is quite shocking. In centuries gone by people who were different from the norm were paraded around the streets for the entertainment of the general populace, John Merrick, the Elephant Man being one. On April 1st the mentally ill were released from Bedlam for the day to be goaded and ridiculed by the general populace. This kind of thing was ended years ago, or so I thought.

But no, our TV schedules are full of it. There are programmes about the ugliest people dating each other. The fattest people looking for friendship and love. The tiniest most deformed people trying to find partners. These programmes are not informative or educational, they are modern day freak shows. Animals are no longer allowed to perform in most circuses but we can parade humans on TV for the general populace to gawp at and get some strange kind of pleasure from.

I began this post blaming the me, me, me decade of the '60s with it's so called liberation challenging of the norms of society. What it actually did was lead to people wanting to do whatever they wanted while abrogating personal responsibility. Screw up? Somebody else will pick up the pieces and pay for it. Help your neighbour and your wider community? No, let the local council or the state do that, but as long as I vote for a party that will promise to help the poor and needy I can get a nice warm glow without getting my hands dirty.

Most of my working life I worked for medical charities. From the mid 1980s the level of volunteer involvement became ever smaller. Volunteer recruitment became ever more difficult. We are now seeing the results of the attitude that defined the 1960s. Peoples' answer to any problem today, ironically most prevalent amongst the politically correct in my experience, is not to roll up their sleeves and help but to call for the state to deal with it. That means the government, the politicians those same people they claim to loathe and ultimately the poor old tax payer. Because what they don't seem to understand is that government doesn't have a big money tree, we pay for them to swan around splashing the cash to get a few extra votes and to make the politically feel a warm, smug glow of self satisfaction.m

The bread and circuses have anaesthetised the populace to reality and they can't or won't see the wider picture. Pretty soon it will be too late and they'll ask how it was allowed to happen. Maybe if they wake up now and look around they will actually see for themselves before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Refugees? What Refugees?

We are now back in Blighty after a seventeen day jaunt by train through France, Italy, Austria and Germany and quite a break it's been. Where to start?

Train travel is fantastic, especially the decadence of a splendid meal in the dining car then going back to your cabin to find the beds have been made up with lovely fresh linen sheets. Incredibly it doesn't break the bank and you don't have the completely over the top security crap to suffer that they put you through at airports. So we took Eurostar to Paris then an overnighter to Venice. A day in Venice then the pleasant train ride to Rome where we had an apartment for nine nights.

We attended a General Audience with Pope Francis in Rome, visited as many historic sites as we could fit in and managed a day trip to Naples to visit Pompeii. Wonderful country and Rome is a very special city.

From Rome we took the sleeper to Vienna, this was last Thursday (8th October). There was a crisis at Terminii station in Rome but we finally got the train. The fun started when we got to Vienna on the Friday morning.

We'd been warned about travelling by train to Munich (our next destination) and Vienna by friends before we left. We had kept abreast with the news but our friends had reliable contacts, especially in Munich and warned us that the situation was worse than suggested by the British media. We decided to take our chances as there was still nearly three weeks until we got to Vienna and Munich. The three weeks had passed and there we were.

We arrived last Friday in Vienna to find the Hauptbahnof teeming with migrants, over 95% of whom were young men in their twenties, some maybe early thirties. The atmosphere was quite threatening and outside the station, as at the Westbahnof in Vienna, there were police vans and ambulances. We are not inexperienced or particularly nervous travellers, in 1990/91 we travelled overland through Central and South America including Bogota, Colombia at the height of the drug cartels. But this was a new experience, and it was in Europe.

On Sunday we checked our tickets to Munich for the following day and found that we didn't have reserved seats, so we went to Westbahnof tickets in hand. Passing by police, ambulances and gangs of young migrants we went straight to the information stand to be told that our train to Munich the next day had been cancelled. That train hadn't run for three weeks as the border at Salzburg had been closed because of the migrant crisis.

When we got over the shock we were told that we could swap our tickets for tickets to a small town in Bavaria called Plattling and then would take a local train to Munich. It meant that we only got into Munich around 8 00pm and we would sacrifice our afternoon in Munich but at least we would be able to get back on track for our early departure on the Monday to Paris.

So on Monday we turned up at the station and boarded the train. There were still hundreds of migrants, police and so on around the station but we got into our seats and suddenly the carriage filled, just before departure with migrants. At a guess our carriage, with around 120 seats, had around 100 migrants in it. The train departed heading to Germany where we would cross the border at Passau.

We arrived at Passau to hear a voice coming down the train asking for passports. We got ours out ready for inspection. We then heard people being ordered off the train. When we looked back down the carriage the polizei were ejecting migrants without passports or ID cards from the train. Of those in our carriage the only people with Syrian passports were a family of four. All the others that we heard claimed to be Syrian but when challenged had no papers and admitted not being Syrian when pressed, they came from a whole range of countries except Syria.

The train eventually left Passau and a full train was virtually empty. Looking out of the window we saw hundreds of illegal immigrants being herded onto buses outside the station. As in Vienna over 90% of them were young males.

We've never really been beach holiday/sun worshipping people, each to his own, but this was a new experience we really didn't expect. Yes we knew there had been trouble at many stations in central and eastern Europe which is where we feared there may have been problems. But it seems the problems with migrants at Munich have been pretty well sorted after the border closure. We can only think that our route (Hamburg the ultimate destination) is now being used to funnel the migrants to Passau, presumably to be given asylum or to be repatriated.

The Hungarian government claims that up to 30,000 migrants were repelled on its southern border this last weekend. This not a refugee crisis, this is a migrant crisis brought about by the megalomaniac German Chancellor. She precipitated this crisis by opening German borders to all Syrians and dropping the necessary checks and regulations to speed up the process. That is why potentially millions are flooding into Europe overland, without any identification but claiming to be Syrian. As we saw for ourselves the overwhelming majority are neither Syrian nor refugees.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rome, Pope and Curry

Tomorrow we attend our General Audience in St Peter's Square with Pope Francis. Well it it wouldn't be a be a Papal Audience without Pope Francis would it?

We got our tickets about 4 45 this afternoon and it was the usual Italian style debacle. Last week we checked and were told exactly where we had to go to collect our tickets, between 3 00 and 5 00 today. On our way to the Vatican the buses went awry, so we jumped in a taxi, which are an absolute life saver in Rome. He got us there in good time.

But when we went to where we had been told to collect them we were told no, we had to go to the exact opposite point in St Peter's Square. Cue fight through thousands across the square and a search for our queue. Ask numerous people, in uniform, where you need to be and you get numerous answers. That's Rome/Italy. We finally found our queue and have our tickets. Another early start for a 7 00am bus to get us there for 8 00am, the Papal Audience is at 10 00am.

One thing we have learned this time in Rome is to take nothing for granted. If somebody says your bus leaves from point A check, because the next person might inform you that it leaves from point B.

All the guides claim you can buy bus/underground day tickets from newsagents and tobacconists. We tried the newsagent and was told to try the tobacconist, who told us try the local metro station, a ten minute walk away.

We tried to watch Lazio football club on Sunday night. You couldn't buy tickets at the 75,000 seat Olympic Stadium, we had to go to a corner shop in a back street that passed as the Lazio club shop. To describe the system as chaotic would be generous. Hundreds of people left after waiting for nearly an hour realising that we would probably only get in to buy tickets well into the second half of the game. An utter shambles.

Don't waste your time visiting the tourist information offices in Rome. We have visited three. They have no information, treat you with absolute disdain and, in one case we stood there for five minutes while she had a chat with her pal and just ignored us.

The service in the bars and restaurants is excellent, which is most important. Live in Rome? I would end up slaughtering people, but it's still a first class place to visit. But only if you possess copious amounts of patience.

Tonight we had a fantastic curry at the New Delhi Indian near Termini station. Fantastic, a week of pizza and pasta does have you craving something with spice.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Football In Rome-SS Lazio

What an utter, pathetic, imbecilic shambles trying to get to watch Lazio was today. Yes, I don't like them, they play in the same colours as Manchester's less successful and less well supported club but eh, it's Rome so let's try it.

En route to the stadium a couple of lads told us how they had serious trouble in Rome getting tickets. Seems .....

Do you know, I'm now losing the will to live recounting this tedious tale, so suffice to say that Lazio are shite at selling tickets, and let's face it bums on seats is what it should be about, so we pissed off and had a nice meal and a few drinks instead.

Our only worse experience is Rome's tourist information offices. They are staffed by sullen miserabilists who treat you like a piece of dross wafting in from the street and immediately you ask a question refer you elsewhere.

Apart from that it's great.

We're off to Naples for the day tomorrow.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

More On Rome

Rome is a fantastic place, an absolute must see, but be careful where you eat. On our first full day here I had food poisoning, not enough to be rushed off for treatment but enough to make the sightseeing a little uncomfortable.

My advice is avoid the really cheap cafes/restaurants, they are cheap for a reason. If a main course is a tenner be careful, if paying 6 Euros more means you avoid food poisoning it's money well spent. I'm not sure where I copped it but it was one of three places. In the third place I saw asterisks by most of the dishes. When I looked at the bottom of the page they were all frozen meals. That is probably why similar dishes look identical in all the cheap cafes/restaurants, they're all at it.

But don't be put off, there is some fantastic food around but remember, saving a couple of quid could be dangerous.

Friday, October 02, 2015


Been in Rome since Tuesday night and here are a few observations.

If the pelican crossing is on red it means you are in very serious danger if you cross the road. If it is on green it means you are in really serious danger if you cross the road.

If a policeman in white shirt and helmet is in the road peeping his whistle and stopping the traffic, before gesturing you to cross, you are still in really serious danger as the minute he turns his back the traffic accelerates on anyway.

The quaint traffic is just one of the reasons why Rome is such a great city.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Now It's Personal Merkel!

I've said it before and I will now repeat it. Europe is being invaded by muslims. They are not refugees they are migrants. Refugees flee terror and danger and take refuge in a safe place. Once they decide to leave that sanctuary they become migrants. That's just so you know when I refer to 'migrants' who I am referring to.

Now then, I love Germany and I like the German people. But Angela Merkel I loathe. She is a political chameleon driven by a lust for power. She was a uniformed apparatchik in the old, hated German Democrat Republic and is now bullying the smaller countries in the equally hated European Union. The woman is a monster and even her coalition allies in Germany are starting to see her for what she is.

Germany, understandably I believe, still has a huge guilt complex about the last century and their grovelling to migrants is an outward sign of this complex. What precipitated the current migrant crisis was the German government deciding to relax asylum rules for Syrians. Then they announced they would accept 500,000 per year. Then they panicked and started backtracking, but it was too late, the invasion had begun. What Germany has done is to screw over Europe as they did, although in a different way, in the last century. They have financially bullied countries in the Eurozone and have now enabled the swamping of Europe by countless migrants that the populations of Europe don't want.

Thanks to the high handedness of Germany the EU's statistical office claim that only one in five of the current migrants flooding Europe are Syrians. That accounts for the thousands of dumped passports and other identity documents from non-Syrians found in Serbia, Greece and elsewhere. The papers are from Nigerians, Kenyans, Iraqis and  people from a host of other nations. They are clearly not refugees despite what the politically correct might claim.

So why is it personal now with Frau Merkel? Because in a couple of weeks time we are due to arrive in Vienna then Munich by train. Vienna has seen migrants rioting, fighting each other and the local police as has Munich. The authorities are claiming that the numbers of migrants in the coming weeks will increase. Is it really likely that the civil disorder will decrease?

This week two reliable sources, totally unconnected to each other, have warned us not to travel to Munich, especially by train. It is too dangerous. We are currently trying to check the situation in Vienna.

One of my sources has also seen reports from the authorities in Germany stating that attacks on migrants and mosques are not being carried out solely by right wing extremists but migrants of different ethnicities or different sects of Islam. There have been videos on the internet of Turks and Kurds fighting each other on the streets of Hamburg.

What Europe is doing is importing the conflicts of the muslim world, especially the middle east. Brace yourself for a rocky few years. It's no wonder that Arab/muslim countries aren't welcoming these migrants with open arms.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Migrants, Refugees and Racists

Let's clear up one lie about the current influx of immigrants to Europe and specifically Britain. When other countries, and soppy left wing do gooders here, accuse us of not taking our share of refugees remember that no other country in Europe has had up to 330,000 migrants added to their population as we did last year and over 250,000 in each of the last five years or so.

Another lie. Lefties claim the influx of immigrants in recent years has had no impact on our infrastructure and public services. Migrants live in houses, their children need education, they need jobs, they need healthcare. If an influx on the scale we have seen in recent years hasn't had an impact then services like the NHS and education have been massively overfunded with huge spare capacity in recent years. Which means that those lefties claiming that this and the last government have cut services to a dangerous level are lying.

Now to the current invasion of Europe from muslim countries. European Union rules demand that asylum seekers seek refuge in the first country they land in. Hungary quite correctly tried to stop 'refugees' moving north so their applications could be processed, but was pilloried and accused of racism and oppression. They eventually had to let the 'refugees' move north into Austria and Germany. Merkel claims to be happy to accept 500,000 of these migrants into Germany each year. The problem is once they have been validated they can move to any other country in the European Union. Germany is merely offering to act as a clearing house for immigrants. Another reason to leave the EU.

Reports from Hungary suggest that a high proportion of people claiming to be Syrian refugees are lying. Passports and other documents from  Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and other nationals have been found in significant numbers at the border with Serbia. There have been several photographs in the mainstream media of jihadists brandishing guns in Syria and photographs of the same men now climbing off boats on a Greek island claiming to be refugees. How many potential terrorists are amongst the thousands crossing to Europe?

The Syrian civil war has been ongoing for five years, why are so many people suddenly fleeing now. Why did the man whose wife and children died in Turkey return to Kobane to bury them if he fled Kobane fearing for the safety of his family? Why did the authorities and the media collude in staging the filming and photographing of the dead little boy on the beach? Turkey is a safe country, the little boys family had been given housing and welfare there for three years, so how can they claim to be refugees when they pitch up in Greece? They are clearly not fleeing any danger in Turkey.

Europe is being invaded. That is not a racist statement, it is fact. When the media thrust a sobbing woman and a child on their front page or news headlines look behind them and you will see the overwhelming majority are young, able bodied men. Take a look at film of Greeks on Lesbos having to witness rioting 'refugees' trashing the place. Take a look at film of 'refugees' rioting outside Budapest's Keleti station. Pretty violent scenes for people supposedly fleeing violence.

The gullible in this country are riding a wave of emotional hysteria, even offering immigrants their spare bedrooms. Open your eyes, look at the facts and stop calling realists racists. I always smell a rat (pun intended) when Bob Geldof jumps on the bandwagon.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Politically Correct Delusion

We may have a Conservative government but we do not have a conservative government. What we have is yet another social democrat government, which we have had for most of the post-WWII era. The exception was probably Mrs Thatcher's government, which is why she is so reviled by the sheep of the left. Whatever you think of her Mrs Thatcher put the country first ahead of vested interests, especially the hated trade unions.

I honestly can't trace a difference between Cameron and Blair, maybe apart from Cameron not yet behaving like a bloodthirsty war criminal, but there's time. Blair opened our borders to limitless numbers of migrants, Cameron welcomed over 333,000 migrants to this country last year, ably continuing the national destruction begun by Blair and his predecessors.

The brainwashed, deluded politically correct who think they are so right might scoff but this country is seen as one of the most attractive, tolerant and civilised countries in the world. If you don't agree then answer this simple question: Why do so many people, wealthy and poor, so desperately want to come and live here?

The fabric of this country is held together by the British people, our institutions that have developed over centuries and our history. These are the things that make this country such an attractive place to live. What we are doing now is destroying that which made us what we are at the behest of social democracy, which is synonymous with political correctness. No country can absorb 250,000 to 33,000 immigrants a year without being fundamentally changed. Witness the record levels of anti-Semitic attracts in the UK and elsewhere in Europe in recent years, largely due to the violent philosophy of Islam, an alien philosophy.

There is an artificial debate about the NHS and other public services, largely centred around the socialist obsession with money. I know the current leftie PC lie about immigration is that immigrants economically contribute to the country, but they don't all. A wealthy businessman coming here to set up a business may create wealth. A beggar from Romania or a barman from Slovakia doesn't add anything, they just redistribute money that is already here. There is also the question of why, with 2,000,000 unemployed we are allowing unskilled people in by the hundreds of thousands, but that's for another time.

The next question for the PC lefties is why don't immigrants use public services? Quite clearly they do, which means they don't just give economically they also take. They need schools, roads, accommodation, healthcare. If you add thousands upon thousands to your population every year of course you are draining public services. If you keep adding beer to a pint pot that is full it overflows and you stop adding beer.

But of course that is common sense, and political correctness ignores common sense and reality. Political correctness is driven by ideology and the brainwashed would rather watch the country die than admit they are wrong.

On an emotional level the politically correct suffer from emotional retardation. They get a nice warm glow by showing off how very much more 'tolerant' and 'caring' they are than us nasty realists. They feel so superior when they can attack realists as 'racists', 'homophobes' or any other 'phobe' they care to unthinkingly throw at realists. As I've said before when they can't do that they accuse realists of being brainwashed by 'the right wing media', usually the Daily Mail.

If you have any doubts about the left's disconnection from reality then look at the Labour Party leadership election. Everybody I know knows somebody who has paid their £3 to register to vote but is not a Labour supporter. Some are lefties wanting to force the Labour Party to the left by voting for Corbyn, others are people on the right wanting to wreck the Labour Party by voting for Corbyn. I'd say that I know of dozens of people who have done this and I know of only one who has had his vote rejected.

Multiply that throughout a nation of 65,000,000 people and I would guess many thousands of people have registered to vote or, infiltrated which is more accurate. But Labour are desperately claiming that there has been negligible infiltration. They have rejected about 3000 peoples' registrations and pretend the job's been done.

It's a bit like Blair claiming that opening our doors to open immigration from the EU would only result in a trickle of immigrants.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Margaret Thatcher and the Daily Mail

Since the general election it's been great fun watching the leftards blaming everybody for Labour's defeat other than the Labour Party. They claim it was the evil right-wing media claiming that a Labour/Scottish Nazionalist coalition would turn us into the new North Korea, and that scared people into voting Tory.

By 'right-wing' they usually mean the Daily Mail. When a leftard loses the argument he invariably blames the Daily Mail or Daily Mail readers. It's lazy in the extreme and extremely patronising towards a huge swathe of the population. When they are really desperate they hark back to the Mail's owner in the thirties who was sympathetic to Hitler's National Socialists. I wonder how these people react when they meet an actual German?

Then there is their pathological, obsessive hatred of Margaret Thatcher. I'm amazed the leftards haven't blamed Mrs Thatcher for the flash floods down south this week. Bear in mind Mrs Thatcher left office in 1990, 25 years ago. Now I was a young lad in 1970, 25 years after the end of World War II. I don't remember there being irrational hatred towards Germany in 1970 for bombing the shit out of us and slaughtering millions in the Holocaust. No, the Germans were forgiven pretty sharpish.

I can only repeat, yet again, that socialism is a form of mental illness.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Final Nail in the Labour Party's Coffin?

I don't understand why the loony left are getting so giddy, it seems to me that electing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader will be the final nail in Labour's coffin. Maybe that's what they want, the final demise of socialism as lemming like they dive off the political cliff claiming martyrdom in the name of the workers. That's one of the reasons thousands of political activists have registered as Labour supporters to vote Corbyn in and keep Labour out.

Over 150 000 have registered/infiltrated since the general election and many thousands of those are political opponents wanting to vote for Corbyn. We don't know exactly how many but I'd guess more than enough to ensure Corbyn wins in the first round with over 50%. Should it come to counting second or third preference votes Corbyn is highly unlikely to win so that 50% plus is vital on the first count.

It's interesting that the left are already blaming the Daily Mail, that new bete noir for them to vent their spleens against when  they tire of blaming Maggie Thatcher for their failings. They never look at their ludicrous socialist policies being enacted in other countries and use reason and logic to conclude that socialism is a spent force. No, it's easier to scapegoat a politician who left office a quarter of a century ago and has since died, or to blame a newspaper. To use a sporting analogy they are like poor losers after a football game who blame the referee rather than their own team's failings.

On the question of socialist basket cases take a look at North Korea. Take a look at Venezuela, sat on one of the world's biggest oil fields but an economic basket case thanks to socialism. Take a look at Cuba, doctors could earn more driving battered old taxis than caring for people.

The ballot papers start going out today for the Labour leadership, the final nail in the Labour party's coffin. I can't wait. Farewell Labour,  you won't be missed.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Fuck The Swedes!

No, I'm not talking about the vegetable, I'm talking about the immigration minister of Sweden, who does sound like a vegetable actually, just not an edible one. No, this particular veg has waded in to the debacle that is Calais by blaming us and the French. Cheeky bastard!

One of the main problems with the European Union is that jumped up little tinpot shitholes like Sweden get ideas above their station. Well where was Sweden from 1939 to 1945? Nowhere to be seen. Apart from porn and Abba what has Sweden contributed to the world? Nope, I can't think of anything either.

The problem is quite obvious and it's the EU. The border of the EU is effectively the Mediterranean, Turkey, Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia. To say those borders are porous is to state the blatantly obvious. Once inside the EU migrants can move freely from one EU state to another. We have nobody to blame for that than successive British governments.

The fact that migrants don't claim asylum in the first EU state they find themselves in but choose to travel to Calais says two things. Firstly the United Kingdom is clearly an attractive proposition, which is why our population has been growing at the rate of 250,000 per year for several years. Secondly the EU's rule that people should claim asylum in the first country they reach is clearly unenforceable. None of the migrants, if actually asylum seekers, should have reached France let alone Calais. Unless they swam from Africa and up the Channel!

So the immigration minister of Sweden can fuck right off.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn-Killing Labour

Since the election it's been such fun watching lefties foaming at the mouth and ranting, totally irrationally, about everything from imaginary NHS privatisation to even accusing the Tories of planning to gas the poor. No, I didn't make that last bit up. The real downside of t'interweb is that it gives loons and nutjobs a platform, and the majority seem to be lefties.

Then up pops caricature Islington leftie Jeremy Corbyn to take us time travelling back to the glory days of the 80s when Maggie was in her pomp and glory and Labour was cannibalising itself. If nothing else Corbyn has given us the joy of making Blair and Mandelson crap their pants, that in itself makes Corbyn a hero. But what makes Corbyn a true hero is that if elected he will make Labour unelectable for decades. For that he will be instantly promoted to superhero.

A campaign group has evolved and Labour opponents all over the country are signing up to the Labour Party (for only £3) to vote for Corbyn and consign Labour to the dustbin. Personally I can't bring myself to register support for Labour even for this noble cause. But if you can bring yourself to hold your nose and hammer another nail into the socialist coffin then you have until early August to do your bit.

Here's the link to follow: Register As A Labour Supporter

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greece, The European Union and Democracy

We all know the EU ignores referenda that don't go their way. But what about Greece, supposedly the birthplace of democracy?

Six months or so ago Syriza were elected in the Greek general election on an anti-austerity platform.

Less than a fortnight ago Syriza, strangely considering their election victory, called a referendum on the proposed EU bail out plan which would impose more severe austerity on Greece.

The Greek people voted No (or oxi) as the government wanted.

So the Syriza government went back to talk to the EU and accepted an even more severe bailout deal, ramping up the level of austerity with tax hikes, pension cuts and privatisation.

Can anybody explain how any of that can be described as 'democratic' please?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scottish Nazionalists Show Their True Colours

So, despite stating clearly on their website in recent months that they will abstain on matters that are only applicable to England, especially mentioning foxhunting, the Scottish Nazionalists showed how little they care for democracy this week.

Their thin fig leaf of decency and democracy fell right off when they announced their intention to vote down the governments bill to ease the hunting ban, not because they care about foxes, they stated quite clearly that it was purely to spite the government. A yes vote would have merely put hunting in England on a par with Scotland. The Scottish Nazionalists are just totalitarian freaks who are driven by a hatred of England that is stronger than their love for Scotland.

The government has now abandoned the vote, due for tomorrow, and now it may be time that we abandoned Scotland.

Independence for England!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Madness Must End

I'd just poured the full fat on my Frosties this morning when a news article popped up from Oxford that had me almost choking on my first mouthful. There is a campaign led by fruitcakes and nutjobs to have a statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from a college wall. Despite the Rhodes Scholarship over many decades funding a great number of academics the politically correct hate mob regard the statue as offensive, nothing new there. Rhodesia the wealthy, prosperous precursor of Mugabe's economic basket case now called Zimbabwe was founded by Rhodes. Rhodes is therefore evil and must be expunged from history. He never existed, Rhodesia never existed.

After the American Civil War Abraham Lincoln wrote a thank you letter to the working men of Manchester for boycotting cotton imports from the southern states. Manchester City Council in the 1980s erected a statue of Lincoln in the city centre including a copy of the letter. Well it was almost a copy of the letter. Nearly a copy because they had changed Lincoln's wording from 'working men' to 'working people'. The politically correct nutjobs clearly think Lincoln was a dirty old mysogynistc, sexist, male chauvinist pig. So why put up the statue?

In the USA the same dark forces are at work with campaigns to have Confederate flags got rid of, statues of Confederate generals removed and their remains dug up from public spaces. Comedians in both the US and the UK hounded from university campuses because the politically correct thought police disapprove of their words. Academia, once the driving force of freedom of thought and expression is now the political commissar of one of the most oppressive yet subtle organs of totalitarianism ever seen on earth, political correctness.

Last week a couple were left dying in the Soviet Republic of Scotland in a crashed car for three days. The accident had been reported to the police who it seems just left them. The best way to get the attention of the Scottish police is to call a Scotsman a 'Jock' or a 'Sweaty Sock' on Twitter and at 4 00am you'll find your door kicked down by PC MacTavish and charged with thought crime. Or is it hate crime? I'm not sure.

On the question of hate crime what the fuck is it? It seems to me that if any crime, from murder to mugging, is perpetrated against a gay person, a person of another race or a disabled person it is a hate crime to the politically correct. It's as if crime from murder to mugging against the rest of us is a love crime and therefore less serious. More politically correct bollocks designed to divide and rule.

Political correctness is all about creating a sense of self-loathing. Ridicule our moral values, despise our history, label us all racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist or any other 'ism' you can imagine. The destruction of our way of life is the aim of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, the driving force behind political correctness and it seems to be working.

This is done by expanding the state. Make a large group dependent on welfare and they have been neutered politically and morally. At the other end of the spectrum more and more people are employed by the state making them as dependent on the state as the welfare dependents, Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Academia has increasingly oppressed freedom of thought and expression, remember Professor Tim Hunt?

Whether a university, a charity or any other body applying for public funding or support you have to prove your politically correct credentials. Applying for contracts or employment with state or other public bodies and you will have to prove your politically correct credentials. You or your staff haven't been on a LGBT awareness course? Forget it. Haven't been on a gender awareness training course? Forget it. Haven't been on a racial equality and diversity training course? Forget it.

Dare to say the wrong thing and you will be sent to the intellectual gulag for the politically incorrect, maybe onto welfare or to university for retraining and rehabilitation. Brainwashing to you and me.

This madness must end.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stella Rimington v Prof Tim Hunt

Unless you've been on Mars or in a coma this last fortnight you will be aware that Nobel prize winning scientist Dr Tim Hunt has been forced out of his honorary positions at University College London. Among his many works he made a scientific breakthrough that has opened up new cancer treatments. But he lost his positions because, in a speech at a conference, he jokingly said that the problem with women in labs is that they fall in love with men and men with them and that if you tell a woman off she cries.

Former spy chief Stella Rimington said this week that women make better spies than men because they are better listeners, are less intense and more relaxed. Not sure but eh, that's what she thinks.

Mrs Rimington's comments barely caused a ripple on the calm waters of public life, why should they? She is entitled to her opinion. However, Professor Hunt's comments caused a positive tsunami of vindictiveness, bile and hysterical foaming at the mouth from members of the emotionally incontinent sisterhood. One barely coherent psycho-feminist on BBC Question Time actually claimed that wimmin everywhere had been 'mortally offended' by his comments.

My only thought is that rationality must be a quality very high up on your CV if you want to be a spy. I know who I would choose if I were recruiting spooks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breaking Up and the Referendum

The media coverage given to the Scottish Nazionalists has helped to turn masses of the population against their narrow minded bigotry. The culmination of the tidal turn came yesterday when the historian David Starkey likened them to Hitler's Nazis. The gist of his comments were that, like the Nazis, the SNP have a narrow and extremist nationalism, with socialism thrown in. The Nazis hated the Jews, the SNP are motivated by a hatred of the English. Both have twisted versions of the cross as their symbols, the Nazis the swastika, the SNP the saltire. And you can't escape the fact that men in both groups enjoy bare legs, the Nazis stomping around in lederhosen, the Scots mincing around in kilts. Wonderful comparisons from one of the country's most honest and outspoken historians.

One of the ironies of the Scottish Nazionalists position is that while screaming about independence they want to remain within the European Union. The reason for this is largely because the Scots are one of the world's great subsidy junkies and, while losing their direct cash handouts from us when they leave the UK, they will still be sucking at the tax teat of the EU, including English taxpayers money sent via Brussels.

There is an obnoxiousness around politics generally at the moment that drives decent people out of politics. Attack politicians when they transgress, especially when they break the law, but general attacking in a nasty, vindictive manner only alienates people. The Scottish Nazionalists are adept at this. Some of their members were sending vile messages to Charles Kennedy before he died, including a party official who has since resigned. There are daily reports of people leaving Scotland fearing physical violence if English or Unionist and fearing for the effects of the SNP's Stalinist policies on their businesses. Scotland is seemingly on a daily basis becoming ever more like some tinpot, third world one party state.

The promised EU referendum gives us the chance to shake off the shackles of Brussels. The SNP are claiming that Scotland should only leave the EU if a majority of Scots in Scotland vote for freedom, which they are firmly against. A vote to leave the EU is therefore likely to lead to Scotland finally breaking away from the UK. In some ways that would be a double victory for England, with one referendum we will be free from two bullying, tax sponging entities, Scotland and the EU.

Sadly I doubt this will happen. I have never been confident that Britain would vote to leave the EU in a referendum. We are still waiting to find out the terms of the referendum but I suspect that the whole thing is likely to be weighted against the independence cause. Already the pro-EU camp are lying about millions of job losses if we leave. The government is planning to scrap the 'purdah', the 28 day period before a referendum when the government stays silent on the issue.

Finally we don't know yet how the independence campaign will be structured. Despite getting 4,000,000 votes in the general election UKIP could only scrape in one MP, and he is former Tory MP Douglas Carswell, an extremely popular MP in his constituency. Carswell was on BBC Question Time recently and he was most impressive, indeed he made Nigel Farage look like a music hall act rather than a serious politician. UKIP's lack of credibility makes them a serious liability to the independence cause. Add to the mix the high level of cranks within their ranks and the possibility for serious embarrassment to the cause gives rise to odds that even a non-betting man like me would consider having a flutter on a vote to stay in.

So after all the bluster and hot air I am convinced that after the referendum we will still be in the EU. The Scottish Nazionalists peaked too soon and many of the fifty six loonies elected last month will lose their seats at the next election. Things will bumble along pretty much as they are.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Liberal Democrats RIP

The death of the Liberal Democrats RIP was brought into sharp focus on Sky News this morning. Representatives of the three main parties were introduced, but the woman in yellow was not a Liberal Democrat RIP but a Scottish Nazionalist.

As the Liberal Democrats RIP have never been either liberal or democrats why don't they just do us all a favour, pack up their rucksacks and fold up this sorry excuse for a political party. I'm sure Labour in England and the Scottish Nazionalists up there would welcome you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Death of the Labour Party?

I've had a fantastic weekend hearing journalist after journalist announcing the imminent demise of the Labour Party, if only. The fate of the Liberal Democrats RIP was obvious from 2010, only as big an idiot as Vince Cable could have thought they wouldn't depart this world at the general election. But the end of the Labour Party? I fear not.

Judging by the wailing and gnashing of pinko liberal teeth the lefties are still arrogant enough to think that they are right and the gullible rest of us were duped by the wicked right-wing media. Yes, patronising bastards all. Of course the BBC, The Guardian, the Independent all slavishly following a right-wing agenda and brainwashing the populace. Don't make me laugh.

The left think they have a monopoly on humanitarianism and that much abused and overused word 'caring'. Well they don't. What they do have a monopoly on is infantilising the population. Cradle to grave socialism takes away peoples' right to choose, to make their own decisions, to think for themselves. It is neither caring nor compassionate to blindly steal peoples' money through taxation then sit back and let the state do what it wants. Because this statist philosophy has predominated since 1945, to varying degrees under Labour and most Conservative governments, we have a sizeable proportion of the population who are welfare dependent and don't expect to go to work. Why should they with an all embracing welfare state, the most generous in the world that will mollycoddle them from cradle to grave?

What lost Labour the general election was that people have had enough. They see the homeless protesters dossing in tents in Manchester and know they are conning people. Most are homeless because they are 'substance abusers' and/or chronic alcoholics. I do not go with the current orthodoxy that drink and drug abuse are illnesses, just like any other. They are a result of weakness. Let people form charitable groups to help people in these circumstances, don't expect the government to do it because that means we pay. If I want to support a homeless charity I would much rather choose to do it than be forced to do it.

Labour seemed to speak too for the immigrant population, especially the muslim population. In fact Labour are increasingly seen as fighting the corner of every minority group in the country, whether they need help or not while the working population is bled dry through ever increasing taxation for ever more government spending money. Most people rumbled that Labour plays divide and rule, creating an image of 'caring' and defending for vulnerable groups who aren't actually vulnerable at all. Labour creates the myth and feeds off it as it does with the constant lies about Tory privatisation of the NHS.

Labour claim to be no longer in bed with the trade unions but Miliband was elected by the unions and, even with one man one vote, the current candidates for the Labour leadership are grovelling to an unreconstructed political dinosaur like Len McCluskey of the Unite trade union who has also just seen off Jim Murphy, leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

When you see the anti government demonstrations, which are inevitable with the left sulking like spoilt brats since May 7th, just look at the participants. Very few are the poor, the disaffected, the homeless, the supposedly oppressed minorities of one sort or another. They are students and assorted members of the chattering classes. You know the ones I mean, the muesli chomping do gooders, usually comfortably off whites who take offence at the word blackboard on behalf of people far too sensible to be actually offended by innocent use of language. They probably organise foodbanks so the unemployed can squander their benefits on drink and drugs instead of food but are too na├»ve and gullible to realise the damage they are doing. As long as they get a warm, self satisfied inner glow they don't care about the impact of their stupidity.

As long as there are so many gullible fools around, and millions of sheep rushing into what they see as the safety of a gang calling itself a trade union, there will be a Labour Party. But the power and influence of Labour and the unions will continue to fade because they've been rumbled. The idiots on anti-austerity/anti-government marches/mini-riots are the political flotsam and jetsom pathetically going through the motions of empty protest without actually realising that nobody takes them seriously any more than they do Labour or the trade unions.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#GE2015-Playground Politics

We were in a pub in Lancaster on Thursday night around 10 15 when we witnessed the first couple of lefties with faces like slapped arses. Oh how we laughed, they had just heard the news that the exit polls had predicted a Tory majority. You'd think the crusty old bearded sandal wearers had just been told that they would have to take cyanide with their next pint.

This election has shown the childishness of the left, and by that I mean Labour, Greens, Lib Dems RIP, Scottish Nazionalists and Plaid Cymru. Constantly repeating the mantras "end austerity" and "we need progressive policies" are trite and meaningless, they all did it.

Constantly banging on about ending austerity begs the question how? And none of them, especially Labour, bothered to answer that. There are only two ways to end austerity their way, tax and borrow, and both would plunge is into crisis and leave billions of debt for future generations.

Those are two ways to end austerity that would not lead to prosperity. The only way to get us out of the economic mess is now austerity plus. Cut, cut and cut again. We can't slag off the feckless for squandering their money then running up massive debts going to Wonga for a payday loan then elect a Wonga government. The only way forward is to keep taxes down and axe spending which will stimulate economic and business growth which will then create wealth and jobs. Put simply if you keep borrowing against your home you have to cut your outgoings or risk losing your home. Similarly with government because, contrary to the apparent belief of the economically illiterate lefties, government money doesn't grow on trees.

Nicola Sturgeon has been treated like some kind of political sage in this election. In reality she is a nasty, simplistic, soundbite specialist who, if she was English and talked as she does about the Scots as does about us would be attacked for racism and xenophobia. All we heard was the mindless chant of "progressive, progressive, progressive". This word can mean any number of things depending what you want people to believe. It can mean slow and gradual, as in "a progressive decline in the number of people active in politics". It can mean favouring change or innovation as in "the Bauhaus was a progressive school of art". It means all things to all men. The ultimate soundbite.

The Scots over the last two years have bored the arse off the rest of us with their bloody referendum and their incessant whining and obsessing about England and Westminster. Their claim to have been ignored and left out at Westminster doesn't bear the lightest scrutiny. They are liars. These politicians were Scottish:

Tony Blair
John Smith
Robin Cooke
Gordon Brown
Donald Dewar
Douglas Alexander
Lord Irvine
Alistair Darling
George Robertson

They are the ones I can remember as being cabinet members under Blair/Brown. I am sure a little research would uncover even more Scottish ministers.

The Scottish Nazionalists are like the rest of the left, they lose then throw an almighty tantrum as if they have been the subject of some underhand conspiracy. Look at the filth in London yesterday, attacking the police and daubing graffiti on war memorials. The left has been infantilised by political correctness. You lost the election, accept it as we had to accept Blair/Brown bombing the crap out of Iraq and bankrupting the country when you won elections.

Throughout the election campaign the left proved how vacuous and juvenile their arguments are. I lost count of the number of times I saw totally baseless accusations of racism and homophobia directed at Nigel Farage, a man I detest but he is definitely neither of those things.

The left think they have a monopoly on wanting to help others. On numerous occasions during the campaign I heard patronising lefties declaring how they supported Labour because they cared about the NHS, cared about the unemployed, cared about the mentally ill, cared about the unemployed. They never got round to telling us what the reality of voting Labour would be for these groups they care so deeply about. Two of the worst offenders were Steve Coogan and Eddie Izzard. At least Coogan admitted he was minted and came from a nice, cosy middle class background.

As for the lefties' constant lies about the Conservatives and the NHS let's put that one to rest once and for all. I would love to see the NHS privatised but it's not going to happen. I was aware of Labour lying about the Tories and the NHS in 1974, they've lied about it ever since and enough gullible people fall for it every time to make the lie worth repeating. Blair/Brown were the biggest ever privatisers of the NHS with billions of pounds stacking up as debt for future generations through PFI in the health servce and the university sector. But I suppose it's easier fro the untellectually challenged to ignore reality, they probably blame Thatcher!

I voted Conservative as the best of a bad bunch and to keep Labour/SNP out. I hope Cameron now holds true to his word on a referendum on EU membership, although I think we could lose and end up staying in. But that might be good for UKIP if you look at the SNP after losing their referendum.

We had to endure 5 years of the Lib Dems RIP in coalition with 58 MPs. The Tories now have a clear majority with the SNP having 56 seats, 2 fewer than the Lib Dems RIP had in 2010. UKIP got 3.8m votes and 1 MP the SNP got 1.5m and 56 votes. The SNP took part, as a regional party, in free and fair national elections to a body they want to leave. They should now be shunned and sidelined in Westminster as UKIP should be in Brussels for the same reasons.

Cameron is offering a referendum on the EU and the abolition of the Human Rights Act. That's a good start. Slash the waste in the NHS and elsewhere in the public sector, cut taxes and you may be en route to convincing us that the true Conservative Party is on its way back. If the infantile left continue rioting and generally behaving like political misfits we will know that the government is doing a good job.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Madness of the European Union

Judges at something called the General Court of the European Union has declared that the name of video chat company Skype is so similar to the name of the broadcaster Sky that the public is likely to be confused.

Now tell me the EU doesn't think we're stupid and treat us like idiots who need spoon feeding. The sooner we're out the better.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Why I Could Never Vote Labour

There has been an effort in the media to talk up the Labour candidate in my constituency which I find quite disturbing. I don't think I've ever linked to The Grauniad before but this article is  a must.

The constituency is Morecambe and Lunesdale, the candidate is Amina Lone. I have written before how she chooses to stay in Manchester where she lives and commutes each day to the constituency, about 3 hours driving a day. That doesn't imply commitment to the area or confidence in her victory. Will she still live in Manchester if elected?

She left home in Birmingham aged to go to London and was soon a single mother on benefits. She went on to have three more children by different fathers. She appears in the interview to blame the Tories for her predicament. By my reckoning she left home in 1989, in 1997 Blair was elected and she then had until 2010 under Labour. She made her own decisions, nobody forced her or anybody else onto benefits.

The article also claims that she spoke to a girl in Lancaster who had to give up work because she spent all her salary on bus fares. What?! You can get a bus from Lancaster to London for about £20.

She has also accepted £10 000 from Lord Oakeshott, a dodgy ex-Lib Dem peer involved in a donations scandal when a Lib Dem peer. She has also had a £1 000 donation from Blair.

Here is her profile on the constituency website. She claims to have run a campaign against poverty for twenty years, funded by taxpayers no doubt. Interesting then that she began her campaigning around 1995, so from 1997 to 2010 she was campaigning against poverty under a labour government.

She is proud to inform us that she is a graduate of Common Purpose (CP). CP is an organisation that provokes huge controversy. Conspiracy theorists claim it trains future leaders of the New World Order. I tend to think it is a highly politicised, internationalist organisation that trains public sector bureaucrats, civil servants (including senior police officers) and others in toeing the line and bleeding the taxpayers dry. I suggest you Google 'Common Purpose', have a nosey at their website and some of their opponents websites and make your own mind up.

Finally she has a tattoo on her arm of the anarchist logo, an 'A' in a circle, which seems to go down well in certain Labour circles who seem to think it gives her some street cred. The sad thing is she didn't realise what it was when had the tattoo, she just liked the design.

Amina Lone typifies the Labour/socialist mentality of abdicating personal responsibility. Blame everybody but yourself and expect hard working people to support your benefits lifestyle by thieving ever more from us in taxes. That's why I will never vote Labour.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

In some ways this has been a highly tedious election campaign but in other ways I've quite enjoyed it.

It's the first election in decades that I haven't been involved, either as a candidate or campaign director/election agent. It felt strange at first but being a spectator gradually became very enjoyable, it has given me a chance to really see how much waffle candidates come out with. But, for all the waffle and playing it safe from the politicians, we have more access to information than ever via the internet so people have no excuse for not finding out who to vote for or not to vote for. Get off your bums, even now, and look on t'interweb you lazy gits!

Now then, I think I've decided who to vote for although over the length of this campaign I have 'floated' a few times, and there are still four days left. But here is my rationale on why I am voting as I am unless there is a major political earthquake between now and Thursday.

Green Party-No, I'm a grown up. Maybe if you like Russell Brand (aka 'Massive Twat') but want to ignore his advice to not vote then the Green Party will do for you.

Northern Party-No. Regionalisation/devolution will merely give us another costly layer of politicos and bureaucrats increasing our taxes and squandering our cash. For God's sake there arre states in the USA that are bigger than us and Westminster is only 4  hours or so from virtually anywhere in the UK, less by plane.

Liberal Democrats-No. I did British Government and Politics 'A'-Level and by my reckoning they are neither liberal nor democratic, they are social  democrat/authoritarians. Then there is Nick Clegg, Vince Cable et al. I needn't go on.

Labour-No. I did Economics 'O'-Level and while I'm not claiming to be an expert on the strength of that a quick look at the economic mess left behind by every previous Labour government does a job,  you don't have to be Keynes or Friedman. Then there is the Labour candidate who lives in Gorton, Manchester around 70 miles away.

UKIP. No. They used to be libertarian but are now one of the most authoritarian parties around. Yes I want out of Europe but voting UKIP in my constituency will not bring that about, it is probably going to let Labour in. Furthermore in previous elections we had at least one leaflet from UKIP, this time we have had none. If they can't be bothered then neither can I.

Conservative-Our local candidate, elected in 2010, is an idiot and widely ridiculed throughout the constituency by conservative minded people and opponents alike. But this is a marginal constituency and changed hands in 1997 and again in 2010. The prospect of Labour winning here fills me with horror so, reluctantly, I will hold my nose and vote Tory. If I help keep Miliband and the Scottish Nazionalists out then it will have been worth it. With our First Past the Post electoral system tactical voting is sometimes unavoidable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale, Amina Lone, Labour Party

On April 10th I blogged about our declared candidates here in Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency and remarked how our Labour Party candidate lived around 70 miles away in Gorton, Manchester. It seems she has goofed by attacking the 'Tory' candidate for living outside the constituency, 50 yards outside.

This hypocrisy was picked up this week by the Daily Mail. What they didn't pick up on was the fact that Ms Lone represents Hulme ward on Manchester City Council. Hulme is around 5 miles from Gorton, so she doesn't even live in the ward she represents.

I wonder how many candidates claim to live locally when they mean within a few miles of their constituency/ward rather than in either?

Local champions they claim. I'd check if I were you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

General Election 2015-Green Party

I've honestly tried to take the Green Party seriously, but come on, their manifesto reads like a twelve year olds first effort at drawing up a manifesto for the school mock election. There must be a hell of a lot of people suffering Nutterly Bennett style 'brain fades' to have come up with that drivel.

Looking on the bright side Caroline Lucas is likely to hold on in Brighton, or 'Brain Fade Central', but elsewhere they are unlikely to win a seat. This is good because they are probably second only to the Scottish National Party in terms of hard core authoritarianism. Tie this with Nutterly Bennett offering to work with SNP MPs and there is potential for an alliance that would rival those cuddly chaps in North Korea. But thankfully the prospect of some kind of coalition involving the Greens and the SNP is about as likely as the Green Party manifesto being taken seriously.

So, if you fancy ending up living in a cave, trying to light a fire of twigs for some heat and light then vote Green.

Friday, April 10, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale

Well the full list of runners and riders is now in for the Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency for May 7th. I have to say, for a marginal constituency that could have a serious bearing on who forms the next government it isn't exactly inspiring.

There is David Morris for the Conservative Party, likely to be signing on come May 8th after wasting the last five years on the Tory benches in the House of Commons. You may remember him as the MP who in one year claimed nearly £76,000 in expenses. That's around £1,460 per week!

The Labour Party have a councillor from Hulme in Manchester called Amina Lone. She's spent 20 years fighting poverty apparently, so nearly 15 of those years were fighting poverty caused by her Labour Party government.

The Greens and the Lib Dems have candidates too, but we've had no leaflets from either since the last election and I can't remember their names. To be honest if they can't be arsed popping a leaflet out until the election address is delivered by Royal Mail I can't be arsed looking their names up.

There is a UKIP candidate, Steve Ogden who has a bike shop in Morecambe.

There is also a candidate who has no party name and doesn't even have 'Independent' in the box for party name on the Notice of Election. A quick internet search suggests Michael Dawson, if it's the same one, could be the founder of the Northern Party. To be honest, if he can't be arsed popping 'Independent' in the box, or omitted his party name by mistake, I can't be arsed voting for him.

So there we have it. Please wake me up on May 8th.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

General Election 2015-Liberal Democrats

I know we shouldn't speak ill of the dying but come on, the Liberal Democrats? I think the last five years have shown what many involved in politics have known and stated for decades, that the Liberal Democrats are unprincipled political whores who would sell their souls for short term political gain. Oh, sorry, they did sell their souls for short term political gain. Remember them scurrying like rats through a sewer after the last election from Cameron to Brown begging to join their gangs? Not one of British politics sunnier episodes and look at the last five years, no wonder they are set for meltdown.

The next time you hear a Lib Dem taking the holier than thou moral high ground remember David Laws being suspended from parliament in the expenses scandal. Forgotten about that? Follow this link for the full story .

Remember Mike Hancock, Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South? Well he got himself into trouble for 'making inappropriate advances to a vulnerable constituent'. Follow this link for the full story .

Dodgy donations? They're aren't as pure and innocent as they claim about donations either. Remember Lord Strasburger? If you don't follow this link for the full story .

Ibrahim Taguri, prospective Lib Dem candidate for Brent Central stood down last month in another donations scandal. Follow this link for the full story .

I'm not sure I've ever quoted from the Daily Express before but there is a cracking article from that newspaper about the sordid sex scandals of the Liberals/Liberal Democrats over the decades. From Gladstone 'saving' prostitutes to recent Lib Dems hiding their sexuality and so on. Follow this link for the full story .

I could go on but there are only so many hours in the day. But next time one of those pious, holier than thou Lib Dems claims that they are not like the other parties just remember , they are actually like the other parties, but with even fewer principles.

The highlight of the last general election night was seeing misfit Lib Dem Lembit Opik lose his seat. The highlight this year will surely be seeing misfit Lib Dem Nick Clegg losing his seat. Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

General Election-Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

Nominations for the general election close on Thursday, if you are wondering who has declared already then click on this link to find the details of candidates in Morecambe and Lunesdale. If you live in another constituency follow the link and then search for your own.

There are many reasons why this election is so mind numbingly tedious, two of the main reasons are closely related, which comes first is debateable. In my view the first reason is that so many people think it's fine to merely abuse politicians and those working for political parties, be they paid or voluntary. The lazy assumption is that they are all in it for the money, or for sheer power and status. This leads to reasonable people increasingly withdrawing from political activity thus leaving politics in the hands of the few, often people who fall into the categories in my first point. It's been almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This means that we now have a breed of political activist, especially parliamentary candidates, who are incapable of serious political thought and blindly follow the leader or the party line. Anybody who slightly deviates from 'the message' is likely to be dumped pretty rapidly. This means that there is little serious debate on policy within the main political parties, policy development is done by specialist units of professional politicos behind closed doors in consultation with only the most senior people in the party.

I attended several Tory Party conferences in the 1980s and there were some really impressive policy debates, especially on the conference fringe and ordinary people, rightly or wrongly, felt that they had a voice and influence within the party, but couldn't initiate or change policy.

During the 1980s Labour Party members actually had the power to change policy at their party conferences. It was Neil Kinnock who started the castration of the Labour Party membership when fighting the threat from the militants/trade unions in the 1980s. Labour members now have as much  influence over policy as Conservative members, they can no longer change or initiate policy at their conference.

The main parties now look to the media and the professional think tanks to formulate policy, the wishes of the electorate come way, way down their list of priorities. The EU, capital punishment and immigration are three main areas that highlight how the electorate has been ignored. Poll after poll suggests that over many years the populace has been ignored on these issues. The establishment has taken the view that it knows best.

We now have, thanks to political correctness, the tyranny of the minorities which has been extremely divisive and has fractured social cohesion. This is almost exclusively down to the left and the Labour Party. From 1997 to 2010 Labour had an open door immigration policy which has led to huge social problems, especially in our major cities. Labour/socialists then tell numerous ethnic groups that they are under threat from evil fascists but they will defend them. Guess who said ethnic minorities then support and vote for?

The Labour/socialists have done the same with gays, women, the disabled and any number of other  groups which has led to women only shortlists for parliament and quotas/targets in the workplace and education for assorted minorities. There has been a black lad on the TV news this morning claiming that he wouldn't be voting in the election because there weren't enough black and/or working class candidates. That always makes me wonder what black MPs would do that a white MP wouldn't? What would a working class MP do that a middle class MP wouldn't? Personally I just want the best MP for the job, if that's a black working class woman fine by me. If it's a white, working class gay bloke then fine, I don't care as long as they can do the job.

So to Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency and we hardly have an inspiring group of candidates up to now for the election. We have a sitting MP who seems to have alienated just about every person of a conservative persuasion that I know, more a lap dog for Cameron than a free thinking, get up and at 'em politician.

The Labour candidate is a councillor in Hulme, Manchester but bizarrely described as a 'local champion' on her election material. She also claims to have been running an anti-poverty campaign for twenty years, so for fifteen years she was fighting poverty under a Labour government, rather bizarre too. She also describes herself as a 'Common Purpose graduate'. I find Common Purpose an unpleasant  and worryingly influential organisation but don't subscribe to the wackier conspiracy theories about it that abound on the internet. I'll leave it for you to find out for yourself, there is lots about them on the internet.

So there we have it. Oh yes, sorry I forgot, we also have a Green Party candidate but suspect the people of this constituency are too sane to waste many votes on him, and we have a typically bland Liberal Democrat, neither of them have bothered with  a leaflet yet. We also have a UKIP candidate and I've heard there is a Northern Party candidate, a party of which I know little other than they sound like the bastard offspring of the Greens and Labour with an odd Tory cobbed in for good measure.

It's not an inspiring election, and our choice of candidates at the moment is even less inspiring. Still, two days yet to close of nominations and who knows who might pop up by Thursday.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weirdos, Freaks and Nutjobs

You can tell there's a general election coming soon, the bullshit is getting worse and worse.

The Labour Party is claiming the Tories are going to privatise the NHS. I'm 55 now and remember the Labour Party coming out with the same lie since 1974, at least. It's a lie, if they did promise to privatise the NHS I would be definitely voting for them. It won't happen.

The Labour Party are also claiming they will  control immigration. Bullshit. As long as we are in the EU they cannot control immigration. From 1997 to 2010 they let as many migrants into the country annually as the Tory/Lib Dim coalition has since 2010. It won't happen.

My MP is David Morris, who calls himself a 'Conservative' but is definitely not, in my opinion, conservative. He's  a fantastic politician, bullshit flows from him freely and frequently. I fear the consequences of a Labour government, especially if backed up by the Scottish Nazionalists, but while David Morris is my Tory candidate I will not be voting Tory.

On Friday I received a letter from Morris on House of Commons stationery. He was telling me how he voted against same sex marriage and was responding to my enquiry about his voting intention on that issue. The vote on same sex marriage was, as I remember, in June 2013. My enquiry was prior to that. So why respond now, nearly two years later? There's a general election coming up and you can't use House of Commons stationery for party political literature. I wouldn't dream of accusing him of breaking or even bending the rules. But it makes you wonder.

Now then, Jeremy Clarkson. I've worked as a TV extra and know that the days can be very long, tedious and often freezing cold and wet if filming outdoors, it's as bad for the actors as it is for the lowly extras. Jeremy Clarkson had spent a very long day, sixteen hours I think, outdoors, in shocking weather, filming a piece for Top Gear. When he got back to hotel, very late, very cold and very wet, there was no hot food. He found the producer responsible for the cock up and bollocked him severely then allegedly smacked him. Quite right too, I would have done likewise. The incompetent producer should have been sacked, not Clarkson. As a consequence the BBC will now lose millions in revenue from Top Gear. That's public service for you, fuck the taxpayer!

Finally, never believe the apologists for Islam. The father of one of the three young slappers who went off to have sex with ISIS has claimed the government, the police, MI5, old uncle Tom Cobbly and all were responsible for her vile belief in a murderous, barbaric religion. Of course him being a vile, barbaric, Islamist nutjob, as exposed in yesterday's newspapers, had nothing to do with it.Oh no, course it didn't.

May 7th is election day. One thing I do know is that nothing will change. We will wake up on 8th May still ruled by weirdos and freaks who oppress us but protect the 'human rights' of nutjobs, especially Islamic nutjobs.