Monday, July 29, 2013

Racial Hysteria

Hysteria about race seems to bubble just below the surface in the UK after years of politically correct brain washing. Lefties and pinko-do-gooders love nothing more than a self righteous rant at some  perceived act of racism, it makes them feel better about their sad and pointless existences.

So, well done the Home Office, you've sent them into truly hysterical paroxysms  of rage with your stupid 'illegal immigrants piss off or get nicked' van trundling around London. Even pillock-in-chief of UKIP, Nigel Farage has condemned it.

Whoever has been involved in dreaming up this stupid, meaningless stunt should be sacked and never again employed in any public sector capacity. Our taxes are being wasted funding these idiots and their stupid schemes. A stupid scheme is what this is, it is not racism. But of course the loonies have gone into overdrive.

Diane Abbot, always one for a spot of moral outrage and senseless hyperbole, claims the wording is the same as 'Pakis go home'. Goes to show that even going to a posh public school doesn't guarantee you will be able to comprehend basic English. No Diane, nowhere on that van does it say 'Pakis go home'.

Then a lunatic from a refugee support group popped up on the radio claiming it could trigger race riots.  Quite how she couldn't explain but eh, never let rationality temper a bout of politically correct moral outrage.

One loony on the radio even claimed that this is how the Nazis treated the Jews in Germany. Now that is certifiably mad and grossly insulting to the millions of Jews exterminated by the Nazis and their relatives left behind. Faced with a van telling you to go home before you're found and sent out of the country is, I'm pretty sure, a much better option than being sent to Auschwitz in a cattle truck. I certainly know which option I'd take.

Racism and ant-racism, two sides of the same coin.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sajjad Karim MEP

Sajjad Karim is Conservartive MEP for North West England. If, like me, you want to see the UK independent of the EU superstate he likens you to the Taliban. The man is plainly mad, he calls me Taliban I call him money grubbing hypocritical scum.
He also doesn't understand that if a majority of people hold a particular viewpoint then the majority view prevails. It may be one sided, but that's democracy.
Karim was elected an MEP in 2004 as a Liberal Democrat. As he knew he would likely not be re-elected in 2009 he jumped ship and became a Tory. Below is the press release issued yesterday by this shining example of freedom loving democracy:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Coronation Street Race Row

For some time, probably years now, the writing on Coronation Street has been deteriorating. Sad I know, but I do actually watch that particular soap opera. Or I did until the latest storyline broke on Friday, but enough is enough, I am no longer watching it.

If you don't know Corrie is set in the fictional Manchester suburb of Weatherfield. Unlike other soaps it has rarely hit the big social issues of the day and has been popular for its dry, northern humour and irony. It was no-nonsense gritty working class drama that didn't take itself too seriously. Or it used to be like that.

In the last episode last week one character (Paul) turned to the other while playing darts in the pub and laughingly said: "Play the white man". That was it, it all kicked off. A black character (Lloyd) heard the phrase being uttered and became extremely angry, there was a huge row with the white character accused of racism. For the rest of the episode, like some kind of TV soap style Stalinist show trial, virtually every character popped up to condemn the evil racism that had caused such deep offence in the pub.

My problem with this is on several levels. Paul, the character who uttered the evil words, had previously shown absolutely no hint of racism or any other 'ism'. It came completely out of the politically correct blue. It was as if the writers had been sat around bored and decided it would be good for ratings to confront the issue of racism. It was clumsy to say the least and smacked of a writer being on a hobby horse.

On another level many people I know have used the phrase "play the white man", including me. Now I'm not going to self-flagellate and profess to have black friends so I'm not racist etc. etc., all I can say is read my blog and see if you detect anything that could be (mis)construed as racism. Maybe now I will think twice about using the phrase, just in case it does cause offence, but using the phrase hardly merits the user being treated like the reincarnation of Eugene Terreblanche. A jokey put down by the black character would have probably made the point much more effectively. But crying racism and going into Twitter style moral outrage belittles the victims of true racism and is highly patronising to most of us.

I am pissed off with politically correct bullshit. I am pissed off with patronising politically correct morons lecturing the rest of us about the evils of 'isms', 'isms' that usually exist in the patronising minds of the politically correct who are so feeble minded they desperately want to take offence on behalf of other people, people who rarely see anything to offend.

I suspect in a real working class Manchester pub the conversation would have gone something like:

Paul: "Play the white man".
Lloyd: "What do you mean you cheeky bastard?"
Paul: "What? I wasn't talking to you"
Lloyd: "Play the white man? As if you lot are better than us?"
Paul: "Oh shit yea, I didn't think of it like that, sorry mate, just a turn of phrase. Fancy a pint?"
Lloyd: "Cheers yea, pint of bitter please mate. Fancy a game of darts?"

That's why I will never watch Coronation Street again. While I still have the freedom I choose not to be brainwashed by the box in the corner.

Monday, July 08, 2013

L'Enclume and Andy Murray

How good to see a British winner of Wimbledon, especially after that bloody miserable Scot blew it last year. That should get any swivel eyed lunatic Nazional Scotialists reading frothing into their porridge. But calm down, it was a joke!

Seriously I've had such a great weekend I even cheered Andy Murray when I got to watch the final game yesterday. He still didn't get massively animated though did he? Anyway, enough.

We've had a couple of days in Cartmel celebrating my beloved's significant birthday. If you like your food and drink Cartmel is heaven on earth. If you are into your gee gees too it has what must be the most picturesque racecourse in the country. For history buffs there is also the wonderful twelfth century Cartmel Priory.

We started in the priory then meandered over to say hello to Peter at Unsworth's Yard brewery and enjoyed a pint of Crusader Gold. What a pint!

Next up the cheese shop, also in Unsworth's Yard. We selected a couple of damn fine local chesses, a tub of olives and a packet of locally produced crackers. We then selected some decent wine at David's wineshop (Peter's brother) and had an impromptu picnic sat in the sunshine. David's wineshop is also well worth a visit, but don't just take my word for it read this article in Lancashire Life.

Then last night it was the wonderful L'Enclume a four hour plus feast of the finest food and wine. L'Enclume really is one for the old bucket list. We last visited nearly two years ago and thought it couldn't improve. Believe me, it has! And to prove it they now have two Michelin Stars. It's not cheap, but it is worth every penny.

We topped the night off with a luxurious room in L'Enclume House and were treated to a delicious Lakeland breakfast this morning in Rogan & Co.

Sometimes getting home is just a little disappointing.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Greater Manchester PCC-Another Publicly Funded Parasite

Tony Lloyd, not Shirley Williams
Last November the electorate showed what they think of our rulers' wonderful idea of Police and Crime Commissioners by not bothering to turn out to vote for them. That huge rejection was seen as a ringing  endorsement by our idiotic Prime Minister. That made him officially the biggest prat in the country.

But now, step forward Pillock Cynic and Clown  Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, former labour MP Tony Lloyd. Within eight months of garnering a pitiful percentage of the votes of the austerity hit electorate, he has decided he is so important that he needs a deputy on £55,000 a year.

In these austere times it's funny how our rulers always manage to find extra cash to splash while the rest of the country, living in the real world, have to tighten our belts.

If those holding public office in this country want our respect they'd better start bloody well earning it!