Thursday, December 02, 2010

Food Fascists

Steak tartare or a raw burger?
Food fascists are being fought back again by the valiant 'normals'. It seems that a debate has been started because uber-food-fascist Gillian McKeith has made a complete prat of herself on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The debate seems to be around whether or not being a vegan has caused her to faint on a regular basis, and constantly lack any bottle, or whether she's a vegan because she's a big wuss anyway. I tend towards believing that vegans and the like are that way because they are soft arses in the first place. They are incapable of looking at a lovely joint of roast lamb without automatically visualising cuddly lambs gambolling across grassy slopes to feed at mother's teat. It's a terrible weakness and displays a total lack of moral fibre.

McKeith describes herself as a 'holistic nutritionist'. Now forgive me, but the minute I hear the word 'holistic' alarm bells ring and I suspect a nutter. And so it appears to be with McKeith. Nigella Lawson is only some three months younger than McKeith, yet Lawson looks 10 years younger than she is, McKeith looks 10 years older. Nigella eats meat, McKeith doesn't. It seem obvious that a diet that is truly 'holistic' means that you should eat the rabbit food, and eat the rabbit too.

The health fascists whine on about how bad for you burgers are. But food fascism isn't just the preserve of vegans, vegetarians and those with other eating disorders. Consider the following scenarios:

You take a nice piece of best steak. Cook it as you like. That's ok, top quality food.

You take a nice piece of best steak. Mince it and eat it raw, with a raw egg on top. Steak tartare, a French delicacy. Ooh la la!

You take a nice piece of best steak. Mince it and make a burger. Suddenly it's evil fast food that makes you so fat and unhealthy you explode and die. 

What happens that makes the burgers so unhealthy? Exactly, bugger all. It's  food fascism in the form of snobbery.

Eat what you want and stuff what others say. Most of us have a good idea what is healthy, what is not and how much of each constitutes a reasonably healthy diet without being lectured by the new puritans and wet nellies like McKeith.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that the burgers being criticised are not made from the cuts of meat that would be offered as steak or steak tartare in a good restaurant. If fast food chains & burger vans start using fillet, sirloin & rib-eye then the price of a quarter-pounder might need to rise somewhat.

I doubt that the bits of the animal that go into the average burger are something you would care to eat raw.

Gregg said...

I know exactly what goes into burgers, and my view is big deal.

I also know that steak tartare is not made of the best cuts of meat.

I also know what goes into sausages and I love black pudding and chitterling.

I was making a point.

So I suppose your last paragraph proves my point perfectly. Many thanks.

Sharon said...

I am now drooling over the image of a nicely roasted joint of lamb and craving a burger.

Be veggie or vegan if that's your beliefs but don't start telling me what's good or bad for me or - even worse - what I should or shouldn't eat. It's my life, my body and seeing as I only have the one of each I want to enjoy it.

Gregg said...

Get to the Munch Box. They do great burgers as well as bacon butties.

I often wonder how much methane veggies produce compared to cows, in my experience veggie food has quite alrming results. If you get my drift. Not good for the ozone layer methinks.

Gregg said...

Anonymous, I don't blog to give a platform to smarty arses who think, mistakenly, that they are clever. Read the post properly.

I was referring to those who have a patholigical hatred of burgers, such as one of my heroes Auberon Waugh, hence my use of the word 'snobbery'. Hence my use of 'best steak'.

There are food obsessives, food snobs and now annonymous idiots!

Peter Metcalfe said...

I think anonymous has a point.

After all, to miss the obvious point of your blog must surely indicate the person is suffering from mad cow disease from eating dodgy burgers.

Perhaps you could have a 'special needs' comments section on your blog.

Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Gregg Sir, I doubt that the food fascists are criticising the burgers sold for £15.00 in London Gastropubs that are made from best steak. I refer you to my initial post, which you were kind enough to publish, which describes the type of product these people are having a pop at.

Gregg said...

I think you're right Peter, a clear case of CJD.

I rejected his second post, wish I hadn't now because it made him look even dafter, but he comes back once again to prove he doesn't get the point. To be honest, anybody daft enough to pay £15 for a burger deserves CJD.

Wonder if he'll be ho, ho, hoing as they cart him off to the loony bin? Cheap burgers have a lot to answer for!

Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO! "I doubt that the food fascists are criticising the burgers sold for £15.00 in London Gastropubs that are made from best steak."

Gregg "To be honest, anybody daft enough to pay £15 for a burger deserves CJD."

ho! Ho! HO! Does Gregg believe that anybody who pays £15.00 for a steak or steak tartare in a London gastropub also deserves CJD? I sure hope so-otherwise Gregg is teh food snob just like 'is chum Auberon!

Gregg said...

Too bloody true, anybody who eats steak tartare deserves CJD and worms. If I pay £15 I expect the bloody thing to have have been cooked.

No wonder the French are crap at wars if they think steak tartare is a burger and frogs legs are a joint of meat.

Me a snob? Never.