Saturday, May 17, 2008

Manchester-So Much To Answer For

So Manchester United have been told to scrap their plans for a homecoming tour of the city following next week's cup final thanks to those loveable 'fans' from north of the border. I'm always amazed at the media love fest with Scottish football fans. Every time a Scottish club visits Manchester there is serious trouble, but their reputation remains untarnished.

At least there will be one benefit from the trouble earlier this week, nonsensical talk of Rangers and Celtic joining the English league should finally end. Do we really want, drunken, sectarian, violent bigots playing every week in England? OK, so Leeds United are already playing in England but thankfully not in the Premier League!


T Bishop Finger said...

Probably wasn't a good idea encouraging them to gather, on mass, in the City Centre to watch on a giant TV Screen.

But then if all it took was a 'technical glitch' and the outcome of a football game to anger them into initiating the sacking of the City Centre, stabbing of a rival fan, and assaulting Police Officers; I guess it was going to be trouble from the start, even if they won.

Gregg Beaman said...

That's right. Previously the authorities would discourage anybody without a ticket from travelling to a game. It seems this was a mix of greed and naivety by Manchester City Council and the police bore the brunt of it.