Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Police State

Now the government is to force even more people to submit themselves to police checks, if they want to walk past an empty school without being accused of being a pervert and so on, it might be as well to remember that many voluntary organisations are already doing the state's dirty work.

Charities used to be independent organisations providing invaluable services, funding research and valuing their freedom to campaign on behalf of the people they were established to support. No longer, many charities are now no more than nationalised industries funded and controlled by the government. For thirty pieces of silver they have sold their souls to the state. In return they have been castrated, they dare not criticise the government, after all who bites the hand that feeds them?

In return they have adopted politically correct policies and procedures, are obsessed with diversy and 'equality' and routinely police check anybody who wants to become a volunteer. Health and safety and reporting obsessions to satisfy their government funders, has driven many people away from volunteering. Who can blame them?

Until recently police checks were only allowed on volunteers working one-on-one with vulnerable people, now it is allowed to be done routinely. There are many organisations out there, not just government agencies, holding highly personal information on people just because they want to give their time freely to help people less fortunate. Volunteering has been nationalised.

Nobody kicks against the creeping police state more than I do, but the state of the voluntary sector is surely a truly frightening sign of the times.

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