Friday, August 21, 2009

The Meaning of Life

The Lockerbie bomber returned to Libya and addressed the happy crowd that turned out to cheer his triumphant return. Addressing them he said: " In Scotland I had time to contemplate and I discovered the meaning of life; imprisonment until you feel a bit peaky!".

At least if you are a mass murderer and the SNP are in power.


T Bishop Finger said...

The Government and it's Oil Company cronies have surrendered to Gadaffi, Reagan's spinning in his grave. Gadaffi waged a proxy war on the UK through the IRA, probably directly ordered the Lockerbie bombing, can tell us who killed Yvonne Fletcher, and was a bigger sponsor of terror than Iran could ever dream of. But our elite's lust for Oil has basically told him, 'hey, it's all water under the bridge'.

Greg L-W. said...

Your comments are only valid were Abdel Basset al-Magrahi in any way associated with the catastrophic failure of Pan Am 103.

No evidence whatsoever was led in Court or in any hearing showing any association of Abdel Basset al-Magrahi with the events.

That Lord Cullen's summing up was corrupt, dishonest and rendered the entire trial invalid not just the verdict.

It is unfortunate and to our shame that Abdel Basset al-Magrahi was encacerated without any meaningful trial - let alone fair trial. He was denied Justice and in the light of the deliberately obfuscated facts it comes as no surprise to me that American authorities are furious at the risk of the truth being made known.

Further you will not, the better informed, British relatives largely support the release & Jim Swires the leader of the bereaved had advocated Abdel Basset al-Magrahi should be released pending a public hearing to find out not only how but who was culpable for the catastrophic failure of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie.

I am ashamed that British Justice so failed Abdel Basset al-Magrahi, as an integral part of rehabilitating Libia, which had absolutely nothing to do with this matter as Syria, The Lebanon and America could assure you - just as could The party of Marines returning to Boston for Christmas with the product of almost a year's investigations.

Britain and the informed owe Abdel Basset al-Magrahi an apology for having not done more to obtain his release and full pardon.

Perhaps Lord cullen should be put in the cell for the balance of the shameful sentence having corrupted both this trial and the Inquiry into the 13-Mar-1996 massacre, where he deliberately and unlawfully obfuscated the case and embargoes 24>26 shelf feet of documentary evidence to obtain the required verdict and protect those who bore the guilt!

Greg L-W.
PS if you want more facts on these matters please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have you read the transcript of the trials? May I suggest you start with Lord Cullen's shameful summing up in the Lockerbie case.

Did you listen to the maunderings of the Scottish chappie announcing the release - it would have done justice to the very worst of Oscar award acceptance speeches - an amateur, embarrassing and idiotic appologia!

Gregg said...

Thanks for that Greg. I agree, the whole thing stinks and al-Magrahi was merely a scapegoat.

The way the release was dealt with showed the amateurishness of the SNP. I endorse your last paragraph, the man sounded like some 'Yes Minister' character desperately protecting his own backside.

Greg L-W. said...


You may find a few details of interest at:

with regard to Lord Cullen & Corruption you may find:

Greg L-W.

PS - with respect to T Bishop Finger I do believe the entire statement you have made is based on false premise and near total inaccuracy bearing more relevance to a cornflake packet or a tabloid comic than to fact or intel.

It can more often than not be unwise to believe Government handouts which are all too often no more than propaganda!

T Bishop Finger said...

I'm so sorry. Gadaffi never sponsored terror, armed the IRA, or could tell us who killed Yvonne Fletcher. I'm gonna stuff that trip to Lanzarote, Tripoli here I come!!!

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Indeed Libya hosted many IRA training camps, and funded them. I seem to remember something in the press about Nick Griffin once going to Tripoli with a begging bowl, came back empty handed if memory serves.

Greg L-W. said...


I believe your entire posting is based on the false premise that Al Magrahi and for that matter Libia was involved in any way with the catastrophic failure of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie on 21-Dec-1988

T Bishop Finger said...
The Government and it's Oil Company cronies have surrendered to Gadaffi,

Since there is absolutely no shortage of oil and will not be in the foreseeable future there is little relevance in your premise appropos oil - next you will trot out the mantra about Iraq and control of oil!!! NOT SO.

I see no sign of surrender to Qaddaffi - I am aware that he provided America with a cover story for Pan-Am 103 that suited them and Al Magrahi and his co-accused were the scapegoats on the terms agreed!

T Bishop Finger said...Reagan's spinning in his grave.
I doubt it - he more than most Presidents had clean hands and an understanding of pragmatism.

T Bishop Finger said...Gadaffi waged a proxy war on the UK through the IRA,
Providing rather amateur training camp sites - as a snub to Britain as we had thwarted his ambitions to lead the OAU by placing stumbling blocks in his way by way of Commonwealth Countries and we had ensured he could not creat an African Ouma.

The arms he shipped to Southern Ireland were sent out of Naples on false mark cargos! ... Don't ask!!!

T Bishop Finger said...probably directly ordered the Lockerbie bombing,
No connection with Pan Am 103 whatsoever - that was black ops, which is why America is squeeeeeling like a stuck pig now at the risk of the truth surfacing!

T Bishop Finger said...can tell us who killed Yvonne Fletcher,
We know already AND we know the cause.

T Bishop Finger said...and was a bigger sponsor of terror than Iran could ever dream of.
Would that that was true and let us hope Iran NEVER starts to act as a global terrorist player - it is bad enough with the obscene terrorism of the Zionists and also the state sponsored terrorism of Britain and America in Iraq and Afghanistan founded on lies and deception.

T Bishop Finger said...But our elite's lust for Oil has basically told him,
Our self styled elite couldn't give a tinkers about oil - there is enough to drown the entire Middle East in just one of the Gull Island deposits! The Caspian oil has NEVER been tapped. There are huge fields off of the Falklands (what do you think that was all about?) and areas of Greenland are afloat on oil - why do you think the Russians placed a flag on the sea floor under the Northern Icecap.

That leaves, for starters, the massive reserves in Antarctica, which due to the sun and global warming are becoming ever easier to exploit despite the fact that in fact the planet is at the moment cooling the Atlantic ice continues to shed.

T Bishop Finger said...'hey, it's all water under the bridge'.
No global diplomacy goes on with trade offs and deals - just that due to economic illiterates in our own Government following a largely communist agenda aided by Common Purpose, the EU and corruption Britain's role has for the last 20 years been pretty crass.

As for your plans for a holiday Tripoli is nice but I prefer Marackesh. Benghazzi is fun and out into the Southern Desert but I preferred the High Atlas and the Desert North of TimbukTu and Mali.

To travel with the Taureg is culturally more interesting than The Bedou but I would suggest either is better than missing the experience - however if you like your travel spoon fed I suggest you stick with Lansagrotti.

Greg L-W.

T Bishop Finger said...

Whatever. I shall end this bloody battle on Gregg's blog by declaring all Foreign affairs a load of bollox and my hopes for a return to the 'Splendid Isolationism' of Salisbury...

Greg L-W. said...

T Bishop Finger said...
I shall end this bloody battle on Gregg's blog ....

IF that was 'bloody' what a sheltered life you have lead!

T Bishop Finger said...
by declaring all Foreign affairs a load of bollox

I think at that stage it is called war!

T Bishop Finger said...
and my hopes for a return to the 'Splendid Isolationism' of Salisbury...

Would that be the City of or the time of?

Just curious as it may explain the imature use of bad language which so demeans your otherwise interesting blog.

Greg L-W.