Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fortress Manchester

My hot air balloon flight was cancelled, for the fourth time this morning, so it was off on the early train to join SPUC distributing leaflets to delegates at the Labour Party conference.

I say delegates, they were more like cloned zombies or some kind of mass produced politico-robots. I would love to know where the production line is that produces these people. Some of the wimmin delegates seemed to have retained some element of individuality, although there were few obvious skinheads in dungarees like they used to attract when they were a socialist outfit.

The most awful part for me was the security. A whole section of the City Centre, around the Bridgewater Hall, the old Free Trade Hall and Central Library is virtually sealed off. The police presence is bigger than I have ever seen at any major event. The most sinister aspect of this heavy duty policing was the presence, in large numbers, of 'Police Evidence Gatherers'. These are the prat police who wander around taking photographs and videoing people handing out literature or holding placards. Perhaps I'll be dragged from my bed at 4-00am for dissenting, PC David Bailey having gathered the photographic evidence to blow my defence out of the water.

But the bizarre element of all this was the way the zombies and clones (delegates) were pompously strutting around Manchester as if they owned the place. I have never seen so many complete and utter twonks in one concentrated area. It seems to me that not one of them realised that this whole Guantamo Bay style security was to protect them because they are so loathed and despised by the population. They seem to think that having to hold their conference in Stalag Luft Manchester Central is some kind of a badge of honour. It actually shows how hated you are!

No you muppets, you are why politicians and the political class are so despised. Real people have to be kept away from you because they might harm you, it's not because you are so loved you might get mobbed like some kind of pop culture superstars.

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