Wednesday, August 28, 2013

David Morris MP and Syria

I've been a little busy lately, so am catching up with some of the local news. Back in June 2010 I made the mistake of voting Tory, really just to get Gordon Brown and the Labour Party idiots out. Sadly we ended up with this mongrel government of social democrats masquerading as Conservatives and Liberals. Neither party is what their names suggest.

But the local news was truly disturbing. Our local MP, for Morecambe and Lunesdale, is Tory chinless wonder David Morris. Now then, after Morris grovelled to Cameron by refusing to vote for an EU referendum when it was debated in Parliament I had already decided not to vote for him when the next election comes around. But now he's gone even further in showing his complete lack of fitness for political office.

The man has managed to rack up more expenses in one year than he received in salary. This link will take you to his expenses totals for the last three years on his website. But for 2012/13 he managed to claim nearly £76,000, almost £23,000 of which went on travel. He claims to always buy the cheapest return ticket when he travels from London to his constituency. Assuming he comes back three weekends each month, and let's say that he does that every month then each journey costs nearly £640. Is he flying home in the sodding space shuttle?

Nobody is claiming that he has done anything against the rules, he points out that the relevant authorities have checked and approved all his claims. Well smoking is perfectly legal but many of us choose not to smoke. Likewise many of us have been in jobs where we could have claimed huge expenses but felt morally obliged to keep them down. Somehow he manages to cost, in expenses alone, around £210 every single day of the year including Christmas Day and Bank Holidays. I bet I could sort him accomodation in London, home and office, and travel to his constituency on a weekly basis for a fraction of that. Yet another reason not to vote for him next time around.

Then there is Syria. Looks like Cameron and Obama are just Bush and Blair Mk II doesn't it? How would we react if it kicked off in Northern Ireland again and Iran and Iraq decided to bomb the crap out of London and/or Belfast in support of the rebels (IRA)? Not quite like for like that comparison I know but it makes the point.

If there is a vote on attacking Syria in the House of Commons I'll be checking how Mr Morris votes.

So with there being no credible parties in next year's European elections, and none looking likely to appear before 2015, it looks like abstention and spoilt ballot papers next year and the one after.

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