Monday, October 14, 2013

Political Correctness #1298

Political correctness just seems to rumble on and on, and every time it tightens its grip we lose a little more of our freedom.

This morning we had breakfast and watched a news channel on the goggle box. I nearly choked on my Weetabix when a child psychologist popped up singing the praises of some lunatic teacher who insists that all children in a class must be invited to a child's party or none. She (the psychologist) was banging on about 'social inclusion'. So the hated little shit nobody likes must be invited? I don't think so. What next, if we have a party we can no longer invite only neighbours we know and like but must invite the whole street? Absolute madness.

Then Adrian Chiles was forced to apologise on Twitter because some pillock was offended when he made a remark about not getting building work done on his house because of the number of Poles attending the game tomorrow night at Wembley. Are we such a nation of wet farts these days that a joke like that can cause offence? What about the old one about the Korean car sticker: A dog isn't just for Christmas, there should be enough for butties on Boxing Day too?


Thomas O Smith said...

Re the PC Teacher, I think you'll enjoy this recent article from Fred Reed

Anonymous said...

yeah, political correctness is the worst! why can't we just go back to the 80s when spastics were spastics, faggots were faggots and niggers were niggers?!

Gregg said...

Maybe you spoke like that in the '80s, thankfully I was brought up with decent people who didn't use language like that. Maybe you weren't so well brought up.