Monday, December 09, 2013

I Don't Understand

I understand political correctness, it is a sick way for the left to destroy our culture and heritage so that they can gradually take power rather than getting involved in revolution. I don't understand why people fall for it and end up loathing their heritage, culture, race and nationality. Political correctness leads to chronic self-loathing.

Just as an example take a look at the attitude of people towards Britons living abroad. They are mercilessly slagged off by the politically correct for living in British enclaves, flying the Union Flag and toasting the Queen with G&Ts at 6-00pm. They are mercilessly slagged off for not assimilating into the local culture.

Then look at the attitude of the politically correct to immigrants in this country. It's great that they preserve their own culture and heritage and it adds to the richness of life in this country to see whole swathes of our cities resembling foreign parts. Don't expect them to learn our language, we'll print leaflets and street signs in their own language. Hypocrisy?

What I really don't understand at the moment is the Pavlovian response to Nelson Mandela's death. Yes it's sad that somebody has died, but the North Korean style public outpouring of grief leaves me baffled. What exactly did Mandela do?

For starters he led the terrorist wing of the ANC. While he doesn't appear to have planted bombs himself he certainly gave the go ahead for others to do so. Does that make him a terrorist or a freedom fighter? Well, in my view quite clearly a terrorist as innocent people died as a consequence. Freedom fighters fight the state and its enforcers not innocent people. For that he went to prison.

He was released when the South African government realised that apartheid had to go. FW de Klerk released Mandela from prison but seems to receive no credit for that from anybody, especially the politically correct.

Mandela then went on to become president. Although he didn't turn the country into a typical African basket case, he certainly left it in a worse state economically and socially than it had been. The biggest positive was the lack of bloodletting against their previous oppressors by the black majority.

So what I don't understand is the frenzied hero worshipping of him. What exactly did he do that warrants his almost mythical status in the eyes of so many. In my view people have just been brainwashed and when asked what he actually did that warrants the hysteria they can't answer. The man who should be credited with ending apartheid is FW de Klerk. But he never will be.

I don't understand.

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