Monday, January 06, 2014

The Burger King Jihad

Work of Satan
The more we tolerate this kind of crap the bigger a disaster we are heading for.

A muslim complained that the swirly pattern on the lid of an ice cream cone resembled the Arabic word Allah. So he declared a jihad on Burger King. Burger King promptly withdrew the ice cream but the muslim nutjob has not withdrawn his jihad.

Another reason not to use Burger King. Welcome to 2014 in modern, 'multicultural' Britain.

Article in The Scotsman.

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Peter Metcalfe said...

Jihad - is a war against those who do not believe in Islam

Hate Crime - is a crime against those belonging to/or preceived to be belonging to a certain socail group e.g. race, religion, sex, gender and so on. It includes bullying as one of it's criminal acts.

There are various religions and non-religions (social groups) that do not believe in Islam

Bullying is one of the acts that constitue a Hate Crime. The term means to use force, threats or co-ercion to intimidate or impose domination over others.

Jihad is therefore bullying various social groups and can therefore be classed as a Hate Crime. I assume that the 'Jihad against Burger King' declarer will be arrested.

Or do we now follow Sharia Law and not British Law?