Friday, September 26, 2014

Bomb, bomb, bomb!

All over the world we have been encouraging Islamic madmen in the deluded belief that they will replace authoritarian dictators with liberal democracy. Remember the Arab Spring? What a nightmare that has unleashed on so many countries.

We encouraged the previously proscribed terrorist organisation, the muslim KLA, to take control of Kosovo and declare it independent of Serbia. We helped Iraq get rid of Sadam and what a nightmare that place is now. We encouraged rebels in Syria in opposition to President Assad, what a nightmare Syria is.

All over the  world muslim extremists are causing death and chaos and it seems that the West has learnt nothing. We support and arm rebel 'moderates' time and again who take control and inflict even more pain and  devastation on their people than those they replaced.

I have no respect for Islam or muslim states, even the so-called moderate muslim states, but that is life and they, in their own ways, have made their choices. Rather than spending millions, and potentially losing even more men in armed conflict, we should be encouraging those so-called moderate muslim states to take action against IS/ISIS/ or whatever the barbarians are calling themselves today.

The duty of our government is to protect UK citizens from foreign or internal threats. As horrifically barbaric as IS/ISIS is they do not threaten the UK yet, to spin bombing them today is to distort the idea of defence. What we really need to be doing is looking at the enemy within and dealing with it. That is how government should be defending us.

All over the world, wherever muslims are living, their is strife and hatred. Islam is diametrically opposed to what the liberal western democracies hold dear. We are constantly hearing of extremists being arrested for encouraging terrorism and membership of illegal organisations. But apologists cry, again and again that these people do not represent Islam. I don't accept that.

Israel defends herself against the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and thousands of left-wing liberals and muslims march through our cities in protest. IS/ISIS butcher thousands of innocents in the most barbaric way and there are no protests by left-wing liberals and muslims.

I think that says it all.

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