Saturday, December 25, 2010

UKIP, Hatred, Annabelle Fuller and Nikki Sinclaire MEP

A particularly nasty pro-UKIP blog has recently targeted me again for attack. I won't name it as I don't want to publicise it. But it got me thinking.

Just over two years ago Annabelle Fuller, a woman I have little time for incidentally, was targeted by elements within UKIP. She faced a particularly venomous campaign of vilification which goes beyond political banter. I believe her accusations to be the truth as a former colleague of mine in the Libertarian Party was present when she received some of her threats. It is reported comprehensively in this report from the Independent.

More recently Nikki Sinclaire MEP has come under similar fire. You can find links to my reports of Nikki's victimisation by elements within UKIP by following the labels below this post. You can also visit Nikki's blog.

Now I would suggest that Annabelle Fuller, long time friend of Nigel Farage MEP, and Nikki Sinclaire have little in common, indeed nothing in common. But both have been subjected to vile attacks by elements within the UK Independence Party, as have people associated with Nikki. There are few coincidences in politics.

Food for thought?

That's it, time for a mince pie.


Anonymous said...

UKIP are a gang of shysters Gregg, you are well out. I can't join your new party but wish you personally well.

Gregg said...

Thanks, it's so sad for a party we thought was so different. But it turned out UKIP was worse than the others, two MEPs in clink etc.

Rosie said...

And then there was the Morrocan taxi driver.......
It's interesting that although the mainstream media have attacked politicians from the three main parties for corruption but have not touched on Ukip even though 2 MEPs in clink, donor scandals and so on.
Wonder why that is?

MikeP said...

Rosie, my tuppence worth be that the reason why the mainstream media leave UKIP alone is because they know it's not worth the hassle as they're a pretty minor and insignificant party in the grand scheme of things. 10 years ago it might have been different as UKIP were up a d coming with a lot more focus on them. Now they seem to have peaked and at best are standing still or, at worse (depending on your POV) going backwards......

Gregg said...

I agree Mike. Politically they are a busted flush who have done their job, namely to corale Eurosceptics in a cul-de-sac where they are sfely out of mainstream parties.

There is now a clique at the top with their snouts, ironically, well and truly in the EU trough. That is why there is such a stench emanating from te party.

I suggest you google Ashley Mote and Tom Wise.

George said...

I know the blog you mean and it typifies why so many of us have left UKIP. I take it the name of the blog begins with 'S'. I have read it and know the content about you to be lies.

Our branch closed a year ago and many more have gone, UKIP is nothing but a cash cow now, it has lost all impetus and MikeP who has commented on this post is correct.

Ignore them is my advice. The members in the northwest know what they are saying about you is lies because nobody I spoke to had ever received such a letter from you.

Best wishes to you and Rosie.