Monday, October 31, 2011

Anti-Catholic Nutjob Alert

I received a comment today from somebody using the pseudonym 'Scout'. It seemed innocuous enough, if a little terse and was about the chap who has just been demoted for his Christian beliefs. So I posted it.

Then I looked at his blog and immediately sent his comment to the bin. He seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Catholics and his blog is dedicated to his obsession. Tell you what Scout, just provide the world with a list of Catholic bloggers, then people can read and make their own minds up whether we are mad or not. On the other hand, placed alongside your fruitcake ramblings, the most bizarre blogger would look highly rational.

Now I believe in free speech and am very dubious about any form of censorship, but I do draw the line at nutjobs using my blog to promote their lunacy. That is why I binned his comment.

There is a much more considered post about 'Scout' than this on That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill where the valid point is made that if 'Scout' wrote a similar blog about Muslims, he would be accused of Islamophobia.

It seems that he is trawling the blogosphere looking for Catholic blogs to get angry about, a strange pastime. 'Bones' has been hit as, it seems has Smeaton's Corner and Catholic and Loving It! I feel quite humbled and unworthy to be in the trenches alongside such tremendous Catholic bloggers as those three.

If you would like to make up your own mind about Catholic bloggers I recommend the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, where there are some of the finest Catholic blogs and bloggers you'll find .


Richard Collins said...

Yes Gregg, poor chap is actually not very knowledgeable which does not help.
He is just another troll who needs blitzing and prayers whenever he appears.

Gregg said...

Indeed Richard. From your blog post today he's a tiny irrelevant irritant when compared to what they suffered in Iraq.

God bless.

A Reluctant Sinner said...

I'm sorry this poor soul has been commenting on your blog, Gregg. He does seem symptomatic of today's dumbed-down and religiously illiterate world. He also appears to be obsessive and embittered. I am sure that prayers on his behalf will work wonders... May he come to know the truth, which will set him free to see the face of God.

Keep up the good work, by the way!


Gregg said...

I agree D. Loved your post about Evelyn Waugh by the way, one of my favourite writers.