Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geraldine Smith MP-Coward or Bully?

Tonight, Tuesday 10 November, I was sat with my wife having a quiet drink in the centre of Brugge. Then my mobile rang, so I felt I should answer it, I was extremely concerned as it was my elderly father, and something was obviously wrong. My parents were distraught and I had to calm them down, they are both elderly and quite vulnerable and not in the best of health.

So what had happened? Well tonight they received an extremely unpleasant, threatening phone call from my local Member of Parliament, Geraldine Smith. She apparently "ranted and raved" about their only son, threatening to sue me, take me to court etc. because of some comments on my blog. I think I have soothed them without the need to return home early, I hope so, even though they were both obviously badly shaken.

It seems that a post of mine in June quoted a House of Commons library source that was wrong, she (Smith) had not, it seems, been on a women only shortlist in 1997. In effect, I had been misled by the House of Commons. Nothing new there then! Sorry about that and I will perhaps seek an apology myself.

Now then, to matters now. With all her allowances it took the genius team of Geraldine Smith nearly 6 months to pick that up. As they said nothing to my parents, or another blog I write for, anything about her expenses claims, which I also wrote about in June, I assume she is happy with that piece.

You can visit both posts if you track back, using the side bar, to my June 2009 blog posts.

So next time you want to throw your weight around Geraldine, pick on me, not my elderly parents.

That's that. I would now like you to apologise to my parents. If you haven't when I return then I will take matters further.


Jim said...

Unfortunately for you, the original list of labour women only shortlist MPs and candidates has been amended (on 21st Oct 09) so unless someone has preserved the original page as it was, you're a bit stuffed.

MikeP (Galavamp) said...

This has really made my blood boil.

Exactly how low can you stoop?

The supreme arrogance and stupidity of MPs obviously knows no bounds.

At a time when public opinion in our MPs is at an all time low, you would have thought that this wench would have had better things to be doing with her time than harrassing an elderly couple.

As Geraldine Smith and her little acolytes obviously read this blog, perhaps she could post the phone number of any of her elderly relatives so that I can call them and tell them what an insensitive, crass and inhuman little toad she actually is.

If you choose to live your life in the public eye Ms Smith, be prepared to take the rough with the smooth.

Yet another reason why I will never ever vote Labour.

kathryn said...

Who the hell does she think she is?

Bullies tend to display this type of behaviour against vulnerable people!
I really can't believe that she didn't speak to you first.
Smith should be ashamed of herself.
Just hope that your parents are ok.


Greg L-W. said...


I wonder if she can be bothered spelling her name right!

This is truelly a government of low lifes and the economically illiterate!

In passing has anyone shouted at you for going to Brugge for a weekend in Mid November! How about the Bavarian Christmas fairs of December - now that I can understand!

Greg L-W.

Gregg's Blog said...

I have now posted a note from the House of Commons Library admitting their error.

My parents are OK, a little worried as you would expect, but we have calmed them down.

There will be more to this though, I can assure you. But when I am back in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Why are you suprised at this behaviour from a socialist? After all they have turned Britain into an amoral cesspit that reflects their own beliefs.

Peter Metcalfe said...

Why have you ignored the fact that an MP has harrassed old people and that the House of Commons is the source that was incorrect not this blog. Your comments seem like those of a bitter socialist who has acheived zilch in life so can only feel powerful making idiotic comments to someone who actually stands up for his belief
You are a cretin.

Anonymous said...

What a sad person you must be Mr Beaman, to waste time and energy onsuch vindictiveness.
I really am sorry for you perhaps if you had the ability & courage of Geraldine Smith you would be in Parliament yourself fighting for good. Instead you are reduced to glorifying yourself on a blog.
Get a life...& make it a useful one.
Chris, Lancaster

Gregg Beaman said...

So "Chris Anonymous", you find that kind of behaviour from an MP acceptable do you? Goes to show that behind every thick idiot MP like Geraldine Smith there's an even thicker idiot like you.

Thanks for the comment anyway you prick, even if it did take you nearly three months.