Monday, March 05, 2012

Gay Marriage And Homophobia

I've had a restless day today, for various reasons and have followed in the media with interest some of the debate around 'gay marriage', especially in relation to Cardinal O'Brien's comments. What has struck me quite forcefully is the pure venom and intolerance of so many in the gay lobby towards anybody who disagrees with them, especially those with a religious position. The minute somebody disagrees with the concept of 'gay marriage' they are dismissed as 'homophobes' as if they are incapable of rational thought. I have heard Cardinal O'Brien described as 'evil' today and the Catholic church attacked as 'hateful' and 'full of paedophiles'. In fact if the vile attacks on the Catholic church I've heard today were used about a race or about gay people the abuser would be pretty promptly charged with a hate crime.

For the record I oppose the concept of 'gay marriage'. Marriage is between a man and a woman, it's that simple. On the other hand I have no problem with civil partnerships for gay people, but let's not pretend that marriage can suddenly become something it is not, that is fundamentally dishonest.  That is not homophobic, it is just a clearly logical position and in fairness, I have heard a couple of more rational gay people making that point themselves today.

The problem with the militant political gay lobby is that they are so strident they actually create a negative response from many people who may otherwise be tolerant, if not sympathetic. As with any overly strident campaigning group on any issue they lose the middle ground.

Take the case of gay adoption. The power of the gay lobby is such that adoption agencies that would not, on grounds of conscience, place children with gay couples have been closed down. There is no tolerance of people who, on grounds of conscience, could not place a child with a gay couple. I wouldn't place a child with a gay couple, but neither would I close down agencies that do place children with gay couples. I would actually like to be allowed to make the decision myself and not be pilloried as some kind of extreme gay hater, which I am not. I just believe that children need a mother and a father.

It seems to me that as a nation we are becoming slaves to minority pressure groups, and the silent majority are being increasingly attacked and in some cases oppressed, especially those who describe themselves as Christians.


David Wright said...

Personally, I think marriage, for all sexual persuasions, is a bit old hat these days. A lot of good relationships are ruined because the couple feel the need to make it "official". Don't get me wrong, I'm married myself, but we both think, after 25 years, a ring and a certificate was only to please our families.

Gregg said...

To the millions of us who take our marriage vows seriously it is not 'old hat'.

If a relationship breaks down because they make it "official" it was obviously a rocky relationship in the first place and they were stupid making it "official".

Webmaster Gareth said...

Greg - i agree with much of what you've written. In the name of tolerance they scream intollerance. In the name of love they scream hatred. In the name of diversity the shut down dissent.

The militant homosexual lobby is a mix of liars, bullies and arrogant atheists who will never be happy until Christianity [esp Catholicism] is shut down and homosexuality "the norm."

Anonymous said...

I think Dr David Starkey summed it up when he remarked "I didn't become gay to get married".

Can't understand why this issue is raising its head again and really thought that civil partnerships, which make complete sense and ended a genuine inequality, gave everyone concerned a sense of closure.

There seems to be a disturbing element of territoriality here, as if other people aren't allowed to have anything for themselves. The 'right' of gay people to adopt is not the issue - what's most important is the welfare of the child.

Sometimes it can make sense for a child to be placed in the care of a relative who happens to be gay or lesbian - no issue there. But there's a world of difference between that and turning kids into poster boys for the 'pink and proud' crusade.

As you say, this seems to about a very powerful group trying to bully and impose their will upon churches. With civil partnerships having ended the real inequality, there can be no other rational explanation - and it sucks.



Anonymous said...

I would like to see somewhere in great big letters a message from Mr Cameron that if a Gay Marriage law is passed then Mosques and Synagogues will have to carry out gay marriages, no excuse! It will be law and the gay fellows yuman right.
Alsi I would like to see the Gay Lobby demonstrating outside Mosques and Synagogues for Gay rights, why should Christians be the only ones targetted, no wonder other religeons have no respect for Christianity.