Monday, June 27, 2016

Remainiacs and Tantrums

Last year 36% of people elected a government in the UK and there were no calls for a second election. On Thursday 52% voted to leave the European Union and there were cries from a proportion of the losers for a second referendum. The Remainiacs are stamping their feet and throwing tantrums up and down the country. They have organised demos against the decision of the people that will no doubt end in attacks on the police and property.

The most disgusting of the Remainiac cry babies is David Lammy MP for Tottenham. He is urging parliament to ignore the referendum and carry on as usual, which is to ignore the electorate and treat us with utter contempt. He is now whining that there should never again be a referendum on any issue. No, we can't have the people having a say can we? Our masters know what's best, or so the likes of Lammy think.

Remainiacs have even been conned into supporting a petition calling for a second referendum set up by a group known for pulling stunts like this. The petition has been referred to parliament for investigation after it was alleged that hundreds of thousands of signatures have been faked and hundreds of thousands of the signatories were outside the UK but had been given UK postcodes. The stupidity of the government's petition system is that all that is needed to authenticate a signature is a UK postcode. To be honest anybody who saw the number of signatures growing by the hundreds of thousands by the hour should have smelt a rat. But the Remainiacs prove themselves time and again to be gullible and foolish.

Then there is the immorality of the Remain camp from day one in claiming that Remain was the only way to vote if you care for your children, grandchildren and young people generally. They organised a vile exercise that you would have expected in the USSR and told kids to see their grandparents and other older people and convince them to vote for Remain as it was the kids' future not the oldies' future that would be affected. There was an arrogant assumption that leaving would be bad, no convincing arguments, just moral blackmail. The sad thing is I know at least one 46 year old who fell for this con trick and voted Remain because that's how is kids said they would have voted if they were old enough. Interesting that only around 36% of under 25s got off their lazy arses to actually vote whereas 75% of over 55s did. Which group cares more about the future?

I was too young to vote in the 1975 referendum on the EEC but was studying for 'O' Levels in Government Economics and Commerce and Economic Principles amongst others. I argued at the time and tried to convince older friends and relatives to vote Out. At no point did I, or as I remember at the time the Out campaign, try to use moral blackmail by claiming that they should vote my way because it was my future not theirs. That would have been ugly and plain wrong not to say offensive. After the result to stay there were no cries for another referendum or tantrums and foot stamping from the Out campaign. We got on with it, carried on campaigning and on Thursday we had our day.

Throughout this campaign and in the aftermath the Remainiacs have been pretty nasty and unpleasant. Brexiteers have been accused of being xenophobic, racist, Little Englanders, idiots, semi-educated morons and worse. I was abused on the streets twice while campaigning but having fascist shouted at me doesn't tend to persuade me to change my position believe me. But I know of other people who have left, or are considering leaving social media, because of the abuse they've faced from Remainiacs, people who they thought were friends.

If the likes of Lammy and the Remainiacs even think they can ignore or overthrow the will of 17m people they really do not understand the anger and frustration behind our loathing of not just the EU but the political class and the establishment in the UK. They should be very careful as should the Conservative government if they try and water down Brexit in any way.

We have had our chance to speak and you ignore us at your peril.

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