Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You're The One For Me Fatty

The latest intrusion into our lives comes today from a report published by the Foresight Programme. It attacks those of us on the big side and calls for "dramatic and comprehensive action" by the government to stop us all becoming obese by 2050. Personally I doubt I'll be here in 2050.

If you were wondering who the 'Foresight Programme' are surprise, surprise they are part of that all embracing monster we call 'the government'. So the government is actually recommending that the government takes action.

It blames the weight problem on our terrible modern lifestyle of "energy-dense and cheap foods, labour saving devices, motorised transport and sedentary work". So it's back to subsistence farming, wack a great big tax on cheap food to make it beyond our reach, back to women being stuck in the kitchen all day, horse and carts and a good, old fashioned manual job, the ones our parents warned us to avoid when we were at school because 'we could do better'.

Actually, they will probably only increase tax on food. Let's face it they slam us for tax if we smoke, drink, drive, work, buy anything, do anything so there's probably only eating left for the government to dictate to us on and try to stop us enjoying. Don't know about 'rip-off Britain' more like 'New Puritan Britain'.
And Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo has already intimated that a tax on 'fatty' foods may be considered. When will they leave us alone? The government blame society, which is us, I blame the individual and believe we should leave it to the individual to lose weight, or not, not the government.

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