Sunday, October 28, 2007

Evil Thatcher Blamed Again

Sicko Michael Moore-surely too fat to be treated on the NHS!

That fat hero of the pinko liberal classes is at it again with yet another work of fiction, sorry, he calls them 'documentaries'. To the rest of us they are films in the Al Gore genre, 'who needs truth when buttering up your PC pals'. Yes famous fatty Michael Moore is publicising yet another pile of pinko liberal bullshit this time praising the NHS as a way of attacking the USA and its healthcare system.

This afternoon in answer to a question about faults in the NHS he came out with the standard pinko response: "Well of course you have problems after what Margaret Thatcher did to the NHS". For crying out loud Mrs Thatcher has not led this country since 1990. And forgive me but what have Labour been doing for the last 10 years?

Tell you what Michael why not visit, and interview, my mother-in-law who has just had emergency surgery for a broken hip, not ideal when frail and 82. And why did she need the op? Because she could barely walk, needed the loo (when in hospital) and fell because there was nobody answering her emergency buzzer to help her get to the loo. Still at least she was in hospital so treatment would be quick and effective, wouldn't it? Wrong again. Family were told that she would be fine when the bruising subsided. But it didn't and neither did the pain. A week later, after persistent requests from family, she was checked again and found to have had a broken hip, untreated, for almost a week.

Talk to the old boy in his 80s discharged with an undetected broken neck. Or to the local man who has just buried his wife who died because the glorious NHS diagnosed her with asthma a year ago. It turned out to have been heart trouble that could have been treated if detected properly in the first place.

Tell you what fat boy, come over here and be taken ill and see what you make of the NHS when they say: "Sorry fat boy, we can't treat a porker like you, self-inflicted you see." But then again with the wad you've made from your lying documentaries you will be able to pop over the road to the private hospital won't you?

New motto for the fat boy's production company: "Don't let the truth get in the way of propoganda". But idiots will still pay to watch his films.

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