Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UKIP v We Want A Referendum

The following is an appearance on The Daily Politics by Katie Hopkins of the We Want A Referendum Party.

What I find really amusing is the sheer panic of UKIP MEP Paul 'Scouse Farage' Nuttall at the prospect of losing his seat on the gravy train if the party splits the Eurosceptic vote in 2014. He declares that no number of MEPs would bring about a referendum and that a UK election is where they (We Want A Referendum Party) should be concentrating. Does that mean UKIP are not as interested in UK elections as they are in Euro elections? It would seem so judging by this little debate.

More gravy anyone?


VixPervenit said...

Hopkins' effort is a transparent black op by the establishment to try to stop UKIP topping the 2014 poll.

No question Nuttall is a career gravy trainer. But taking him off and putting Hopkins on will give the establishment what it wants, i.e. the status quo.

VixPervenit said...

Hopkins' splitter party is a transparent black op by the establishment to stop UKIP topping the 2014 poll.

A UKIP win in 2014 will be YES in a referendum on a referendum. An IN/OUT referendum must follow.

No question Nuttall is a career gravy trainer, but taking him off and putting Hopkins on will give the establishment what it wants, i.e. the status quo.

Gregg said...

Knowing Nikki very well I can assure you this is not an 'establishment black op', far from it and you might like to read this:

However I agree with you about Nuttall. He has never had a proper job, was p[erennial student who first jumped aboard the gravy train as a researcher for UKIP in Brussels then ditched his PhD studies to become an MEP. The perfect career politician.

Daz Pearce said...

Good god, Nuttall is a grade A tool and careerist par excellence. A party in which someone like him can thrive is not worth bothering with by any stretch.

Hopkins can be cold and crude, but she seems to have a solid relationship with the truth. Fair play to Nikki for getting her on board.

VixPervenit said...


Looked at the link and it's so transparent as to be comical!

(Nikki) Sinclair got elected in 2009 as a UKIP MEP and promptly resigned the whip but not her cushy little number, I mean seat. Just another gravy trainer.

Sinclair is going to need a job in 2014 so she's obliging someone with this little effort. And Katie Hopkins would as soon go on a "celebrity" show as represent Sinclair's party. It's just another media gig. Compared to these two Nuttall is a paragon.

Hell hath no fury...

Gregg said...

So Nikki has gone from being a state operative involved in black ops to being a gravy trainer lacking principal?

For the record she did not resign the whip, she refused to sit in the UKIP group in the Euro Parliament because of the extreme right nature of their fellow members. Two other UKIP MEPs also resigned from the group,but only Nikki was expelled from UKIP.

As for the gravy train and 2014 I believe that all Eurosceptic MEPs have gone native and should not stand in those elections.

As for Nuttall I suggest you watch the clip again. He clearly states that Nikki's party should concentrate on UK elections while admitting that MEPs have no power. He is only interested in the gravy train while Nikki's petition forced the debate in our parliament and she has recently handed in another 100,000 signature petition. What have UKIP done since 2009?

Don't forget I was a member of UKIP from 2000 and worked for them for nearly 5 years. Believe me I saw how appallingly unprincipled the leadership is at first hand.

VixPervenit said...

It's not rocket surgery and the plot would hardly tax a 'Stenders viewer, but for your benefit:

If UKIP "wins" the 2014 election, it will be a clear signal that the electorate wants a referendum on EU membership and may be prepared to take drastic action in 2015 if TPTB don't take the hint.

So, to prevent that happening the establishment will push the benefits of membership (LibLabCon) and discredit the opposition. Simple carrot and stick approach.

As UKIP is the only anti-EU brand in existence, "Operation Get UKIP" has been initiated.

Prong 1: Discredit UKIP by making ad hominem attacks. Of course UKIP's leadership are creeps - by definition anyone who seeks power over people is a creep, and that includes the creeps who didn't get to be in charge. They're just angry, bitter creeps.

Prong 2: Sow confusion and divide the vote by launching more supposedly anti-EU parties, using "independent" tools to front them. What tool would be more motivated than an angry, bitter creep with personal animosity towards UKIP? Whether the payment is upfront (every party needs a bankroller) or whether it's backended (research job for a think tank post-2014) is immaterial. It's hire and salary, whatever the arrangement.

Sinclair is merely one tool in the establishment's employ to keep Britons too frightened and confused to tell the EU to sling its hook.

Gregg said...

I'm sorry VixPervenit, I will not be responding to any more of your comments. You obviously have a conspiracy theory and are determined to bend the reality to prove to yourself that you are right. Unlike you I have worked for both UKIP and Nikki, so that probably proves to you that I am actually 008.