Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nikki Sinclaire's EU Referendum Campaign

Apart from the usual fatuous quote from UKIP's chief loon Nigel Farage, this is a very interesting article on the possibility of a referendum on any new constitution as a result of Barroso's desire to further erode our independence.

Many years ago UKIP's MEPs 'went native' and, despite having MEPs since 1999, have had little impact in domestic politics where they still struggle to retain deposits and can only boast a few dozen councillors, most of them co-opted town/parish councillors or defectors from other parties who lose their seats upon seeking relection under the UKIP brand.

The only serious politician actually working for our independence is Nikki Sinclaire who has been using her position as a West Midlands MEP to fight for an in-out referendum. I doubt we would be given such a referendum, or that there would be a level playing field if we were given one, but at least Nikki's campaign is keeping the issue live and is a thorn in the side of Cameron and his despised Coalition.

This week I asked 12 people if they knew who their North West MEPs were. None of them knew any and they had no idea they had a UKIP MEP. While UKIP MEPs grow fat on the Brussels gravy train Nikki is delivering another kick at the EU via 10 Downing Street. Following is her statement on the latest petition:

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