Thursday, May 23, 2013

Woolwich-Proving The World Has Gone Mad!

I wasn't going to say much about the brutal murder of a squaddie yesterday in Woolwich by a couple of barbarians, and I still won't. But I will make a couple of observations on the reaction to events.

It seems that many people can only condemn the murderers if they also condemn the 150 or so demonstrators who turned up in Woolwich last night.

Leading on from that people seem to be drawing parallels between the EDL and islamic nutters. I know little about the EDL but am not aware that they have killed thousands of people throughout the world in assorted terrorist attacks.

For saying what I have just said above about the EDL I am likely to be attacked for being at best an EDL supporter, at worst a raging fascist/racist/xenophobe/islamophobe.

I've seen one idiot's response on the internet that effectively said that we shouldn't condemn muslims because last night he had a good muslim in a takeaway cook his nan bread just how he likes it, slightly burnt around the edges. Muslims should also be excused anything because said muslim even offered to cook him another if it was too burnt. That makes it alright then.

One nutjob on the internet has already claimed that Cameron organised last night's murder so he could react like a strong man and shore up his plummeting poll ratings.

I saw a screen shot (I think that's what it's called) of the EDF Energy Twitter account. They had to constantly deny that they were demonstrating in Woolwich last night and that it was in fact the EDL.

I also saw an internet forum where EDL supporters were demanding that the Brighton Pavilion be demolished and be rebuilt in Saudi Arabia. I suppose from a certain angle, just about at dusk, if you squint a little and use your imagination it does look a tiny bit like a mosque.

But don't despair. David Cameron's in charge and he's chaired a Cobra meeting this morning. We'll be OK.

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