Thursday, October 08, 2009

UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Somebody still within the UK Independence Party has brought yet another dissident UKIP blog to my attention. This time it is The True UKIP.

Unless I'm very much mistaken The True UKIP has come about because of dissatisfaction with the way the party leadership has used and abused Young Independence. The problem is that the youth wing was used by Farage and his friends merely to promote the thoroughly unpleasant Lisa Duffy and the not very bright Paul Nuttall. Job done it now seems to be being laid to rest.

I have no idea who is behind The True UKIP but they seem to be working with Junius on UKIP and Caterpillars and Butterflies to try and clean up UKIP and return it to an organisation with principles fighting the European Union, rather than sponging off it to make a few people a good living.

The destruction of Young Independence shows the total lack of ambition within the party's current leadership, political ambition being replaced by personal greed and self-glorification. Remember that Paul Nuttall was secretary of Young Independence before becoming Party Chairman, not much of a track record in building and developing an organisation then.

I admire those still fighting to change UKIP, there are many decent people amongst the rank and file membership, but fear it is a lost cause. Since 2004, especially during the leadership of the despotic Nigel Farage, UKIP has been corrupted and used for the benefit of a small greedy group. Sadly it should now be laid to rest, which I suspect it will within five years.

This demise can only be hastened by the upcoming publicity surrounding the trial of Tom Wise, yet another divisive leadership contest that will scupper chances of progress in the general election and the MEPs allowing themselves to be absorbed into a pan-European party to ensure they get the most generous allowances available. Remember Farage is stepping down to concentrate on his job 'over there', not what he was elected by the members or the voters to do, but he just loves the lifestyle.

No wonder so many UKIP members, especially those who didn't merely jump on the post-2004 band wagon, are despairing.


Junius said...

Sadly, UKIP is imploding faster than the Hindenburg!

Under a leader of integrity we could have done so much.

Sadly, we got Nigel who proceeded to alienate or drive out the very people who would have made UKIP a force for good.

Such a shame.

Greg L-W. said...


I can not disagree with your summary on a single point.

I am, and have been for a considerable period, an ardent supporter of UKIP and as some will be aware have taken many risks to confront the anti UKIP parasites.

I have been threatened with Courts, lied about by filth like Bob Feel Martinis, Douglas Denny, Malcolm Wood, even Nuttless, and their ilk.

I now find Mark Croucher is abusing British justice, having dissembled and lied about me for years, he is now sinking to the very depth of dishonour to try to make money in exploitation of his job when he worked, ostensibly for, UKIP.

These people, the anti UKIPpers are vile, but that is no reason to give up support for those they are abusing the decent folk of UKIP - some still remain!

I can not speak for Junius, TrUkip or any other pro UKIP blogs but I do commend them for trying to expose the anti UKIPpers.

I also fully understand their anonimity in view of the relentless and vile lies I have experienced, from anti UKIPpers and those who support The EU for their self enrichment, as they prostitute the Party and their heritage.

That said - I commend your courage in NOT sheltering behind anonimity which as the low life Croucher will attest grants some indemnity.

Greg L-W.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Thanks for your comments and good luck, as ever.

Looking back at the good people I met, and many I still know in UKIP, it is tragic that they have been conned so badly and ruthlessly by the few. But I am confident that our day will come, I am sure that good will always eventually triumph.

Greg L-W. said...


You said:
But I am confident that our day will come, I am sure that good will always eventually triumph.

Such optimism! Just look at Manchester - even the Police Chief went to an extreme and didn't go back.

It is so Manccy that The Tories had their conference there!

Could it get worse?

I vote Jasmin Alibhai-Brown for Mayor!


Greg L-W.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

That is pure, unadulterated evil sir.

I wouldn't inflict that woman on Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

Gregg - Pity you threw in the towel with UKIP. You were well thought of in the North West.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Many thanks for that Anonymous, very kind.

Greg L-W. said...

Anonymous said...
Gregg - Pity you threw in the towel with UKIP. You were well thought of in the North West.

I don't think it was so uch 'throwing in the towel' but more a case of Gregg had been trying to work with the anti UKIP faction and realised that they were clearly in the ascendancy and were taking over the party to USE it for their own gain.

The anti UKIP parasites like Fuller, Bannerman, Croucher, Moran, Lott, Deny and their ilk were willing to lie and cheat and support each other and when they were able to spread these lies as in house truth in publications to the members one had a choice - be associated with such behaviour and thereby condone it, or distance oneself from such unpleasant, corrupt and dishonest people.

UKIP as a party is finished - the informed in politics see them as part of The EU establishment and EUkip under Farage has been leaderless as good he may be at some things leadership is not one of them, he lacks Officer Qualities on all counts.

You will note the long list of good people who have left:
Gregg, Linda Guest, Dr. Richard North, Marcus Stead, John Pratt, Dr. David Abbott, Prof. Tim Condon, Petrina Holdsworth, Dr. Edmond, Paul Wesson, Robin Page, Ian Gilman, Heather Conyngham, John West, John Petley, Richard Suchorzewski, Gill Chant, Andrew Parsons, Martin Hasslam, Simon Muir, Rob McWhirter and so many other prominent people who either left in disgust or drifted away for the same reasons.

Just look at the riff raff that are left: bereft of vision, competence, conviction or ability as the leadership, MEPs, NEC and staff.

Just look at the pond life EUkip has had to join with to form a pan EU political Party/group calling themselves The EFD! No one else was prepared to be associated with EUkip.

Do not pretend it was because of their anti EU stance as none of the other members of The EFD are in favour of leaving The EU.

Gregg it would seem, as with most of the others decided to walk away on their own terms rather than wait for the cowards whispering campaign of lies and party funds spent on dishonest propaganda and lawyers and the low lifes like Denny, Croucher, Oxley, McGough, Feel Martinis, Reeve, Duffy, Malcolm Wood and their ilk dispatched to stab them in the back.

The anti UKIP parasites are in the ascendancy as they drag the party into their EUkip gutter as a means of self enrichment and self agrandisement.

The decent activists have gone leaving the anti UKIP claque exploiting the ignorance of the members to keep EUkip at the troughs and flesh pots of Brussels.

Gregg was wise to leave when he did with his integrity and reputation in tact.

Greg L-W.