Friday, June 14, 2013

Scottish Independence

A right bunch of arseholes!
I have just caught up on the BBC's Question Time from last night. I have concluded that the SNP are a bunch of detestable bigots fuelled by hatred of the English.

I am unaware of any Scottish people being attacked, verbally or physically, in England. But that claim was made on last night's programme, along with other lies about England and the English.

I am aware of numerous cases of English people being attacked in Scotland and in one case the boy was beaten to death. I am unaware of similar in England, although I do remember Scottish football fans ransacking Manchester before a recent football final.

When I visited Scotland a few years ago I was warned that I could have problems with local people if I left my Cross of St George on the back of my car. Friends have been told similar when visiting Scotland.

Maybe I'll make a donation to the SNP to help their breakaway from the United Kingdom.


Blyth said...

Except it was one kid who said that,not the SNP. Do you always twist the facts to get the story you want?

Gregg said...

Interesting you don't deny the hatred towards the English and the general level of bigotry from Scots Nats. Hate the English today, who else/next I wonder.

Gregg said...

By the way, where did I say it was the BNP, oops SNP, who said it? I didn't, if you learn to read English properly it would be helpful.

EditorCT said...

Some of us are thoroughly ashamed of the bigots among us. I lived in England for 20 years and have the highest regard for English people. Please do not think that that numptie speaks for Scotland. I do that!