Saturday, September 21, 2013

Racism and Homophobia-Two Sides of the Same Coin

Had a couple of weeks in France, which was very enjoyable and pleasantly free of politically correct bullshit. I'm not sure whether that's because the French are too sensible to fall for political correctness or whether the language barrier just insulated us from it, either way it was very refreshing.

But no sooner do we return to Blighty than the onslaught of self-indulgent bollocks from the militant gay and race lobbies smacks us in the chops like a swipe across the head from a fat, slimy, smelly piece of fish.

First we heard some very successful black businesswoman, who made a mint in the City of London, whining on about breaking down the racial barriers in the UK. Tripe, she probably whines on about that notice in some idiots window in Notting Hill in the 1950s warning off blacks, dogs and Irish. Militant racial equality obsessives actually do more harm to the cause of community relations than the BNP ever could. Most people don't give a toss about somebody's ethnicity but do get pissed off at the likes of Lee Jasper and Diane Abbott who seem obsessed with race.

Then there is the slightly more recent phenomenon of homophobia in football. Forgive me but bollocks! Stonewall are having hissy fits because so many football clubs are refusing to be dictated to by them and are refusing to wear rainbow coloured bootlaces. It seems wearing rainbow laces would stop all that homophobia in football. What a load of fatuous crap.

But they never tell us what this homophobia consists of, or the racism in football the politically correct bang on about ad nauseam. A player was found not guilty of racism this week we are told. But we are not told what he was supposed to have said. They never do give examples because I doubt they exist. And there are probably people being offensive all the time about something or other, maybe race, sexuality maybe weight, accent or whatever, for God's sake grow a backbone and get on with life.

I don't think most people in this country care about whether somebody is gay or heterosexual. I don't think most people in this country spend a great deal of time obsessing and talking about their sexuality. I think most people in this country are extremely tolerant. But when the militant gay lobby constantly bangs on about their sexuality, day after day, constantly and unremittingly, it does eventually get on the tits of most people in this country. Just get on with you life, sex and sexuality are actually a small part of a balanced, healthy life, not the be all and end all.

So I conclude that anti racism campaigners and gay rights campaigners are two sides of the same coin. While the majority of gays and minorities get on with life to varying degrees of happiness and success the militant minority bang on, and on, and on very often using their race or sexuality to excuse their own personal failings and inadequacies. 

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