Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FC United of Manchester and Red Fascists

We've been away this past fortnight but Facebook, Twitter and t'interweb generally help to keep you in touch, so I wasn't surprised when a rumpus kicked off around FC United again. Socialists really are tedious and dreary.

This one kicked off when a board member listed a range of political parties that they have decided are incompatible with supporting FC United. One of them was the UK Independence Party. Bear in mind that this is a club that constantly bangs on about equality, equal rights and standing up for the whole community. This is a decidedly Stalinist approach to people whose political views you happen to disagree with. What has my politics got to do with watching and supporting a football club?

It seems that if you want to leave the European Union, and believe in controlling immigration, then you are a raving racist/fascist/Nazi in the eyes of the commissars at FC United and they don't want you polluting the atmosphere at their games. I don't support UKIP but believe in a sensible immigration policy and independence from the EU. I am not a racist or a fascist and certainly no Nazi, neither is UKIP. That is the schoolboy level of political debate your average socialist is capable of in 2014, name calling and hurling abuse.

This juvenile labelling, especially the word 'racist' adds nothing to serious debate and has now led to the word 'racist' meaning absolutely nothing. It is nothing more than a word of abuse used to smear people and close debate. The left in this country seem to have an unhealthy obsession with race which makes me wonder what is really in their minds, deep, deep down. On a political level it is a vicious and cynical ploy to divide and rule. But deeper I fear their obsession with race has some deep rooted psychological reason that a psychiatrist could probably study quite extensively.

Ultimately there is no place for politics in sport. What I do know is that many people have walked away from FC United because of the increasing level of political extremism among senior members. I for one am not prepared to support the sporting section of an intolerant, bigoted, fascist/socialist organisation. It's sad because the club was set up for admirable reasons but I can no longer support the club any more than I could support the Glazer owned Manchester United.


Daz Pearce said...

That's a real shame Gregg. At least you can look forward to the chilled-out status of being someone who just likes football...

I'd slightly disagree with you about sport and politics being entirely separate from each other (think it was right to ban apartheid South Africa from international sport and not to play Zimbabwe at cricket, for example).

But there's something insulting about a club adopting an overtly political stance, many years after its formation and isolating those who have supported it for years and might not agree.

Presumably FC United matches will be preceded by a chorus of the Red Flag? Will love the reaction when fans are restricted to one beer and one pie each at half time!!

Matt said...

It's a real shame.

The point the board member and other people was a very valid one.

No-one said anything about there shouldn't be a cap on immigration. What was suggested is that UKIP is a organisation that doesn't share values of collectivism, it is merely a party for to corporate big boys.

In a club that was formed from a corporate business by hardworking, passionate and dedicated grassroots supporters says it all.

People sick of being ripped off for their hard work, seeing nothing in exchange for their hard earned. People and hierarchy wanted FC to fail. It is a political club, why did people opt to form a new club, with a democratically elected board, OMOV, voting for the new strip etc.

What you do not seem to understand is that hard work that people do who go to FC - UKIP hate it

UKIP play the blame game and race to the bottom. Eroding things like the minimum wage, paternity leave, maternity leave, sick pay, holiday rights and employment rights. Dividing communities against each other whilst the rich get richer and poor get worse off. (Sounds like football doesn't it?)

FC United is a community, it is an Industrial and Provident Society as well as a Football Club. It has a duty to the community and its members. Hard, honest and thoughtful work should be rewarded , the supporters united via a common goal for the club to flourish.

Vanishing employment rights and dividing communities is not wanted, neither is UKIP.

Gregg said...

Thank you Matt for so eloquently proving my point. You sound exactly like one of the bullshit merchants I'm referring too.

Gregg said...

Daz. You can see from the above from 'Matt' why you can never trust a leftard. In ten years as a UKIP activist, NEC member and five working for the party chairman I don't think most of what he has listed was ever even discussed let alone made policy. He's made it all up, they do it all the time. Basically, they're thick.