Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The World's Gone Mad

It seems we are undergoing biblical scale epidemics of pestilence, famine, disease and sheer fuckwittery. I don't think it's me getting old and coming over all apocalyptic, as older people are wont to do, but things are looking decidedly iffy.

Ebola. Now then, my reaction would be to ban people from west Africa travelling to the UK, including recent visitors to west Africa from elsewhere. Don't tell me with all the Orwellian state surveillance we have in 2014 this is not feasible. We can surely check on UK databases, Europol and Interpol databases and any other number of national and international databases. But I suspect politicians are scared of being accused of racism or of threatening a multi-million pound trade deal with some African despot. Meanwhile the ever suffering populace are warned to brace ourselves, ebola is coming to a town near you!

Meanwhile in Iraq and Syria, maybe Turkey too soon, we have barbarians from IS/ISIS/ISIL (their name changes more often than UKIP's policies) rampaging around slaughtering innocents and beheading taxi drivers from Salford. Quite why any sane human would leave the UK to go and help in Syria, Iraq or anywhere else in that part of the world, unless armed to the teeth and backed by the SAS, is beyond me, but the poor deluded westerners who have been hacked to death over there certainly did not deserve it, nor do the Kurds and others being slaughtered in much bigger numbers.

On the other hand we have Islamic nutjobs who were born and raised in the UK, I refuse to call them 'British', popping over to Syria to behead infidels. The latest estimate is that over 2000 of these young people have left to slaughter innocents. Again we must know who these people are as we must know who their sympathisers and helpers in the UK are. We should gather those in the UK together with any returning jihadist nutjobs, give them a quick training course then send them out to west Africa to work as closely as possible with ebola victims. They could regard it as martyrdom and look forward to their 72 virgins when their work was done.

What current events really highlight is the total contempt in which we, the populace are held by the political class. The first duty of the state is to protect its citizens. Our government, and previous governments, have clearly not given a damn about the British people.

While all this is going on there is a pathetic debate which started in Scotland, about increasing the grip of politicos and bureaucrats on our lives by devolution. In my part of the world we already have town councillors, city councillors, county councillors, MPs and MEPs. How many more of these parasites would be inflicted on us with devolution? Maybe MNWPs (Member of the North West Parliament)? Either way you can bet it will involve more elected politicians and layers of civil servants.

Increasingly it seems clear that the end of the UK is nigh. We should just bite the bullet and campaign for English independence. To be perfectly honest too much time, effort, money and in many instances lives have been wasted trying to please the Welsh, Scots and Irish. Set them free, which would be a great relief for vast numbers of patriotic English people. But free them on our terms, no generous financial settlements that aren't deserved and strict border and immigration controls. We can't do that while members of the European Union? Well they can expel us, numerous birds with one stone and no need for a costly referendum.


Daz Pearce said...

Have always thought a party who said "fuck referenda, we will just leave the EU if you vote for us" would clean up electorally.

Funny how not even UKIP would even countenance such a clear vote-winner. When did they decide a referendum was necessary? Their history of policy U-turns is like some LSD-induced haze...

Cyprian V said...

I was so happy when Scotland voted to remain in the UK. As an American I had no stake in the referendum, but was relieved to see the proud and accomplished country that had achieved and endured so much stay together.

And if you think your politicians don't care about you, you should come to the United States, where Republicans vote tax cuts for billionaires and deny healthcare to the poor. It takes effort to be that callous. Like, you have to go out of your way. If I had the opportunity to leave here and go live there, I would take it in a heartbeat.