Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The European Union-World Beacon Of Democracy?

I cringed this week when I saw William Hague kissing Baroness Ashton, the EU's 'High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy'. She began her political career when the last shower made her a baroness and gave her various government jobs. Never bothering to seek election she was an obvious choice when the EU decided to create the seat on the gravy train she currently occupies. What next for Hague, a continental style kiss on the cheeks for Herman von Rompuy, the EU's similarly unelected President?

Then he could trot off to Greece to kowtow to their Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos, after all, Prime Ministers are elected by the people aren't they? Not this one. He was installed in a bloodless coup by the EU in November 2011 because he was a high flying EU bureaucrat in a previous incarnation.

OK then, when will Hague be schmaltzing the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi? Unsavoury he may be, but at least he was elected. Oh no, Berlusconi was overthrown in another bloodless coup. The unelected Italian Prime Minister is Mario Monti. He was a former high flying EU bureaucrat installed as Italian Duce, sorry Prime Minister, last November by the European Union, not elected by the people.

But at least the EU consults the people on certain issues by holding national referenda doesn't it? Yes, but ask the French, Dutch, Irish and Danish people. When they held referenda but got the result the EU didn't want, they were ignored, or told to hold the referendum again and get it right!

So when the EU is throwing it's weight around and bringing in sanctions against Iran, or anywhere else, I'd take at look at the EU's version of democracy. I don't think it has any right to lecture any country on earth about democracy and listening to the people. It's a sick sham that must be stopped.


Frederick Oakeley said...

I am sorry to read so un-Christian an entry in a blog with which I so often sympathise. Lady Ashton may have views with which you do not sympathise but she was appointed by a democratically elected British Government. She is subject to rules agreed by democratically elected Ministers in the European Council of Ministers.I don't by any means always agree with her but she has represented the European Union properly and effectively as one would expect from a British public servant. Cheap attacks are really not fair. The EU is subject to the decisions of the Council of Ministers, by majority and on key issues with vetos. Even the emergency Governments of Italy and Greece are subject to the support of the democratically elected Parliaments of those countries. To compare them to fascist totalitarian regimes betrays a lack of proportion which I would not expect from a fellow Catholic.

Sean O'Hare said...

Then he could trot off to Greece to kowtow to their Prime Minister, George Papandreou

Err, a bit behind the times there Greg. Pepandreaou got himself deposed by Merkozy. I think you meant Lucas Papademos.

Peter Hulme Cross said...

The Prime Minister of Greece is Lucas Papademos, former banker and Frankfurt's 'man in Athens'put there undemocratically by the European Commission, Germany and France.

George Papandreou is the former PM who was ousted because he wanted the people to have a Referendum on the austerity measures imposed on them.

Gregg said...

'Frederick', you continue to make yourself look like a clown. So being critical of the EU is 'un-Christian' is it? I think being critical odf me is much, much worse, so there.

Do grow up 'Frederick'. And please point out where I liken it to 'fascist totalitarian regimes', you've mad that bit up. Not very christian that, telling porkies.

What you show very graphically is the mentality of the servile mass of the populace. Your attitude is that the state is supreme, and the people are the minnions there to do the state's bidding. I feel sorry for you.

Gregg said...

Absolutely correct Sean. I have always got Greek names mixed up, even when I worked there, which was before they foolishly sold their souls to Brussels and ended up in this mess.

Frederick Oakeley said...

You are suggesting that the EU has no right to deal toughly with Iran because it cannot comment about its governance. To put the governance of the EU on a par with Iran is to compare the democratic countries of Europe with a fascist totalitarian regime. No European Prime Minister is in power without having been voted for by the elected Members of Parliament. No European Union commissioner is in office without being appointed by a democratically elected Government. Of course Catholics can criticise the EU. Rudeness, inaccuracy and sheer prejudice is not criticism it is just unpleasant. If being decent is to be a clown I'm pleased to be one.

Gregg said...

You're deluded 'Frederick'. I didn't liken the EU to Iran, I questioned the democratic legitimacy of the EU in relation to sanctions and pontificating to others about democracy. Read things properly, not what you want to read.

Prime Ministers are elected by parliaments yes, but from among those parliamentarians elected by the people. Neither Greece nor Italy have that, they have unelected bureaucrats/technocrats foisted on them by foreign powers. That is not acceptable in a liberal democracy.

Don't lecture me about the Council of Ministers, I worked for an MEP for five years, mostly here but occasionally in Brussels and Strasbourg. The elected MEPs have no power to initiate legislation. If they reject it the Commission has the power to just override them and does. That is not how a liberral democracy functions

With your logic I could be made Prime Minister tomorrow, in which case I'd be very nervous if I were you.

You claim to be Catholic. Catholicism doesn't mean sitting on your lazy arse and accepting everything the state throws at you. It means questioning and seeking justice and freedom. There is nothing in my blog that brings into question my Catholicism, so stop being a tedious bore by throwing my faith at me when you have no intellectual arguments to oppose me with.

Gregg said...

By the way 'Frederick', we have 29 votes out of 349 on the Council. All the rest are ministers from the other states, even little Malta has 3. If you call that democratic I suggest you do a basic introductory course in government and politics.

You may be happy to live in a bureaucratic state, I'd prefer to live in a democratic state.

Daz Pearce said...

Funnily enough Gregg, I was in Dublin at the time of the re-referendum on the Lisbon treaty. Those looking for a repeat of the first referendum result did their best and gave it a good shot, but then the Brussels mafia are adept now at spreading all kinds of false doomsday scenarios in the event of a no vote - the rest is history.

By the way - if the Scots vote for independence, won't they have to join the Euro or not be members of the EU at all? Curious take on independence, that!!

Gregg said...

If there is such a thing as the Euro then Daz. I read somewhere that Salmond had pleadged to join the Euro on gaining independence, as you say some kind of independence that, but he has now seen his arse and is talking about staying with sterling. I'd love the EU to say no Euro no membership and for us to say bugger off, no sterling for you chappies.

I believe that we and Scotland would have to apply for membership of the EU, if the Scots get independence, as both would be new states. I suspect that they would try and force both of us to join the Euro (if it exists) which would probably mean an independent England never rejoining.

Happy days!

Daz Pearce said...

Well there's a nice scenario if I've ever seen one...