Thursday, August 25, 2011

Education, Education, Education

Who dares say that our education system is in a mess? Here is a message taken from t'internet:


I would have been told to correct that sentence and to write it out a hundred times as a punishment, when I was twelve.


BAX said...

These kids put the dick into ridiculous! Although, I do find a lot of fault in the modern teacher. I have many teacher "friends" on Facebook and they can't seem to distinguish between first and third person and they often forget to use apostrophes.

Gregg said...


Left-footer said...

At my last school in London, I had to rewrite one teacher's reports, as she could neither spell nor write grammatically.

Interestingly, the H.M. Inspectors described her as the most talented teacher in the English Department.


Anonymous said...

Delirious as I still have a fever and educated by hippies in the 80's in a state Comprehensive as my Parents thought would be a good grounding in life. I suppose I should be chuffed I did notice mistake! what's an 'E' amongst friends dropped at the end of the day!!

My spelling pretty good but grammar etc etc I am lost but that is why you work your backside off to have a PA is it not?? I have a Politics\Philosophy\History degree wanted to do Economics but it got too mathematical and only mastered the basics when I attended school as my social life was far more important.

I say as long as you master the spell check on your computer you will be fine. I have one particular friend who I call the 'spell Police' who corrects everyone including her partner! What these people with too much time on their hands fail to spot is whilst they are pointing out all our faults they take their own eye of the ball hence why we always bag the best jobs.

BAX said...

Gregg - apostrophes is correct. Or are you just being cheeky? ;)

ToryKitty - Spelling and grammar. Not the most important things in the world and I guess less so when you have spell-check and a PA! It'd be nice to have a PA, maybe one day I will.

However, it is important if you want to make sense. I honestly don't understand your first paragraph but I think I understand the overall point you're trying to make in your comment.

My mother constantly corrected me throughout my younger years - and, yes, it was annoying - but I am grateful for that now because I did pick up a lot along the way. I'm not perfect, I still make spelling and grammatical errors but I try not to make them, and I never want to stop learning.

Gregg said...

Yes, just misusing the apostrophe for comedic effect. I enjoy spotting the more outrageous misuses of the apostrophe. Lists such as: apples, pears, bananas then you get a bizarre orange's. Why?

Anonymous said...

Bax Am making excuses for my poor English by claiming illness is the cause for which I am eluding to in my first paragraph! The rest is humour which obviously is not on your radio frequency.

Thank goodness I have other talents otherwise might have had a harsh life on the streets but am employable and have not one but thrice PA's. What I lack in English I excel in other areas.

As for listening to my Mother you obviously had one who you could learn from! My Mother was a career orientated women who had no time for her 4 children but plenty of time for her many husbands!!