Thursday, December 25, 2014

Will You Walk With Me?

Will you walk with me
If I have to flee
When my freedoms are lost
And I bear the cost
Of Sharia Law
And my back is raw
Because I showed my face
And they don’t like my race
Will you walk with me?

Will you walk with the pawn
His spirit torn
Sitting on his knees
Hoping for a reprieve
Sad farewells he sends
As his neck is bent
To his family
As a homily
Will you walk with him

And the slaves they take
The displaced they make
Take their way of life
Or they’ll feel the knife
For they have no heart
If you don’t take part
In the slaughter
Of the infidels daughter
Will you walk with them?

And they’ll blow up planes
And they’ll blow your brains
Shoot you in the street
A job complete
Crucify and maim
Shouting you’re to blame
So if it’s all the same
As they feel no shame
Will you walk with me?

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