Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Elections, Lies and Propoganda

It's started even earlier than the build up to Christmas this general election campaign. Problem is I can just about put up with Christmas decorations  going up in September because I love Christmas, but lying scheming politicians trying to buy my vote is another thing.

David Cameron's Tories started the ball rolling pretending they had got the EU to back off stealing even more of our money. They lied.

Then Cameron starts talking like a Eurosceptic. He tried that one before the 2010 election. He lied then and he's lying now.

Cameron talked about slashing immigration before the 2010 election. It's got even worse with around 250,000 a year joining us. Guess what? He's talking tough on immigration  yet again. But we all know that as long as we are in the EU he can do nothing about it. He's lying again.

Miliband's shower of shysters are dangling an extra £2b for the NHS to try and buy us off. Well tell you what Burnham, cut the huge amount of waste in the NHS, cut the huge salaries of senior staff, make the whole damn thing more efficient then I might be able to bear you taking my hard earned cash and spending it buying votes. Problem is government has no money, it's our money they blow.

Then you get Labour's pathetic constant cry that the Tories will privatise the NHS. It's lies. I remember Labour saying that in '74 and it still hasn't happened, they haven't got the balls. If the NHS really was the envy of the world it wouldn't be an exclusively British institution, they'd all be doing it. I would actually vote Tory if they did promise to privatise it. We can hardly despise politicians then let them take charge of our healthcare and expect it to work. Imagine how bad beer would be and cars would be if those industries were run by the state. Not a nice thought.

Then there's Nick Clegg's gang of misfits. Now stop tittering, it's cruel. I don't even know what, if anything, Lib Dems believe in any more. They're clearly finished, thankfully.

But brace yourself, there will be constant shit storm of lies and promises that will be broken between now and the election in May. It's going to get worse.

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Daz Pearce said...

Much sense talked as almost always.

Your ability to hit several bases in a few hundred words is, well, bloody good. Nice work.

Anyway, I'll stop before you reach for the bucket...

The Tories are a lost cause and I cannot figure for the life of me why any sane person would continue voting for them. They are quite literally dying as members kick the bucket faster than new ones can be recruited.

Cameron once passed himself off as a small-state libertarian and the young (yes I was one of them initially) swallowed it. A painful lesson.

You'll know as well as I do that there's a fundamental difference between isoaltionism/being 'anti-European' (whatever that means) and specifically being against the corruption of the EU, the lunacy of the CAP, which is a protection racket under any other circumstance.

Cameron is pro-EU, always has been and always will be. He will be on the 'stay in' side of any referendum that might (or might not) happen, regardless of how the 'renegotiation' goes. A total waste of everybody's time.

If he stood on a platform of "we will leave, no referendum" he would win the next election with room to spare. That he wouldn't dare countenance such an idea speaks volumes.

Labour can only deal in electoral bribery. It's a game of numbers, not something based on deeply held principle or anything like that. Socialist parties will always revert to cynical tactics to buy votes. It's in their DNA and that's how they're hardwired.

They know nothing else. Blair was an absolute maestro at the black arts of electoral bribery - a complete charlatan but a very clever politican in the true sense of the word.

Interesting that Jeremy Thorpe died on Thurday. For all his faults, he was a hundred times what Clegg will ever be. He was offered coalition too, stuck to his guns and negotiation broke down. Shame about the era he lived in really.

You're right, there's no fundamental set of values holding Cleggs rag/tag/bobtail outfit together. They were always going to end up fighting amongst themselves once the comfort of being outside the tent was taken from them.

The NHS should be at least part-privatised, but it's got to the stage where if it were recognised as a religion, it would be seen as an extreme and zealous one.

Florence Nightingale is long dead, it's an organisation where people do a job for money, not as a vocation. People need to deal in reality.

As for September Christmas decorations, practically none of those who do it actually identify themselves as Christians. Annoys the life out of me really, but I know how much you love Christmas.

I'll never be as snappy and concise as you - forgive me.