Friday, April 10, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale

Well the full list of runners and riders is now in for the Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency for May 7th. I have to say, for a marginal constituency that could have a serious bearing on who forms the next government it isn't exactly inspiring.

There is David Morris for the Conservative Party, likely to be signing on come May 8th after wasting the last five years on the Tory benches in the House of Commons. You may remember him as the MP who in one year claimed nearly £76,000 in expenses. That's around £1,460 per week!

The Labour Party have a councillor from Hulme in Manchester called Amina Lone. She's spent 20 years fighting poverty apparently, so nearly 15 of those years were fighting poverty caused by her Labour Party government.

The Greens and the Lib Dems have candidates too, but we've had no leaflets from either since the last election and I can't remember their names. To be honest if they can't be arsed popping a leaflet out until the election address is delivered by Royal Mail I can't be arsed looking their names up.

There is a UKIP candidate, Steve Ogden who has a bike shop in Morecambe.

There is also a candidate who has no party name and doesn't even have 'Independent' in the box for party name on the Notice of Election. A quick internet search suggests Michael Dawson, if it's the same one, could be the founder of the Northern Party. To be honest, if he can't be arsed popping 'Independent' in the box, or omitted his party name by mistake, I can't be arsed voting for him.

So there we have it. Please wake me up on May 8th.


Michael Dawson said...

Hi there, this is Michael Dawson from the Northern Party. This post has just come to my attention and I want to make some things clear.

The Electoral Commission has refused to put the words 'The Northern Party' on my ballot paper. We have protested but this decision has been set in stone due to no fault of our own. Their attitude has been illogical and unhelpful, this is the way they treat young people who want to get involved in politics. It's an absolute disgrace.

Also, I think you're dead right. Politicians aren't important. They are public servants and should behave as such.

I co-founded this party because I want to create a strong, devo-max Northern government with the ability to genuinely improve the lives of people in the North.

I will be canvassing tomorrow in Bare and in Heysham on Sunday. You can find out more at

Gregg said...

Thank you for that response. I know how bizarre the Electoral Commission can be.

My concern with regionalisation/devolution is that it will just lead to more tiers of government with ever more politicians and bureaucrats. I believe in less government not more.

Having said that I will certainly read up on your website.

Thanks again for responding.