Wednesday, April 08, 2015

General Election 2015-Liberal Democrats

I know we shouldn't speak ill of the dying but come on, the Liberal Democrats? I think the last five years have shown what many involved in politics have known and stated for decades, that the Liberal Democrats are unprincipled political whores who would sell their souls for short term political gain. Oh, sorry, they did sell their souls for short term political gain. Remember them scurrying like rats through a sewer after the last election from Cameron to Brown begging to join their gangs? Not one of British politics sunnier episodes and look at the last five years, no wonder they are set for meltdown.

The next time you hear a Lib Dem taking the holier than thou moral high ground remember David Laws being suspended from parliament in the expenses scandal. Forgotten about that? Follow this link for the full story .

Remember Mike Hancock, Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South? Well he got himself into trouble for 'making inappropriate advances to a vulnerable constituent'. Follow this link for the full story .

Dodgy donations? They're aren't as pure and innocent as they claim about donations either. Remember Lord Strasburger? If you don't follow this link for the full story .

Ibrahim Taguri, prospective Lib Dem candidate for Brent Central stood down last month in another donations scandal. Follow this link for the full story .

I'm not sure I've ever quoted from the Daily Express before but there is a cracking article from that newspaper about the sordid sex scandals of the Liberals/Liberal Democrats over the decades. From Gladstone 'saving' prostitutes to recent Lib Dems hiding their sexuality and so on. Follow this link for the full story .

I could go on but there are only so many hours in the day. But next time one of those pious, holier than thou Lib Dems claims that they are not like the other parties just remember , they are actually like the other parties, but with even fewer principles.

The highlight of the last general election night was seeing misfit Lib Dem Lembit Opik lose his seat. The highlight this year will surely be seeing misfit Lib Dem Nick Clegg losing his seat. Bring it on!

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