Wednesday, June 01, 2016

EU Referendum Campaign or National Lying Competition?

My position is clear, and has been since before we joined what is now the EU in 1973, I want out. I remember as a young teenager in 1975 listening to the lies of Ted Heath and others as millions of voters were blatantly conned into voting to stay in the EEC. But credit to Ted Heath, he was a little bit clever and many people didn't believe he was lying, which has since been proven beyond doubt.

Fast forward to 2016 and David Cameron and the Remain campaign. I can't  help but imagine Cameron and Co gathered in a sumptuous lounge in 10 Downing Street, claret in hand, giggling and smoking big fat cigars as they try to outdo each other in making outrageous claims of what will happen if we vote Leave on June 23rd. Unlike Ted Heath they are not trying to hide their lies and think we are so stupid we won't see them for the lies they are.

Off the top of my head here are some the insane claims of the Remainers:

Brexit would lead to World War III and genocide.
Brexit would lead to the loss of 1m jobs.
Brexit would lead to mass immigration.
Brexit would lead to poorer care for pregnant women.
Brexit would mean British workers losing employment rights.
Brexit would lead to an increase in terrorism in the UK.
Brexit is supported by the leaders of ISIS.

During the London mayoral election David Cameron stood up in the House of Commons and condemned Sadiq Khan as an extremist sympathiser who has shared a platform on numerous occasions with Islamic radicals and extremists. Last week he shared a platform with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as they launched the London Remain campaign. Cameron is a full blown hypocrite as well as an unapologetic liar.

If you are happy to be led, zombie like, by a group of cheats and liars then vote Remain because  our politicians in Westminster are novices compared to the politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels when it comes to lying and cheating. I saw it first hand myself when I worked for a UKIP MEP.

The EU is a stagnant economy with lower economic growth than any other continent. The EU has tariffs that block trade with developing countries and Commonwealth countries. The Eurozone is a disaster waiting to explode and when it does it will bring down the whole of the European Union. That is what will lead to the claims made above about Brexit by the Remainers.

June 23rd is a once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from the shackles of a corrupt, authoritarian bureaucracy and to take a leap of freedom into the greater world of opportunity  that exists outside the EU.

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