Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tom Daley's Dad

The media are looking at Tom Daley's dad in quite a critical way for asking him for a cuddle after the 15 year old won gold at the World Diving Championships in Rome. This piece is from the Daily Mail.

Personally I would have waited until I was alone with my son before being so demonstrative, because I can still imagine how embarrassed I would have been when I was fifteen, his dad did it in an international press conference you see. Having said that I've never been in the position of seeing my son, especially at 15, become a world champion.

The main point is that this is the media, and the Daily Mail is the worst of the lot, that rattle on constantly about bad parents who should be flogged, then criticise an apparently excellent parent for showing pride in his son and his achievement, even if it was a bit OTT.

But worst of all this is the media who create emotional incontinence in the country when a celebrity dies, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson spring to mind, by publishing vomit inducing sycophantic 'memorial issues' etc., etc., then elsewhere in the rag have a reporter bemoaning aforementioned emotional incontinence amongst the populace.

You can't win really with the media.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Good for him, I say! That's the dad who has spent the last ten years ferrying young Tom to and fro to swimming practice and competitions, yesterday was his pay-back.

Gregg said...

I agree Mark, as I said I would have perhaps not done it so publicly but I'm not going to knock the fella. His son is a credit to him and vice versa.

Tom Rawls said...

Oh my gosh .... It was his dad! How proud was he?? His son just won gold instead of a knife in the guts!! Tom Daley is a gold winning hero for our nation! He has captured the minds and imaginations of a grateful country!! Good on you dad. Good on you Tom - we are all so proud of you!!!